7 Ways to Help Prevent Real Estate Burnout

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Even agents with the most exciting, successful, and enviable real estate careers can experience burnout from time to time. Burnout can be stressful, confusing, and downright depressing to experience. Here are some ways you can avoid the perils of burnout:

1. Recognize the signs.

You may feel less interested in your daily tasks or bored with the parts of your job that once excited you. For some people, burnout means lower energy levels and less motivation. For others, it can mean being restless and easily distracted. By identifying early signs of burnout, you can take steps to correct the problem and get back on course easier and quicker.

2. Bring balance.

Oftentimes, burnout simply means that you’re tipping the scale too much in favor of your career. No matter how exciting or satisfying a career is, everyone needs a break periodically to recharge. If you haven’t had a vacation in a while, it’s probably a good idea to schedule some significant time off. Take a look at your daily schedule as well, to gauge how many hours per day you spend with work-related activities versus downtime. You may need to rethink the way you organize your days to include more family and friend time as well as “me” time to bring better balance.

3. Unplug.

With today’s technology, real estate can quickly turn into a 24/7 job. While staying connected is important to real estate success, it’s not healthy to be available every waking hour. Block out certain times each day when you unplug from your devices. You can let clients and associates know when you typically aren’t available, and that you’ll get back to them as soon as possible if they contact you during those times.

4. Develop other interests.

Having a hobby or interest that engages other parts of your brain can help you be sharper at work. Outside pursuits can also provide healthy outlets for decompressing work-related stress and frustrations.

5. Stretch yourself.

Maybe you’re not burned out on real estate altogether and just need to shake things up a bit. Push outside your box by challenging yourself to try something new in your career. Perhaps you’d like to develop a new specialty niche, or maybe there’s an advanced certification or degree you’d like to seek. Sometimes even setting new sales goals can bring the incentive you need to stretch your skills and rejuvenate your career.

6. Serve.

Get involved in local real estate organizations by running for office or serving on committees. Volunteer at industry functions or community events. Being active in industry groups and volunteering can give you a different perspective and re-energize your outlook.

7. Delegate.

No one can do it all, no matter how hard they work. Perhaps your business has reached the point where you need an assistant or administrative help. Or, maybe you need more support at home to free up your time.

Sometimes career burnout can lead to feelings of discontent or anxiety. If this happens, don’t be afraid to reach out to friends, mentors, or to seek professional help. Talking to someone can often help you sort out feelings and take positive steps toward resolution. Experiencing burnout can often prompt you to try new things and ultimately lead to constructive changes for the better.

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