You don’t have to be a millionaire to be sued for a million dollars

You don’t have to be a millionaire to be sued for a million dollars

Business owners and individuals alike can be held “liable” for a variety of perils. General Liability Insurance is often wrapped into other insurance coverage that you’ve already purchased. For example: your auto insurance includes liability for bodily injury or property damage, your homeowner’s insurance includes liability for injury or personal loss on the premises of your home, business insurance can include damage to a rented space, etc.

The trouble is the included limits of liability may not be high enough to cover the true costs of these perils. To ensure you’re adequately covered, you can look into an additional Liability Policy in the form of a General Liability Insurance Policy, Personal Liability Umbrella policy or Commercial Liability Umbrella Policy. Traditionally, these policies start at a minimum coverage of 1 million dollars and increase from there.

These policies cover claims alleging from:

  • Bodily Injury, Medical Costs, Property Damage or Damages to Rented Property
  • Libel, Slander, or Reputational Harm

This added buffer of protection keeps your personal assets and paycheck protected.

The most costly claims events for small business owners include1:

  • Reputational Harm (estimated $50,000 average claim)
  • Vehicle Accident (estimated $45,000 average claim)
  • Fire Damage (estimated $35,000 average claim)
  • Product Liability (estimated $35,000 average claim)
  • Customer Injury or Damage (estimated $30,000 average claim)

Gateway Insurance Group, Inc. provides free consultations for individuals and business owners.  We’re happy to review your existing insurance coverage and explain your current policy and uncover any potential exposures.

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The Heartford, General Liability Insurance,
NextHome announces newest Virginia office

NextHome announces newest Virginia office

Dora Smith

Pleasanton, CA — February 13, 2020 — NextHome is pleased to announce the newest addition to the franchise, NextHome 1st Choice, based in Bracey, Virginia. The brokerage represents the ninth office location opened in Virginia for the NextHome franchise.

NextHome 1st Choice is owned by Dora and Mike Smith and, alongside well-known agent Kim Wallace, they are ready to serve the area’s luxury, residential, and commercial markets. 

Located near the Virginia and North Carolina border, Bracey is the closest interstate access point to Lake Gaston – an area where Dora has helped many clients find the perfect luxury home. Since the 1970s, Lake Gaston has been a popular retirement and vacation destination. Its 350 miles of shoreline attracts people from across the world, and today more than 150,000 call the area home. 

Licensed in both Virginia and North Carolina, the brokerage also serves Mecklenburg, Brunswick, Lunenburg, Warren, Northampton, and Halifax counties as well as the Granville, Wake County, and the Louisburg and Raleigh areas. 

Dora and Mike’s first foray into real estate took place more than 20 years ago when Mike started his construction company – RCS Construction Incorporated. Mike’s passion for building continued a tradition of general construction excellence in his family that had been passed down through three generations. The company works mostly in new residential construction, although the Smiths have also built some commercial properties. In his early career, Mike served his country as a Ranger in the U.S. Army and holds a hydraulic engineering degree. Dora also has a professional background in industrial engineering. 

Although she was involved in the construction business, Dora knew it was wise to diversify her skill set. In 2007, she obtained her real estate license and began working with Century 21 Clary in South Hill, Virginia. 

“I enjoyed the culture and the broker remains a dear friend and mentor,” Dora said. 

Dora continued to work for the company even after it was bought by a large, national franchise in 2016. However, the NextHome brand had already caught her eye and Dora thought that opening a NextHome brokerage would be a great choice as she grew professionally. 

“At the time, NextHome had really just started and its refreshing perspective and strong culture was attractive,” Dora said. “NextHome cared about people. ‘Humans over Houses’ wasn’t just a trite expression; I could tell that the company cared about its people and its agents.”

She began to look into opening her own NextHome brokerage around 2016, but life had other plans. One evening, Mike and Dora were attending a volleyball game at the University of North Carolina when Mike went into cardiac arrest. 

“His heart stopped, and by some miracle we were already across the street from one of the best hospitals in the country,” Dora recalled. 

Although Mike recovered, his health scare prompted the career-driven couple to look carefully at their priorities and values. Sometime later, Dora’s family experienced another tragedy when her brother died in a motorcycle accident. 

“When something traumatic like that happens, it makes you really look around at what’s important to you,” Dora said. 

Over the next few years, Dora prioritized caring for her husband and spending time with the couple’s teenage daughter. Her focus became family and faith rather than profits and prestige. 

Once their daughter graduated from high school and went to college, Dora decided the time was right to finally open her own NextHome brokerage. 

NextHome 1st Choice opened in February and the NextHome difference has already caught the attention of local home buyers and sellers.

“It’s the ‘Humans over Houses’ philosophy that sets us apart,” Dora said. “For us, that isn’t just a catchy phrase or marketing slogan. It’s the way we have tried to conduct ourselves for years. We’ve been here 20 years and we have an excellent reputation because we always do our absolute best to exceed expectations. People who know us know that we will do everything within our realm of possibility to please our clients and get them what they want. They know we will go the extra mile.”

Their values-based approach to business also continues to attract talented agents. 

“We want to attract the right people,” Dora said. “I don’t want to just focus on numbers, I want to focus on quality. We would love to work with ethical agents who do the right thing when no one is looking – agents who really care about their customers and who are going to follow through.”

Dora is also passionate about helping professionals in her community achieve their best potential. She has served on the Lake Gaston Chamber Board and is currently a member of the Roanoke Valley Lake Gaston Real Estate Board.

Dora and Mike will celebrate 35 years of marriage in September. They are the proud parents of their daughter Marissa, who they had the privilege of adopting when she was seven years old. An accomplished student who recently started her freshman year of college, Marissa hopes to one day build a career as a surgeon. 

Please join us in congratulating Dora and Mike on the opening of NextHome 1st Choice in Bracey, Virginia! 


Interested in being a part of the NextHome Real Estate Franchise? Contact VP of Sales Charis Moreno at


Each office is an independently owned and operated business.

NextHome announces new Utah office

NextHome announces new Utah office

Corey Jones

Pleasanton, CA — February 12, 2020 — NextHome is pleased to announce the newest addition to the franchise, NextHome Available Real Estate, based in Draper, Utah. The brokerage represents the second office location opened in Utah for the NextHome franchise.

NextHome Available Real Estate is owned by developer Corey Jones. To round out the brokerage’s leadership team, Corey is partnering with Smith Ballstaedt. Smith is a seasoned residential real estate professional, and together the pair is bringing superior service to the entire Wasatch Front. 

The brokerage can help clients anywhere from Davis County to Utah County, including Salt Lake City, Provo, Ogden, and Orem. The brokerage even has listings as far south as St. George in Washington County, providing a consistent resource for anyone looking to relocate to any of Utah’s fastest-growing areas. 

The Wasatch Front remains one of Utah’s hottest housing markets, with high prices and low supply prompting fierce competition. 

“There’s a lot of growth here,” Corey said. “Many startup tech companies are choosing Utah for their headquarters, bringing with them a lot of high-paying jobs and a demand for good real estate and development services.”

In 2010, that demand for development launched Corey’s career. In his early 20s, after returning from a mission for the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints, Corey and his father started their own development company – Terra Development Group. Corey’s father has worked in the industry for almost 40 years. With his wealth of experience and Corey’s fresh perspective, Terra Development Group thrived. 

“We mostly worked on larger commercial projects, a few apartment complexes and some subdivision projects,” Corey said. “Through every step of the process, we made sure that everything was done well, beginning with property acquisition and entitlement through construction and purchase.”

As his development business evolved, Corey also opened an independent brokerage – Available Real Estate. When it opened in 2016, the brokerage complimented his development work. 

Then, in 2019, a larger project prodded Corey into reassessing his brokerage’s marketing abilities. 

“We wanted to get a marketing team together and put a little more time and effort into establishing a brokerage that could list and market properties really well,” Corey said. “Someone on the team suggested using a large franchised firm for our marketing. We went through all the bigger names and saw what they had to offer. Then we just stumbled onto NextHome through a casual internet search.”

Corey knew that real estate was evolving and he needed cutting-edge tools to stay competitive. While other franchises claimed to offer the tools and expertise he needed, NextHome had the ability to explain the technology in detail. 

“Charis Moreno (NextHome’s VP of Sales) actually explained to me clearly how to use the tools, no one else did that,” Corey said. “That conversation with Charis was a big green light for me and my future partnership with NextHome.”

Today, Corey and Smith are bringing unparalleled knowledge to residential buyers and sellers across Utah.  

In addition to an extensive background in residential real estate, Smith is also a licensed general contractor and has experience in real estate development. 

“Smith has been around real estate for a long time,” Corey said. “He’s an old pro. If we have questions, he has answers. He brings a wealth of knowledge to the team and we truly appreciate having him as such a big part of NextHome Available Real Estate.”

Smith’s experience in construction also gives agents, homebuyers, and sellers valuable insights into their properties. 

“If you can go into a home and tell people why things are built the way they are, what’s wrong, or what can be improved, as an agent you can say and show you fully understand the whole-home process. Smith brings that knowledge to our brokerage and shares it with our agents.”

When he isn’t building his business, Corey is focused on his home, family, and faith. He is an active member of his church, which he says gives him a guide for his brokerage. 

“My faith is the foundation for my ethics and how I handle myself in business,” Corey said. 

In addition to his church service, Corey helps coach youth basketball clinics around the Salt Lake County region. 

Corey has been married to Samantha Jones for six years and together they are the proud parents of two young children: Avery and Indiana. 

Please join us in congratulating Corey on the opening of NextHome Available Real Estate in Draper, Utah!


Interested in being a part of the NextHome Real Estate Franchise? Contact VP of Sales Charis Moreno at


Each office is an independently owned and operated business.

NextHome expands in Western Chicago

NextHome expands in Western Chicago

Armando Acosta

Pleasanton, CA — February 11, 2020 — NextHome is pleased to announce the newest addition to the franchise, NextHome Acosta, based in Aurora, Illinois. The brokerage represents the fourth office location opened in Illinois for the NextHome franchise.

The brokerage is owned by Armando Acosta who, along with his wife Maribel, aims to provide superior residential real estate sales service to clients across the area. 

A suburb of Chicago, Aurora is the second-most populous city in Illinois. The brokerage will serve clients across the western Chicago suburban area including Naperville, Montgomery, Oswego, Batavia, St. Charles, Plano, and Yorkville.

Armando will serve as NextHome Acosta’s broker in charge while Maribel will take the lead in office administration. 

Prior to his full-time career in real estate, Armando worked in management with Sodexo. In addition, he also worked in sales for AT&T Wireless. However, throughout his professional life, Armando has always kept a close tie to real estate. At 18-years-old, he began helping his family manage their portfolio of rental properties.  

“I oversaw repairs, worked on small construction jobs, and helped wherever I was needed,” Armando recalled.

Eventually, the experience prompted Armando to purchase his own investment properties. As his interest in residential investment purchases grew, the next natural step for Armando was to obtain his real estate license. He became licensed in Illinois in 2012. 

“As I talked to people about what I did, I began to represent buyers beyond myself,” Armando said.

While maintaining his sales and management careers, Armando began working part-time in real estate. He started with a large, nationally franchised brokerage and then partnered with a small independent office. 

For the next four years, Armando sharpened his sales, time management, and investment skills. Then, in 2016, Armando used these skills to open his own independent brokerage – Acosta Realty. 

As an independent brokerage, Armando built his own foundation for success. The office had six part-time agents working under its banner and closed about 60 transactions per year; of those, Armando closed about 38. 

However, Armando knew that if he was going to keep up with an evolving industry that franchising was the right choice.

“When I originally opened Acosta Realty, I understood that technology plays a big role in our business,” Armando said. “I knew that in order to attract and nurture top-level talent I would have to bring those tools to the table as a company. The technology, support, and training was something I was missing being an independent and that’s what made me start looking at franchises.”

Armando found all those things and more with NextHome. 

“I always had NextHome on my radar from the time I originally opened my independent office,” Armando said. “However, I wanted to develop my own strong foundation and then partner with NextHome when I was ready to scale up, and that time has come.”

Armando’s NextHome office officially opened November 1, 2019. Today, he is using NextHome’s suite of tools to attract top agent talent and bring superior service to western Chicago clients. 

“I have way more tools than I had before,” Armando said. “In addition, the professional branding brings a very strong presence to my area for clients and also for agents. Finally, in terms of time management, what NextHome provides has taken a lot off my hands so I can focus my time and attention on the most important things – my agents and clients.”

Armando and Maribel have been married for 15 years and together they are the proud parents of two boys: Armando Jr. (14) and Allen (11). 

Please join us in congratulating Armando on the opening of NextHome Acosta in Aurora, Illinois!


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Each office is an independently owned and operated business.

NextHome Named No. 1 Real Estate Franchise in the U.S.

NextHome Named No. 1 Real Estate Franchise in the U.S.

Pleasanton, CA — February 10, 2020 — NextHome was named the No. 3 top franchise in owner satisfaction by Franchise Business Review, out of 307 of the country’s top franchise brands across all sectors. In the real estate category, NextHome ranked No. 1, an astonishing accomplishment for the six-year-old franchise. 

The franchise came in at the No. 4 spot for 2019, the first year it entered the survey. NextHome was also ranked a Top Franchise for Women and a Top Franchise for Veterans that same year. Improving upon this milestone in only 12 months is a significant step forward for NextHome.

Since its inception, NextHome has been committed to providing exceptional service to the people involved in the real estate transaction, aiming to transform what can be a stressful process into a much smoother experience for the clients and the agents. The NextHome difference lies in our “humans over houses” mindset, our modern branding and technology, and our continued support of our members and their success.

NextHome was among 307 franchise brands, representing more than 27,500 franchise owners, that participated in Franchise Business Review’s research. NextHome’s franchisees were surveyed on 33 benchmark questions about their experience and satisfaction regarding critical areas of their franchise systems, including training and support, operations, franchisor/franchisee relations, and financial opportunity. 

“There are thousands of successful franchise companies operating in North America, but many of those companies do not offer a solid investment opportunity for the actual franchise owners,” said Eric Stites, CEO of Franchise Business Review. “As an independent research firm, we rate the franchise companies in the marketplace today and identify those that have the highest levels of satisfaction and performance among their franchisees in order to help entrepreneurs choose which franchise to invest in. This year’s Franchisee Satisfaction Award winners truly are the best-of-the-best.”

The Franchise Business Review ranking follows NextHome earning the No. 1897 spot on the Inc. 5000 list of the nation’s fastest-growing private companies, as well as being named No. 95 on Entrepreneur magazine’s annual Franchise 500 list.

“A franchise is only as strong as it’s members. We’re incredibly grateful to have built a franchise that attracts those who want to make a difference in the real estate industry,” said James Dwiggins, CEO of NextHome. “Thank you to the NextHome members across the country for making this recognition possible.”


Interested in being a part of the NextHome Real Estate Franchise? Contact VP of Sales Charis Moreno at


Each office is an independently owned and operated business.

NextHome opens newest office in the Philadelphia area

NextHome opens newest office in the Philadelphia area

Constance Johnson

Pleasanton, CA — February 7, 2020 — NextHome is pleased to announce the newest addition to the franchise, NextHome Virtue Realty, based in Drexel Hill, Pennsylvania. Drexel Hill is a suburb of Philadelphia located in Delaware County. The brokerage represents the 10th office location opened in Pennsylvania for the NextHome franchise.

The brokerage is owned by Constance Johnson, a Pennsylvania native who brings a wealth of expertise in investment real estate to her new brokerage. Constance and her tight-knit team are happy to serve clients across the area, including Philadelphia, Montgomery, Chester, Delaware, Bucks and Berks counties. 

Although Constance has expertise in residential investment properties, the brokerage is also well-positioned to help clients with first-time home buying, relocations, multi-family, and commercial real estate. 

Constance started her real estate career after almost two decades working as a caseworker for the State of Pennsylvania. Through her work, Constance developed a deep love for the people she served. 

“With casework, you spend a lot of time with people and it builds an incredible sense of compassion,” Constance said. “With that foundation, I implement the same compassion for all my real estate clients. I do this because I want to see people be successful. Whether purchasing their first investment property or purchasing the home of their dreams, I truly care that my clients are happy in whatever stage of their lives they are in.”

While working for the state, Constance purchased her first home and then began purchasing investment properties through auctions. The hobby became a passion and in 2014 she obtained her real estate license. 

Constance jumped full-time into real estate in early 2015, working for nationally franchised brokerages in both Media and Wayne, Pennsylvania. 

For the next five years, Constance built a regional reputation for kindness, honesty, and sales success. 

“I was able to work really well with investments and people wanted to know how I did what I did,” Constance said. “That created a buzz for me.”

In her first three years in the industry, Constance sold enough homes and completed enough hours of education to meet Pennsylvania’s high standards for obtaining a broker’s license.

“I am very grateful that so many clients trusted me so that I could get to that point in my career quickly,” Constance said. 

As a licensed broker, Constance was able to build a tight-knit and successful team. It was her care and concern for that team and their future success that prompted her to think about opening her own brokerage. 

“The team felt more like a family,” Constance said. “So I really wanted to build something where the people who had trusted me to guide them in their careers could thrive and grow in a way that was perfect for them. I care very much about the agents who work for me, I want to be able to teach them in the same fashion that allowed me to become successful.”

Constance knew that in order to do that, she needed to branch out on her own. 

In 2019 she began researching and comparing franchise options. Although many claimed to offer the same tools and expertise, NextHome had something that no one else did: the service-minded, family-like culture Constance was looking for.

“Ultimately, what helped me choose was that NextHome got back to me promptly,” Constance said. “Everyone was prompt, professional, and supportive. That’s what I needed to be successful in my business. Suddenly I found a team that was going to support me and be there for me the way I was there for my agents. For me, the NextHome difference is the people.”

Today, NextHome Virtue Realty agents provide clients across the Philadelphia area with kind, compassionate, and ethical service. 

“Our business attracts agents that operate with integrity and who put their clients first,” Constance said. “In addition, we expect our agents to be hardworking and knowledgeable. They are always working to increase their understanding of the market and our industry. At NextHome Virtue Realty, our agents are afforded the opportunity to get attentive training from me and I would hope that anyone who wants to join our team would take full advantage of that.”

For clients, NextHome Virtue Realty offers compassionate service that puts the needs of the client front and center. 

“We truly offer personable service and have our client’s best interest in mind,” Constance said. “It feels like a family in our company. Relationship building is very important to me so the agents that work with us must have that same approach.”

Constance is the proud mother of two children: Malachi (14) and Atlas (1). 

Please join us in congratulating Constance on the opening of NextHome Virtue Realty in Drexel Hill, Pennsylvania! 


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Each office is an independently owned and operated business.

NextHome Elite Realty opens in Massachusetts

NextHome Elite Realty opens in Massachusetts

Chad Lynch

Pleasanton, CA — February 6, 2020 — NextHome is proud to announce our newest addition to the franchise, NextHome Elite Realty, based in Springfield, Massachusetts. The brokerage represents the ninth office location opened in Massachusetts for the NextHome franchise.

The brokerage is owned by investment property specialist Chad Lynch. Chad brings a wealth of experience to his new brokerage, specifically experience with residential investment real estate. Chad is also a licensed construction supervisor, providing unique insights for investment buyers. 

The Western Massachusetts town of Springfield is just an hour and a half west of Boston, and about 30 minutes north of Hartford, Connecticut. Home to the Naismith Memorial Basketball Hall of Fame, Springfield attracts home buyers from across the nation with its rich history, an array of universities, and its many museums.

The NextHome Elite Realty team is poised to help buyers and sellers across the Pioneer Valley, including Hampden, Franklin, and Hampshire counties. The brokerage is also licensed and ready to help clients in the greater Hartford, Connecticut area. 

A New England native, Chad began his real estate career in 2008. Prior to that time, he dabbled in real estate as an investor. While building his own computer repair business, Chad bought and managed several properties in the greater Springfield area. 

“I finally came to terms with the idea that I really liked real estate,” Chad said. “In 2008 it was about time I closed down my computer company and I went all-in.”

Chad started working for a nationally branded real estate franchise in Longmeadow, Massachusetts. Although he entered the industry in the depths of the Great Recession, Chad still managed to sell a noteworthy 12 homes in his first year. 

After about two and a half years with the national franchise, Chad opened his own independent office – Elite Realty. 

“I was already a driven person who worked for myself,” Chad said. “I wanted to grow professionally and increase my bottom line. Becoming a broker and opening my own independent office was the way I could accomplish that.”

For the next seven years, Chad built a reputation based on superior sales, property management acumen, and investment knowledge.

“It really just grew organically through word of mouth,” Chad said. 

However, he knew that in order to scale his business to the next level, franchising was the right option. In early 2019, Chad began looking for a franchise that could offer his agents the cutting-edge technology they wanted. After a quick online search for “up-and-coming real estate franchises,” NextHome caught his eye. 

“What caught my eye first was the branding, the look was very clean and modern,” Chad said. “Then, once I started watching the videos on their website, the technology caught my attention. NextHome has a family-oriented vibe and it just seemed like it would be a good fit for what I wanted to do.”

Chad opened his NextHome office on January 1st and today him and the NextHome Elite Realty team are providing friendly service to clients across Western Massachusetts and The Greater Hartford Area of Connecticut. 

NextHome Elite Realty agents are also thrilled about the new tools they can use to better serve home buyers and sellers. 

When he isn’t growing his business, Chad enjoys spending time with family. Chad and his partner Aimee have been together for 15 years, and together they have two children; Chad Jr. (12) and Layla (5). 

Outside of spending time with his family, Chad’s greatest love and hobby is real estate. 

“Buying and selling investment properties feels more like fun than work,” Chad said. “My hobby really has become my business.”

Please join us in congratulating Chad on the opening of NextHome Elite Realty in Springfield, Massachusetts!


Interested in being a part of the NextHome Real Estate Franchise? Contact VP of Sales Charis Moreno at


Each office is an independently owned and operated business.

NextHome announces new Boston brokerage

NextHome announces new Boston brokerage

Delores & Leighton Facey

Pleasanton, CA — February 5, 2020 — NextHome is proud to announce our newest addition to the franchise, NextHome Unlimited Realty Solutions, based in Boston, Massachusetts. The brokerage represents the eighth office location opened in Massachusetts for the NextHome franchise.

NextHome Unlimited Realty Solutions is owned by the husband and wife team Delores and Leighton Facey. Delores is the broker in charge and will oversee most of the business operations. The brokerage will serve the Boston area, South Shore, North Shore, parts of Cape Cod, and the remainder of Western Massachusetts. Delores is also licensed in Rhode Island and New York and aims to serve clients in those areas as well. 

With seven agents already working under the NextHome Unlimited Realty Solutions banner, the brokerage is ready to help with all types of residential transactions – from investment properties to first-time home buying and everything in between. 

Both Delores and Leighton have built their professional and personal lives on a foundation of service. As long-time members of the Boston Police Department, they have a unique love for and knowledge of their hometown. 

Delores and Leighton first met at Quincy College while both were studying criminal justice. Months later, they crossed paths again when Delores was promoted to Detective and transferred to Leighton’s station in Hyde Park. The couple was married in 2001 and both continued to serve and protect the greater Boston area as law enforcement officers. 

Eventually, Delores wanted to expand her professional abilities and challenge herself in a new way. 

“I always had an interest in real estate, and I have a passion for helping people,” Delores said.

So in 2013, she became a licensed agent in Massachusetts and began working part-time with a talented independent broker, Delfredia Dancy.

“I did well working under Delfredia because I wanted to learn and she had a wealth of information,” Delores said. “She knew the real estate business in our area inside and out, and her ability to mentor me with kindness as I shadowed her made a big difference in my career.”

In 2016, Delores made the jump to full-time real estate sales and opened her own brokerage – Unlimited Realty Solutions Boston. Three months after opening that brokerage, Delores also opened a real estate school by the same name. At Unlimited Realty Solutions Boston, Delores could continue to serve others searching for their own start in the real estate industry. 

Leighton truly admired his wife’s work ethic and was impressed as he watched her open her own brokerage. 

“I’ve seen her grow,” Leighton said of his wife. “She’s very dedicated to what she’s doing and has the drive to move forward.”

To support her, he studied for and obtained his own real estate license. All the while, he remained an active leader in the Boston Police Department. Today, Captain Leighton Facey oversees district B2 – one of twelve districts in the Boston PD.   

While overseeing his district as Captain, Leighton also helps Delores with business development, lead-generating, and open houses. 

One day, as Delores pondered how she could grow her business, she casually searched online for the “Best Real Estate Franchises.”

NextHome immediately caught her eye. However, the experienced detective spent about two months investigating NextHome’s value before reaching out to the company. 

“I was looking at other franchises too, but something about NextHome kept me coming back,” Delores said. “It was something different. The company’s focus was squarely on the customers and agents. I didn’t see anyone there boasting about sprawling 1,000-agent offices.”

As she looked deeper, Delores found that NextHome provided the tools she needed.  

“When I looked at all the resources that are available through the franchise, I knew this was a great way to attract high-quality agents,” said Delores. “With NextHome, I can offer our agents resources so they can thrive and have opportunities they can’t get anywhere else. As an independent, I relied on a lot of trial and error and spent a lot of money trying to build my own company. With NextHome everything was already there – I didn’t need to reinvent the wheel because someone already got it exactly right.”

Today, NextHome Unlimited Realty Solutions is attracting quality agent talent from across Boston. As her career comes full circle, Delores is thrilled that her one-time mentor, Delfredia Dancy, has now joined the team

“I have something unique to offer people now,” Delores said. “I have a way that agents can generate businesses and work with these resources to succeed.”

When they aren’t selling real estate or building their business, the Facey’s enjoy spending time with their family. They are the parents of 15-year-old triplets: Leighanna, DeVaun, and Derell. Leighton is also the father of two grown children Jenee and Brinston. 

Please join us in congratulating Delores and Leighton on the opening of NextHome Unlimited Realty Solutions in Boston, Massachusetts!


Interested in being a part of the NextHome Real Estate Franchise? Contact VP of Sales Charis Moreno at


Each office is an independently owned and operated business.

NextHome Big Rock Realty opens in Colorado Springs

NextHome Big Rock Realty opens in Colorado Springs

Rick Hanby

Pleasanton, CA — February 4, 2020 — NextHome is proud to announce our newest addition to the franchise, NextHome Big Rock Realty, based in Colorado Springs, Colorado. The brokerage represents the 14th office location opened in Colorado for the NextHome franchise.

The brokerage also represents the third NextHome office opened by Rick Hanby. His third brokerage builds on the success Rick has created at NextHome Legends in San Angelo and Amarillo, Texas. 

Much like the clients he serves, Rick and his family were attracted to Colorado Springs by its majestic outdoors and the beauty of its four seasons. The area remains one of the National Association of Realtors’ Top 10 markets in America, providing an appealing option for those seeking both affordable housing and an active lifestyle. 

“There is so much diversity here – from arts to outdoor activities, there’s just a lot to do here,” Rick said. 

NextHome Big Rock Realty agents are happy to help with all types of residential sales including first-time home buying, relocations, investments, and vacation homes.

“‘Humans Over Houses’ is a big part of my philosophy,” Rick said. “I really want to take care of our clients like family and make them feel a part of the outstanding NextHome culture.”

Rick’s real estate career began in 2012 when he opened Hanby Realty in San Angelo, Texas. After many years of building a portfolio of satisfied clients, Rick opened his first NextHome Brokerage in San Angelo in October 2017 – NextHome Legends. 

Rick also recently opened his second brokerage in Amarillo, Texas. One day, Rick dreams of serving buyers and sellers in underserved areas up and down Interstate 25.

Each location is built on the same business philosophy that has guided Rick through his successful real estate career. 

“It is very important to me to ensure that each client feels that they are a part of our NextHome family,” Rick said. “We go above and beyond to welcome new homeowners into their houses and that standard of excellence is consistent whomever we help, wherever they are.”

Today, NextHome Big Rock Realty clients can expect a consistent standard of excellence that is truly embraced by all of the brokerage’s agents. Rick aims to structure his business and how it contracts with agents around that standard of excellence. 

“When clients work with NextHome Big Rock Realty, they know exactly what to expect and it will be a better experience than they can get anywhere else,” Rick said. 

When he isn’t growing his business, Rick enjoys everything about living in Colorado Springs – including building snowmen in his front yard, frequenting the local trampoline park with his kids, and exploring the area’s stunning beauty. In addition to a love of the outdoors, Rick’s hobbies include playing poker and rehabbing houses. 

Rick has been married to Michelle Hanby for eight years, and are the loving parents to three kids, Catherine (25), Christina (23), and Scarlett (5).

Please join us in congratulating Rick on his continued success and the opening of NextHome Big Rock Realty in Colorado Springs, Colorado!


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Each office is an independently owned and operated business.

NextHome South Sound opens in Western Washington

NextHome South Sound opens in Western Washington

Sue Larsen & Kevin Burke

Pleasanton, CA — January 31, 2020 — NextHome is proud to announce our newest addition to the franchise, NextHome South Sound, based in DuPont, Washington. The brokerage represents the ninth office location opened in Washington for the NextHome franchise.

The brokerage is owned by real estate and property management experts Sue Larsen and Kevin Burke. The husband and wife team have already attracted top-tier talent to the brokerage. Each agent brings expertise in residential sales as well as property management. Local professionals Jana Ross, Patty Campbell, Kristin Schafer, Carolyn Demaree, and Brittany Ulrich are ready to help with all types of residential transactions. 

Each of these highly-trained agents are military spouses, positioning the brokerage especially well to serve the needs of families at nearby Joint Base Lewis-McChord. 

“As military spouses, each agent has become very adaptable in their professional skills,” Sue said. “They are very familiar with relocation and rental properties. From helping a military client with purchasing or renting, navigating VA loans, to managing a property and picking the right time to sell – everyone is very knowledgeable about the entire picture.”

Located about nine miles south of Tacoma, Joint Base Lewis-McChord is home to more than 45,000 military members from both the Army and Air Force. NextHome South Sound will serve clients across the JBLM area, including both Pierce and Thurston counties. 

After 20 years of service in the Army, Kevin knows the unique needs that military families have when it comes to relocation. 

The couple’s real estate careers began shortly after 9/11 when Kevin was deployed from Fort Benning in Georgia. Before leaving, he bought a home. The process was so seamless that Sue bought another property down the street. The couple’s portfolio of homes grew and their property management career bloomed. As military life goes, Kevin was eventually reassigned to Joint Base Lewis-McChord where Sue’s new-found love of real estate led her to get her Broker’s license.

After moving to DuPont, Sue began working as a marketing coordinator for a real estate company. She soon transitioned into property management and sales, eventually taking these skills to an independent brokerage. 

In 2014, Sue branched out on her own and, as sole owner, opened Better Properties DuPont. For the next five years, the company would experience phenomenal growth. The property management side of the business now has 115 doors in its portfolio. In 2019, the brokerage closed 127 transactions with four selling agents.

The workload prompted Kevin to join the real estate business and help with accounting, bookkeeping, and back-end support.  

However, Sue knew to continually grow, she needed the support of a franchised brand. 

One of her agents knew a NextHome broker in North Carolina and brought the brand to Sue’s attention. That connection and the positive reviews she heard about NextHome prompted Sue to give the franchise a closer look.

“We were so busy, we needed a partner that could give us the tools and back-end support to take our business to the next level,” Sue said. “We had been looking at numerous franchises and NextHome appealed to me for a lot of different reasons. The company has many offices near military bases, and a lot of military-affiliated agents in their network. With our main clientele being so mobile, the ability to provide that family-like connection wherever they went was a huge attraction. NextHome also provides all the tools and support we were looking for.”

Today, Sue and Kevin have used NextHome’s tools and branding to build a portfolio of satisfied clients and they are creating a tight-knit family of agents who put service first. 

“We have a great team environment here,” Sue said. “We all work to grow together, to help each other become better agents. What I love about our office is that our agents call each other, they help each other, and we learn a lot from each other. That’s one of our greatest strengths.”

The couple also enjoys the ability to fold property management into their suite of services. 

“By the time the property owner is ready to sell, they have already come to know us well,” Sue said. “We are thrilled to be able to build long-term relationships with those we serve and that ability sets our brokerage apart in our area.”

When Sue and Kevin aren’t helping clients and building their business, they enjoy working with the local non-profit Patriot Baseball League. The group provides an opportunity for about 350 kids to play baseball every spring and operates entirely through volunteers. As a founder of the league, Kevin loves bringing the joy of the game to local youth. 

Please join us in congratulating Sue and Kevin on the opening of NextHome South Sound in DuPont, Washington!


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Each office is an independently owned and operated business.