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How to Prepare Your Kids to Move

How to Prepare Your Kids to Move

No matter what real estate trends you’re dealing with in your market, moving is always stressful and difficult, but it’s even more overwhelming when you have to prepare kids for the process. Kids usually don’t want to leave their friends and school behind, and they may anticipate missing family members. But it’s important to frame moving as the start of a new adventure, while giving kids space to grieve for the things they’re leaving behind.

Get your kids ready for a move by starting discussions about it as soon as you can. These moving tips will help you get your kids ready for a big change of lifestyle.

Don’t Put Off Telling Your Kids About the Move

If you have an upcoming move, the best thing you can do is let your kids in on it as soon as possible. Telling your kids about the move early on gives them a chance to process their feelings about it and get used to the idea. This is especially important for older kids and teens, who are the most likely to react poorly to a planned move; they are more strongly tied to their social groups and more likely to be looking forward to events and outings, like prom with their friends, that they might miss because of a move.

Kids will tend to react to news of a move with apprehension, so it’s a good idea to talk to them about it often and give them as much information about it as you can. Answer their questions and address their concerns with reassurance. Kids need to know that moving can be a good thing. If possible, take them to the town or neighborhood so they can get an idea of what to expect. If it’s not possible to take kids to their new home in advance, try to find as much information about the new community as you can. Look for pictures of the new town and school, activities they can get involved in or facilities they might enjoy.

Give Your Kids Some Decisions to Make

Kids will feel more confident about an upcoming move if you involve them in the decision-making process. You could take them house hunting with you, or if that’s not practical, show them the online listings for houses you’re considering and ask for their input. Older kids can even help you look for promising listings.

Once you’ve found a new place, give kids some input on getting the new home ready. Maybe they’d like to choose a paint color for their new bedroom or spend some time planning new bedroom layouts with crayons and paper. Getting new furniture? Let kids choose their own bedroom sets or decorative elements. Take the opportunity to start teaching kids about home maintenance or plan some outdoor DIY projects for them to look forward to.

Ease the Transition

Very young children, under five years old, may not understand what moving means. Use stories or books to explain the concept, and explain what’s happening again when you’re packing up. Ease the transition for very young children by trying to keep the same furniture and layout in their new bedrooms and play areas, if not throughout the house.

Older kids can understand the process and will appreciate being given some role in the move. School-aged children may be sad about leaving friends and relatives, or anxious about a new school. Prepare for the move by gathering as much documentation as you can for the new school, including test scores, medical records and curriculum information. School-age children will want to know everything they can about their new school, new teachers and potential new friends, too.

Teens are most likely to struggle with a move, since they are often so closely connected to friends and social groups and are deeply committed to extracurriculars and hobbies. They may resent uprooting their lives, leaving their friends and missing out on upcoming social events. Give teens the chance to express and come to terms with their feelings, while reassuring them that moving is difficult for everyone and helping them plan to maintain their relationships with those they’re leaving behind. Planning a post-move trip to visit old friends and relatives might help, as well as encouraging teens to maintain connections via social media and correspondence.

If a move happens in the middle of a school year, it might be worth letting teens finish out the school term with a close family friend or trusted relative. If your teen is close to finishing school, it may be easiest for everyone if he or she is allowed to graduate with his or her friends before joining the family in the new home for the summer before college.

While moving is often logistically difficult and stressful for adults, it can be exciting for children. Getting your kids ready for a move can give them the foundation they need to thrive in their new home, and buying a home warranty can give you the budget protection you need to focus on helping your kids adjust, instead of worrying about unexpected repairs. American Home Shield® today to find out more about protecting your new home.

NextHome announces new Nevada office

NextHome announces new Nevada office

Janet Jacaway & Joree Anderson

Pleasanton, CA — July 10, 20120 — NextHome is pleased to announce the newest addition to the franchise, NextHome Gold Rush Realty, based in Winnemucca, Nevada. The brokerage represents the sixth office location opened in Nevada for the NextHome franchise and the 492nd NextHome office opened nationally.

NextHome Gold Rush Realty will serve residential clients across Humboldt and Pershing counties including the towns of Winnemucca and Lovelock. 

Known for its mining industry and outdoor recreation, Winnemucca is located about two hours east of Reno on Interstate 80. The city of just more than 7,000 people is a haven for ranchers, hunters, and small-town living. 

NextHome Golf Rush Realty is owned by local REALTORS® Janet Jacaway and Joree Anderson.

Together, Janet and Joree bring a new level of professionalism and superb customer service to their market area. 

“We want our business to have a memorable impact on people,” Joree said. “NextHome Gold Rush Realty will do business in a way that helps clients feel good about their decision and gives them peace of mind knowing that they are in good hands.”

Janet and Joree have been working together since 2017. However, Janet’s real estate journey began earlier in 2004. 

After purchasing her first home, Janet became interested in a real estate career. 

“I absolutely loved looking at homes and I enjoyed the whole process, so I knew I needed to get into that line of business,” Janet said. 

She began her career with a Vision West Realty where she spent the next decade developing a reputation for excellence in her market. Then, in 2014, Janet joined RE/MAX Great Basin Realty. 

Joree began her real estate career with that same office in 2017 after deciding she needed a more family-friendly career change. Joree spent her early working years with Cyanco, a local mining company that produces sodium chloride. 

After obtaining her license, Joree gave her new profession every ounce of energy she had. Her hard work produced phenomenal success. In a matter of months, she became a top producing agent. Last year, Joree achieved more than $11 million in sales with about 56 transactions. She was recognized by her brokerage with several awards and is known for always being available for her clients. 

Janet’s sales success was also remarkable. In a market where the average home price hovers around $250,000, Janet was able to achieve about $10 million in sales in 2019. 

Although they never formed a team, Janet and Joree loved working together. 

“She has every strength that I lack and vice versa,” Janet said. 

The pair knew that they wanted to work together on their own terms, so they started looking into franchise options. Both Joree and Janet seemed to discover NextHome at the same time and both were impressed. 

“The color is what initially got us,” Joree said. “No one has orange, so we knew our marketing would stand out.”

“The friendliness of the franchise owners and the overall feel of the company was also outstanding,” Janet added. 

It also didn’t hurt that NextHome incorporates its mascot, Luke the French bulldog, into its branding. 

“I am excited about what we can do in our community with Luke,” Janet said.

Today, NextHome Gold Rush Realty is combining world-class marketing with the work ethic and friendly service that Janet and Joree are known for. 

“We love that when locals buy or sell a house, they know that they want to work with us because they already know how we operate,” Joree said.

When they aren’t serving their clients, Janet and Joree are avid outdoors people who enjoy spending time with their families. 

Janet and her husband Ken have been married since 1996 and have two grown children, Alex and Britany. Janet loves to waterski on Rye Patch Reservoir and enjoy time on the ATVs with her kids. She also enjoys elk hunting and trap shooting with Joree. 

Joree is the proud mother of her son, Parker (3). 

“My son really inspires me to be outstanding in everything I do,” Joree said. “They watch you and learn from you and because of them you want to do better.”

When she isn’t helping her clients, Joree enjoys working with horses, wakeboarding on the reservoir, and trap shooting with Janet. 

Please join us in congratulating Janet and Joree on the opening of NextHome Gold Rush Realty in Winnemucca, Nevada!


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Each office is an independently owned and operated business.

NextHome announces new Baltimore area office

NextHome announces new Baltimore area office

Sherri Sembly and Nisha Smithrick

Pleasanton, CA — July 9, 2020 — NextHome is pleased to announce the newest addition to the franchise, NextHome Forward, serving the Baltimore, Maryland area. The brokerage represents the ninth office location opened in Maryland for the NextHome franchise and the 491st NextHome office opened nationally.

NextHome Forward will serve clients across the greater Baltimore area including Harford, Cecil, Anne Arundel, and Howard counties.

Under the leadership of owners Nisha Smithrick and Sherri Sembly, NextHome Forward is well-positioned to serve all types of residential clients including investors, first-time home buyers, and military families. The brokerage also offers experience in short sales and REO properties. 

“I look forward to growing the business and being known as a company that will do the right thing for the clients we serve,” Sherri said. 

Nisha will be NextHome Forward’s broker of record and Sherri will be the office’s sales manager. Both will be maintaining their thriving sales careers. Between them, Sherri and Nisha offer clients almost 20 years of experience in Baltimore real estate. 

Nisha obtained her Maryland license in 2006 and sold with a nationally franchised office until 2010, when she joined Redfin. For the next seven years, Nisha gained experience in almost all aspects of real estate sales. She worked as a field agent and as a transaction coordinator. 

“I got to work behind the scenes with some of the highest producing agents in our region,” Nisha said. “There were incredible advantages to seeing a large volume of transactions coming through.”

Nisha learned contracts inside and out and became skilled at interpreting and explaining the complexity of the contract. 

“There were lots of moving parts,” Nisha recalled. “I learned everything – from contract to closing.”

Sherri began her real estate career in 2014 after spending 17 years in early childhood education. Her attraction to real estate sales started when she sold her townhome.

“I started touring homes and having a lot of fun,” Sherri recalled. “I liked the company I was working with, so I applied for a job.”

Sherri started working with Redfin as a tour coordinator, which is where she eventually met Nisha. 

In 2016, Sherri left Redfin to join a nationally franchised brokerage. 

“I wanted to learn more, to be out in the field to grow,” Sherri said.

A year later, Nisha joined Sherri at that brokerage and they continued to each grow their individual businesses for the next two and a half years.   

However, as the friends continued to evolve professionally, they knew it was time to open their own brokerage. 

“It was time because we wanted to grow and be the best versions of ourselves,” Nisha said.

Several former colleagues had posted about NextHome on their social media platforms and all the positive things they were saying caught Nisha and Sherri’s attention. 

“So, one day I decided to just give them a call,” Nisha said. “NextHome had everything that we loved about our previous work experience, but also so much more. It was a natural progression for us.”

Today, Nisha and Sherri are using NextHome to put the goodness, value, and personal touch back in Baltimore real estate. 

“NextHome is all about the people we serve and the hands we hold,” Sherri said. “We want to embody that kind of value and put the goodness in real estate.” 

With their extensive transaction coordination backgrounds, Sherri and Nisha want to help NextHome Forward agents achieve their highest potential. 

“We want to invest in our agents and recruit the right people,” Nisha said. “We will be by their side, giving them the office support, the technology, and tools to succeed. Our agents will know that we focus on them, so they can focus on their clients.”

This year, Nisha will celebrate seven years of marriage to her husband Craig and together they are the proud parents of eight-year-old CJ. Together, the family loves to travel and introduce their son to the wonders of the world. 

Sherri and her husband Charles recently celebrated 17 years of marriage and together they have two children, Charles Anthony (15) and Selena (13). The family enjoys supporting Charles Anthony as he plays year-round soccer and savoring the products of Selena’s baking talents. 

Please join us in congratulating Nisha and Sherri on the opening of NextHome Forward!


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Each office is an independently owned and operated business.

NextHome announces new Charlotte area brokerage

NextHome announces new Charlotte area brokerage

Shauna & Ray Graves

Pleasanton, CA — July 8, 2020 — NextHome is pleased to announce the newest addition to the franchise, NextHome Allegiance, based in Concord, North Carolina. The brokerage represents the 24th office location opened in North Carolina for the NextHome franchise and the 490th NextHome office opened nationally.

The brokerage will serve residential buyers and sellers in Charlotte, Concord, and the remainder of Mecklenburg, Cabarrus, Gaston, Union, Rowan, and Iredell counties. 

NextHome Allegiance is owned by high-producing real estate power couple Ray and Shauna Graves who have over 17 years of combined experience in local real estate. Shauna will take on the role of Broker in Charge and Ray will handle NextHome Allegiance’s business operations.

In 2006, Shauna began her real estate career working with a small boutique brokerage in Charlotte. Seven years later, she joined a nationally recognized franchise where she continued to exceed client expectations and continuously ranked as a top individual agent in the brokerage. While there, she enjoyed teaching newer agents in her office and served on the Leadership Council with the brokerage from 2016 to 2019. After a successful career in Pharmaceutical Sales, Ray obtained his real estate license in 2017 and decided to leave corporate to join Shauna in building Graves Realty Group. Together, the Graves average more than 50 transactions per year and almost $14 million in sales volume annually. With full-time administrative support, Graves Realty Group achieved phenomenal success and earned their brokerage’s triple gold designation in 2017, 2018, and 2019.

Ray and Shauna are experts in a wide range of residential transactions including new home sales, estate sales, and short sales. As a licensed General Contractor since 2006, Ray has consulted numerous clients on construction and renovation projects. 

“We provide our clients with another level of value through my general construction experience,” Ray said.  

Shauna specializes in listing homes and consulting homeowners to achieve maximum profits.  The couple enjoys working with investors, first-time home buyers, and assisting those relocating to the area. Ray and Shauna are North Carolina natives and have lived in the Charlotte area for over 20 years.

As born entrepreneurs, the couple has always desired to create a business that would leave a legacy for their family and the community. In early 2020, they decided it was time to search for the right franchise fit.

One day, an article in REALTOR® Magazine caught Ray’s eye.

“Initially, NextHome appealed to me for its simplicity and its very modern branding,” Ray said. “But then I really did a deep dive and researched all I could on the company. That’s when I discovered that NextHome’s culture, marketing, corporate support, and agent tools were aligned with our vision. I started looking at reviews, not only from clients but also from franchise owners. I made phone calls to current owners to get their input and they all said they were truly satisfied and wished they could have joined earlier. I couldn’t find anything that was negative.”

Today, NextHome Allegiance is offering unique value to Concord and Charlotte-area clients through both NextHome’s outstanding marketing and the Graves’s industry experience.

The couple is also passionate about helping other agents achieve success in their careers.  “It is an amazing feeling to be able to positively impact lives,” Shauna said, “and the NextHome platform allows us to offer agents a simplified solution to assist them with building their businesses.” 

Since service to others is at the heart of their mission in life, the couple seeks out ways to serve their local community both personally and through their business. At each client appreciation event, the couple ties in a service component to benefit a local non-profit. In the past, they have worked with Habitat for Humanity, The Salvation Army, Loaves & Fishes, The Men’s Shelter of Charlotte, and The Doves Nest, a local shelter that offers transitional housing for women.

Ray and Shauna have been married for 18 years and are the proud parents of two children, Olivia (13) and Noah (12).  Together, the family enjoys biking, traveling, and cuddling with their furry mini Bernedoodle Roskey.

Please join us in congratulating Ray and Shauna on the opening of NextHome Allegiance in Concord, North Carolina!


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Each office is an independently owned and operated business.

NextHome Estates Realty Group opens in Orange County

NextHome Estates Realty Group opens in Orange County

Tom McKenzie

Pleasanton, CA — July 7, 2020 — NextHome is pleased to announce the newest addition to the franchise, NextHome Estates Realty Group, based in Los Alamitos, California. The brokerage represents the 74th office location opened in California for the NextHome franchise and the 489th NextHome office opened nationally.

NextHome Estates Realty Group will serve clients across Orange County and Los Angeles County including Los Alamitos, Rossmoor, Seal Beach, Cypress, Long Beach, Buena Park, Anaheim, Lakewood, and Huntington Beach. 

NextHome Estates Realty Group is owned by local attorney Tom McKenzie, who brings extensive experience to the new brokerage. Tom has been a practicing attorney and licensed broker for more than 20 years, specializing in estate planning, probate, trust administration, asset protection, and elder law. In addition, Tom has been a licensed financial advisor since 1995 and holds 10 different real estate certifications and designations.

Tom’s remarkable life included an early stint as a singer/songwriter. His talents helped him pay his way through law school – working as a full-time entertainer at night and excelling in his legal studies as a full-time student during the day. While attending Western State University College of Law in Fullerton, Tom was the only member of his class to receive the “American Jurisprudence Award” for real estate law. During these years, Tom was extended an invitation to serve as the associate editor of his school’s prestigious law review publication, and his article on Historically Black Colleges has been cited in a number of books and legal journals, including the book “Unearthing Promise and Potential: Our Nation’s Historically Black Colleges and Universities,” by Marybeth Gasman. 

Tom obtained his broker’s license in 1998 and, after graduating among the top of his law school class, opened McKenzie Legal and Financial. 

Throughout his career, Tom often worked with legal and financial planning clients who needed real estate services. Their needs prompted Tom to think about opening his own brokerage. To gain a better understanding of the industry in the area, Tom first began selling with a nationally franchised brokerage. He quickly learned what he did, and what he did not want to do, to best serve his clients. 

“I saw the opportunity to offer true, ethical representation for buyers and sellers that currently weren’t being well represented,” Tom said. “I wanted to be able to provide agents who embrace the highest levels of integrity and put the clients first.”

As a dedicated professional for both his legal and real estate clients, Tom knew he would have to partner with a robust and supportive franchise in order to not spread himself too thin. That’s when he discovered NextHome in REALTOR® Magazine. 

“When I read the article, NextHome was exactly what I was looking for so that I could truly help my clients,” Tom said. “Throughout the process of being affiliated with NextHome, I have not been disappointed. I have been very happy with the corporate staff, the support they give, and the educational assistance.”

Now, as a brokerage owner and attorney, Tom is uniquely qualified to help clients with a broad range of needs. 

“I can offer perspectives and advice that can only be given by a licensed attorney, helping clients avoid pitfalls and seize opportunities they might not have even known existed,” Tom said. 

From putting properties straight into trusts, to helping investors with LLCs, to legal review and notary services, Tom can help with it all. 

“I want to provide convenient, low-pressure options for my clients and help them know that they are in safe hands from the beginning of their transaction to closing and beyond,” Tom said. 

Tom’s wife Natalie will be joining him at NextHome Estates Realty Group as the brokerage’s office manager. She is also a paralegal and notary public. 

Tom and Natalie recently celebrated 19 years of wedded bliss and together they are the proud parents of four children. 

Macy (18) recently graduated from Los Alamitos High School. For most of her academic career, Macy performed with the school’s prestigious Sound FX advanced mixed choir group. The choir is recognized as one of the nation’s best and members have performed at The Hollywood Bowl with Kristen Bell, Nick Jonas and John Stamos, and at the Greek Theater with Barry Manilow. Last year, they hosted the world’s largest assembly with the “Mean Stink’s” anti-bullying campaign and were featured performers on the Today Show.

Ryan (17) is both academically and mechanically talented and, according to his dad, has the biggest heart in his family.

Cody (12) is a high achiever in math and Noah (10) is a standout football player. 

“My family is truly my greatest joy,” Tom said. 

Please join us in congratulating Tom on the opening of NextHome Estates Realty Group in Los Alamitos, California!


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Each office is an independently owned and operated business.

NextHome announces new Charlotte-area brokerage

NextHome announces new Charlotte-area brokerage

Rhonda Rivers

Pleasanton, CA — July 2, 2020 — NextHome is pleased to announce the newest addition to the franchise, NextHome Rivers Realty, based in Charlotte, North Carolina. The brokerage represents the 24th office location opened in North Carolina for the NextHome franchise and the 488th NextHome office opened nationally.

The brokerage will serve residential clients across the greater Charlotte area including Gaston, Union, and Cabarrus counties. NextHome Rivers Realty is also poised to provide excellent service in South Carolina throughout Lancaster and York counties. 

NextHome Rivers Realty is owned by Rhonda Rivers, a 17-year veteran of Charlotte-area real estate who has a passion for community relationships and offers excellent customer service. Under her leadership, NextHome Rivers Realty provides expertise in investment properties, corporate relocations, retirement properties, first-time home buying, and numerous other subsets of residential real estate. 

Rhonda began her career in 2003 with a small boutique brokerage. As her business grew, she joined Wilkinson ERA Real Estate where she remained for the next 12 years. Throughout her years with the regional firm, Rhonda became uniquely skilled at helping corporate clients with relocations. 

In 2018, Rhonda joined a local NextHome office as a Broker-Associate. As she delved into all NextHome had to offer, Rhonda fell in love with the franchise’s marketing and technology. She also spent several years developing deep relationships with investment buyers, many of whom return time and again.

“I have enjoyed great relationships over the years and sold many homes for investors, but many have never met me in person,” Rhonda said. “That’s the type of trust we have built and the type of relationships we have with our clients. I really pride myself on helping clients feel comfortable with my level of knowledge and experience in the area.” 

After getting to know NextHome’s systems and support, Rhonda knew that throughout her career she would remain with the NextHome brand – come what may. 

Then, in 2019, when her NextHome Broker-in-charge needed to relocate across the country, Rhonda jumped at the opportunity to open and own her own brokerage.

“I knew immediately that I wanted to stay with NextHome and I didn’t want to work with another company,” Rhonda said. “I had a positive experience. I knew as an agent how responsive the corporate team was and my broker spoke very highly of it. I knew that in order to make my career as a Broker/Owner successful, I would need those resources and systems in place so I could focus on the excellent service I provide my clients. It was a no-brainer for me.”

Today, NextHome Rivers Realty is continuing Rhonda’s legacy of excellence. 

“This gives me an opportunity to develop a team and provide support to other agents as I continue to build this company,” Rhonda said. “There is something really special about this franchise.”

In her role as a business owner and mentor, Rhonda is incorporating her background in education. Rhonda holds a bachelor’s degree in elementary education and a master’s degree in early childhood education with an emphasis in leadership. Her career in education not only gives her valuable skills that can help agents with professional development, but also keeps her connected to Charlotte’s area school districts. 

“I spend a lot of time as a mother of three understanding our school system and volunteering,” Rhonda said. “I’m able to provide that knowledgeable perspective.” 

Rhonda is the president of the Athletics Booster Club and is a strong advocate for programs that support children and families across North Carolina. 

Through both her professional life and her volunteer work, Rhonda is passionate about helping others achieve their dreams.  

“Regardless of what the market looks like and what their needs are, it is always my greatest honor to help people find a home that represents who they are and where they want to live,” Rhonda said. “I am so fortunate to work in an industry that values relationship building, and I truly enjoy those deep relationships throughout the community.”

Rhonda has been married to her husband Craig for 25 years and together they have three children; Caylee (20), Kendall (17), and Preston (12). Rhonda and Craig enjoy cheering each of their children on as they excel in lacrosse, golf, and baseball.

Please join us in congratulating Rhonda on the opening of NextHome Rivers Realty in Charlotte, North Carolina!


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Each office is an independently owned and operated business.

NextHome announces newest brokerage in Minnesota

NextHome announces newest brokerage in Minnesota

Enrique Ramos

Pleasanton, CA — June 26, 2020 — NextHome is pleased to announce the newest addition to the franchise, NextHome Elhm Realty, based in Cottage Grove, Minnesota. The brokerage represents the fourth office location opened in Minnesota for the NextHome franchise and the 487th NextHome office opened nationally.

Conveniently located between St. Paul and Minneapolis, NextHome Elhm Realty will serve clients across Washington, Ramsey, Dakota, Hennepin, and Carver counties. 

This bi-lingual brokerage will serve both English and Spanish speaking clients and offers expertise in all types of residential real estate.

NextHome Elhm Realty is owned by IT professional and local REALTOR® Enrique Ramos. The unique brokerage name pays tribute to Enrique’s family and reflects his family-centered professional values. Elhm combines all the initials of Enrique’s family members: Enrique, his wife Lisa, and children Harlo and Melia. Lisa is also a licensed real estate agent and will be handling day-to-day operations and training at NextHome Elhm Realty.    

Enrique spent more than 10 years in the technology industry before obtaining his real estate license in 2015. He then worked with boutique brokerages, sharpening his skills in investment real estate and relocations. 

Enrique credits his background and upbringing for his entrepreneurial spirit. Born in an impoverished part of Honduras, Enrique was raised in New York City and earned his undergraduate degree in Business Administration in Wisconsin. 

“The empowerment that I feel from working hard and creating a legacy for my kids is why I do what I do,” Enrique said.

In 2019, Enrique used his passion for real estate sales to open his own independent brokerage. 

However, he soon discovered that he was spending all his time developing back-end systems and missing valuable opportunities to grow his business and build relationships with clients, agents, and community leaders. 

“I was spending too much time building systems and not enough time growing,” Enrique recalled. “The type of connections we make with agents and customers is really important. It needs to be more than just saying hi and bye, but really getting to know people.”

After speaking with several people at various franchises, Enrique knew that NextHome was the direction he wanted to go. 

“At first I was impressed with the technology NextHome offered,” Enrique said. “Plus, the website looked great, but what really helped me make the right decision was my conversation with Charis Moreno (NextHome’s VP of Sales). I knew then what NextHome stood for, what it could offer me, and how we could grow together.”

Today, Enrique is building a full-service brokerage with superior technology tools.

“We are here to offer personalized help from beginning to end, with every single step of the home buying process,” Enrique said. “We truly believe in the principle of Humans over Houses.”

Enrique currently serves on the Board of Directors for the St. Paul Area Association of REALTORS® (SPAAR). In addition, the Ramos family hosts an annual volleyball tournament to raise money for breast cancer awareness organizations. The cause is dear to their hearts after losing Lisa’s mother, Charlotte Jonas, to breast cancer seven years ago. 

Lisa and Enrique have been married for eight years and they are the proud parents of two young children: Harlo and Melia. Together, the family enjoys cooking and traveling. 

Please join us in congratulating Enrique, Lisa, and the entire team at NextHome Elhm Realty on the opening of their office in Cottage Grove, Minnesota!


Interested in being a part of the NextHome Real Estate Franchise? Contact VP of Sales Charis Moreno at


Each office is an independently owned and operated business.

Meet the NextHomie who made the top one-tenth of one percent

Meet the NextHomie who made the top one-tenth of one percent

Pleasanton, CA — June 26, 2020 — NextHome is thrilled to announce that an exceptional NextHomie made REAL Trends + Tom Ferry’s The Thousand list that highlights the top one-tenth of one percent of more than 1.4 million licensed REALTORS® nationwide.

The Thousand list is put together every year by REAL Trends, a trusted source for news, analysis, and information on the residential brokerage industry. The list ranks the top real estate agents and teams in the United States, by both sales volume and transaction sides. The ranking is in partnership with Tom Ferry International and advertised in The Wall Street Journal.

The NextHomie who made the list ranked No. 12 on the 2020 Agent-Owned Brokerage Individual Transaction Sides list with 283 sides. Congratulations to Kimberly Taylor of NextHome First Class! 

Kimberly is not only a leader in the industry, but also at NextHome. She has always graciously shared her vast knowledge from the field at real estate events, and on a ground level, assisting other members one-on-one. 

Kimberly Taylor is the owner of NextHome First Class based out of Freeport, Illinois. Licensed since 2001, she has always been an early adopter of cutting-edge technology and constant education. With her commitment to providing first-class service to her clients, Kimberly has steadily built her business year-over-year as one of the best agents in her area.

Kimberly has a team of support staff to help her with her transactions but makes sure that each of her clients gets a personal and custom real estate experience. With her hands-on approach, her listings usually go under contract in under 60 days – half of the average days on market of competitors’ listings.

Please join us in congratulating Kimberly on her continued success! We’re so proud to have NextHomies like her helping people find their next home. 


Interested in being a part of the NextHome Real Estate Franchise? Contact VP of Sales Charis Moreno at

Each office is an independently owned and operated business.

NextHome announces new Richmond-area office

NextHome announces new Richmond-area office

Susie Hall

Pleasanton, CA — June 25, 2020 — NextHome is pleased to announce the newest addition to the franchise, NextHome Advantage, based in Glen Allen, Virginia. The brokerage represents the 13th office location opened in Virginia for the NextHome franchise and the 486th NextHome office opened nationally.

NextHome Advantage will serve clients across the greater Richmond metro area in addition to Henrico, Hanover, Chesterfield, Powhatan, Goochland, Chester, and Richmond counties. 

With more than 20 professional associates, each with a unique experience, NextHome Advantage is poised to help all types of residential clients. The brokerage offers expertise in first-time home buying, listings, investment properties, relocations, probate, and working with 55+ communities. 

Leading this outstanding team is 18-year real estate veteran Susie Hall. Susie began her career in 2002 and worked with a large, nationally franchised brand. In 2004, she formed a team and began a career with RE/MAX. Her leadership skills and sales success quickly made her a trusted resource for agents across the area. In 2005, she opened her own brokerage, RE/MAX Today, where she built a fantastic culture and camaraderie. 

“My background is in training and management, so it was a very natural progression,” Susie said. 

Despite opening a real estate brokerage at the dawn of one of the greatest downturns in modern housing market history, Susie endured and even grew her business. 

“I think agents were hesitant at the time to move to a company that was brand new,” Susie recalled. “But after my first year, people realized ‘hey, she’s sticking around for the long term’ and they knew that I was here to stay.”

What started as a seven-agent office quickly grew to more than 20 producing agents by year two. Then, it continued to grow. Susie’s brokerage burst into the top 35 offices in her MLS area and closed more than 400 transactions last year. 

“We really built a business out of my core values: taking care of people, communication, and creating a great workplace culture,” Susie said of the brokerage’s success. 

In early 2020, Susie realized that in order to maintain alignment with her core values she needed to partner with a new franchise. She had heard about NextHome several years prior but became reacquainted with the franchise after friends made glowing remarks in social media groups. 

“There were a lot of NextHome brokers and owners in a real estate Facebook group I was a part of,” Susie said. “I kept seeing the brand mentioned time and time again. So, I reached out to a NextHome owner and she just raved about the company. She connected me with Charis Moreno (NextHome’s VP of Sales) and it was a very fast evolution from there.”

Today, NextHome Advantage offers agents the streamlined tools, marketing, and support to provide clients with a superior buying or selling experience. 

“Over the years, my associates have been promised a lot when it comes to technology and I’ve had to keep saying I’m sorry it’s coming just hold on,” Susie said. “So, when they were able to see all the incredible things NextHome provides there was very tangible renewal, a recharge. I consistently hear ‘this is the fresh start that I didn’t know that I needed.’”

Susie was also attracted to NextHome’s approach to the industry.  

“Everything just clicked,” Susie said. “But one of the first things I read on the website was about how as an industry we need to lift the bar. I just thought, truer words were never spoken. I loved that a company was saying that we need to up our game and serve our clients at a higher level and make it easy for our agents to serve our clients at a higher level.”

In her community, Susie is deeply involved with The Children’s Miracle Network. For the past 10 years, Susie has volunteered and contributed to their cause. A portion of each NextHome Advantage transaction fee goes to the charity and, when she can, Susie and her team love volunteering at the local hospital. 

“To meet these parents and hear everything they’ve gone through and hear how The Children’s Miracle Network has helped them, it just touches your heart at a really deep level,” Susie said. “It is a cause that is very dear to our agents.”

In addition, Susie is a rescue mom of five animals – two dogs and three cats. As such, she is a heartfelt supporter of Canine Companions for Independence and her local animal shelter. 

Susie has been married to her husband Greg for 25 years and together they are the parents of four grown children. Susie’s youngest daughter Caitlin also works with her at NextHome Advantage. 

Please join us in congratulating Susie and the entire team on the opening of NextHome Advantage in Glen Allen, Virginia!


Interested in being a part of the NextHome Real Estate Franchise? Contact VP of Sales Charis Moreno at


Each office is an independently owned and operated business.

NextHome announces new Florida office

NextHome announces new Florida office

Jon Hall

Pleasanton, CA — June 24, 2020 — NextHome is pleased to announce the newest addition to the franchise, NextHome Top Shelf Realty, based in Orange City, Florida. The brokerage represents the 73rd office location opened in Florida for the NextHome franchise and the 485th NextHome office opened nationally.

NextHome Top Shelf Realty will serve clients across Central Florida including those in the cities of DeBary, Lake Mary, Heathrow, Sanford, and the remainder of Orange, Volusia, and Seminole counties. 

The brokerage is owned by Jon Hall, a native Floridian who has worked in the Central Florida real estate and commercial business since 2005. NextHome Top Shelf Realty’s broker of record is David Hall. David obtained his license in 1985 and is also a licensed real estate attorney. Together, this father and son duo is bringing exceptional marketing and cutting-edge real estate technology to central Florida clients. 

With a group of professional agents poised to help, NextHome Top Shelf Realty offers expertise in vacation rentals, 1031 exchanges, investments, property management, military relocations, and many other types of residential and commercial real estate. NextHome Top Shelf Realty also offers expertise for foreign investors. 

“We have a great group of people here,” Jon said. 

Jon began his real estate career after graduating from Florida State University. His first year in business, Jon achieved $1.3 million in sales. His career path then turned towards the construction trades. Jon worked with Hertz Equipment Rental Corp. where he coordinated large machinery rentals for construction projects. In 2010, Jon started work with the Kohler Company. Although the company is best known for its plumbing products, it also manufactures furniture, cabinetry, tile, engines, and generators.

“Working in the builder channel, I got to see every phase of housing from start to finish,” Jon said. “We are uniquely qualified to handle every step of the way with our clients.” 

In 2019, Jon jumped back into real estate sales full-time and opened Top Shelf Realty Group LLC. The brokerage quickly began to attract agents and Jon began to think carefully about how he could offer them the best possible work experience. 

“I began looking at all the different resources I needed to invest in so that my agents could have a full package of cutting-edge tools at their disposal,” Jon said. “I’m a numbers guy and when I started adding it all up, these tools began to exceed the cost of a franchise!”

At that point, Jon knew that franchising was the right choice. After comparing options, he also knew that franchising with NextHome was the right choice. 

“After I saw the outstanding tools that NextHome offers, the value they provide, and the company’s people-first culture, the decision became a no-brainer,” Jon said. 

He added that he was attracted both by the company’s technology and its philosophy. 

“The whole reason I’m in real estate is that I want to make connections with people and truly help them,” Jon said. “It just felt right partnering with a company that understands that it’s not about a sale, it’s about a person.”

Today, Jon is combining his care for clients with NextHome’s suite of technology to provide an unparalleled experience. 

Around town, the brokerage owner is known as “Coach Jon.” An avid supporter of youth sports, Jon has been volunteering his time coaching since 2002. Coach Jon has been there every step of the way as local kids learn the fundamentals of good sportsmanship through basketball, soccer, football, and baseball. Jon volunteers through the City of DeBary Parks & Recreation Department, DreadHead Sports, and at various YMCAs.

Jon and his wife Courtney have been married since 2005 and together they have three children: Caitlyn (10), Addison (8), and Tyler (18 months). Caitlyn is an accomplished athlete in many sports and Addison is a state-level gymnastics champion. The family loves being outside together, and they can often be found enjoying the 100-square foot American Ninja Warrior course that Jon built in their backyard. 

Yet another fun fact about Jon: in 2007 he competed on Wheel of Fortune and won $27,300 in cash. 

Please join us in congratulating Jon, David, and the rest of the team at NextHome Top Shelf Realty on their official opening!


Interested in being a part of the NextHome Real Estate Franchise? Contact VP of Sales Charis Moreno at


Each office is an independently owned and operated business.