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Freedom to Telecommute Could Add Almost 2 Million Potential Buyers to the Market

Freedom to Telecommute Could Add Almost 2 Million Potential Buyers to the Market

  • A switch to more telework could give 1.92 million U.S. renters (4.5% of renter households) the option to leave the metropolitan areas where they currently live and buy a starter home in a cheaper locale.
  • Starter homes are more expensive than the nation as a whole in 37 of the 50 largest U.S. metros.
  • Fleeing from a metro’s central city to it’s suburbs is not as broadly beneficial. The markets where the largest share of renters in the center city would gain the power to buy if they looked outside city limits are San Francisco, Seattle, Washington, D.C., and Boston.

Almost 2 million U.S. renters that currently can’t comfortably afford to buy an entry-level home in their current metro area could potentially afford the nation’s typical starter home if they took advantage of increased telework options and moved to a less-expensive locale.

Zillow analyzed renter households for whom monthly payments on a starter home in their metro are unaffordable, but would be affordable on the typical U.S. starter home. Those households were then assigned a probability of being able to telecommute based on income, the worker’s industry and occupation. Millennials, between 26 and 40 years old, represent almost half of the 1.92 million renter households who could afford homeownership if given the flexibility to work from home, the largest generational group to potentially benefit from these new options.

Nationwide, the typical starter home is currently valued at $131,740. But similar starter homes in 37 of the nation’s 50 largest metro areas — home to the lion’s share of the country’s jobs — are more expensive than in the country at large, often by a wide margin. As a result, owning even a modest home (and taking advantage of the wealth-building opportunities that can bring) is out of reach for many households as long as they need to be within commuting distance of a physical workplace.

Rethinking the Relationship Between Work & Home

Close to half (43.6%) of U.S. workers are in occupations in which teleworking is at least theoretically feasible, though less than a quarter of these workers actually telework. But the ongoing pandemic has shaken up how workers and their employers alike think about the relationship between work and home. Over the past six months, many companies have found that their workforce can function better remotely than originally thought.  If telework becomes more of a norm, and businesses allow it where possible, this could give millions of Americans more choice over their home and home finances.

Among the country’s largest metros, the San Francisco Bay Area is home to the most renters who could maybe leave and buy a home elsewhere if telework became the norm — perhaps unsurprisingly, given how expensive the area is relative to both the U.S. and most other large metros. In the San Francisco and San Jose metro areas, 22% and 25.2% of local renters, respectively, would be able to leave the area and buy a home in a cheaper local if telework were an option — almost a quarter million renters total. Los Angeles (17.2% of renters could leave and buy a starter home elsewhere), San Diego (15.4%) and Denver (14.6%) round out the top 5 list of large markets in which the largest share of renters could afford a home elsewhere.

But while homes in most of the nation’s largest 50 metros are more expensive than the U.S. at large, home values for starter homes in 13 of these areas are less than the U.S. median — leaving residents in those areas little incentive to leave and buy a starter home elsewhere.

From the City to the Suburbs

Still, despite whatever financial advantages may be in play, many renters may rightly choose not to move for any number of personal reasons — they simply might prefer to rent in a bustling city like New York, rather than own in a sleepier rural area in another state. And while it may make sense on paper to move far from a given area to be able to afford homeownership, practically speaking it can be very difficult to completely uproot and move away from family, friends and valued local cultural institutions (sports teams, schools, museums etc.).

As such, in many cases, it may be far more likely that current residents can’t or won’t flee and cut the cord with their hometown entirely, and instead exchange it for an extension cord — moving from the commute-friendly center city to farther-flung suburbs, but still maintaining ties. But the affordability benefits in moving from the city to the suburbs, rather than from one metro area to an entirely new, cheaper one, are less-pronounced.

A starter home is worth more in a metro’s namesake city than it is in the metro as a whole in only 20 of the nation’s 50 largest metropolitan areas (and in just 11 of the 27 metros where income data was available on occupations at the city level). In cities including Minneapolis, Phoenix and Denver, a starter home is more affordable than in the larger metro area, leaving city residents with no real price incentive to leave for the suburbs. And relatively affordable starter homes (within the context of the metro) are what separate Los Angeles and San Jose from San Francisco, and Portland from Seattle. In San Francisco and Seattle a large share of renters currently living in the city could telework and buy a starter home outside the city (10.4% and 8.4% respectively). In Los Angeles and Portland it’s a much smaller share (0.8% and 1.6% respectively).


A home is assumed to be not affordable for those households in which expected monthly payments on a starter home (assuming a 30-year, fixed-rate mortgage with a 3.0% interest rate and 20% down, plus estimated taxes, insurance, HOA dues) are greater than 30% of household income. We compared the bottom-tier (referred to here as “starter/entry-level”) Zillow Home Value Index for the United States and for individual large metros. Many cities are not identified in ACS microdata and were excluded from the city-level analysis.

Households were assigned a probability of being able to telecommute by income weighting individual earner probabilities. Individual probabilities were derived from an intersection of the probabilities by worker’s industry and occupation presented in this BLS analysis of American Time Use Survey data. The denominator is the total number of renter households.

How Video Can Help You Stay in Front of Clients

How Video Can Help You Stay in Front of Clients

Successful real estate professionals know the importance of using all the tools at their disposal. In today’s selling environment, video can be one of those effective tools. Whether you’re new to video technology or a seasoned pro, understanding how it can help your business is the first step to using it to your best advantage. Video communications can be beneficial to your real estate career by helping you:


When people can see your face and hear your voice, it’s much easier to connect with your message. Whether you’re talking about a listing, offering real estate advice and expertise, or sharing via social media, video communications can be more effective and memorable than other forms. With video, you can express your personality as well as share your expertise.


Video tours can help you market properties, even when prospective buyers are in different geographic locations. When you have clients who are buying, video can help them narrow down their choices without wasting valuable showing time. With the 3D virtual tour technology available today, videos can help you show the actual layouts and room flow of properties much more effectively and accurately than still photographs can.


Video can be a great way to share information with clients, colleagues, and the general public. For example, sellers can use videos to show their spaces while you make suggestions for listing preparation. You can send videos of listings to colleagues to spark interest and to share with interested clients, or as a way to follow up after private showings or open houses. If prospective buyers have follow-up questions about properties, you can provide visual information or confirmation instead of written answers. Video tours can be great ways to get the word out about new listings to generate interest.


When social distancing is required or recommended, video tours can provide an opportunity to keep real estate deals moving forward. Video tours, showings, and even open houses can be conducted virtually. In some cases, home appraisals and home inspections can be completed in full via video.

For the latest in virtual home tour technology, be sure to check out Streem®, a dynamic new video chat tool, and enhanced communication platform being developed and tested by American Home Shield®. Streem enables you to share digital space with clients using one-way video and two-way audio. In addition to virtual home tours, Streem can also aid in remote listing preparation and documentation. With the helpful StreemshotsTM feature, you can highlight, share quick sketches and diagrams, and capture full-resolution photos during chats. For more information about Streem, contact your American Home Shield Representative.

For more helpful tips from our partners at American Home Shield, check out their blog!

NextHome Named a Top Growth Franchise by Entrepreneur Magazine

NextHome Named a Top Growth Franchise by Entrepreneur Magazine

Pleasanton, CA — September 15, 2020 — NextHome was recently ranked in Entrepreneur magazine’s first Top Growth Franchises list. This list recognizes the 150 companies with the greatest positive franchise unit growth in North America over a three year period, based on data submitted for Entrepreneur’s Franchise 500® ranking. Thanks to its exceptional growth, NextHome was ranked No. 30.

“By maintaining steady, sustained growth over several years, these franchises have demonstrated that they have the systems in place to support their franchisees and help them become successful,” said Jason Feifer, Entrepreneur’s editor-in-chief. “Now as these and other companies around the country face unprecedented challenges, they may see their growth slow, but that record of success could prove more important than ever.”

The ranking follows a year of milestones for the six-year-old franchise. Although 2020 has been a year of uncertainty, NextHome’s growth has persevered as they reached 500 offices with 4,000 members across the country. 

“Our growth stems from our people. Better put, the right people,” said Charis Moreno, Vice President of Sales at NextHome, Inc. “The most empowering word in our language is the word ‘no’ and I use this word often when I discuss franchising opportunities with prospective brokers and agents. While metrics are important in some conversations, I don’t find them important when it comes to the overall success of NextHome. At the end of the day, you can have the best marketing, technology, and integrated systems and tools, but if you don’t have the right people the rest doesn’t even matter.”

To determine the 2020 Top Growth Franchises ranking, Entrepreneur looked at each company’s U.S. and Canadian franchise numbers over a three-year period (from July 2016 to July 2019; given the rapid changes, COVID-19 impacts weren’t taken into account). In order to qualify, companies had to have positive growth of at least five units each year. They were ranked based on a formula that considers their total positive U.S. and Canadian franchise growth over the three years as well as factors that negatively affect growth, such as terminations, nonrenewals, and other closures. 

To view NextHome in the full ranking, visit Results can also be seen in the September 2020 issue of Entrepreneur.

Are you NEXT?


Interested in being a part of the NextHome Real Estate Franchise? Contact VP of Sales Charis Moreno at


Each office is an independently owned and operated business.

NextHome announces new Dallas-area brokerage

NextHome announces new Dallas-area brokerage

Hina Patel

Pleasanton, CA — September 10, 2020 — NextHome is pleased to announce the newest addition to the franchise, NextHome NextGen Realty, based in Lewisville, Texas. The brokerage represents the 38th office location opened in Texas for the NextHome franchise and the 511th NextHome office opened nationally.

NextHome NextGen Realty is poised to serve clients across the Lewisville area, including Carrollton, Coppell, Flower Mound, Irving, and the remainder of Denton, Dallas, Collin, and Tarrant counties. 

Lewisville is a thriving suburb of Dallas that has blossomed into one of the fastest growing city populations in the United States. Today, more than 109,000 people call Lewisville home. 

One of those people is NextHome NextGen Realty’s broker/owner Hina Patel. 

Hina began her real estate sales career in 2001 in Mansfield, Texas. She soon moved to Denton County and began working with Winans GMAC Real Estate. Throughout 10 years with the brokerage, Hina blossomed as a REALTOR® and developed a local reputation for excellence. 

In 2011, Hina’s career evolved right alongside market forces and she joined Redfin. At the time, the online brokerage was a relative newcomer to the industry. Hina was only the third agent the company hired in the Dallas area, and she grew as the company grew. 

In 2018, Hina joined JP and Associates Realtors where she continued to go above and beyond for her clients. 

“The best part of my job is the feeling I get when I help buyers,” Hina said. “When you have helped someone with such a major part of their lives, it truly is a feeling like no other. Now, after being in business for so long, I am thrilled that so much of my business is referrals. Helping people who were once my first-time home buyers purchase their second or even third home is incredibly rewarding. It is something I am very proud of.”

That pride in her work, combined with her naturally entrepreneurial spirit, made Hina a born business owner. 

“From the get-go, I always wanted to own my own brokerage,” Hina said. “I’m an independent thinker with an entrepreneurial spirit. After almost 20 years in the industry, I’ve learned what agents truly need from a broker. With all of that experience and knowledge, I want to offer agents unparalleled support.”

Hina knew that she needed the right franchise partner to accomplish her goals. That’s when a close friend, Aixa Galarza, started looking into opening her own NextHome franchise.

“She had so many positive things to say about NextHome that I started looking at it too,” Hina said. 

Today, Aixa is the owner of NextHome Preferred Properties in nearby Grapevine, Texas. 

Hina knew that NextHome was the right franchise fit for her as well after she saw the company’s value. 

“When I compared the costs, it was impressive,” Hina said. “I liked that fact that all the training, the back-end support, the technology, is all there ready to go. Through all of these tools, I can create far more value for clients.”

Now as a NextHome broker/owner, Hina aims to recruit quality agents who can be suburb brand ambassadors and carry the NextHome NextGen Realty difference into their communities. In addition, Hina is building a brokerage based on a family environment and values. 

“I want my agents to be able to come and talk to me about issues they may be having or be able to discuss clients who may need that extra help,” Hina said. “I want us to be a family, not just a brokerage. My agents know they can talk with me about anything.”

In addition to being a business owner, Hina is the mother of three children, Kajul (16), Sai (13), and Veer (9). She has been married to her husband Bhavesh for 20 years and together they enjoy spending time with both sides of their extensive families. 

Each Christmas season, Hina, Bhavesh, and their children find a volunteer opportunity that they can participate in alongside their extended family. Last year, the family helped prepare pre-packaged meals for an area food bank. In other years, they have distributed sandwiches in South Dallas and volunteered at the North Texas Food Bank. 

“Family is really important to me and we try to make the best experiences we can,” Hina said. 

Please join us in congratulating Hina on the opening of NextHome NextGen Realty in Lewisville, Texas!


Interested in being a part of the NextHome Real Estate Franchise? Contact VP of Sales Charis Moreno at


Each office is an independently owned and operated business.

NextHome opens new office in Northeast Nevada

NextHome opens new office in Northeast Nevada

Cheryl Henning

Pleasanton, CA — September 9, 2020 — NextHome is pleased to announce the newest addition to the franchise, NextHome Infinity Realty, based in Elko, Nevada. The brokerage represents the seventh office location opened in Nevada for the NextHome franchise and the 510th NextHome office opened nationally.

NextHome Infinity Realty will provide friendly residential real estate services to clients across Elko County. Areas the brokerage will serve include Elko, Wells, Spring Creek, Lamoille, Carlin, Jiggs, and West Wendover. 

Straddling the Humboldt River, Elko’s economy runs on mining, hospitality, ranching, and small-town values. The county of about 52,000 people is located in northeastern Nevada, just four hours east of Reno and three and a half hours west of Salt Lake City. 

NextHome Infinity Realty is owned by the husband and wife team of Cheryl and Robert Henning. Through their new venture, Cheryl will offer Elko real estate clients the upbeat, innovative, and professional service they deserve.

Cheryl has been a real estate professional since 2009. She obtained her real estate license after working more than 26 years in hospitality management. 

Cheryl began her selling with a local boutique brokerage. Cheryl recalls that in her first years in the industry, her broker would ruthlessly review contracts with a red pen. The experience molded Cheryl into an exceptional REALTOR® with a sharp eye for contract details.  

“To this day, I carry on that tradition with my agents and encourage them to see it as an opportunity for growth when I get out my red pen,” Cheryl said. 

After five years with the boutique brokerage, Cheryl became a sales associate for a local property management company. A couple years later, she became an agent with a franchised brokerage. It was during these years that Cheryl became deeply involved with the Elko County Association of REALTORS®. She began volunteering for several committees, then she became co-chair for the association’s community service committee. She has served on the board of directors for two years. Cheryl also volunteers with the Soroptimist of Elko for the last four years.  

It was also during this time that Cheryl became a broker/associate and stepped into leadership roles. As her experience and expertise grew, Cheryl began thinking about the next steps for her career. 

“As I thought about what my next step could be, my next challenge, I knew that it was time to own my own brokerage,” Cheryl said. 

Having the experience with both a boutique brokerage and a large franchise, Cheryl knew that she wanted the support that came with franchising. 

Although she interviewed with many franchises and did extensive research, nothing really clicked with Cheryl like NextHome did. 

“NextHome’s entire culture seemed to be geared toward helping the clients,” Cheryl said. “It seemed like NextHome cared; they cared about me, they cared about what I wanted to do, and they cared about helping my clientele and what I wanted to do for them.”

Today, Cheryl is using NextHome’s branding and tools to elevate the real estate industry in Elko and beyond. 

“NextHome stands out,” Cheryl said. “NextHome is innovating, and I think as a new company doing new things, we will be very appealing to clients.”

As agents join NextHome Infinity Realty, Cheryl aims to build an upbeat and positive office culture that puts people first. 

“I’m excited to build my business and work with people who love working together,” Cheryl said. 

In addition to building her business, Cheryl will serve as the Elko County Association of REALTORS® president in 2021. She is currently the association’s president-elect. Cheryl is also active on the association’s various committees and served as her area MLS Chair in 2019. Cheryl is also a 2017 graduate of the Nevada REALTORS® Leadership Program.  

In their spare time, Robert and Cheryl enjoy spending time in Elko’s beautiful outdoors. They find opportunities to refuel their spirit by camping and fishing for bass at the Southfork and freshwater brook trout in the nearby Ruby Mountains. Last year, Cheryl became her husband Robert’s hunting buddy and the two are looking forward to using their elk tags this fall. Robert and Cheryl are celebrating 24 years of marriage this year, and together they are the proud parents of three adult children: Samantha, who is married to Lucky Luke, Sydney, and Matthew. They are also the proud grandparents to Tillman, named after hero Patrick Tillman. 

Please join us in congratulating Cheryl and Robert on the opening of NextHome Infinity Realty in Elko, Nevada!


Interested in being a part of the NextHome Real Estate Franchise? Contact VP of Sales Charis Moreno at


Each office is an independently owned and operated business.

NextHome expands in New Jersey

NextHome expands in New Jersey

Steven Merlo & John Dodds

Pleasanton, CA — September 4, 2020 — NextHome is pleased to announce the newest addition to the franchise, NextHome New Prospects Realty, based in Berkeley Heights, New Jersey. The brokerage represents the 11th office location opened in New Jersey for the NextHome franchise and the 508th NextHome office opened nationally.

Located just 24 miles west of Newark, NextHome New Prospects Realty is poised to serve clients seeking small-town living blended beautifully with convenient city access. The brokerage will serve clients across north and south New Jersey including Union, Somerset, Middlesex, Essex, Burlington, Camden, and Gloucester counties. 

NextHome New Prospects Realty provides professional agents who are well-versed in all types of residential real estate including new construction, first-time home buying, townhouses, condos, investment properties, and home flipping. 

The brokerage is owned by New Jersey natives Steven Merlo and John Dodds. Steven will be NextHome New Prospects Realty’s broker of record and John’s role will be in sales service and agent mentoring. Under their leadership, NextHome New Prospects Realty provides a sharp focus on customer service and a dedication to mentoring agents talent. 

Prior to becoming a real estate professional in 2008, John was a dedicated educator. Despite finding immense joy in teaching, John wanted something to supplement his income. After helping a few clients, John learned just how much he loved real estate. 

“It’s amazing when you are able to make a difference in people’s lives,” John said. “The stories you hear and the people who come to you in need of help – it’s all really gratifying to guide them through and make them feel good about the process. It is a really good feeling.”

John has been serving satisfied clients with Weichert Realty for the past 12 years. 

It wasn’t long before John joined forces with his best friend Steven. Steven and John met about seven years ago through a mutual friend. 

Prior to real estate, Steven spent more than 30 years working in customer service and telecom. In 2015, Steven’s independent contractor commitments were ending and John mentioned that a switch to real estate might be a good idea. 

Steven recalls John saying at the time, “You are such a people person, you have the personality for it, why not try real estate?”

The nudge from a trusted friend sealed the deal, and Steven has been providing people-first service to happy clients ever since. 

As their careers evolved, John and Steven realized that they wanted to open their own brokerage. 

“We looked at the numbers and the client base and they were strong,” Steven said. 

As they considered their options, NextHome stood out among other franchises. 

“I reached out to a nearby NextHome franchise owner and he spoke highly of the company’s strengths,” Steven recalled. “He said he was happy with the support, with the culture. Everything he said was 100 percent positive.”

Today, NextHome New Prospects Realty is providing unparalleled customer service to buyers and sellers across north and south New Jersey. 

“I see the client as a person, not a transaction,” Steven said. “I’m truly there for them and have their best interests at heart.”

John added that, “We are both very nurturing, and we use that skill to benefit both our clients and our agents.”

Agents who partner with NextHome New Prospects Realty can expect full access to their broker as well as the nurturing they need to reach the next level in their careers. 

“Our agents will know that I will always return their calls and make them a priority,” Steven said. 

Please join us in congratulating John and Steven on the opening of NextHome New Prospects Realty in Berkeley Heights, New Jersey!


Interested in being a part of the NextHome Real Estate Franchise? Contact VP of Sales Charis Moreno at


Each office is an independently owned and operated business.

A Year of Milestones for NextHome

A Year of Milestones for NextHome

Pleasanton, CA — August 28, 2020 — Registering success in any industry is commonly marked by milestones. These measurements are commonly made up of growth in numbers, awards, press, rankings, and so on. For being a mere six-year-old franchise, NextHome has made its mark in the real estate industry and beyond. 

Although 2020 has been a difficult year for all, to say the least, the NextHome network of real estate professionals across the country has created an even stronger bond – and it’s been recognized. 

Through the bad, we want to make sure we share the good. NextHome has hit and surpassed many milestones this year and we couldn’t be more proud to share them, but they are all a direct result of the members who have helped build the brand we are so proud of today. 

Let’s break it down!

To start, as of this month NextHome has opened over 500 franchised offices, with a total of 4,000+ members. While growth is good, we pride ourselves on growing with the right people. Each oncoming NextHome office has been meticulously reviewed to ensure that they will be a good fit for the culture of the franchise. 

Ensuring every NextHome office will cultivate our shared core values has allowed us to build a solid foundation that speaks for itself. This year Franchise Business Review named NextHome the No. 3 top franchise in owner satisfaction out of 307 of the country’s top franchise brands across all sectors. In the real estate category, NextHome ranked No. 1 in the U.S.

Along with being named one of the country’s top franchised brands, Franchise Business Review also recognized NextHome on the Top 100 Culture List and named our organization a Top Franchise for Women. 

“It was always important for me when I was asked to lead the growth of the NextHome brand that we brought on the right people that share our vision, provide value, make a difference, and raise the bar in our industry,” said Charis Moreno, Vice President of Sales at NextHome. “Seeing that we made the list in a category I represent makes what we are doing that much more important and inspiring to me. Helping every class and gender become a business owner in our country is part of the American Dream, and to see we are leading in that dream makes our success that much more meaningful.” 

Inc. magazine revealed its annual Inc. 5000 list this month, the most prestigious ranking of the nation’s fastest-growing private companies. We’re thrilled to share that NextHome ranked No. 3344 on the list, with a growth rate of 112.97%. The list represents a unique look at the most successful companies within the American economy’s most dynamic segment—its independent small businesses.

Another impressive list, Entrepreneur magazine ranked NextHome No. 95 among the world’s very best franchise systems on its annual Franchise 500® list earlier this year. The recognition was given for NextHome’s outstanding performance in areas including unit growth, financial strength and stability, and brand power.

Of course, NextHome wouldn’t be where it is today without impeccable leadership. Chief Executive Officer James Dwiggins and Chief Operating Officer Tei Baishiki of NextHome were recognized by T3 Sixty this year as prominent leaders in the residential real estate industry for 2020, making the SP200 list of most powerful leaders and the Watchlist.

James was also selected as a RISMedia 2020 Real Estate Newsmaker—a dynamic group of key influencers making headlines as a result of their newsworthy contributions to the real estate industry, and their efforts to positively affect the consumers and communities they serve. James was recognized in the Trailblazer category, a fitting title as NextHome continues to grow exponentially. 

While a successful franchise can be attributed to being in the hands of great leadership, it’s core strength is its members. This year we were proud to see the recognition of four NextHome offices on The REAL Trends 500 list for closing over 500 sides in 2019. Congratulations again to NextHome Experience in Worthington, OH with 1,023 closed sides, NextHome Experience in Bangor, ME with 712 closed sides, NextHome Realty Center in Cypress, TX with 694 closed sides, and NextHome Specialists in Columbia, SC with 567 closed sides. 

The REAL Trends + Tom Ferry’s The Thousand list also recognized the orange and gray with NextHomie Kimberly Taylor of NextHome First Class in Freeport, IL being ranked No. 12 on the 2020 Agent-Owned Brokerage Individual Transaction Sides list with 283 sides. The notable list highlights the top one-tenth of one percent of more than 1.4 million licensed REALTORS® nationwide.

Alongside these amazing recognitions was an ongoing pandemic that halted most plans, and created an immediate need for member support. While we couldn’t be more proud of NextHome’s accomplishments, we’re most proud of how our franchise has shifted while continuing to put our people first – by putting humans over houses. 

“In a matter of weeks, our team canceled our 2020 NextHome Conference set to take place in April as the world closed. However, we quickly adjusted and launched a webinar series over a six-week period featuring some of the industry’ss (and the world’s) top speakers, motivators, and educators for our NextHomies,” said James. “Although a pandemic was something we couldn’t have predicted – change is inevitable and we will always ensure our members are our top-priority through thick and thin. We’re family.”

That family-centric approach is how we conduct business, and will continue to be our core value at NextHome no matter how big we grow, or how many recognitions we receive. 


Interested in being a part of the NextHome Real Estate Franchise? Contact VP of Sales Charis Moreno at


Each office is an independently owned and operated business.

NextHome Northwest Group opens in Washington

NextHome Northwest Group opens in Washington

Kim Rucker, Katie Parkinson, and Roberta Rudnick

Pleasanton, CA — August 27, 2020 — NextHome is pleased to announce the newest addition to the franchise, NextHome Northwest Group, based in Olympia, Washington. The brokerage represents the 10th office location opened in Washington for the NextHome franchise and the 507th NextHome office opened nationally.

NextHome Northwest Group will serve clients across the Olympia area including Thurston, Mason, Lewis, and Pierce counties. 

NextHome Northwest Group is owned by a trio of high-producing professionals who have dedicated their lives to real estate. Katie Parkinson, Kim Rucker, and Roberta Rudnick have almost 70 years of combined real estate experience among them. Katie will be NextHome Northwest Group’s broker of record while Roberta and Kim will offer unparalleled sales service and agent support. 

“We all go above and beyond for our clients,” Katie said. “We make sure that things get done no matter what it takes. For NextHome Northwest Group, it’s not about the sale – it’s about striving to make our clients happy.”

The trio is happy to help with all types of residential real estate, including first-time home buying, relocations, and investment properties. 

Katie obtained her real estate license in 2016 after leaving a career in medical office administration. She connected with real estate after talking to her landlord, who happened to be Kim Rucker.

For the next several years, Katie received mentorship and career guidance at a small independent brokerage from two of the highest producing and experienced agents in the Olympia area – Kim and Roberta. 

By the time Katie joined the industry, Roberta had been selling real estate for more than 32 years. Her journey began after graduating from St. Martin’s University in the late 1970s with a degree in psychology. A fellow university student was the broker at a local independent and asked Roberta to manage the office. In 1984, Roberta obtained her sales license and gained valuable experience working with independent brokerages. Roberta then joined Classic Realty in 1992. Two years later, she became an owner of Cornerstone that eventually evolved into Prudential then Berkshire Hathaway. It was during her years at Classic Realty that Roberta met Kim.

The daughter of a general contractor, Kim has been immersed in the world of new construction almost her entire life. In her early 20s, Kim began managing real estate offices – first with a small independent and then for a national franchise. In 1991, Kim joined Classic Realty where she joined Roberta on the brokerage’s ownership team. 

Together, they achieved incredible success. Roberta is a Certified Residential Specialist (CRS) whose impressive sales volume has garnered national recognition. In 2019, Roberta was recognized by Real Trends as one of America’s Best Real Estate Professionals. In addition, her sales volume has been in the top one percent for Berkshire Hathaway nationwide for the past seven years.  

Kim has performed in the top three percent of Berkshire Hathaway agents for as long as she has been with the company. She is also thrilled that almost all of her business is referral. 

“We are not part-timers, but full dedicated professionals who love what we do,” Kim said. 

In early 2020, as their franchise agreement neared its close, Kim, Roberta, and Katie wanted to make a change. 

“Having a franchise with all the right technology and support is vital in today’s market,” Roberta said. “We started looking, but at first we couldn’t find any franchises that were taking the steps toward the future that we wanted.”

Then, through a simple internet search, Kim found NextHome and pitched the idea to the team. 

“I liked the freshness of it,” Katie said. “Not only do the colors and the marketing stand out, but the franchise itself is cutting-edge. I wanted to be innovative, and NextHome absolutely stands out.”

Roberta was impressed with the company’s culture.

“I liked the family feeling NextHome has and it was exactly the team concept we were looking for,” Roberta said. 

Today, NextHome Northwest Group is going above and beyond for each client and agent. 

“Being local, we know our market inside out, and we all live and breathe real estate,” Kim said. “We are a focused group of REALTORS® who have made a full-time career doing something we love.”

In the rare moments when they aren’t working, Kim, Roberta, and Katie each enjoy spending time at the beach and enjoying Olympia’s natural beauty. 

Katie is the mother of four children: Haley (22), Tanner (16), Cooper (12), and Lola (11). Together with her partner Reid, Katie enjoys cheering on her kids in their various sports and taking the boat out for tuna and salmon fishing. 

Kim recently celebrated 29 years of marriage to her husband Bill, and together they are the parents of 16-year-old Sam. The family enjoys all things real estate and every four years or so they can be found building a new home. Together they also enjoy golfing and spending time with extended family. 

Roberta has been married to her husband Terry for 20 years. An accomplished fisherman and author, Terry has battled cancer since 2014. Roberta refers to him as her “hero.” Together, they are the parents of two adult children, Adam and Evan. In the community, Roberta is active in raising funds for pancreatic cancer research. Through her annual fundraisers, she has managed to raise more than $100,000 for the cause. 

Please join us in congratulating Kim, Katie and Roberta on the opening of NextHome Northwest Group in Olympia, Washington!


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Each office is an independently owned and operated business.

NextHome announces new Oahu brokerage

NextHome announces new Oahu brokerage

Trenton Wailehua

Pleasanton, CA — August 26, 2020 — NextHome is pleased to announce the newest addition to the franchise, NextHome Redefined, based in Kailua, Hawaii. The brokerage represents the sixth office location opened in Hawaii for the NextHome franchise and the 506th NextHome office opened nationally.

NextHome Redefined will provide well-rounded real estate service to clients across Oahu, including Honolulu. The brokerage serves all types of real estate needs, including relocations, first-time home buying, and investing.  

The brokerage is owned by entrepreneur and Oahu native, Trenton Wailehua. Under Trenton’s leadership, NextHome Redefined aims to increase the value clients get from their real estate agent. 

“I’m attempting to redefine the REALTOR® culture,” Trenton said. “A REALTOR® can be so much more than someone who simply helps you buy or sell a home.”

Trenton is a second-generation general contractor who also owns a tax preparation and accounting business. Building on these professional foundations, Trenton obtained his real estate license and began actively selling in 2012.

“All three really compliment each other when I’m talking to clients,” Trenton said. “I can have an all-inclusive conversation with someone and that is a great value-add for my clients.”

Trenton began his real estate sales career with a nationally franchised brokerage before joining NextHome KU Realty in Honolulu. After joining NextHome, Trenton began to truly thrive. 

“Keahi (NextHome KU Realty’s owner) was very hands-on,” Trenton said. “His proactive approach and NextHome’s culture really helped me jumpstart my career and created excitement about everything.”

Since obtaining his license, Trenton’s eventual goal was to become a brokerage owner. With NextHome, he knew he had found the right franchise fit. 

“I liked that NextHome is supportive of small brokerages and embraces a family-like culture,” Trenton said. “Being from Hawaii, family, Ohana, is really important. NextHome was more of a family environment than a corporate setting. Everyone there is dedicated to supporting each other. From the top down, we were all ‘NextHomies.’ It was a really great feeling.”

In addition, Trenton is excited to be able to leverage NextHome’s clean, simple, and eye-catching marketing. With these tools at his fingertips, Trenton is ready to redefine Hawaii real estate. 

Today, Trenton is mixing his general construction experience with NextHome’s superior marketing and his accounting expertise to build a well-rounded, full-service brokerage. 

“The average home in Hawaii is more than 50 years old, meaning that renovations are common,” Trenton said. “I am happy to provide my general contractor’s perspective to my clients, as well as bring up financial considerations they might not have even considered. With me, there’s really just one goal and it is giving the services that a client wouldn’t expect from just calling up any REALTOR®. I strive to go above and beyond.”

When he isn’t serving clients, Trenton enjoys spending time with his family. As the father of three active boys, he often finds himself coaching their school sports teams, paddling, surfing, or hiking. 

Please join us in congratulating Trenton on the opening of NextHome Redefined in Kailua, Hawaii!


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Each office is an independently owned and operated business.

NextHome announces new brokerage serving Philadelphia suburbs

NextHome announces new brokerage serving Philadelphia suburbs

Renee Lambert & Anthony Porreca

Pleasanton, CA — August 19, 2020 — NextHome is pleased to announce the newest addition to the franchise, NextHome Synergy, based in Glen Mills, Pennsylvania. The brokerage represents the 12th office location opened in Pennsylvania for the NextHome franchise and the 505th NextHome office opened nationally.

Glen Mills is a town of just under 19,000 people, conveniently located between Wilmington, Delaware and Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. As a major suburb of Philadelphia, Glen Mills offers beautiful small-town living as well as a haven for early American history lovers.

NextHome Synergy will serve clients across Delaware and Chester counties, including West Chester, Media, Glen Mills, Chadds Ford, and Garnet Valley. The brokerage is also licensed to serve clients in the state of Delaware, including New Castle County. 

Under the leadership of long-time REALTORS® Renee Lambert and Anthony Porreca, NextHome Synergy is poised to professionally help clients with first-time home buying, listings, investments, new construction, bank-owned, or downsizing. 

Together, Anthony and Renee bring more than 32 years of combined experience to Glen Mills area clients. Both Anthony and Renee obtained their sales licenses in 2004 and met while working at the same brokerage.

Renee ventured into real estate after a career in information technology, where she worked in network engineering and administrative support. 

Anthony became interested in real estate because of the opportunity it provided to have more control over his schedule. Anthony spent his early professional years in the trucking industry. 

After they began working with each other as real estate agents, Anthony and Renee soon learned that they made a great team.

“We complement each other well,” Renee said. 

Together, Anthony and Renee excelled in sales. Their phenomenal success was driven by their people-first mentality and referral business.

“I look at the number of units not as units but as the number of people who I have helped,” Renee said. “That dedication to humans over houses has made all of my business in the past three to four years entirely repeat and referral. That stamp of approval from our clients is really important to us.”

Anthony and Renee were also able to help fellow REALTORS® achieve their highest potential. 

“We’ve taken an office here of agents and helped them to get to their cap within three years,” Anthony said. “We’ve been able to really help a lot of people and I credit a lot of that to Renee.”

Eventually, changes at their brokerage prompted Anthony and Renee to consider opening their own independent franchise. 

“We felt like having the support and tools that a franchisee offered would set us up for a great transition,” Renee said.

However, they soon discovered that not all franchises are built the same – that’s when Renee and Anthony discovered the NextHome difference. 

“As I was reading through everything about NextHome, I realized that this is exactly what I want,” Renee said. “Despite really looking seriously at other franchises, we kept going back to NextHome. Nothing compared.”

While Renee was excited by NextHome’s tools and technology, Anthony was impressed with the company’s honesty and integrity. 

“When I spoke to Charis (Moreno, NextHome’s Vice President of Sales), her honesty really impressed me,” Anthony said. “She knew her product, she knew the competition, and she knew how to be real and level with people.”

Today, Anthony and Renee are using NextHome’s suite of cutting-edge technology and people-first corporate support to serve both agents and clients. Both owners have a passion for helping agents achieve their goals. They are also passionate about providing a sharp eye for their clients. 

“Anyone who works with NextHome Synergy can expect a focused, competent professional,” Renee said. “We are serious about making sure when we serve you that all the i’s are dotted and t’s crossed.”

“We ask all the extra questions to make sure the understanding is there,” Anthony added.

Around the community, both Anthony and Renee enjoy giving back. Anthony serves on his local real estate board as a mediator. He also enjoys volunteering with Relay for Life every year.

Renee is passionate about helping veterans, emergency responders, and teachers. Through a dedicated Facebook Page, Renee connects local heroes in her community to resources and housing education. 

Renee is the mother of two grown children, Rosie and Raymond. When she isn’t helping agents and building her business, Renee enjoys spending time with her dog, Toby, reading, watching movies, and cooking. 

Anthony is a professional trumpet player who loves to fish, hunt, kayak, and golf in his spare time. Together with his wife Anne, they are the parents of two kids, Matthew and Annalise. 

Please join us in congratulating Anthony and Renee on the opening of NextHome Synergy in Glen Mills, Pennsylvania. 


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Each office is an independently owned and operated business.