Agents are our experts in the field. That’s why we’re here connecting you with the powerful support you need.

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All Leads to You

We have built a national network, at the ideal intersection of people and technology, to generate new leads for you—without any referral fees. The full suite of marketing and technology tools we’ve built frees you up to focus on building relationships with buyers and sellers. Our single sign-on platform is an all-in-one life changer and time saver.

Support + Training

Our Member Services team—real people, really delightful and knowledgeable people—provides direct personal support. Live humans, live webinars, on-demand videos, and deep dives into our tech and marketing tools are here to help you build your business and sales. We make sure every NextHomie feels immediately at home.

Our Community

The greatest value of our organization is determined by the diversity, flexibility and uniqueness of every individual and business within. Our NextHome community is as warm and bright and bold and exceptional as the shade of orange that unites NextHomies coast to coast, applying this collective power to support inspired one-on-one real estate transactions.

You tell us who you are.
Then we’ll tell you how we can help.

We see you. We see you out there, doing the important work you do in your neighborhoods, in your communities, in your relationships—in connecting people with homes. This is your business. Ours is to support it.

Client development, business sustainability, and increased income are likely priorities of yours (ours too). How can we help you get there? Are you someone who is more or less entrepreneurial? Tech-driven? Seeking or part of a solo or a small or a 100+ brokerage? Select what works best, switch as you go—we’re as responsive to your unique business demands as we are together to the ever-changing real estate market.

Compare the numbers

We focus on collaborative partnerships and effective products for business development, growth and relevance.

Orange you glad? See (in 1:44 minutes of your time) the ways our all-in-one agent suite of tools can work for you.


One of our proudest, most valuable, and most unique tools we can offer our agents is the global design renown of Pentagram. Early on, we invested in a 360-degree, industry-leading design program by the world’s largest independent design consultancy. We’re thrilled to be able to deliver an immediate and striking visual identity that attracts buyers and sellers to our network and your listings.

The Casan Collection

We believe that luxury, like a lot else in real estate, could do with some redefining. Created for the top 10 percent of the market, the Casan Collection recognizes that luxury lives everywhere. Brokers and agents who service high-end properties have access to a suite of brand materials, also by Pentagram, to deliver a distinct next-level experience.

We are all about, and take every opportunity to appreciate, the hard work, achievement, and great company of our members.

It’s always powerful—for reasons ranging from collective problem-solving to accomplishment-cheering to breakdancing—when our NextHomies gather in the same place at the same time. So we make sure we make it happen multiple times a year, virtually and in person. At the center of it is our annual conference, where we hear from an impressive lineup of speakers, network and have fun, share stories, and celebrate our agents, teams, and offices and their triumphs around the country.

“Ours is a human-centric business model that hasn’t and will never lose sight of the most important thing—the human beings who buy and sell houses.”
Keith Robinson, CSO NextHome

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