We built NextHome by asking, what’s broken? Our gut renovation revealed a responsive new model to help you meet the future of franchising.

Why franchise? You don’t need us to tell you at what speed the industry is evolving.

Our value as a partner—our everyday commitment to every one of our NextHome franchises—is to make sure you arrive and stay at the forefront of every advancement, to the greatest benefit of your business, your agents, your clients.


We pride ourselves in putting the frank in franchise: Billions of dollars are being invested in companies that aim to change how people buy and sell real estate, many of them at discounted rates or eliminating the agent role altogether. Find out why so many brokerages are joining us to stay at the center of the real estate transaction today and its iteration tomorrow.

franchise across industries*
member adoption rate of NextHome products
1 or 5 year
flexible options for franchise agreements


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Support + Training

Our Member Services team—real people, really delightful and knowledgeable people—provides direct personal support to onboard and help NextHomies maximize our products and services, including live webinars, deep dives into our tech and marketing tools, and ongoing cross-platform strategy.


We don’t have growth requirements—but we certainly have growth resources for brokers and owners who are looking to attract and retain top talent. We offer fully customizable recruiting presentations, social media content, monthly webinars, and an annual event with brokers and owners on the topic.

One of our proudest, most valuable and most unique tools we can offer our franchises is the global design renown of Pentagram. We knew, when we started franchising in 2014, that we wanted to create and build a new kind of graphic identity for our new kind of real estate brand—and we wanted to do so with the best.

We invested in a 360-degree, industry-leading design program by the world’s largest independent design consultancy so that our franchise partners wouldn’t have to. We’re thrilled to be able to deliver an immediate and striking visual identity (and information system) across the NextHome brand that attracts today’s agent, buyer and seller to our network.

The Casan Collection

We worked with Pentagram to develop a distinct identity for the Casan Collection, the NextHome luxury line, launched to help our members showcase properties in the top 10 percent of their markets. The premium offering assists luxury sellers in elevating the client experience and maximizing sales prices for high-end residences.

Humans Over Houses

At the core of our organization is a mindset we call Humans Over Houses. It’s the idea of putting people first, and our NextHomies live and breathe it every day. HumansOverHouses.com puts the spotlight on buyers and sellers, and their journey toward homeownership. Reading their stories ensures we never lose sight of why we are in this industry in the first place.


Your workplace is whatever works for you.

When we say we’re flexible, we mean it. We have no size or structure requirements. Virtual? Shared space? All welcome.

Our model meets you where you are then asks, How can we help?

We see you. We are the franchise that sees how many ways there are to structure and support a successful office. We are also the franchise that sees how achievable and cost-effective this can be.

1-Year and 5-Year Agreements

Our commitment is to building long-term partnerships based on common goals—rather than the kinds of contract commitments and fees that so many of our competitors rely on. We’re confident in our brand and our technology, but also in the aspects of your business where you know best. That’s why we offer the shortest franchising terms in the industry. We want you to stay with us because you want to stay with us.

Flexible fees

We are the only franchise that gives agents the choice on how fees are paid—and they can even switch plans during the year. Every office, local market and team is unique. Select what works best and adjust to meet ever-changing internal and external factors as we discover together what suits your business best.

Compare the numbers

We focus on collaborative partnerships and effective products for business development, growth and relevance.

Events + Recognition

It’s always powerful—for reasons ranging from collective problem-solving to accomplishment-cheering to breakdancing—when our NextHomies gather in the same place at the same time. So we make sure we make it happen multiple times a year, virtually and in person. At the center of it is our annual conference, where we hear from an impressive lineup of speakers, network and have fun, share stories, and celebrate our agents, teams, and offices and their triumphs around the country.

Our annual Franchise Owner Summit is dedicated to helping our brokers and owners run their businesses more efficiently and profitably, learn from each other, collaborate and connect.

“Ours is a human-centric business model that hasn’t and will never lose sight of the most important thing—the human beings who buy and sell houses.”
Keith Robinson, CSO NextHome

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