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NextHome announces new D.C. area brokerage

NextHome announces new D.C. area brokerage

June Bryant

Pleasanton, CA — May 13, 2021 — NextHome is pleased to announce the newest addition to the franchise, NextHome Millennium Realty, based in Upper Marlboro, Maryland. The brokerage represents the 10th office location opened in Maryland for the NextHome franchise and the 569th NextHome office opened nationally.

The brokerage will serve clients across the Maryland area, including Washington, D.C. Under the leadership of broker/owner, June Bryant. NextHome Millennium Realty will eventually also offer its services in Virginia. 

A seasoned investor, June started her real estate career in 2006. The core of her business was her own personal flip and investment properties. Throughout the years, June has personally bought and sold more than 70 homes across the eastern seaboard. 

Eventually, friends and family began asking June for her help with their transactions and her business began to blossom. In 2016, June began working as an agent representing others. As her reputation for excellence grew, other agents began to seek out June as a trusted source for industry information. Although she had become a successful recruiter for a nationally franchised brokerage, June knew that she wanted to create her own environment for fostering fresh talent. 

“I had all these young people who were dying to get into the business, and I wanted to give them the help they needed,” June said. 

She began looking at franchise ownership and discovered NextHome. 

“NextHome was already doing what everybody else was trying to catch up with,” June said. “With NextHome, I knew I could get industry-leading technology without having to spend my precious time reinventing the wheel. It was already all set.”

Today, June is using her new brokerage to nurture fresh and ambitious agent talent. 

“That’s why I named our office Millennium Realty,” June explained. “I attract new, Millennial talent, I have the opportunity to build a culture from the ground up that will make NextHome Millennium Realty the area’s premier source for cutting-edge service.”

Outside the office, June is a dedicated philanthropist. She takes several weeks each year to travel to and serve orphanages in Kenya and Guatemala. 

“I am originally from Kenya, so serving people there is very close to my heart,” June said. 

Prior to the COVID-19 pandemic, she would spend at least one Saturday each month serving food at the local homeless shelter. These days, June is a dedicated volunteer at The Bowie Interfaith Pantry. She is the proud mother of two grown sons, Terrill Williams (27) and Jarrett (20). Both sons are in the process of obtaining their real estate licenses and following in their mother’s footsteps. 

Please join us in congratulating June on the opening of NextHome Millennium Realty in Upper Marlboro, Maryland!


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NextHome and CMG Financial Launch NextMortgage, a New Mortgage Experience

NextHome and CMG Financial Launch NextMortgage, a New Mortgage Experience

Pleasanton, CA – May 6, 2021 – NextHome, the No. 1 real estate franchise, and CMG Financial, a national privately-held, mortgage banking firm, announce the launch of their new joint venture partnership, NextMortgage. 

NextMortgage will launch with offices in Florida, South Carolina, North Carolina, and Kentucky first with plans to continue expansion throughout the United States. The company will be a collaborative partnership centered around the very best loan officers with a focus on culture, guidance, knowledge, and educating consumers to make empowered real estate decisions.

NextHome is the No. 1 franchise in the U.S. across all categories for 2020 based on customer satisfaction. Their ethos as a company has been to put humans first and trust that the business will follow and grow by providing exemplary service to their franchisees. NextHome plans to carry that same mindset and approach to the mortgage business, by building a company with the same principles.

“It’s rare to find a mortgage company that shares our same vision and principles, but after meeting the team at CMG Financial, we knew they were the right partner to create an entirely new mortgage experience for the NextHome membership,” said NextHome CEO James Dwiggins. “We’re truly excited at the prospect of developing a simpler, concierge-based real estate experience by combining the very best real estate agents and loan officers in the business.”

Similarly, CMG Financial thrives because of its loan officer-centric culture, with leadership working together to support branches on the local level and deliver the tools they need to succeed. One of the advantages of the joint venture partnership with CMG Financial is that loan officers will gain access to nationwide operations support plus proprietary products available exclusively to CMG and its affiliates.  

First-time homebuyers can take advantage of HomeFundItTM, the down payment gifting platform, to accept and apply monetary gifts toward their down payment and buy a home sooner with a larger down payment.  

Experienced homeowners may benefit from the All In One LoanTM, a first lien HELOC that combines mortgage financing and banking to help homeowners pay off their mortgage faster and reduce the lifetime cost of mortgage interest, all while maintaining access to home equity as needed.     

“We are thrilled to be working with NextHome, a company that is dedicated to personalizing the real estate experience and believes in the individual over the deal. Here at CMG Financial, culture is crucial to the success of our company. Finding a like-minded partner helped shape the creation of NextMortgage – a new mortgage lender that is heavily focused on improving the overall home buying experience for all parties involved,” said Chris Harris, SVP Joint Venture Manager, the CMG Financial.


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NextHome Ranked one of The Americas’ Fastest-Growing Companies

NextHome Ranked one of The Americas’ Fastest-Growing Companies

Pleasanton, CA — April 29, 2021 — NextHome was recently ranked on the Financial Times second annual list of The Americas’ fastest-growing companies for 2021. The list is comprised of the 500 companies in the Americas that have the highest growth in publicly disclosed revenues between 2016 and 2019.

The list was compiled with Statista, a research company, and ranks entrants from across the Americas by compound annual growth rate (CAGR) in revenue between 2016 and 2019. Companies from these American countries were eligible to participate: Argentina, Belize, Bolivia, Brazil, Canada, Chile, Colombia, Costa Rica, Dominican Republic, Ecuador, Guatemala, Honduras, Mexico, Nicaragua, Panama, Paraguay, Peru, the US, Uruguay, and Venezuela.

NextHome was ranked No. 419 on the list that is dominated by digital companies. While NextHome prides itself on providing the latest technology for its members, at its core, it’s a real estate franchise – a human business. 

The franchise’s “Humans Over Houses” mindset was coined by NextHome’s Chief Strategy Officer Keith Robinson at the 2019 NextHome Conference in Las Vegas, NV. The saying came to fruition as Keith was continuously bombarded by conversations that paint real estate as a tech industry.

“If we ever lose sight of the human in the transaction, we are out of business,” said Keith. “That’s really the heart of it: with something as intimate and complicated as real estate, you cannot lose sight of that personal connection.”

NextHome is proud to be a “people business” recognized on the Financial Times list of The Americas’ fastest-growing companies for 2021 in a sea of digital companies. Putting humans over houses is, and will continue to be, the core of every NextHomie’s business to help their community members find or sell their next home. Learn more by visiting


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NextHome Named a Top Low-Cost and Fastest-Growing Franchise

NextHome Named a Top Low-Cost and Fastest-Growing Franchise

Pleasanton, CA — April 27, 2021 — NextHome has recently been recognized by Entrepreneur as a Top Low-Cost Franchise and a Fastest-Growing Franchise for 2021. These rankings follow the franchise being named a Top Franchise on Entrepreneur’s 2021 Franchise 500®. 

NextHome was ranked No. 8 on their Top Low-Cost Franchises list for 2021. Companies on the list are ranked based on the scores they received in Entrepreneur’s 2021 Franchise 500 ranking, a comprehensive analysis that looked at more than 150 data points in the areas of costs and fees, size and growth, franchisee support, brand strength, and financial strength and stability. 

“Being a real estate franchise opportunity with an attainable point of entry was one of our core values when starting NextHome,” said Charis Moreno, Vice President of Sales at NextHome, Inc. “Having the recognition of being a top low-cost franchise solidifies why we’ve strived to be an option for those who want to make a difference in their business, in their lives, without putting their financial security at risk. Seeing our NextHomies follow their dreams in franchise ownership and finding success in doing so is the reason we do what we do so proudly.”

NextHome was ranked No. 43 on Entrepreneur’s Fastest-Growing Franchises in U.S. and Canada list for 2021. Growth is what franchising is all about, and this ranking identifies the franchise brands with the greatest franchise unit growth in the U.S. and Canada from July 2019 to 2020, based on data submitted for the 2021 Franchise 500®. Earlier this year, NextHome ranked No. 54 on the list of the Fastest-Growing Franchises in the U.S. alone by Entrepreneur. 

While growth is good, NextHome prides itself on growing with the right people. Each oncoming NextHome office has been meticulously reviewed to ensure that they will be a good fit for the culture of the franchise.

“Our growth stems from our people. Better put, the right people,” said Charis. “The most empowering word in our language is the word ‘no’ and I use this word often when I discuss franchising opportunities with prospective brokers and agents. While metrics are important in some conversations, I don’t find them important when it comes to the overall success of NextHome. At the end of the day, you can have the best marketing, technology, and integrated systems and tools, but if you don’t have the right people, the rest doesn’t even matter.”


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Each office is an independently owned and operated business.

NextHome Gold Rush Realty expands in Nevada

NextHome Gold Rush Realty expands in Nevada

Janet Jacaway & Joree Anderson

Pleasanton, CA — April 9, 2021 — NextHome is pleased to announce the expansion of NextHome Gold Rush Realty in Battle Mountain, Nevada. The brokerage builds on the phenomenal growth of NextHome Gold Rush Realty’s first office in Winnemucca, Nevada. 

The brokerage represents the 8th office location opened in Nevada for the NextHome franchise and the 558th NextHome office opened nationally.

Known for its mining industry and outdoor recreation, Battle Mountain is located about three hours east of Reno on Interstate 80 – between Winnemucca and Elko. The city of about 4,000 people is attractive to those working in the region’s booming mining industry.  

Since launching NextHome Gold Rush Realty only eight months ago, owners Janet Jacaway and Joree Anderson have built one of the highest performing brokerages in their MLS region. 

After only six months operational, NextHome Gold Rush Realty ranked third in sales for the Northern Nevada MLS area.  

“I feel like NextHome makes it so easy to succeed,” Joree said. “All the tools are there, and their team is on the ball when it comes to training. NextHome makes it convenient to get quick answers, and all that support makes it easy to succeed.”

That success organically attracted world-class agent talent – including agents who are intimately familiar with the Battle Mountain market. Expansion was the natural next step. 

“Local agents fell in love with what we were doing, and they wanted to join us,” Joree said. “We believe in the franchise. We love the franchise, and I think other people are seeing that and want to be a part of it.”

Janet and Joree have been working together since 2017. However, Janet’s real estate journey began earlier in 2004.  

She began her career with a Vision West Realty where she spent the next decade developing a reputation for excellence in her market. Then, in 2014, Janet joined RE/MAX Great Basin Realty. 

Joree began her real estate career with that same office in 2017 after deciding she needed a more family-friendly career change. Joree spent her early working years with Cyanco, a local mining company that produces sodium cyanide. 

After obtaining her license, Joree gave her new profession every ounce of energy she had. Her hard work produced phenomenal success. In a matter of months, she became a top producing agent. 

Janet’s sales success was also remarkable. In a market where the average home price hovers around $250,000, Janet was able to achieve about $10 million in sales in 2019. 

Although they never formed a team, Janet and Joree loved working together. 

“She has every strength that I lack and vice versa,” Janet said. 

The pair knew that they wanted to work together on their own terms, so they started looking into franchise options. Both Joree and Janet seemed to discover NextHome at the same time and both were impressed. 

Now as it expands, NextHome Gold Rush Realty will continue to combine world-class marketing with the work ethic and friendly service that Janet and Joree are known for. As they look to the future, Janet and Joree plan to expand again into Reno, Nevada. 

“We love that when locals buy or sell a house, they know that they want to work with us because they already know how we operate,” Joree said.

When they aren’t serving their clients, Janet and Joree are avid outdoors people who enjoy spending time with their families. 

Janet and her husband Ken have been married since 1996 and have two grown children, Alex and Britany. Janet loves to waterski on Rye Patch Reservoir and enjoy time on the ATVs with her kids. She also enjoys elk hunting and trap shooting with Joree. 

Joree is the proud mother of her son, Parker (4). 

“My son really inspires me to be outstanding in everything I do,” Joree said. “They watch you and learn from you and because of them you want to do better.”

When she isn’t helping her clients, Joree enjoys working with horses, wakeboarding on the reservoir, and trap shooting with Janet. 

Please join us in congratulating Janet and Joree on the expansion of NextHome Gold Rush Realty in Battle Mountain, Nevada!


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NextHome announces new Florida brokerage

NextHome announces new Florida brokerage

Frank Green

Pleasanton, CA — April 2, 2021 — NextHome is pleased to announce the newest addition to the franchise, NextHome Marketplace, based in Ocala, Florida. The brokerage represents the 83rd office location opened in Florida for the NextHome franchise and the 556th NextHome office opened nationally.

NextHome Marketplace will serve clients across Marion County, including Dunnellon, Belleview, and the northern end of The Villages. Located in the center of the state, just an hour and a half north of Downtown Orlando, Ocala is one of the fastest growing communities in the nation, attracting buyers with its stunning horse properties and spacious land options. 

Between April 1, 2019, and April 1, 2020, Marion County added 7,714 people to reach 368,135 residents, according to population data compiled annually by the Bureau of Business and Economic Research at the University of Florida. That was a year-over-year growth rate of 2.14 percent. That was 14 percent higher than 2019, and the biggest annual jump in at least a decade. In addition, Ocala ranked No. 1 in the nation with the greatest number of small business owners among mid-sized cities, according to a recent study by AdvisorSmith.

In this setting, NextHome Marketplace is well positioned to provide outstanding service to residential buyers and sellers, especially those seeking horse and ranch properties. 

NextHome Marketplace is owned by Frank Green, a 12-year real estate sales veteran with unique expertise in property management. 

In 2013, a few years after obtaining his sales license, Frank opened All County Marion Property Management. The business grew to serve owners in both Alachua and Gainesville counties and managed more than 250 doors. 

Through the years, Frank began to truly enjoy the relationships he developed with property owners. However, because the property management business was so busy, Frank rarely had time to help these owners with their real estate sales and acquisition needs. He wanted to provide a full-service opportunity for his clients. 

That’s when he started considering a franchise. After a quick search, he discovered NextHome and all that it offered. 

“I love that I have a model to follow and built-in plans for marketing and advertising,” Frank said. 

Today, Frank is excited about the opportunities that a NextHome franchise will provide him. 

“NextHome has a lot of helpful information to help me attract, train, and retain agents,” Frank said. “It is modern, new, and technology-driven which is where the industry is heading.”

With this forward-thinking franchise, Frank hopes to attract agents who are energetic and positive with an entrepreneurial spirit.

“I would love to help those agents grow, and eventually see them get their own broker’s license,” Frank said. 

Much like Frank, NextHome Marketplace will be active in charitable giving around the community.

For the past five years, Frank has been a Rotarian with the Ocala Silver Springs Rotary Club. Among other worthy causes, the organization raises money for deserving high school seniors – giving five of them a $1,000 scholarship every year. Frank is the chairman of the scholarship committee. 

Frank has been married to his wife Sandy for more than 36 years and together they are the parents of two children and three grandchildren. Frank Green Jr. will be joining the franchise as one of its listing agents. 

Please join us in congratulating Frank on the opening of NextHome Marketplace in Ocala, Florida!


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NextHome Named a Top Franchise for Women

NextHome Named a Top Franchise for Women

Pleasanton, CA — April 1, 2021 — NextHome was recently named the No. 1 franchise in the country by Franchise Business Review following an independent survey of 300+ brands across all sectors. Based on the findings of the survey, Franchise Business Review has now named NextHome a Top Franchise for Women in its 2021 report.

Franchise Business Review, a franchise market research firm that performs independent surveys of franchisee satisfaction, provides the only rankings of franchises based solely on actual franchisee satisfaction and performance. Franchise Business Review publishes its rankings of top franchises in its annual Guide to Today’s Top Franchises, as well as in quarterly reports throughout the year that rank the top franchises in specific sectors.

NextHome was among 289 franchise brands, representing 8,453 female franchise owners, that participated in Franchise Business Review’s research on the Top Franchises for Women. NextHome’s franchisees were surveyed on 33 benchmark questions about their experience and satisfaction regarding critical areas of their franchise systems, including leadership, training & support, financial opportunity, and work/life balance. 

“Franchising provides many options to women seeking business ownership on a full- or part-time basis,” said Michelle Rowan, President and COO of Franchise Business Review. “The number of franchise opportunities available can be overwhelming, so it’s critical to examine feedback from other female franchise owners on how well the franchise meets their expectations in terms of support, work/life balance, financial opportunity, and other key areas of business ownership. When you look at the brands on this year’s list of the top franchises for women, a whopping 88% of women said they enjoyed owning and operating their own business, making them all excellent options for women looking to make the transition to owning and operating their own business.”

The latest accolade for NextHome follows Franchise Business Review’s list of the Top Franchises for 2021, where NextHome was named the No. 1 franchise across all categories. This is also the third year NextHome was named a top franchise for women. 

“It was always important for me when I was asked to lead the growth of the NextHome brand that we brought on the right people that share our vision, provide value, make a difference, and raise the bar in our industry,” said Charis Moreno, Vice President of Sales at NextHome. “Seeing that we made the list in a category I represent makes what we are doing that much more important and inspiring to me. Helping every class and gender become a business owner in our country is part of the American Dream, and to see we are leading in that dream makes our success that much more meaningful.” 

Moreno and her executive assistant, Jennifer Wertheimer, comprise NextHome’s Franchise Sales team, which signed over 100 new offices in 2020. Moreno’s strong work ethic and passion for the NextHome brand is the reason NextHome maintains its impeccable company culture, each and every NextHome office that joins the network was backed by Moreno as a good fit for the franchise overall. 


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Each office is an independently owned and operated business.

NextHome announces Little River, South Carolina office

NextHome announces Little River, South Carolina office

Sandra Cribb

Pleasanton, CA — March 19, 2021 —NextHome is pleased to announce the newest addition to the franchise, NextHome The Palmetto State, based in Little River, South Carolina. The brokerage represents the 12th office location opened in South Carolina for the NextHome franchise and the 552nd NextHome office opened nationally.

NextHome The Palmetto State will serve buyers and sellers across South Carolina’s entire Grand Strand area, including Longs, North Myrtle Beach, Myrtle Beach, and Loris. 

Located just 30 minutes north of Myrtle Beach, Little River is one of the oldest – and most charming – towns along the Grand Strand. The area is known for its world-class seafood, its fishing charters, and the stunning rows of mature oak trees that line its quaint streets. 

The area’s appeal is no surprise to NextHome The Palmetto State owner Sandra Cribb, who is a lifelong local. 

Before becoming a REALTOR®, Sandra spent many years operating a vacation rental concierge company, while also working alongside her husband in his marine sales and service business.

Sandra’s natural ability to build relationships and put people first caught the attention of a local broker, who convinced Sandra that she would excel in real estate. 

“She encouraged me to get my license and come work for her,” Sandra said. 

In 2005, Sandra joined The Beach Company, the largest independent in the region at the time. While there, Sandra built a reputation for kindhearted service where each client felt as if they were her only priority. 

“I’m proud of being able to nurture relationships from the very beginning,” Sandra said. “I love that my clients stay in touch and most have become lifelong friends. My client relationships remain strong because no matter how busy I get, I’ve always taken time out for them.”

Sandra continued to provide exceptional service with the same brokerage for the next 10 years – despite the business changing hands, and moving in and out of franchised status, several times. 

In 2015, Sandra joined another large local independent, also becoming a licensed real estate instructor in the same year. That brokerage also moved to a franchise, just a short while later. 

Throughout her years in the real estate business, she would watch companies grow their agents in numbers, yet many seemed to lose their client focus while growing. 

“It seemed like the goal was how many agents the company could recruit, rather than how many clients they could help,” Sandra said. “I felt I had to get back to the basic principles of being customer-focused.”

In 2019, she finally opened her own brokerage. As the owner of Compass Realty, Sandra focused her business on being a nimble resource for her clients that built on her greatest strength – people-first service. In addition, Sandra started teaching at a real estate school during this time. 

“I wanted to be small and more nurturing,” Sandra said. “I am, by nature, a relationship builder.”

As Sandra was attending a broker’s class, she started talking with Tammi Pierce, the owner of NextHome Seekers. 

“The first time she mentioned NextHome to me, she was so excited,” Sandra recalled. “But I just politely listened because in my experience, I thought franchises just weren’t for me.”

Eventually, some of Sandra’s students in her real estate classes began asking if they could come and work for her. Sandra soon realized that she could better nurture young talent, and her client base, if someone else was taking care of the busywork. 

“I realized that trying to recruit and train new agents, maintain my connection with my clients, while still trying to run all other aspects of a business were really draining me,” Sandra said. “Frankly, I just needed help in every area of the business because I was wearing all of the hats. So, I started researching more into the benefits of franchises.” 

As Sandra started researching franchises, NextHome kept reappearing. With a little more research, she knew that she found what she had been looking for; a big company with a small company feel. 

“I loved the culture,” Sandra said. “I loved the individual attention to detail, and their customer service was above and beyond anything I had seen.”

Today, Sandra is combining her in-depth knowledge of the area and customer service skills with NextHome’s industry-leading technology and back-end support. 

“I never had a desire to build a gigantic real estate company. Instead, I wanted one that would provide a friendly and nurturing atmosphere with unparalleled customer service,” Sandra said. “With NextHome, I can continue that culture and have access to world-class support as well.”

Sandra is now welcoming quality agents who have her same nurturing spirit and dedication to client success. 

Outside of the office Sandra enjoys building her community through service. She donates to area youth and homeless shelters and has always had a special spot in her heart for people who’ve been displaced from their homes. In addition, Sandra supports the National Multiple Sclerosis Society and various other local and national organizations. Sandra is proud to partner with other NextHome offices as a supporter of Canine Companions for Independence. 

Sandra has been married to her husband Dwayne since 1988 and is the mother of two children, Nick (31) and Kindall (24). Nick will soon be joining NextHome The Palmetto State as a sales associate. 

Please join us in congratulating Sandra on the opening of NextHome The Palmetto State in Little River, South Carolina!


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Each office is an independently owned and operated business.

NextHome Awarded on the Forbes America’s Best Startup Employers

NextHome Awarded on the Forbes America’s Best Startup Employers

Pleasanton, CA — March 10, 2021 — NextHome has been awarded on the Forbes list of America’s Best Startup Employers 2021. This prestigious award is presented by Forbes and Statista Inc., the world-leading statistics portal and industry ranking provider. The awards list was announced on March 9th, 2021, and can currently be viewed on the Forbes website.

America’s Best Startup Employers were selected based on an innovative methodology evaluating employer excellence in three ways:

  • Employee Satisfaction: extensive research was conducted on Average Length of Employment and Online Employer Reviews.
  • Employer Reputation: company-specific information was algorithmically extracted from social media channels such as news sites, micro-blogs, blogs, and social networks.
  • Company Growth: comprehensive evaluations of Website Traffic, Headcount Growth Rates, and Industry-Referenced Job Openings.

To be considered for the ranking, employers need to have a headquarters in the US and founded between 2011 and 2018. The final list recognizes the top 500 companies based on over 7 million data points.

Based on the results of the study, NextHome is ecstatic to be recognized at No. 429 on the Forbes list of America’s Best Startup Employers 2021.

“Being recognized by Forbes and their work with Statistica Inc. on America’s Best Startup Employers list is an incredible achievement,” said James Dwiggins, Chief Strategy Officer of NextHome, Inc. “We started NextHome with a mission to enrich lives by helping people find their next home. Along with that, we want to enrich the lives of the team we work with every day. We couldn’t be more thankful for the hard work they put in every day for our members and the communities they serve.” 


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Each office is an independently owned and operated business.

NextHome’s Leadership Team Recognized as RISMedia 2021 Real Estate Newsmakers

NextHome’s Leadership Team Recognized as RISMedia 2021 Real Estate Newsmakers

Pleasanton, CA — February 5, 2021 — NextHome is thrilled to announce that their entire leadership team has been selected as RISMedia 2021 Real Estate Newsmakers — a dynamic group of key influencers making headlines as a result of their newsworthy contributions to the real estate industry, and their efforts to positively affect the consumers and communities they serve.

RISMedia, the leader in U.S. real estate news and information services, announced its nearly 300, 2021 Real Estate Newsmakers on Feb. 1, in both an online directory on and in the February issue of its flagship publication, Real Estate magazine. 

RISMedia’s 2021 Real Estate Newsmakers were nominated in 2020 by RISMedia readers and editors and are showcased in the following categories: Influencers, Trailblazers, Futurists, Achievers, Crusaders, Inspirations, Luminaries, and Trendsetters. NextHome’s entire senior management team has been recognized in five of the different categories. 

Chief Executive Officer James Dwiggins was named a Trailblazer, a category described as “The Agents of Change.” James leads the innovative and forward-focused vision of the franchise. With a passion for understanding the areas where the industry is lacking, and a dedication to closing those gaps, he has elevated the luxury real estate experience that NextHome offers.

Chief Operating Officer Tei Baishiki was named a Trendsetter, a category for “The Creative Thinkers.” In his position, Tei plays a large role in interacting with each and every department in the company. Because of his commitment to a high standard of thoroughly vetting and testing their products and services, there is an over 70 percent adoption rate of the NextHome toolkit by members — staggeringly high above other franchises in the industry. 

Vice President of Sales Charis Moreno was named a Futurist, dubbed as “The Forward Thinkers.” Her role focuses on growing the brand across the United States, and eventually internationally. In 2020, under Moreno’s leadership, NextHome opened its 500th office and added more new franchises during the COVID-19 pandemic than it did during the same period in 2019. 

Vice President Imran Poladi was named as an Inspiration, known as “The Big-Hearted and Brave.” Imran oversees all training and business development for the company’s more than 500 franchised offices nationwide. He has educated thousands of agents and brokers across the globe, sharing his experiences to inspire business success. 

Chief Strategy Officer Keith Robinson was named an Influencer, a group for “The Thought Leaders.” Keith is responsible for developing and overseeing the implementation of key strategic business relationships, further adding to the growth of the company’s national expansion. 

“Every year, we’re amazed by the incredible ingenuity and success of members in the real estate community, ranging from the glass ceilings being shattered by industry leaders, to the creativity and innovation being implemented at a record pace, and all the way to the wonderful charitable work being accomplished across the nation,” said John Featherston, CEO, president and publisher of RISMedia. “This year, more than ever, we are proud to recognize the hard work, dedication and determination of real estate’s finest professionals — the 2021 Real Estate Newsmakers — who went above and beyond in 2020 even amid a turbulent time for the industry, and the world, facing the challenges head-on and without fear. Help us in celebrating their hard-earned recognition.”

RISMedia’s Real Estate Newsmakers were chosen based on nominations received through an online nomination process on, and by nominations from RISMedia’s in-house editorial team and other industry sources. Nominations for RISMedia’s Real Estate Newsmakers are collected on an ongoing basis throughout the course of the year. 

NextHome would like to thank the entire NextHome membership for their ongoing support, and dedication to making a difference in the real estate industry and in the lives of those in their local communities. 


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Each office is an independently owned and operated business.