Living in the Future: Smart Home Technology

Living in the Future: Smart Home Technology

Remember the beloved cartoon, “The Jetsons?” Robot maids, jet packs, moving sidewalks, and flying cars? In the 1960s, when the cartoon was first released, there seemed to be only frivolous imaginary creations. Fast-forward to 2019 and many of the technology predictions from, “The Jetsons” have actually come true! Talking alarm clocks, flat screen TVs, smartwatches and video chats to name a few!

These tech gadgets don’t stop there, they’ve recently made their way into real estate via “Smart Home Technology.”

What is Smart Home Technology?

  • Technology with sensors or devices that can be remotely monitored, controlled and accessed via smartphones, tablets, or apps

What are the most popular applications of Smart Home Technology?

  • Wireless Speakers
  • Thermostats
  • Home Security Systems
  • Cleaning Devices (robot vacuums)
  • Smoke Detectors
  • Lighting
  • Door Locks
  • Refrigerators
  • Water Monitors
  • Laundry Machines

What limitations exist?

  • Adaptation can be costly and time-consuming. Buying the adaptors, setting up the networks, learning the controls and having the proper maintenance/updates can be troublesome and expensive.
  • The networks these gadgets rely upon can be prone to security breaches! Be wary of your personal data and monitor your credit and personal information regularly. (Gateway has a very inexpensive Identity Protection product for just $10/month!)

What consumers want and use:

A 2012 consumer report that pulled data from the National Association of Home Builders looked for what Smart home devices homeowners wanted most and found that top five were wireless security systems (50%), programmable thermostats (47%), security cameras (40%), lighting control systems and wireless home audio systems (39%), and home theater and multi-zone HVAC systems (37%).1

A 2015 study from “The Harris Poll” shows:

While the information provided in the studies published above from 2012 and 2015, the desires of Home Owners have not seemed to vary since then. A few of Amazon’s most purchased products include their “Amazon Echo Dot” a smart home speaker/wireless voice control, “Amazon Fire Stick” smart home streaming device, “Amazon Fire Tablet” that can control the smart home apps/functions, the “iRobot” vacuum, “WeMo mini smart plugs” that turn regular outlets into Smart Home hubs, “YI Dome Camera” for security footage, and more!3

What do you use in your house? We’d love to hear from you!

To learn more about our partners at Gateway Insurance Group, Inc. visit their website.


1- “What Homeowners Want”. Home Tech Integration. Retrieved 1 April 2018.
Chart- McCarthy, Niall. “How Prevalent Is Smart Technology In U.S. Homes?”. Forbes. Retrieved 1 April 2018.
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Maryland real estate leader opens NextHome brokerage

Maryland real estate leader opens NextHome brokerage

Karen Parnes

Pleasanton, CA — July 17, 2019 — NextHome is excited to announce that Karen Parnes, an experienced real estate leader in the Maryland area, is joining the NextHome family as its newest franchisee. NextHome Your Way will become the fourth NextHome franchise in the state of Maryland. 

Karen and her team of highly-trained agents will serve clients across Montgomery County, MD and surrounding areas. NextHome Your Way helps clients with investment purchases, relocations, and condominium purchases. Karen and her team are also able to make first-time home buying a smooth process. 

“I absolutely love living in Montgomery County for many reasons, but especially because of its proximity to Washington, DC,” Karen said. “We get all of the wonderful diversity that comes with embassies and diplomats.”

Karen started her real estate career in 2005, just as market forces were about to take the industry on a roller coaster ride. The birth of her second daughter soon after she got her license taught Karen how to innovate and juggle challenges in her changing world. Ever the astute businessperson, Karen saw what overzealous buying could do to the families she served.

“I found myself telling people not to buy a house,” Karen recalled of those early years. “I did have their best interest in mind.”

When the market crashed, Karen was glad she chose to serve her clients interests over her own. So began the difficulties of building a thriving real estate business through The Great Recession as a real estate agent. 

In 2010, Karen joined Redfin where she nimbly climbed the company’s corporate ladder. 

“It was really helpful being a part of a company that was growing and evolving through The Great Recession,” Karen said. “There was a lot to learn just being a showing agent and I used that time to sharpen my knowledge.”

Karen soon became the top-producing agent in all of Maryland; she closed $120 million in four years, topping 200 deals. 

“I learned the system,” Karen said. “I learned how to get a client, how to really listen to them, how to learn their real needs, identify the right fit, and how to show it to them in the right way.”

Eventually, Karen found herself as Redfin’s area manager for the entire Maryland market. In that role she helped other agents succeed through great training, managing support staff, rolling out new products, and mentoring. 

In 2017, Karen left Redfin and began to see the industry evolve again. New technology and improved systems were changing the way people buy and sell homes. 

“I am really interested in the whole change that’s happening in the industry in general,” Karen said. “Technology is becoming available outside (national firms such as Redfin) and that gives me the opportunity to open my own brokerage and leverage those incredible tools in my way.”

Karen’s way is the way that best serves her clients and agents, so she chose “NextHome Your Way” as her brokerage name. 

“That was very deliberate,” Karen said. “One of the most important things for potential clients to know is that if they work with any one of our agents they will be 100 percent trained and knowledgeable. Our agents will have the knowledge, training and support to really facilitate home buying and selling ‘Your Way.’”  

Although Karen could have gone with many different options for opening her own business, she chose NextHome because of its suite of technology, the company’s focused eye on the industry, the support she receives, and NextHome’s exceptional marketing.  

“I loved that it has all those systems – you don’t have to buy a million different systems from different people,” Karen said. “I also love that they have their eye on what’s happening in the market right now. And on top of all that, I feel like I can count on them. I love that starting from the sign to the listing, and what’s inside the listing, the branding is all so well done… those are really the values that I’m looking for.”

Karen brings those values to her business through NextHome Your Way’s Heroes Program – a service especially designed for first responders and military service members looking for guidance and reduced fees through their home buying process. 

Outside of her brokerage, Karen also serves on the Greater Capital Area Association of Realtors (GCAAR) Board. She also actively supports the Michael Mosier Defeat DIPG Foundation – a Maryland-based nonprofit committed to finding a cure for childhood brainstem tumors known as Diffuse Intrinsic Pontine Gliomas (DIPG). 

Karen is the proud mother of two daughters; Romi, 19, a student at Towson University, and Mayah, 13. The family enjoys exploring Maryland’s stunning hiking trails and waterfalls and watching movies.  

“We are thrilled to welcome Karen to the NextHome family and know her expertise will be a tremendous asset to both agents and homebuyers in the Maryland area,” said Imran Poladi, NextHome’s Vice President. 

Please join us in congratulating Karen on the opening of her brand new NextHome brokerage in Montgomery County!


Interested in being a part of the NextHome Real Estate Franchise? Contact VP of Sales Charis Moreno at


Each office is an independently owned and operated business.

The NextHome franchise continues expansion in Arkansas

The NextHome franchise continues expansion in Arkansas

Chance Schubert & Patrick Kuhlman

Pleasanton, CA — July 16, 2019 — NextHome is proud to announce our newest addition to the franchise, NextHome NWA Pro Realty. The new brokerage represents the second NextHome franchised office opened in the state of Arkansas.

NextHome NWA Pro Realty will be led by broker/owner Chance Schubert who will handle all day-to-day aspects of the company including mentoring, training, and brokerage growth. He will be joined on the leadership team by his business partner, Patrick Kuhlman. Partick will serve as the Team Leader of their real estate sales team. Having known each other for more than 12 years, Chance and Patrick have made a dynamic team and have been top-producing REALTORS® for several years.

Additionally, Mary Taylor will hold the role of “Chief Everything Officer” and will handle all financials and compliance issues for the office. 

Based out of Bentonville, the agents of NextHome NWA Pro Realty will service all real estate needs in Northwest Arkansas including Rogers, Centerton, Bella Vista, Springdale, and Fayetteville. 

The brokerage will help residents in the local communities with various real estate services such as first-time homebuyers, investors, military veterans, commercial, condos, new construction, and all forms of seller representation.

Bentonville is home to more than 50,000 residents and is known for being the birthplace of Walmart in 1962. It’s located 3.5 hours northwest of Little Rock and is the ninth-largest city in the state.

Before real estate, both Chance and Patrick came from a background in the hospitality industry. Chance was introduced to real estate and got his license in 2012 after helping Patrick’s mother look at homes she wanted to buy. The agent that was helping Patrick’s mother noticed Chance’s keen eye towards real estate and suggested that he look into becoming a REALTOR®.

“After working for a while in the hotel industry, my introduction to real estate as a career came at a welcome time,” said Chance. “Patrick and I were in hospitality and both of us were getting burned out. I made the leap into real estate in 2012, and Patrick joined a year later.”

Chance started with a local franchised brokerage, and in just his second year, he sold more than $3 million in volume – quite a feat considering the average sales price was $140,000 at the time. 

After Patrick joined the real estate world and formed a team with Chance in 2013, he brought a completely different niche to the team. By adding new construction builders and foreclosure investors to the mix, he expanded their business to new heights.

In 2014, the team did more than $10 million in volume and has continued growing year-over-year.

In 2018, the six-member team sold more than 130 transactions to the tune of $28.5 million in volume, making them one of the top selling teams in the entire Northwest Arkansas area. 

In mid-2018, Chance and Patrick started looking at their expenses and investments of their real estate business and realized they were basically running a small brokerage within their brokerage. 

“The way we were running our team was like running our own real estate company,” recalled Chance. “At that point, we started looking at opening our own brokerage, and that’s when we found NextHome.” 

“There are 113 real estate offices in our county,” said Patrick. “We needed to stand out with our marketing, brand consistency, and making a real impact in what we could offer our clients. As NextHome NWA Pro Realty, we have definitely achieved that.”

Chance says what makes NextHome NWA Pro Realty different is the consistency of service, the level of professionalism that a client will receive, and that all demographics will be treated fairly and with respect.

“Whether you are buying a $20,000 lot or a million-dollar mansion, our team is ready to serve the needs of our clients and treat them with the respect and professionalism they deserve,” said Chance. 

Please join us in congratulating Chance, Patrick, Mary, and the rest of the team at NextHome NWA Pro Realty on the opening of their brand new NextHome brokerage in Bentonville, AR!


Interested in being a part of the NextHome Real Estate Franchise? Contact VP of Sales Charis Moreno at


Each office is an independently owned and operated business.

Is the Home Warranty Always Included in Closing Costs?

Is the Home Warranty Always Included in Closing Costs?

When buying or selling a home, who is responsible for the cost of a home warranty? Learn about your options and what is covered in a home warranty.

Buying or selling a home can be an exciting time in your life. Moving often signifies a new beginning or important changes in someone’s life.

When buying or selling a home, buyers and sellers need to agree on the sales terms and closing costs. One important detail that sometimes comes up is the home warranty.

So, what is a home warranty and is it always included in the closing costs? Let’s take a look at what’s covered in a home warranty and who usually pays for it.

What Does a Home Warranty Cover?

A home warranty is a service agreement that covers the cost to repair major appliances and important home system components from normal wear and tear. The warranty is designed to provide protection against unexpected appliance failure.

For example, a homeowner might have difficulty financing a $4,000 central air conditioning unit if their air conditioner stops working. A good home warranty could allow the homeowner to have their air conditioning repaired instead at a lower cost.

The company providing the warranty could cover some or all of the costs for repairs, depending on the policy.

Some appliances typically covered in a home warranty include the refrigerator and freezer, washer and dryer, oven and stove, microwaves and the air conditioner and heater. Plumbing, roof leaks and electrical systems may also be covered in some home warranty policies.

Aside from potentially saving a lot of money on costly repairs, some people like having home warranties for the convenience. It can be nice having someone you can call when you need to have a covered item repaired.

Contracts are normally good for one year and can be renewed each year if desired.

A home warranty should not be confused with homeowner’s insurance. Homeowner’s insurance protects a home from natural disasters like fires and hurricanes, but does not cover appliance or system failure from normal wear and tear.

How Much is a Home Warranty?

The cost of a home warranty will vary depending on what policy you get and where you live. Standard plans can cost anywhere from $300 to $600 per year and upgrade plans can add an additional $100 – $500 to that cost.

You may need to purchase a second home warranty or additional coverage if you own a second refrigerator or swimming pool as these items are normally not covered under a standard home warranty. With American Home Shield®, however, items such as these are typically included as part of some of their plans at no additional cost.

Be sure to shop around to find the best deal for your home warranty. While cost may be a factor, the number of items covered and the additional services offered, as well as the home warranty company’s reputation and quality of service, should also be considered.

Why Purchase a Home Warranty?

Real estate agents often recommend getting a home warranty for every real estate purchase.

Home warranties protect the seller from liability if appliances break down after the home purchase. Plus if something does break, the new homeowner can call the warranty company instead of calling the seller to get the issue resolved.

Warranties also give buyers the comfort and convenience of knowing that in the event of an appliance breakdown, the warranty will help reduce the cost of repairing or replacing the broken item.

How to Shop for a Home Warranty?

When looking for a home warranty, be sure to review the policy carefully. Policies usually only cover certain appliances and home systems, so be sure that everything you need covered is specified in your home warranty contract.

Also, check your contract to see how much you are covered for. Your home warranty might only cover a percentage of the costs for really expensive repairs.

Warranty companies often assign a local professional to perform the repairs. The quality of service provided by these repair professionals may vary, so be sure to ask the warranty company if and how they regularly select and review the professional contractors and technicians.

Additionally, warranty companies also charge a service charge whenever they send a contractor to do a home repair. This cost will vary depending on the company, but dollars. American Home Shield actually allows you to choose between your fee upfront when purchasing your plan.

Warranty companies may expect you to perform regular maintenance on your appliances or they may not be covered. Make sure you understand the terms of your agreement.

In short, when getting a home warranty, be sure you are clear on the following:

  • What is covered and what is not
  • Any deductibles and limits on coverage
  • Any fees required for service calls
  • How the service company selects professionals to perform repairs
  • What maintenance will I need to perform to my appliances to qualify for assistance?

Who Typically Pays for a Home Warranty During a Real Estate Sale?

Sometimes home warranties are lumped into the closing costs for a real estate transaction and closing costs are typically paid for by the buyer. Buyers will sometimes ask the seller to pay for some or all of the closing costs, but sellers are only responsible for these costs if they agree to these terms.

However, in some states, home warranties are not required as part of the closing costs. In these situations, sellers often are the ones to purchase the home warranty. Purchasing the warranty makes the property easier to sell and protects the seller from post-sale complications that may arise.

Nevertheless, whoever pays for the home warranty is negotiable between the buyer and the seller.

Note that if you are the seller and have an existing home warranty on your property, you can also transfer your warranty to the buyer.

If you are looking for a home warranty, our partners at American Home Shield can help. American Home Shield is the leader in the home warranty industry and our plans can help make your real estate transactions run smoother. If you’re in the market for a home, ask your real estate agent about our home warranties or if the warranty you purchased during the closing is coming to an end and you’re thinking about renewing, get a free quote today.

For more helpful tips, check out the American Home Shield blog!

NextHome Gadwood Group opens third office location

NextHome Gadwood Group opens third office location

Julie Gadwood

Pleasanton, CA — July 11, 2019 — NextHome is proud to announce our newest addition to the franchise, NextHome Gadwood Group – Overland Park Branch. The brokerage represents the eighth office location opened in the state of Kansas for the NextHome franchise.

The new Overland Park location will be led by broker/owner Julie Gadwood who will handle all day-to-day operations for the company.

This branch will be the third office location opened by NextHome Gadwood Group, with two office locations already thriving in Shawnee, Kansas and Gravois Mills, Missouri. The opening of the NextHome Gadwood Group in Overland Park will introduce the superior agents of the company to residents of Overland Park, De Soto, Gardner, Leawood, Lenexa, Merriam, Olathe, Prairie Village, Shawnee, and the remainder of Johnson County.

NextHome Gadwood Group agents will provide assistance to buyers and sellers with residential property sales such as first-time home buyers, investors, farms, ranches and land, military and veteran’s assistance, relocation, foreclosures, short sales, and all forms of residential sales of 1-4 units. 

Located just 10 miles south of Kansas City, Overland Park is the second most populated city in the state of Kansas with nearly 200,000 residents. 

With the growth of business by NextHome Gadwood Group, Julie felt it was the right time to open another location.

“We do a lot of business on the south side of Johnson County,” said Julie. “The Shawnee office grew so quickly that we needed some additional space and having an office in Overland Park was a natural move.”

“This office will give all agents a great place to meet with clients and is going to give us some presence in that area,” she added. “My concept is that it is just another resource to help my agents achieve success. Agents can use both office spaces to meet clients and use as a work area. We haven’t even officially opened the doors yet and have already had some very seasoned and successful agents join us.”

Licensed since 2005, Julie started her real estate career with Coldwell Banker Regan in Shawnee where she worked for six years. She originally intended real estate to be an extra source of income, but after selling five homes in her first six months in the business, Julie realized she had the ability to turn real estate into a viable career.

While she grew her real estate business to see nearly $8 million in sales annually, the most important thing for Julie was that she was able to still spend quality time with her children and not miss any of the important events in their lives.

In 2012, Julie went out on her own and opened Gadwood Group Realty Company Inc.

“I started my own brokerage because I wanted to have a platform and a business that allowed me to put the total focus on the client,” said Julie. “By owning my own company, I was able to have a high level of service and know that our clients would be really taken care of.”

Julie was able to grow the brokerage to over 20 agents and saw the company do more than 125 transactions and over $40 million in a single year.

Additionally, Julie was recently recognized for the tenth year in a row as a 5 Star Award nominee for her outstanding real estate service in her community.

After several successful years as an independent brokerage, it was a random stroke of luck that Julie found NextHome.

“I found out about the franchise during a real estate conference that I attended,” recalled Julie. “Over the years, there were several different franchises we talked to, but none of them really piqued my interest. After years of studying what NextHome was doing and after speaking with (NextHome’s VP of Sales) Charis Moreno, I felt that it was the right time to align my brokerage with NextHome.”

Julie and her agents are excited about the freshness of the company, the consistent branding, and the entire suite of tools and services they now have at NextHome Gadwood Group.

In addition to selling real estate, Julie and her team volunteer time to bettering the real estate industry and providing hope in their community.

As a member of the Kansas City Regional Association of REALTORS® (KCRAR), Julie has actively participated in Habitat for Humanity, where she and her agents have helped rehabilitate homes in her community for those in need.

In 2018, the Gadwood Group were the recipients of the Spirit Award by KCRAR for their service in the community.

The company has also volunteered in the local coat drive and the local Ronald McDonald House organization.

When not selling real estate, Julie and her husband of 27 years (and high school sweetheart) David love to spend time with their three children.

Their eldest, Jake (25), is a graduate of Kansas State University with a focus on Finance Economics. Nick (22) is currently a student at the University of Kansas and is not only an Accounting major but a licensed real estate agent as well. Their youngest, Carney (19), is a sophomore at the University of Kansas and is majoring in Business.

Please join us in congratulating Julie and the rest of the team at NextHome Gadwood Group on their new NextHome office in Overland Park, KS!


Interested in being a part of the NextHome Real Estate Franchise? Contact VP of Sales Charis Moreno at


Each office is an independently owned and operated business.

NextHome brings client-first service to Slidell, Louisiana

NextHome brings client-first service to Slidell, Louisiana

Billy Dekemel

Pleasanton, CA — July 10, 2019 — NextHome Inc. is proud to announce the company’s 375th brokerage. Led by broker Billy Dekemel, NextHome Innovative Realty is now helping clients in the Slidell, Louisiana area find their perfect home. The NextHome Innovative Realty office is NextHome’s fifth brokerage in Louisiana. 

Billy and his wife Melissa will lead the real estate team alongside a growing number of deep-rooted and experienced agents. NextHome Innovative Realty brings its expertise to clients in the Slidell, Covington, Mandeville, and Abita Springs areas. The brokerage will help clients with residential, commercial, and investment property purchases across the Orleans and Tangipahoa Parishes. 

“We absolutely love living here because of Slidell’s family atmosphere,” said Billy, who has lived in Slidell since 1986. “It’s just a lot of great families and working people and that atmosphere is what attracted us to the area and the reason we’ve stayed here for so long.”

Although he has a decades-long career working for the St. Tammany Fire District No.1, Billy found a love for real estate early on. He purchased and managed two of his own rental properties and in 2008 he got his real estate license. So began a thriving career working for both boutique and national real estate firms in the Slidell area. In a matter of a few years, Billy was closing about 26 transactions per year and grew his annual sales volume from about $600,000 to more than $3 million. It wasn’t always easy though.

“I think the toughest thing starting out was to get your name out there and letting people know this is your career, not just a hobby,” Billy said of those early years. “The biggest struggle other than getting a client base was getting people knowing that you are in real estate and you are in it to stay.”

Billy’s persistence and dedication to his clients paid off. In 2017, Billy found himself working with RE/MAX where he handled $4.2 million in transactions with in 27 deals that year. 

However, he needed to take his commitment to his clients to the next level. That’s when Billy found NextHome. 

“It had that same family atmosphere that makes Slidell such a great place,” Billy said of his initial attraction to what NextHome had to offer. “People know your name. I’ve worked for big national companies where you very much seem like just a face in an office. NextHome has a very different and family-like culture. It really is what attracted me to NextHome as well as being a franchise and having all of the processes in place.”

Today, Billy and his team are establishing a reputation as the folks local homebuyers can go to for up-to-date information and customer-first service.

“I think for one it’s all about the client and what their needs are,” Billy said of his business model. “It doesn’t matter what our needs are, it matters what they need. A lot of people say that they are doing that, but when it comes down to saying it and doing it, that’s two different things. That’s one thing we pride ourselves on – we are very customer-centric and customer-oriented. We do what’s best for our clients all the time.”

Billy plans to combine that philosophy with the best technology around to create a business locals can feel good about. 

That passion for customer service is shared by his wife of 27 years and business partner Melissa. When Billy and Melissa aren’t helping people in the Slidell area find their perfect home, they enjoy relaxing by their pool and traveling across the country. They are the proud parents of  daughter Meagan who is 26 and pursuing a career as a CPA. 

“NextHome is thrilled to have Billy join our growing family and we can’t wait to see how, with the support of NextHome, he takes his real estate career to new heights,” said Imran Poladi, NextHome’s Vice President. 

Please join us in congratulating Billy on the opening of NextHome Innovative Realty in Slidell, LA!


Interested in being a part of the NextHome Real Estate Franchise? Contact VP of Sales Charis Moreno at


Each office is an independently owned and operated business.

NextHome Perkins Realty Group is the newest NextHome franchisee

NextHome Perkins Realty Group is the newest NextHome franchisee

David Perkins

Pleasanton, CA — July 3, 2019 — NextHome is proud to announce our newest addition to the franchise, NextHome Perkins Realty Group. The new brokerage represents the 26th NextHome franchised office opened in the state of Texas.

NextHome Perkins Realty Group will be led by broker/owner David Perkins. He will handle all day-to-day aspects of the company including mentoring, training, and brokerage growth. 

Based out of Longview, the agents of NextHome Perkins Realty Group will handle real estate in the cities of Longview, Kilgore, Hallsville, Diana, Gilmer, and the remainder of Gregg and Upshur Counties. 

The brokerage will be helping residents in the local community with various real estate services such as first-time homebuyers, investors, ranches and land, commercial, condos, retirement communities, and all forms of seller representation.

Longview is located about two hours east of Dallas and is home to approximately 85,000 residents. Longview is also known as the home of the Great Texas Balloon Race. Many of the pilots that compete at the Great Texas Balloon Race consider it the best run event on the circuit. The Great Texas Balloon Race dubbed Longview as “The Balloon Capital of Texas” by the Governor of Texas in 1985.

Licensed since 2016, David started his real estate career right out of college. As a graduate of LeTourneau University, his original plan was to go to dental school but was asked by a friend’s mother if he had any interest in real estate. Curiosity struck as David researched all-things real estate, and the rest was history. 

David started with a local independent brokerage and in his very first year, he sold more than $2 million in real estate. Building on top of this foundation, David exceeded more than $3 million a year in sales in a market where the average sales price is $187,000. 

David credits his success to his commitment to building strong business and personal relationships. 

“I played baseball in college, so I have always been active in sports,” said David. “Since graduating, I have stayed active playing tennis and softball. I’ve been able to leverage these events to make friends and business contacts that have really helped me build my real estate business.”

David stays committed to having a genuine interest in helping clients get the very best price from their home and negotiate the very best purchase price when they buy.

In 2017, David started thinking about going out on his own and opening a brokerage, but he knew he didn’t want to do it alone. 

“I thought about franchising, but wasn’t thrilled with the options out there,” said David. “Once I found out about NextHome, I loved what I saw and really felt that franchising with NextHome could help me open and run a successful brokerage.”

“The technology we have now at NextHome Perkins Realty Group is unlike anything that is being offered in our market,” added David.

In 2018, David made the leap with the support and encouragement from his sister, Laura. In fact, Laura will be assisting the brokerage with marketing and helping provide listing exposure for sellers.

Outside of work, David enjoys traveling, skiing, visiting Las Vegas, and hanging out with his dog, Summer.

Please join us in congratulating David and the rest of the team at NextHome Perkins Realty Group on the opening of their brand new NextHome brokerage in Longview, TX!


Interested in being a part of the NextHome Real Estate Franchise? Contact VP of Sales Charis Moreno at


Each office is an independently owned and operated business.

NextHome franchise expands in the Los Angeles Area

NextHome franchise expands in the Los Angeles Area

Bert Haboucha

Pleasanton, CA — July 2, 2019 — NextHome is proud to announce that Bert Haboucha has opened the company’s newest franchised location. NextHome Atlas Realty is now serving clients across the Los Angeles area.  

As a fully-licensed broker/agent with 25 years of experience in the area, Bert will oversee all of the day-to-day operations of his growing real estate business as well as focus his attention on serving homebuyers in the Bel Air area. In addition, Bert has a team of agents who will serve clients across the Burbank, Toluca Lake, North Hollywood, Hollywood, Malibu, Agoura Hills, and the Calabasas areas. 

Bert and his team are bringing a friendly face and an analytical eye to a hot market with premium price points and an established clientele. Many of his existing clients are deep-rooted members of their communities who are moving from rentals to purchase their perfect home. He also helps families who are seeking a second home, seniors who want to downsize, and others who are looking for a lateral move that better suits their lifestyles.

“I bring a unique skill set to the Los Angeles market having negotiated very high-dollar value transactions over the years,” said Bert. “In addition, my career in banking has allowed me to close deals across the country – giving me a national perspective others might not have.”

In addition to home buying, Bert brings decades of banking experience to his new NextHome office. During a long career in the real estate finance industry, Bert worked as a financial analyst, moving next to the bank’s originations team. He also worked in credit, asset management, and led the bank’s distressed debt teams. 

“My main job was restructuring debt to ensure the property could survive and then turning around and stabilizing the property, whether that was leasing or renovations, and then marketing it for sale and selling it,” said Bert. “Most of the properties I helped with were commercial/investment grade or private equity or institutional.”

Over the course of his banking career, Bert managed billions in various real estate and debt – restructuring, marketing, and selling much of that inventory. 

As the economy evolved, however, a big chunk of the portfolios he managed came to include residential properties, sparking interest in that side of the market. 

After years of analyzing deals in banking, it was a casual sighting that sparked the idea of a new direction in his career. 

“One day I was with my kids and we were driving through Laguna Beach and there was this little corner business that you’ve probably seen on every Main Street in every little city. ‘Something Realty’ with the guy’s first and last name. I remember saying to myself, this guy has been around for 30 years. What a great little business,” said Bert. “I thought more about it and decided to open my own brokerage.”

The idea didn’t become an overnight success. Bert spent more than six months working to set up his own brokerage, building from the ground up. From marketing to CRM, the tasks became an avalanche. 

“I thought, there has got to be a better way,” said Bert. “I put up my flag, sold a house in Bel Air, but I was realizing the pain points.” 

That’s when he found NextHome.  

“With the structure NextHome provides, it becomes much easier to run a business, sell and market the properties, and do it in a way that is cohesive,” said Bert. “You rarely see that level of consistency with other real estate businesses.” 

Today, Bert is setting himself apart in the competitive LA real estate world with his analytical and professional approach to transactions as well as working with clients.

“At the end of the day NextHome gave me what I needed to be able to transact differently than a lot of people,” said Bert. 

Bert is also active on the Board of Directors for REOMAC, the premier non-profit trade association serving the mortgage default servicing industry nationwide. He also is an active member of SPIRE (Stanford Professionals In Real Estate) connecting him with Stanford University alumni, research, and education.  

When he’s not working, Bert enjoys hiking with his wife Selina, reading historical classics, and brushing up on his Italian and French. 

The family has two sons – Shane, an actor who is pursuing a law degree and Theo who was a competitive AAA hockey player and has now graduated with a law degree. 

“We are thrilled to have Bert join the NextHome family and look forward to seeing him succeed in the Los Angeles Area,” said Imran Poladi, NextHome’s Vice President.

Please join us in congratulating Bert on the opening of his brand new NextHome brokerage in Los Angeles!


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Each office is an independently owned and operated business.

Meet the NextHomies who made the top one-half percent

Meet the NextHomies who made the top one-half percent

Kimberly Taylor and Pete Torsiello

Pleasanton, CA — June 28, 2019 — NextHome is thrilled to announce that two NextHomies made The Thousand list that highlights the top one-half percent of the nation’s real estate professionals.

The Thousand list is put together every year by REAL Trends, a trusted source for news, analysis, and information on the residential brokerage industry. The list ranks the top real estate agents and teams in the United States, by both sales volume and transaction sides. The ranking is in partnership with Tom Ferry International and advertised in The Wall Street Journal.

The Thousand list is broken evenly into four categories:

  • Individual Sales Professionals – Sales volume
  • Individual Sales Professionals – Transaction sides 
  • Team Professionals – Sales volume
  • Team Professionals – Transaction sides

The two NextHomies on the list both ranked in the sales volume category for individual agents, and we couldn’t be more proud. Congratulations to Kimberly Taylor of NextHome First Class and Pete Torsiello of NextHome Community Real Estate! 

Kimberly and Pete are not only leaders in the industry, but also at NextHome. The two have graciously shared their vast knowledge from the field at industry events, and on a ground level, assisting other members one-on-one. 

Kimberly Taylor is the owner of NextHome First Class based out of Freeport, Illinois. Licensed since 2001, she has always been an early adopter of cutting-edge technology and constant education. With her commitment to providing first-class service to her clients, Kimberly has steadily built her business year-over-year as one of the best agents in her area.

Kimberly has a team of support staff to help her with her transactions but makes sure that each of her clients gets a personal and custom real estate experience. With her hands-on approach, her listings usually go under contract in under 60 days – half of the average days on market of competitors’ listings.

Pete Torsiello is the partial owner of NextHome Community Real Estate that is based out of Las Vegas, Nevada. Pete started his real estate career in 2008 after 15 years in the sports memorabilia business. Initially, he began selling homes as a side project, but after quickly earning more business than he could handle, Pete converted to full-time real estate in 2010.

NextHome Community Real Estate is more than just the name of the brokerage. Pete and the company are very involved in the Las Vegas community with a focus on working with teachers.

Please join us in congratulating both Kimberly and Pete on their success. We can only imagine the amount of happiness they’ve shared with their clients by helping them find their next home. 

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Each office is an independently owned and operated business.

NextHome Showcase is the newest NextHome franchisee

NextHome Showcase is the newest NextHome franchisee

Robert Torrey

Pleasanton, CA — June 28, 2019 — NextHome is proud to announce our newest addition to the franchise, NextHome Showcase. The new brokerage represents the 14th NextHome franchised office opened in the state of Michigan.

NextHome Showcase will be led by broker/owner Robert Torrey. Robert will handle all day-to-day aspects of the company including mentoring, training, and brokerage growth. 

Based out of Waterford Township, the agents of NextHome Showcase will handle real estate in the counties of Oakland, South Genesee, Northern Wayne, Livingston, and Macomb. 

NextHome Showcase will be helping residents in the local community with various real estate services such as move-up buyers, military relocation, investment properties, short sales and foreclosures, buyer’s representation, lakeside housing, and all forms of seller representation.

The Waterford Township is located one hour north of Detroit and is home to nearly 75,000 residents. 

Licensed since 2014, Robert made the move to selling real estate after a nearly 20-year career in construction. While he always had an interest in the industry, it wasn’t until an injury that happened while working in construction that confirmed it was time to move into real estate full-time. 

Robert put his work ethic in action as a REALTOR® and saw success immediately. In his first full year, he sold 32 transactions. Steadily building his sales, in 2018, he was able to sell nearly 90 homes. Robert attributes his success to his commitment to providing his clients the very best service, and also surrounding himself with a team of five professionals who are just as committed to over-delivering for their clients as he is.

As Robert built his sales business, the interest in opening his own brokerage grew. 

“I debated about whether to go into a real estate franchise or not,” said Robert. “After talking with my wife, Shanna, we decided to franchise. NextHome was everything we were looking for.”

Robert says that NextHome provided the stability of a national franchise with the flexibility to run his brokerage as he sees fit. After his visit to the NextHome Corporate office in Northern California, Robert knew he had made the right decision.  

Robert and Shanna have been together for 11 years and married for eight of those years. Between the two, they have three children – Adam (age 20), Kyle (19), and Robert (10). The family loves outdoor activities such as camping, fishing, and riding four-wheelers. 

Please join us in congratulating Robert and the rest of the team at NextHome Showcase on the opening of their brand new NextHome brokerage in Waterford Township, MI!

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Each office is an independently owned and operated business.