5 ways Connections Plus is a great option for new agents

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As a new agent, you know that to be successful in real estate, you need a combination of the following: a steady flow of leads, a solid follow-up strategy, and a well-oiled nurture plan.

Now, these three points may seem pretty straightforward, but any agent getting started in the industry knows the challenges that come with each of these. And when you throw in the endless tasks and must-dos that add up in a single workweek, it can seem impossible to find the time to balance it all.

What if there was a way to pull all these pieces together and get it all in one central place to make your real estate life and business easier?

We’ll share exactly how you can do just that.

What is ConnectionsSM Plus?

Imagine a tool where you have everything you need for successful lead generation, follow-up, and nurturing at every touchpoint — all in one single place. In simple terms, that’s exactly what ConnectionsSM Plus is.

Lead generation can be tough, without a doubt, no matter your tenure in the industry. ConnectionsSM Plus was designed to connect real estate agents with active buyers searching for homes in their local ZIP code. At its core, the platform is a way to seamlessly connect ready buyers with agents who are also ready to serve them.

But that’s not all.

ConnectionsSM Plus also aims to help streamline and centralize your business so you can spend time focusing on what you love and knocking out the day-to-day tasks of being a new agent. All the while, you can stop spinning your wheels and also offer a superior client experience to your incoming leads — from your first point of contact and beyond.

So, how exactly can ConnectionsSM Plus help new agents?

This may all sound great, but what does this all really mean for you as a new agent in the industry? Let’s take a look at some data.

According to our #ThrivePastFive findings, 70% of successful new agents — defined as new agents with seven or more transactions a year — spend money on online internet leads every month. While it can be tricky to know where to place your dollars to get the most bang for your buck, it’s clear new agents finding success by getting at least seven transactions a year are prioritizing the purchase of online leads regularly and consistently.

Rather than spinning your wheels hoping your leads, both online and offline, will net out a successful deal, new agents can get a boost by investing in the high-quality leads offered by ConnectionsSM Plus.

5 ways new agents can get a boost to their biz from ConnectionsSM Plus

Still wondering if this powerful, all-in-one tool is right for you as you’re starting out? Here are five ways it can help you build your new business up and get established.

#1. You get directly in contact with ready, active buyers in your local market

To meet more people in your local area, you must get your boots on the ground and start networking. But getting your networking practice up and running takes time, consideration, and consistency. As you’re establishing yourself and tackling the hurdles that come with being a new agent, this can seem like yet another time-consuming task to get you in touch with prospective buyers.

With ConnectionsSM Plus, you get right in touch with actual, motivated buyers looking to purchase a home in your market. Take out the stress of squeezing in a mixer or networking event or even hovering over your computer to see who’s responding. The platform will send you push notifications directly to your smartphone when you get a new buyer lead.

#2. You’ll never sweat your speed-to-lead

As your business is constantly on the go, it’s no surprise that lead follow-up in a speedy timeframe is a repeat hurdle. Being able to respond to your leads as quickly as possible is a must: one study from CallHippo found the best time to reach out to a lead via phone call is within an hour of their form submission.

 If you respond after an hour, the likelihood of getting in touch with the lead drops by a whole eight times.

Instead of stressing about how you can reply at lightning speed, ConnectionsSM Plus can easily help. The platform helps you respond lightning-fast with customized, automated follow-ups so you can stay focused on the task or meeting at hand while ensuring your leads are automatically taken care of. This also helps you have a leg up on the competition and helps you stop having to hover over your phone or email inbox.

Within the platform, your automated response emails are sent 24/7 — so no matter what time the consumer is searching online and submitting lead forms, they’ll receive contact from you. 

#3. Your leads won’t be a mystery

Take the guesswork out of knowing who your lead is and what they’re interested in, before you even meet. When you get a buyer lead from ConnectionsSM Plus, you also immediately get the lead’s contact info, the properties they’ve been looking at, and (in some cases) even direct links to their social media profiles.

Talk about an opportunity to have a built-in conversation opener! By having these tidbits of knowledge about your buyer lead before you even contact them, you can immediately jump into building rapport, start identifying ways to best support their needs and goals, and get a headstart on developing a strong client relationship — all without having to do extensive, time-consuming research on your own.

#4. You won’t need to be tied up in follow-up

When it comes to following up with leads and keeping them engaged, having a strong nurture strategy is non-negotiable. Nurturing helps leads at all stages stay in touch with you, educate themselves, and get help moving the needle to make their next move. Not all leads will be ready at the same moment, but they still need the attention and care to get them to that point.

ConnectionsSM Plus helps you nurture leads quickly and easily, which is key while you’re out doing all the other things you need to do to get your business up and running. As you generate more leads, you’ll get intelligent recommendations through suggested follow-ups from ConnectionsSM Plus to take action through text, phone calls, and email. 

These nudges and reminders help ensure no leads slip through the cracks — no matter how busy you get or how many you generate.

Nurture even more with Market Insights reports

Another key nurture tool? Market Insights reports. Your leads could be early in the home search process, so keeping them engaged with you is crucial — you don’t want them shopping around other sites online or talking to other agents. But with a mountain of other tasks, how can you get ahead of this? This is where Market Insights reports become your power tool.

With real-time data direct from your MLS, Market Insights reports keep your leads engaged and tuned in with meaningful, real-life local market data. With intel into how the market’s performing and what homes in the area are going for, these reports are a must to keep your leads enticed, engaged, and educated.

To save even more time, you can schedule Market Insights reports for all types of clients — like home buyers, homeowners, or current sellers — to ensure they each get the information most relevant to their needs. You also get intel: the timeline shows you whether or not the Market Insights report was delivered, opened, clicked, or modified, so you know exactly who’s engaged and just what they’re looking for.

#5. You’ll get a single view of your business

Managing different software, systems, and websites can be confusing, stressful, and a downright timesuck. Wouldn’t it be great to have one single, centralized view of everything going on with your leads? It’s possible, with help from — you guessed it — ConnectionsSM Plus.

The ConnectionsSM Plus dashboard lets you track all your tasks and communications in one place with the Tasks feature. You can assign due dates and times and connect them to specific contacts (a.k.a leads), giving you a single view into what’s on your to-do list as soon as you log into the dashboard.

When you need to see where you last left off with a lead, simply click into their contact record to get a timestamped timeline view into your communications. The dashboard also allows you to connect your business phone number so you can call and text (along with email) and keep track of your outreach in the same central view.

Stop chasing different systems and get one single view with ConnectionsSM Plus.

New agents, get a helping hand from ConnectionsSM Plus

As you’re starting in the real estate world, establishing your brand and your business, learning and building upon all the best practices, having a strong approach to lead generation, outreach, and nurturing is key to building a real estate career that lasts.

With a powerful tool like ConnectionsSM Plus, you can reduce overwhelm in your day-to-day business, get in touch with active, motivated buyers, and have intuitive, automated follow-up plans in place. Let the platform remove stress from the equation so you can do what you love most. Learn more today!

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