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What is a Real Estate Home Warranty?

What is a Real Estate Home Warranty?

As a real estate professional, you probably already know that home warranties can serve many valuable purposes in real estate transactions. Home warranties can help market properties, offer reassurance to prospective buyers, and help homeowners protect their budgets when many common household breakdowns occur on covered items. In addition to knowing the advantages, do you know how to explain home warranty coverage to your clients? Here’s a quick explanation to help.

  • A home warranty is a service agreement, often for one year, that covers the repair or replacement of many major home system components and appliances that break down over time due to normal wear and tear.
  • A home warranty is not the same as a homeowners insurance plan, which typically protects homes from potential events like fires, theft, or natural disasters. While a home warranty is a good complement to standard homeowners insurance, it’s not a substitute for it.

Depending on the plan, most home warranties require an annual or monthly fee as well as a service call fee that is due per contractor specialty to diagnose a covered problem or to perform service. Knowing these costs in advance can help homeowners budget for many of the inevitable household breakdowns that always seem to occur at the worst possible times. In some cases, there could be additional costs associated with covered repairs or replacements, so always advise your clients to thoroughly review their home warranty contract for details to avoid surprises.

In addition to helping protect homeowners’ budgets, home warranties can also offer homeowners a reliable resource for repair help when breakdowns occur on covered items. Home warranty customers are given a number or website to contact for repair requests, which can save homeowners valuable time when seeking a qualified contractor. Home warranty companies, such as American Home Shield®, go the extra mile to monitor and grade contractors on their performance through customer satisfaction surveys.

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NextHomie of the Month for January 2019: Joe Montoya

NextHomie of the Month for January 2019: Joe Montoya

Sometimes all it takes is a “regular Joe” to have a profound impact on the lives of hundreds of people. Such is the case with Joe Montoya of the Sacramento area’s NextHome Select and our January 2019 NextHomie of the Month.

When people are in need, Joe gets rolling. “Never go to help empty handed,” Joe said in a recent interview.

“Joe’s inspiring,” said Tiffany Lewis, broker/owner of NextHome Select along with her husband, Jason. “He’d give you the shirt off his back. I was at a party at Joe’s home recently and past clients of his told me they could have lived anywhere, but they picked a house near Joe so they could be closer to him.”

Joe’s story is about one man deciding to step up.

Joe and his wife, Julie, had taken some time off and were vacationing in the Paradise, CA area when her brother showed up in his truck and said the authorities wouldn’t let him go back to his house. They didn’t know it at the moment, but Julie’s brother’s house had been destroyed and his dog killed in the wildfires that recently raged through the Paradise area. By that time, thousands of people had been displaced and many were living in a makeshift campground in a Wal-Mart parking lot.

That was all Joe needed to hear. He headed home where Joe and Julie cut up meat and vegetables and made pounds and pounds of hot posole stew. He loaded it into his burner stove on his truck and took off for Paradise.

“It was getting colder and colder up there,” Joe said. “We just had to do something.”

When he arrived, Joe was amazed at the scene –  the parking lot was already packed with people, tents, and vehicles.

“But just as we arrived, one car just happened to pull out and we pulled right into that spot,” Joe said. And when the word got out, there was almost immediately a long line behind Joe’s truck.

“One guy told me the people there hadn’t had a hot meal in over a week,” Joe said. Most of the donated food items were non-perishable items such as jerky, canned goods, or snacks. With the declining temperatures, they needed a hot and heavy meal.

That afternoon, Joe and Julie served over 300 people – until all the posole was gone.

“I can still see all those faces in need and how cold they looked and …,” Joe said, his voice cracking and going silent for a moment as he recalled that day.

But according to Tiffany, this selfless act is just who Joe Montoya is – and why the Culture Committee easily selected Joe as our NextHomie of the Month.

“Joe’s language of love is food,” Tiffany said. “I haven’t known him for a long time, but what I do know is he is our kind of people – personable, fun-loving, passionate for what he does, and completely dedicated to his clients.”    

Joe has been licensed since 1993. For a few years he worked for Realty World Northern California & Nevada where he met two “geeky, tech guys” by the names of James Dwiggins (NextHome’s CEO) and Tei Baishiki (NextHome’s Chief Operating Officer).

“They were just the guys who fixed my computer when I had a problem,” Joe said with a laugh.

Fast forward, Joe was treading water in his real estate career. He had married Julie and they moved from Tracy, CA to Roseville, CA.

“I was in this room and sitting at this conference table and I remember just thumbing through this white book and I was stunned,” Joe said, remembering the first time he flipped through a NextHome presentation book. “As I flipped through that book, I saw the two guys who used to fix my computer. I knew I needed to be branded and what James and Tei were offering was clean and looked like the perfect way to go to me.”

And today, Joe is home at NextHome Select.

“I feel at home,” Joe said. “This place is tailor-made for me. I list a home and I get an email with all my marketing materials done for me. I am a servant of others and so is this company. They operate from a servant mentality and they always have my needs in mind.”

Just like Joe had in mind the needs of hundreds of people in Paradise, CA who hadn’t met him or enjoyed a hot meal in over a week – until Joe Montoya and his truck pulled in.

$33.3 Trillion Housing Market Up 49% Since 2012 – A Third of the Gain From California

$33.3 Trillion Housing Market Up 49% Since 2012 – A Third of the Gain From California

  • The total value of the U.S. housing market rose $1.9 trillion in 2018 to $33.3 trillion.
  • A third of the market’s $10.9 trillion gain since its housing-bust low in 2012 has come from California.
  • The New York metro area’s $3 trillion in value makes it the most valuable market in the country, representing 9.1 percent of the country’s total value.

The value of the U.S. housing market continues to climb, gaining 6.2 percent in 2018 to reach a total value of $33.3 trillion. That’s up $10.9 billion from the bottom of the market in 2012 – and a third of the gain has come in California. The Golden State’s value has climbed $3.7 trillion since February 2012, the nation’s housing-crash low. No other state has gained more than $1 trillion in that same span.

The total value of all homes in the New York metro is the highest among metros analyzed, at $3 trillion – on its own accounting for 9.1 percent of the country’s total housing value. Four of the country’s 10 most valuable markets are in California: Los Angeles, which rose 5.2 percent to $2.9 trillion; San Francisco, up 9.3 percent to $1.6 trillion; San Jose, which gained 10.4 percent to $799.6 billion and San Diego, up 3.4 percent to $673.5 billion.

The housing stock in some pricey metro areas is so valuable, in fact, that the total value in one market often eclipses that of all housing in an entire state. For example, all homes in the Washington, D.C. metro are worth a combined $892 billion – which is more than the values of all homes in 40 individual states, including Colorado ($833.8 billion), Arizona ($708.1 billion), Ohio ($695 billion) and Oregon ($451.8 billion).

These numbers are so gargantuan that it’s tricky to put them in perspective. For example, even the total cinematic earnings from top 10 highest-grossing movies of all time – including Avatar, Titanic, three Avengers movies, Black Panther and Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows – total $17.9 billion, a drop in the housing market bucket. And Amazon CEO Jeff Bezos’ net worth of $160 billion is still only about half Detroit’s $314.9 billion housing value.

Better comparisons come from the gross domestic products of entire nations. The U.S. total housing value of $33.3 trillion is equivalent to the combined GDPs of the United States ($19.4 trillion), China ($12.2 trillion) and Canada ($1.7 trillion).

Even individual metros dwarf entire countries’ economies.

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7 Tips on How to Prepare for the 2019 Real Estate Market

7 Tips on How to Prepare for the 2019 Real Estate Market

What’s ahead for the real estate market in 2019? While there’s plenty of speculation about new construction slowdowns, a low inventory of existing homes and rising housing prices and mortgage interest rates, nobody knows for sure yet exactly what the new year will bring. Even without a crystal ball to see into the future, there are some things real estate professionals can do to prepare for what’s in store for the coming year. Here are some tips:

1. Do Your Own Research

Read a wide variety of different forecasts and opinions from financial and real estate experts from different parts of the country. In addition to trade publications and online sources, listen to podcasts, radio programs, and watch financial news programs. Then, draw your own conclusions based on what you’ve seen and heard so that you can answer questions and give informed opinions when clients turn to you for expert advice about what’s ahead. Be sure to make copies of any articles that you find particularly interesting to share with clients and colleagues, or save the links to pass along.

2. Attend Industry Functions

This is an ideal time to network and to hear speakers address predictions and projections for 2019. Local and national industry and association meetings, conventions, and seminars can provide valuable market information as well as provide opportunities for question-and-answer sessions and the exchange of ideas. Make time to attend as many events as your calendar and schedule can accommodate.

3. Talk to Your Mortgage and Banking Contacts

Now is a good time to meet with your partners in the mortgage and banking sectors to find out what they see happening in the coming year. They may also be able to provide information about any changes to the mortgage application or approval process that could affect your clients and closing timeframes.

4. Survey Clients

Sending a brief, informal survey to your clients by mail or by email is a good way to gauge their real estate market outlook as well as whether they have plans to buy or sell a home in 2019. A survey also provides you with a touch point for helping to maintain client relationships. In addition, it gives clients the opportunity to ask you questions about the market in your area.

5. Update Technology

Whatever is in store for real estate market trends, one thing that is for certain in 2019 is that technology will continue to play an important role. Update your cell phone, computer, tablet, or any other outdated technology so that you can have the tools you need to succeed next year.

6. Revise Your Provider Network

Sometimes it takes a village to sell a home, and the relationships you have with provider partners can be crucial in closing transactions. Review your provider network and touch base with any partners you haven’t worked with in a while. In addition to a mortgage broker or lender, it’s a good idea to have established relationships with a home inspector, a home warranty provider, an appraiser, a pest control professional, a home stager, and movers. Clients may also ask you for other referrals, including roofers, pool inspectors, home stagers, movers, painters, and other services.

7. Add Value to Your Service

To be prepared for whatever the 2019 real estate market brings, look for ways to add value to the service you provide to your real estate clients. For example, adding an American Home Shield® Home Warranty to each transaction is a great way to reassure buyers and sellers, build client loyalty, and help deals close smoothly.  Make sure your clients know that while markets may fluctuate, the caliber of service you deliver never will. To learn more about an American Home Shield Home Warranty and how it can help protect your client’s budgets, contact your local Account Executive.

For more helpful tips, visit the American Home Shield® Home Matters blog.

NextHome First Source opens in Pasadena, Texas

NextHome First Source opens in Pasadena, Texas

Debbie Grigg

Pleasanton, CA — January 10, 2019 — NextHome is proud to announce our newest addition to the franchise, NextHome First Source. The brokerage represents the 21st office location opened in the state of Texas for the NextHome franchise.

The company will be led by broker/owner Debbie Grigg and she will handle all day-to-day operations for the company.

Located less than 15 miles from Downtown Houston, the Pasadena-based brokerage will focus on helping clients throughout the southeast side of greater Houston area. Cities include Pasadena, La Porte, Baytown, Deer Park, Seabrook, Clear Lake, Alvin, Manvel, Pearland, Galveston, and League City.

NextHome First Source will handle all types of residential property sales such as first-time home buyers, move up buyers, investors, condos and townhouses, ranches and land, luxury, vacation properties, and all forms of residential sales of 1-4 units.

Licensed since 1991, Debbie has experience in both real estate sales and in lending. She started her career in Deer Park, TX and worked for a local independent brokerage until 1993.

Debbie moved in 1993 to RE/MAX when they opened the franchise’s 100th brokerage in the state of Texas. When Debbie came on board, she was the first agent in the new brokerage and grew a strong book of business. Through her very caring approach with clients, Debbie built strong relationships with those in the community and created an earned trust where referrals became commonplace for her.

In 2013, Debbie moved to a boutique brokerage where she continued serving her clients, selling more than 20 properties annually.

In mid-2018, Debbie knew it was time to go out on her own.

“I was helping out around the office and working with different agents,” said Debbie. “With the time I was putting in assisting others, I was basically helping out like an office manager. I really enjoy helping people in their career, so I knew it was time to look into opening my own company.”

When Debbie discovered NextHome, she really liked what the company was doing.

“I found a lot of the tools and systems that NextHome had to be items of value I was already using in my business,” she said. “I did research for about two months and the marketing that NextHome provides is second to none. I’m proud to affiliate my brokerage with NextHome.”

As the leader for NextHome First Source, Debbie has proven her commitment to raising the standard in real estate in her community.

She has been a real estate educator for nearly a decade. Debbie taught courses for two different licensing schools and was an instructor at Alvin Community College for real estate classes.

“I love to teach and help people improve in real estate,” said Debbie. “By helping others be better in real estate, it raises the bar for all and helps our industry overall.”

She also spends a lot of time volunteering locally. For parts of the past five years, Debbie has volunteered for several organizations such as the Women of the Moose Lodge (The Fraternal Order of the Moose), which helps the local women’s shelter, nursing homes, and those who are homeless.

Debbie and her husband, Doug, have been married for six years. They share a loving home with Doug’s 17-year-old son, Garrett.

Please join us in congratulating Debbie and the rest of the team at NextHome First Source on their brand new NextHome office location in Pasadena, TX!

Interested in being a part of the NextHome Real Estate Franchise? Contact VP of Sales Charis Moreno at

Each office is an independently owned and operated business.

NextHome Realty By Design opens office in Oregon City

NextHome Realty By Design opens office in Oregon City

Trammell Family

Pleasanton, CA — December 21, 2018 — NextHome is proud to announce our newest addition to the franchise, NextHome Realty By Design. The brokerage represents the eighth office location opened in the state of Oregon for the NextHome franchise.

The company will be led by owner/operator Kasia Trammell. Additionally, she will have veteran real estate icon Debbie Rainforth on the leadership team as the principal broker for the company.

The Oregon City brokerage will serve clients in cities across Clackamas County such as West Linn, Lake Oswego, Gladstone, Milwaukie, Canby, Happy Valley, and the remainder of the Portland metropolitan area.

The agents at NextHome Realty By Design will provide services such as first-time home buyer representation, investor purchases, multi-family purchases and sales, land representation, relocation services, foreclosure and short sales services, real estate design and development, and new construction.

Originally from Poland, Kasia comes from a background of architecture and design. Back in Poland, she studied at a technical high school with a focus on the homebuilding process.

In pursuit of a new adventure, she ended up moving to the United States and working as an au pair, where she learned English through a host of new experiences.

She enrolled at Portland State University, where she earned a degree in architecture – all while in the midst of her first pregnancy.

After earning her degree, she and her husband, Sky, made the move to Oregon City where they started building their own individual businesses.

Sky is an entrepreneur who started the international ATM distribution business, Puloon USA. Simultaneously, Kasia started the very successful design and real estate remodeling firm Realty By Design.

Thirteen years later, both businesses are thriving and have made a mark in their local community.“Sky and I made the decision to not only have our own personal businesses that we fully support one another in, but we even have our companies share the same building,” said Kasia with a smile.

Kasia not only has a commitment to the community, but to the environment as well. She has her Green Housing Certification and very much believes in re-using materials that protect the environment.

NextHome Realty By Design is a boutique brokerage filled with repurposed furniture from all-natural or recycled materials. Her designer’s touch and eye towards sustainability have taken old pieces of material and created beautiful furniture with materials that would have otherwise been thrown out.

Kasia found her connection to the NextHome franchise to be one of shared vision of how real estate should be done.

“NextHome really aligned with my values,” recalled Kasia. “The franchise allows me to have the boutique feel, but still have a national presence. I was looking for a company who wanted consistency and high standards and found exactly that in NextHome.”

When not selling real estate, Kasia and Sky do everything based around family. They have three children – daughters Ionye (age 8), Oriah (7) and son Makai (3). The family loves spending time together and enjoying the natural beauty the Pacific Northwest has to offer.

Please join us in congratulating Kasia, Debbie and the rest of the team at NextHome Realty By Design on their brand new NextHome office location!

Interested in being a part of the NextHome Real Estate Franchise? Contact VP of Sales Charis Moreno at

Each office is an independently owned and operated business.

What Kind of Homebuyer Is a Millennial?

What Kind of Homebuyer Is a Millennial?

The Millennial generation is entering the real estate market in numbers way beyond than before. But when it comes to buying a home, how do they view the home buying process?

With a population of 83.1 million, the Millennial Generation now outnumbers Baby Boomers and represents more than one quarter of our nation, according to the United States Census Bureau. The Pew Research Center defines a millennial as anyone born between 1981 and 1996, or those age 22 to 37 as of 2018. Millennials are entering the workforce and the real estate market in greater numbers than ever before, bringing with them a new set of values and expectations. Here are some things to keep in mind when helping millennials with real estate transactions.

The may not be sure they want to buy a home. In fact, according to the Urban Institute, home ownership rates are down for millennials when compared to the two previous generations, Gen X and Baby Boomers, at the same age. Many millennials may prefer to continue renting, for a variety of reasons that include delayed marriage and job flexibility. Preferring to live in cities and urban environments with higher real estate prices is another often-cited reason by millennials for renting instead of purchasing a home.

They may be more frugal than you think. Millennials often carry significant student debt or they may be in underpaid jobs when compared to their education level. Another factor that could influence spending habits is that millennials likely remember the most recent recession and housing bubble, which could sway their real estate purchase decisions.

They embrace technology. Because they grew up with technology at their fingertips, they use it frequently and expect their real estate partners to do the same. Millennials are likely to employ technology to do their own home searches and associated research.  Because they communicate largely through technology, their perspective of a normal workday is outside of the traditional Monday through Friday, 8 a.m. to 5 p.m. timeframe.

They are influenced by social media.  More than just for socializing, millennials use social media for professional purposes as well as for consumer choices. They are active on channels like Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn, YouTube, Twitter and others, where they like to connect with business colleagues and service partners (like you) as well as with friends.

They care about energy efficiency. When looking at homes, millennials are likely to take the energy performance of systems, appliances, and the structure into consideration. They care about energy efficiency from an environmental as well as from a cost savings standpoint. Their comfort with technology extends to energy-saving devices and advancements for the home.

They’re relationship driven. For all their dependence on technology, millennials still value one-on-one time and personal relationships. When making important decisions, millennials tend to seek out expert advice as well as solid information and hard data. Building relationships with millennials can help win their trust as well as their future business.

They may not know much about home ownership. Particularly if they are first-time homebuyers, millennials may not be familiar with what it takes to run and maintain a home.  An American Home Shield® Home Warranty can provide valuable coverage for many of the most expensive home systems and appliances to repair or replace. An American Home Shield Home Warranty can also provide reassurance and be a resource for millennials to use when covered items break down due to normal wear and tear. Telling millennials about the many benefits of American Home Shield Home Warranty protection is a great way to answer some of their concerns and build lasting relationships in the process.

NextHome Specialists continues regional expansion

NextHome Specialists continues regional expansion

Thomas Shumpert

Pleasanton, CA — December 13, 2018 — NextHome is proud to announce our newest addition to the franchise, NextHome Specialists – Bluffton Branch. The brokerage represents the ninth office location opened in the state of South Carolina for the NextHome franchise.

The company will be led by owner and broker of record Thomas Shumpert. This will be his fifth office opening in the past two years. Other NextHome Specialists offices are located in Columbia, Chapin, Mount Pleasant, and Lexington.

The agents at NextHome Specialists – Bluffton Branch will provide services such as first-time home buyer representation, investor purchases, multi-family purchases and sales, land representation, condominium purchases, senior housing needs, and new construction.

The brokerage will provide residential real estate services to the coastal areas of both Bluffton and Hilton Head Island.

In 2016, Shumpert opened his first NextHome franchised brokerage in Columbia, SC. After an impressive year in the Columbia location, he felt it was time to expand his territory to accommodate the growth of the business. In September of 2017, he opened his second office location in Lexington and began expansion. Just one month later, he opened the Chapin branch with business partner, Terri Scheper.

In September 2018, he launched the fourth office location in Mount Pleasant.

Wanting to increase the reach of the NextHome Specialists service area, Thomas felt it was the right time to expand with a new coastal location.

Now in five locations, NextHome Specialists has over 30 talented agents spread throughout the region.

Please join us in congratulating Thomas and the team at NextHome Specialists on their fifth NextHome office location!

Interested in being a part of the NextHome Real Estate Franchise? Contact VP of Sales Charis Moreno at

Each office is an independently owned and operated business.

Real Estate Pro with a Heart of Gold

Real Estate Pro with a Heart of Gold

Hard times have a way of making their way into people’s lives. In some cases, these struggles lead individuals to succumb to defeat, while in others, create a fire that pushes them beyond their limits.

Erica Stietenroth, a NextHome real estate agent in Houston, found success despite the curveballs real estate threw in her direction.

It wasn’t always this way for Erica though. Before NextHome, her journey as a new real estate agent was an uphill climb, even more so when the recession abruptly ascended. During this time, Erica struggled to make it through hardships in a market filled with skepticism in purchasing new homes and deals falling through. It took a toll on her business and thus, trickled down into her personal and financial life.

This downturn in her career created a stressful financial situation for her household, which resulted in cutting back on as many resources as possible in an attempt to make ends meet. It was Erica’s ambition and obstinate determination that did not let her see the darkest of these times. It also did not cause her to stray away from the real estate industry.

In 2017, Erica joined the NextHome family after she was recruited by a broker who spotted her immense potential – Robyn Jones with NextHome Real Estate Place. In the same year, she pounded the pavement resulting in 29 closed transactions and was able to salvage her mindset and the direction of her career. This year, Erica has closed 45 transactions and was recognized by the Houston Association of REALTORS® Young Professional Network as one of the Top 20 Under 40 Rising Stars in Real Estate.

“The ability to align myself with the right people has been the key to my success,” Erica said. Another key to her business growth? Referrals from former clients and her extensive, nationwide REALTOR® network.

Despite her appetite for success, there is one thing Erica finds equally, if not more, important – her family. Currently residing in the Houston suburb of Katy, Texas, this 39-year-old is wise in knowing money is not everything. Having found balance in her career and personal life, Erica is an individual who overcame losing faith in the industry through persistence and ended up exceeding her own expectations.

We are proud to have Erica as a NextHomie and hope others find inspiration in her unwavering drive and dedication to professionalism.

NextHome Premier Neighborhood Realty expands with new location

NextHome Premier Neighborhood Realty expands with new location

Jon Brumer

Pleasanton, CA — November 20, 2018 — NextHome is proud to announce our newest addition to the franchise, NextHome Premier Neighborhood Realty – Kissimmee Branch. The brokerage represents the 51st location opened in the state of Florida for the NextHome franchise.

The office will be owned and operated by broker, Jon Brumer.

“Opening a second location made a lot of sense for me and our company’s growing need for a Kissimmee location,” said Jon. “Since my office announcement in July, I’ve fallen in love with the brand and wanted to have more NextHome exposure to residents in Osceola County.”

Based out of Kissimmee, this particular NextHome Premier Neighborhood Realty branch location will provide real estate services to buyers and sellers such as single-family residential sales, first-time home buyers, investment, multi-family properties, land deals, condominiums, and new construction homes for the areas of St. Cloud, Kissimmee, Davenport, Clermont, and the remainder of the Orlando Metro Area.

Thirty miles south of Orlando, Kissimmee is home to approximately 60,000 residents and is one of the larger communities in the Orlando-Kissimmee-Sanford metropolitan area.

Before starting his real estate sales career, Jon worked as an appraiser for the Miami-Dade County Tax Assessor’s Office. For more than ten years, Jon evaluated the values for hundreds of properties. This experience has helped him provide some of the most accurate estimates of property values for his real estate clients.

In 2014, Jon moved to Kissimmee and worked as a REALTOR® with Berkshire Hathaway Home Services of America Florida Realty. In 2017, after building his sales business at the brokerage, Jon moved to a local independent company, Property Pros.

Although Jon found success as a REALTOR® working at a brokerage, he wanted to follow his passion of opening his own company. In 2018, he attained his broker’s license and began looking at franchise options for his soon-to-be-opened real estate brokerage.

“I found NextHome through a Google search when I was looking at real estate franchises,” said Jon. “NextHome had everything I was looking for in a franchise – support from the franchisor, top-notch technology, and systems that would be of real value to our clients. NextHome allows me to still run a boutique style brokerage while having the benefits of a big franchise”

“These benefits not only help our clients, but attract talented agents to our brokerage as well,” he added.

Jon believes in giving back to his community and works with underprivileged children via the “Give the Kids The World” program. The organization is similar to a Make-A-Wish program, where volunteers bring the Disney experience to children who are unable to go to Disney World.

When not selling real estate, Jon and his wife of four years, Brittany, love to travel. As members of the Wyndham Timeshare and Hilton Grand Vacations programs, the couple travel throughout the world.

Please join us in congratulating Jon and the rest of the team at NextHome Premier Neighborhood Realty on the opening of their second NextHome office in Kissimmee, FL!


Interested in being a part of the NextHome Real Estate Franchise? Contact VP of Sales Charis Moreno at


Each office is an independently owned and operated business.