NextHome announces new ownership at Salina, Kansas brokerage

NextHome announces new ownership at Salina, Kansas brokerage

Kimberly Trigg

Pleasanton, CA — September 16, 2021 — NextHome is pleased to announce Kimberly Trigg as the new owner of NextHome Pro Realty, based in Salina, Kansas. NextHome Pro Realty’s prior Owner, Owen Freiburger, will remain with the company as the Broker. 

NextHome Pro Realty will continue to serve all types of residential clients across Salina and its surrounding communities. 

Under Kimberly’s leadership, NextHome Pro Realty will provide exceptional service for a region that is catching homebuyer’s attention. Salina has a thriving community atmosphere fueled by festivals, local dining, and its own regional airport. Salina also sits at the intersection of two major interstates, making it the heart of the region. The area’s 47,000-plus population works in manufacturing, aerospace, and academia. Kansas State University, Kansas Wesleyan University, and The University of Kansas each have schools in the area. 

“It is a town that is all dressed up with nowhere to go,” Kimberly said with a laugh. “From single individuals to big families, Salina has something for everyone.”

As owner, Kimberly plans to improve the brokerage’s ability to serve a diverse array of clients, from Spanish-speaking locals to those who speak Asian languages. 

As she steps into ownership at NextHome Pro Realty, Kimberly’s life experiences give her an unparalleled degree of compassion for her clients. 

Once in Kansas, Kimberly rebuilt her life from the ground up. After spending time in a homeless shelter, Kimberly was able to put herself through a bachelor’s degree program at Kansas State University in Family Studies and Human Services. Her dedication to helping others improve their lives extended into real estate and she obtained her sales license in 2016. 

“I’ve lost a lot of things, and I’ve had many things taken from me, but when you get an education, they can never take that away. I hope I can pass that lesson on to my own children,” Kimberly said.

While pursuing her studies, Kimberly met Owen Freiburger, who became her mentor. She began working as his assistant at a local brokerage, then began working as an agent when Owen opened NextHome Pro Realty. 

Since that time, Kimberly’s career has blossomed because of her compassion for her clients. 

“I am so passionate about helping people purchase homes they never thought they would be able to,” Kimberly said. “I came here homeless and it took us 10 years to become homeowners. That experience of buying my own home is something I will treasure and I hope I can give that same great experience to NextHome Pro Realty clients.”

Over the years, Kimberly has become immersed in volunteer and advocacy work for Salina-area housing organizations. She is a board member of the Community Housing Development Organization and is the Vice Chair of the Salina Housing Authority Board. Kimberly is an active advocate with the RESULTS organization. Her proudest accomplishment with that organization was successfully lobbying the federal government to protect SNAP benefits and Earned Income Tax Credits for Americans. Kimberly participates in the Kansas Hispanic and Latino American Affairs Commission and is also a supporter of the United Way. 

“NextHome has been so supportive in my journey of just being an agent,” Kimberly said. “As we have moved forward with this transfer, everyone has been so kind and supportive – and with NextHome it is very sincere and genuine. That makes this emotional for me. I am so thrilled to be the new owner of NextHome Pro Realty.”

Please join us in congratulating Kimberly on her incredible accomplishments and on her new ownership of NextHome Pro Realty! 


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7 Ways to Help Prevent Real Estate Burnout

7 Ways to Help Prevent Real Estate Burnout

Even agents with the most exciting, successful, and enviable real estate careers can experience burnout from time to time. Burnout can be stressful, confusing, and downright depressing to experience. Here are some ways you can avoid the perils of burnout:

1. Recognize the signs.

You may feel less interested in your daily tasks or bored with the parts of your job that once excited you. For some people, burnout means lower energy levels and less motivation. For others, it can mean being restless and easily distracted. By identifying early signs of burnout, you can take steps to correct the problem and get back on course easier and quicker.

2. Bring balance.

Oftentimes, burnout simply means that you’re tipping the scale too much in favor of your career. No matter how exciting or satisfying a career is, everyone needs a break periodically to recharge. If you haven’t had a vacation in a while, it’s probably a good idea to schedule some significant time off. Take a look at your daily schedule as well, to gauge how many hours per day you spend with work-related activities versus downtime. You may need to rethink the way you organize your days to include more family and friend time as well as “me” time to bring better balance.

3. Unplug.

With today’s technology, real estate can quickly turn into a 24/7 job. While staying connected is important to real estate success, it’s not healthy to be available every waking hour. Block out certain times each day when you unplug from your devices. You can let clients and associates know when you typically aren’t available, and that you’ll get back to them as soon as possible if they contact you during those times.

4. Develop other interests.

Having a hobby or interest that engages other parts of your brain can help you be sharper at work. Outside pursuits can also provide healthy outlets for decompressing work-related stress and frustrations.

5. Stretch yourself.

Maybe you’re not burned out on real estate altogether and just need to shake things up a bit. Push outside your box by challenging yourself to try something new in your career. Perhaps you’d like to develop a new specialty niche, or maybe there’s an advanced certification or degree you’d like to seek. Sometimes even setting new sales goals can bring the incentive you need to stretch your skills and rejuvenate your career.

6. Serve.

Get involved in local real estate organizations by running for office or serving on committees. Volunteer at industry functions or community events. Being active in industry groups and volunteering can give you a different perspective and re-energize your outlook.

7. Delegate.

No one can do it all, no matter how hard they work. Perhaps your business has reached the point where you need an assistant or administrative help. Or, maybe you need more support at home to free up your time.

Sometimes career burnout can lead to feelings of discontent or anxiety. If this happens, don’t be afraid to reach out to friends, mentors, or to seek professional help. Talking to someone can often help you sort out feelings and take positive steps toward resolution. Experiencing burnout can often prompt you to try new things and ultimately lead to constructive changes for the better.

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NextHome Magnolia Realty opens in Johnson City, Tennessee

NextHome Magnolia Realty opens in Johnson City, Tennessee

O’Mayra Diaz and Seth Lester

Pleasanton, CA — September 10, 2021 — NextHome is pleased to announce the newest addition to the franchise, NextHome Magnolia Realty, based in Johnson City, Tennessee. The brokerage represents the 519th office to join the NextHome franchise out of 532 active office locations across the country.

Located in the northeast corner of the state, NextHome Magnolia Realty will serve clients across the Tri-Cities area including Kingsport, Johnson City, and Bristol. This vibrant region is known for its scenic landscapes, multicultural festivals, and small-town hospitality. 

NextHome Magnolia Realty is owned by the husband-and-wife team of O’Mayra Diaz and Seth Lester. Together, O’Mayra and Seth offer exceptional service that puts humans over houses and people over profit. 

O’Mayra began her real estate career in 2016, working with nationally franchised brokerages in the Tri-Cities area. Her kindness and compassion for her clients earned O’Mayra the business of 16 clients her rookie year – a number that increased to almost one transaction every week as word spread of her approach to business. 

“I think what helps me be successful is recognizing the importance of people who are already in my sphere,” O’Mayra said. “I send Christmas cards and ask how the kids are doing. I keep up with clients on Facebook and reach out for coffee or a glass of wine every so often – just to catch up. It’s not gimmicky, I really care. Building true relationships is how I like to build my business.”

As her transaction volume grew, O’Mayra knew she needed help in order to maintain the high service level she was known for. 

Seth joined O’Mayra as her assistant in 2019, and quickly obtained his own sales license, helping to handle O’Mayra’s increasing workload. 

“She turned to me for help, and I was interested in a career change,” Seth said. “The partnership has worked out very well. We have different personality types that can work well with a wide range of clients.”

“Seth’s expertise helped me maintain the quality level of service that I am so proud of while also being able to close a large number of transactions,” O’Mayra said. “With that divide and conquer approach, we were able to keep the focus on quality over quantity, and that to me is so important. We can really take our time and focus wholeheartedly on our client’s needs.”

It was around that time, O’Mayra started looking into opening her own franchise. She had watched an industry friend in Florida become a NextHome agent, and was impressed by what NextHome offered.

“I reached out to my friend Kristen Johnson, and asked her about her experience,” O’Mayra recalled. “Her broker, Dana Topel with NextHome Cornerstone Realty, was kind enough to talk with me about her experience and she had great things to say. When I asked her what she would change, she responded ‘not a thing.’”

O’Mayra and Seth were also impressed with the company’s focus on putting people ahead of profits, a trait that made NextHome stand out in their minds from other franchises. 

“I wanted to be part of something different and bigger,” O’Mayra said.

“When we watched the videos on the NextHome website, we got so excited,” Seth added. “We knew NextHome was the right choice. These were our kind of people!”

Today, NextHome Magnolia Realty is providing service for residential buyers and sellers with a focus on putting people first. 

“NextHome Magnolia Realty will provide quality service that is above and beyond the industry standard,” O’Mayra said. “What we mean by that is that a NextHome Magnolia Realty client will benefit from specific and clear communication, agents who answer their phones and follow through on promises, and a transaction that is as smooth as possible. We will always go that extra mile.”

Outside the office, O’Mayra and Seth enjoy attending concerts, gardening, traveling and spending time with their dog Maggie. 

O’Mayra is also the author of a recently released children’s book series titled “Sophie’s Sticky Situation.” 

Please join us in congratulating O’Mayra and Seth on the opening of NextHome Magnolia Realty in Johnson City, Tennessee!


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A Lawyer’s Laundry List of Lawsuits

A Lawyer’s Laundry List of Lawsuits

When an agent or broker is sued in an errors & omissions claim and lawsuit, the allegation might be related to disclosure, a contractual issue or a variety of other circumstances. Many agents and brokers have heard me say, though, that the Plaintiff attorney will try every legal avenue available to determine liability on the part of the Claimant (you), regardless of what you may have done or did not, do. “How can I sue you? Let me count the ways”.

This type of circumstance came clearly to light today, when I received a new insurance application (not a NextHomie), in which the Broker applicant was being sued. The Plaintiffs complained that the real estate brokerage and its’ representatives engaged in misrepresentation of the price of the home and any undisclosed potential interest they had in the property. Serious allegations which may or may not be true as the case is still in motion. However, here is what the Plaintiff’s sued for:

  • Fraud, Conversion, Breach of Fiduciary Duty, Breach of Contact, Breach of Implied Convenance of Good Faith and Fair Dealing, Accounting, Claim and Delivery, Constructive Trust, Conspiracy, Unfair Competition and Request for Declaratory and Injunctive Relief.

That is a lot of accusations, and one can only imagine the months of anguish, time and expense that the Claimant (and their insurance carrier) will endure in trying to defend against these allegations. What’s my point, you might ask? It is this: when a plaintiff and their legal team comes after you, it will be with all barrels loaded. Prevention, risk management, sound business practices and clear expectations and communications, executed daily in your firm and in your practice, will greatly reduce your risk of being sued. If the worst happens, and you do become that Claimant, then the purposeful and documented efforts that you can demonstrate as your effort to do things the right way, will be your best defense to an early and positive resolution.

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Written by John Torvi | Vice President of Marketing and Sales | The Herbert H. Landy Insurance Agency, Inc | | Direct: 781-292-5417 | Toll Free: 800-336-5422 x117
NextHome Solid Ground expands into Spokane, Washington

NextHome Solid Ground expands into Spokane, Washington

Janna McRoy

Pleasanton, CA — September 9, 2021 — NextHome is pleased to announce to expansion of NextHome Solid Ground in Spokane, Washington. The brokerage represents the 511th office to join the NextHome franchise out of 532 active office locations across the country.

NextHome Solid Ground (Spokane) builds on the success of the brokerage’s first location in Post Falls, Idaho – just 30 minutes away. 

NextHome Solid Ground is owned by Janna McRoy, a high-producing professional with more than 20 years of experience in the real estate industry. 

Janna opened NextHome Solid Ground in 2018, filling a need for top-tier real estate service in the booming Post Falls/Coeur d’Alene area. In just three years, the Washington-Idaho border town area has become one of the hottest real estate markets in the U.S.

“With the influx of buyers, Idaho prices have increased, which created a need for us to offer our clients broader options to fit their home buying needs,” Janna said. “With the expansion, we also gain the opportunity for our agents to service a neighboring state. We have great agents who are licensed in both states and are looking forward to helping clients find the perfect home.”

In addition to residential properties, NextHome Solid Ground will service rehab and resale property listings, investment sales, and land sales. The brokerage serves a 100-mile radius around Spokane, including the Deer Park and Cheney areas.

“We are thrilled to bring the NextHome Solid Ground culture from North Idaho into Spokane,” Janna said. “Some of our core values include representing every client with exceptional service, consistent efficiency, resourcefulness, and an advanced skill set, through experience. Our clients become our friends, and we are excited to continue to build our relationship-based business.” 

Janna started her real estate career in 2001 on the mortgage lending side. As a senior loan officer and manager for a national mortgage company, not only was she one of the top loan officers for her company, but Janna was also responsible for hiring and training new loan officers who joined the company. In 2005, Janna made the switch to the real estate sales side. Her business continued to thrive, and she helped many families through the difficult change of the market and economic downturn. Selling as many as 52 transactions in a single year, and with demand increasing, she made the conscious decision to shift her focus to providing more quality service to a select number of clients instead of taking on many different clients. 

“When my business was growing, I decided to restructure and grow my team in order to provide first-class service to the community I serve,” said Janna. “By doing that, not only were my clients happier, but I was a better agent in representing them.” 

In 2015, Janna opened her own brokerage – Solid Ground Real Estate. It was important to tailor her business specifically for her clients using high- level marketing and technology, with a foundation of integrity and personalized service. By owning a brokerage committed to those standards, clients could count on a great experience. After three very successful years as owner/operator of Solid Ground Real Estate, Janna wanted to add another dimension to her company. In 2018, she opened NextHome Solid Ground, offering her clients a new level of service. 

“It was very easy joining a company who had the same beliefs as I did,” Janna said. “Aligning with NextHome allows our agents to have the competitive edge and a level of marketing and technology not normally seen in our area. Sellers will have confidence that their home will be marketed aggressively and with the highest quality. My clients will have access to the best tools in the industry.” 

When not selling real estate, Janna and her husband Eric love to spend quality time with their 14- year-old son, Ryan. The family enjoys boating and spending time outdoors in the beautiful Pacific Northwest.

Please join us in congratulating Janna and the rest of the team at NextHome Solid Ground on the opening of their new NextHome office in Spokane, Washington!


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How to Buy a House While Paying Off Student Loans

How to Buy a House While Paying Off Student Loans

Millennials have been the generation with the most home buyers since 2014, followed by Gen X. As of 2021, Gen X has been the generation with the most student loan debt, followed by Millennials. Many people sitting on the home buying sideline might think that they can’t purchase a home because of their student debt. However, the two generations with the most debt are also the two generations that purchase the most homes. While having student loans might make the home buying process slightly more challenging, it certainly shouldn’t prevent you from applying. By taking some of the following steps, you can increase your chances of mortgage approval and better prepare for your home purchase.

Step 1: Lower your debt-to-income (DTI) ratio

You won’t automatically get denied a mortgage just because you have student loans. But your student loans do contribute to your DTI, which affects your eligibility for different mortgage loans. To calculate your DTI, divide your total monthly debt by your gross monthly income. The lower your DTI, the better.

If you’re already paying student loans, then it’s likely your DTI might be a little higher to start out. Luckily, there are several ways you can lower your DTI before applying for a mortgage.

  • Pay down your debt as much as possible
  • Increase your income
  • Refinance and consolidate your student loans
  • Avoid big purchases

Step 2: Boost your credit score

Your credit score is another big factor that lenders consider when you apply for a mortgage. The higher your credit score, the better. Lenders want to make sure that borrowers will be able to make their monthly mortgage payments on time and in full.

A few simple ways to boost your credit score include:

  • Lower your credit utilization rate
  • Pay your bills on time
  • Keep accounts open
  • Avoid new lines of credit
  • Leave old debts on your report

Step 3: Get preapproved

Before you start your home search, get preapproved for your mortgage. Getting preapproved is easy and it can give you a better idea of how much home you can afford. Plus, it shows sellers that you are serious about buying, which can give you an edge on your competition. To apply for preapproval, you will need to provide information on your:

  • Income
  • Employment
  • Past debts
  • Past residences
  • Credit
  • W-2 forms
  • Tax returns

You can start your preapproval online or by contacting us.

Step 4: Explore down payment assistance options

Paying off student loans might make it harder to save for a down payment on a home. If this is the case, consider exploring our down payment assistance programs. There are several programs that can help ease the costs of a down payment and closing costs, and some that even pay for it altogether. Different down payment assistance programs vary per state, so talk to us about the options in your area.

Down payment assistance programs typically come in one of four forms:

  • A down payment grant
  • Forgivable second mortgage
  • Traditional second mortgage
  • Matched savings programs

Another option is HomeFundIt – a gifting platform that makes it easy for friends and family members to contribute to your down payment goal.

Step 5: Investigate first-time home buyer programs

In addition to down payment assistance programs, there are also several first-time home buyer programs that can help ease the costs of homeownership. Some offer lower interest rates, and some have lower down payment requirements. There are some first-time home buyer programs that vary per state and other that are federal options. To view a list of different loan programs in your state, visit

Step 6: Consider finding a co-borrower

Many home buyers co-sign a mortgage with their partners. But even if you don’t have a partner, you can still ask close friends or family members if they would be interested in co-borrowing. Rent prices have been soaring over the past few years and paying rent doesn’t contribute to equity or help you build wealth. Benefits of co-borrowing include:

  • Two incomes and credit profiles to help the application – which could mean qualifying for a higher loan balance and lower interest rate.
  • Combining financial forces to make a bigger down payment – which also could lower your interest rate and mortgage payments.
  • Splitting the cost of mortgage payments – saving more money for other expenses.

Thousands of people paying off student loans become homeowners every year. Getting a mortgage with student loans is far from impossible. If you’re sitting on the sidelines of homeownership because of student loans, we would be happy to help you explore your options and make a strong application plan.

Sources: BankrateEducation DataNAR

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NextHome announces new Oklahoma office

NextHome announces new Oklahoma office

Terri Caldwell

Pleasanton, CA — September 8, 2021 — NextHome is pleased to announce the newest addition to the franchise, NextHome Simply Real Estate, based in Noble, Oklahoma. 

NextHome Simply Real Estate will serve clients across Cleveland, Oklahoma, McClain, Canadian, and Pottawatomie counties, including clients in Moore, Norman, Noble, and Lexington. 

Home to more than 6,400 people, Noble, Oklahoma is located just minutes south of the University of Oklahoma in Norman. The area is known for its small-town feel, with charming downtown streets, rolling farmland, and easy access to metro areas. 

Longtime NextHome agent, Terri Caldwell, is stepping into the role of broker/owner. 

Terri began her real estate career in 2016, quickly joining a NextHome office. 

Terri’s clients have the unique benefit of both industry-leading technology and access to Terri’s lifetime of area knowledge. Terri is an Oklahoma native who is uniquely familiar with both the rural and urban areas. 

After joining NextHome as an associate, Terri was immediately impressed by the franchise’s Humans over Houses approach to client service. The brokerage also offered a sense of camaraderie that extended across a national network of owners and agents. 

“NextHome agents have a shared focus on not just selling real estate, but on the relationships they are building,” Terri said. “That builds this sense of camaraderie that extends across the organization to everyone I meet.”

When the opportunity came for Terri to purchase the NextHome franchise, she knew it was the right move. 

“I love the people who are in my office,” Terri said. “We have a great dynamic and a great brokerage and I wanted to keep us all together.”

As she takes ownership of NextHome Simple Real Estate, Terri aims to carry on NextHome’s singular office culture. 

“NextHome cares about each individual as a vital part of the company and provides tools, training and marketing ideas to keep us ahead of any industry changes,” Terri said. 

In addition, NextHome Simply Real Estate will continue to promote NextHome’s unparalleled approach to client-centered service. 

“NextHome recognizes that you do what you need to in order to accomplish your clients’ unique goals, whether that is buying a first home, a forever home, or the perfect investment property,” Terri said. “As owner of NextHome Simply Real Estate, I get to extend that high service level to our community.”

Terri is an active volunteer in her community, contributing her time and talents to many different organizations. She is a member of the Noble Chamber of Commerce, sponsors a local little league team, and also volunteers time and contributes to the Noble Foundation for Excellence. Recently, the foundation hosted an upscale breakfast for the school district’s teachers and administrative staff as a show of appreciation.

Please join us in congratulating Terri on the opening of NextHome Simply Real Estate in Noble, Oklahoma!


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NextHome On Main to serve Dallas/Fort Worth Metroplex

NextHome On Main to serve Dallas/Fort Worth Metroplex

Kim and Shawn Pratt

Pleasanton, CA — September 3, 2021 — NextHome is pleased to announce the newest addition to the franchise, NextHome On Main, based in Mansfield, Texas. The brokerage represents the 509th office to join the NextHome franchise out of 532 active office locations across the country.

NextHome On Main will serve clients across the Dallas/Fort Worth metroplex, including Tarrant, Dallas, Johnson, and Ellis counties. 

The brokerage is a natural evolution for high-producing REALTORS® Kim and Shawn Pratt.

As husband-and-wife co-owners, Kim will be the brokerage’s team leader/CEO while Shawn will operate as NextHome On Main’s lead buyer’s agent. Shawn has held his real estate license since 2013 and Kim has been licensed for 12 years. 

Prior to real estate, Kim helped grow startup companies. During her time with these businesses, Kim watched employee numbers begin at five people and grow to hundreds. Kim also spent time in the new construction arena, helping several national builders sell homes in startup communities.  

Kim obtained her real estate license in 2009 and quickly became one of the most successful agents in her area. Working with Century 21 Judge Fite, Kim built a thriving team of nine licensed REALTORS®, including six buyer specialists and two licensed admins. Throughout her career, Kim and her team have sold over 700 homes, and in 2020 alone they closed 100 transactions. In addition to all this, Kim is dedicated to coaching. She seeks consistent growth through her own personal coaching, but also coaches five team leaders as they evolve in the real estate industry. 

“That has been so fun for me, because we all learn something,” Kim said. 

Although her sales numbers are staggering, Kim takes the greatest pride in her close-knit team. 

“We have worked very hard to develop shared values,” Kim said. “Everybody really works well together; we are basically like a big family.”

In 2021, as the Kim Pratt Team’s reputation for excellence grew, the team considered how they could evolve together. 

“As a team, we all started a conversation about legacy planning,” Kim said. “We began thinking deeply about our own values and ideas and how we wanted to put those out into the world.”

Years ago, Kim had walked into a NextHome office while on vacation and was struck by the bold, fun orange marketing. The brand left an impression on her. 

In 2021, she became reacquainted with NextHome when a mutual friend introduced her to NextHome’s Vice President, Imran Poladi. Other factors caused the stars to align and opening a NextHome franchise became the clear choice. 

“It was really the overall benefits that convinced us that NextHome was the right franchise partner,” Kim said. “It had all these amazing tools available, the modern look, cutting-edge technology with a boutique brokerage feel. And of course, Luke the dog was the perfect mascot. It just ticked all the boxes.”

Today, Kim and her entire team have transitioned to NextHome On Main and are dedicated to providing amazing service. 

“We want to roll out the orange carpet and truly exceed our client’s expectations,” Kim said. “At NextHome On Main, we take care of people beyond the sale – whether they buy or sell a home with us they become part of the family and there is a long-lasting relationship beyond the closing.”

Both Kim and Shawn are active in serving their community. They are the founders of Flipping Blessings – a nonprofit focused on helping Mansfield locals. A portion of every closing goes to the charity, which in turn gives the money back to those who are in need. The family also has a long history of working at area food banks and donating to the Easter Seals. 

Shawn and Kim recently celebrated 27 years of marriage and they are proud parents of a 21-year-old son who is part of their real estate team. 

Please join us in congratulating Kim, Shawn, and the rest of the team on the opening of NextHome On Main in Mansfield, Texas!


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NextHome Advantage expands with two more offices in Richmond area

NextHome Advantage expands with two more offices in Richmond area

Susie Hall

Pleasanton, CA — September 2, 2021 — NextHome is pleased to announce the expansion of NextHome Advantage with two new office locations: Scott’s Addition and Ashland both located in Virginia. These brokerages build on the success of NextHome Advantage’s flagship location in Glen Allen, Virginia. The Scott’s Addition and Ashland brokerages represent the 505th and 507th offices to join the NextHome franchise out of 530 active office locations across the country.

NextHome Advantage’s new office locations mean greater convenience for area clients, and easy access to office amenities for the brokerage’s growing number of professional REALTORS®. From these vantage points, NextHome Advantage can provide unparalleled sales experiences to clients across the greater Richmond metro area including Henrico, Hanover, Chesterfield, Powhatan, Goochland, Chester, and Richmond counties. With 35 professional agents ready to help, NextHome Advantage offers expertise in first-time home buying, listings, investment properties, relocations, probate, and 55+ communities.

NextHome Advantage’s three offices are owned by Susie Hall, an 19-year veteran of the industry. 

“We are thrilled to open these great locations that will make life easy for our agents and clients,” Susie said. “Not only do these new brokerages add convenience, but both Scott’s Addition and Ashland are fun, interesting, historically rich places to work.”

Susie has been immersed in these areas and more as a Richmond-area real estate since 2002. In the years since, Susie has worked with nationally franchised brands and owned her own brokerages. In 2005, she opened RE/MAX Today, where she built a fantastic culture and camaraderie. 

“My background is in training and management, so it was a very natural progression,” Susie said. 

Despite opening a real estate brokerage at the dawn of one of the greatest downturns in modern housing market history, Susie endured and even grew her business. 

“I think agents were hesitant at the time to move to a company that was brand new,” Susie recalled. “But after my first year, people realized ‘hey, she’s sticking around for the long term’ and they knew that I was here to stay.”

What started as a seven-agent office quickly grew to more than 20 producing agents by year two. Then, it continued to grow. Susie’s brokerage burst into the top 35 offices in her MLS area and closed more than 400 transactions in 2019. 

“We really built a business out of my core values: taking care of people, communication, and creating a great workplace culture,” Susie said of the brokerage’s success. 

In June 2020, Susie opened NextHome Advantage in Glen Allen and in only one year she has seen her business flourish. What started with about 20 agents has grown to 35. 

“The truth is, I am just having so much fun again,” Susie said. “I love what I do every day. NextHome has reinvigorated me and it’s a brand and culture I feel proud to expand.” 

Scott’s Addition is a vibrant small town bustling with small business, historic charm, and all the benefits of nearby Richmond. The office is under the management of Caitlin Hall. 

“There is always something fun to do or something interesting to see here,” Susie said. “And it is surrounded by some amazing neighborhoods.”

Ashland’s 7,400-person population is a little larger and boasts beautiful sidewalks, a famous local bakery, and the Ashland Theater – which is across the street from NextHome Advantage’s new location. 

“It is just this amazing, interesting, small place,” Susie said. “And we are so happy to be there.”

Susie has been married to her husband Greg for 25 years and together they are the parents of four grown children. Susie’s youngest daughter Caitlin also works with her at NextHome Advantage. 

Please join us in congratulating Susie and the entire team on their new offices in Scott’s Addition and Ashland, Virginia!


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Each office is an independently owned and operated business.

NextHome Solutions opens in Laguna Beach

NextHome Solutions opens in Laguna Beach

Jeff Petsche

Pleasanton, CA — September 1, 2021 — NextHome is pleased to announce the newest addition to the franchise, NextHome Solutions, based in Laguna Beach, California. The brokerage represents the 503rd office to join the NextHome franchise out of 530 active office locations across the country.

Located just 20 minutes south of Anaheim, NextHome Solutions will serve clients in Yorba Linda, Tustin, Laguna Beach, Aliso Viejo, Anaheim Hills, Anaheim, and the remainder of Orange County. 

The brokerage is owned by Jeff Petsche, who brings 18 years of broad real estate experience across management, sales, training, and leadership to his new venture.

Jeff is a native of Southern California and began his real estate career after serving four years in the U.S. Air Force and 13 years with the Newport Beach Police Department. Jeff holds a Bachelor of Arts degree from Chapman University.

Since obtaining his real estate sales license in 2003, Jeff has achieved phenomenal success in Southern California real estate through his hard work and concierge type level of service. During his rookie year with Keller Williams Realty in Corona, Jeff sold 22 homes and $10 million in volume, earning him Rookie of the Year honors. Jeff quickly became a Market Center trainer, mentor and was also the brokerage’s top individual listing and sales agent in 2004/2005.

“I have always valued mentorship and learning. In those early years I worked hard to thoroughly understand the industry and become the best REALTOR® and leader possible,” Jeff said.

In 2006, Jeff was recruited as a Team Leader for an office of 131 agents in Riverside. While in this leadership role, Jeff helped the team ascend from the bottom quartile in their growth phase, to one of the top offices in the country for growth. In 2008, Jeff obtained his broker’s license and began selling independently through his own brokerage – All-In-Realty.

In the years that followed, Jeff returned to leadership roles with three national franchised brands and found success in leadership, management, and training roles.

Throughout an 18-year career, Jeff has propelled himself to excellence in roles as Regional Manager, Productivity Coach, Regional Trainer, Office Manager, and Broker Associate for several nationally franchised brands.

By 2020, Jeff had reached the pinnacle of his career and had settled into a comfortable business working with past, repeat and referral only clients.

However, a conversation with his partner, Amy, prompted Jeff to rethink his legacy and professional aspirations.

“We were looking back over my real estate career, reminiscing, and the question came up, ‘If there is one thing you haven’t been able to do, what is it?’” Jeff recalled. “If there’s one thing I could do over, it would be to own my own office. I have done a lot, but I have never been in a position to build my own culture, and build something where I could align myself with good agents and good partners.”

As those thoughts percolated in his mind, an unintentional internet search brought up NextHome’s webpage.

“I wasn’t looking for a franchise,” Jeff recalled. “But I absolutely fell in love with the NextHome culture, just on paper. Once I started looking deeper into NextHome, and having conversations with leadership, I was impressed. I’ve worked with four other national brokerages in my 18 years, and I don’t feel like there is anything remotely close in the industry to what NextHome offers in regards to technology, back office, support and branding guidelines. I’ve developed amazing respect for people who partner with NextHome – from Facebook groups to leadership, everyone is awesome across the board.”

Today, NextHome Solutions is offering clients real estate solutions tailored to their specific needs.

“Every client has a different story, a different set of life events, and a different set of circumstances,” Jeff said. “NextHome Solutions is not a one-size-fits-all brokerage. We really do listen and the solutions we provide for you might be totally different from the solutions we provide another client. A NextHome Solutions client is going to get professional customer care tailor made for them.”

NextHome Solutions’ founding philosophy: “To offer the client the best possible service, solutions and care, while always doing the right thing.”

Jeff is also the founder of a rebate incentive program called, Giving Back 2 Heroes. Jeff’s program helps veterans, first responders, frontline medical workers and teachers. with real estate costs during a transaction. Jeff gives back up to 25% of his gross earned commission to his HERO CLIENTS, which helps with closing costs, inspection fees or reduced listing costs. Since the inception of this program in 2012, Jeff has given back almost $100,000 of his earned commission to his HERO CLIENTS.

Outside the office, Jeff is a father and family man first. Jeff has two grown daughters, Courtney and Nicole and is in long-term committed relationship with his partner, Amy. Amy also has two children, Thomas and Julia. Jeff enjoys all types of travel, scuba diving, hiking, camping, 5K/10K runs, and his most recent fitness obsession, Peloton bike workouts.

When available, Jeff is a volunteer for Team Rubicon. The international non-government organization is a disaster response organization that leverages the unique skills of veterans to clean up and aid those who are impacted by major disasters. Jeff served two tours in Florida back in 2018 and helped with clean-up and operations after hurricane Michael hit Mexico Beach.

Please join us in congratulating Jeff on the opening of NextHome Solutions in Laguna Beach, California!


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