NextHomies celebrated Luke Day 2021 with community service and outreach

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An integral part of our brand identity and culture, NextHome wouldn’t be the same without our beloved mascot Luke. In honor of his birthday, we have declared June 15th our company’s annual day of community service and outreach – Luke Day. We use this day as an opportunity to step away from our business and come together to serve our local areas and the people and pets that thrive there.  

Coming off of a year that emphasized the importance of community support, Luke Day 2021 was full of amazing events organized by NextHomies across the nation. Events ranged from volunteering at food banks and supporting local animal shelters to raising donations for our national charity partner, Canine Companions

Here are just a few examples of how NextHome members rolled up their sleeves to support their neighbors, friends, and communities:

  • NextHome Unlimited in Junction City, KS organized donation boxes for the local animal shelter, supplying items in high need.
  • NextHome Preferred in Felton, DE launched a “Get Luked” fundraiser supporting Canine Companions, where neighbors had their lawns covered with Luke mascots.
  • NextHome CORE Realty in Lubbock, TX performed maintenance duties at a local children’s shelter, Texas Boys and Girls Ranch.
  • NextHome First Coast in Saint Augustine, FL delivered donations to K9s for Warriors, partnering with a local girl scout troop to escalate their impact.
  • NextHome Hometown Realty in Kahului, HI donated shoes and funds to the Wishing Well Foundation for Kids.
  • NextHome Preview Properties in Mount Vernon, WA gathered pet supplies for their local Humane Society.
  • NextHome New Horizons Equity Realty in Byesville, OH held a spaghetti dinner fundraiser and donated proceeds to The Guernsey Co. Dog Shelter and The House of Samuel.
  • NextHome Realty Consultants in North Augusta, SC supported the SPCA Albrecht Center for Animal Welfare by donating supplies they needed from the community.

NextHome would like to extend a huge thank you to all NextHomies who participated in Luke Day, an event that truly shares our Humans Over Houses mindset. In addition, NextHome was able to donate nearly $2,000 toward Canine Companions thanks to the NextHomies who purchased Luke Day apparel from The Orange Appeal Store. 

Based in Pleasanton, CA, the NextHome corporate office used Luke Day as an opportunity to support the Alameda County Community Food Bank. Together, the corporate team raised over $1,200 to fund the local food bank’s ongoing hunger-relief efforts.

“Luke Day, in just its third year of celebration, has been an opportunity for NextHomies to showcase the Humans Over Houses ethos that runs deeply in all of us,” said Keith Robinson, Chief Strategy Officer of NextHome, Inc.“Being in real estate doesn’t just mean we sell houses, our underlying passion is helping our communities, and seeing the admirable events NextHome offices organized near and far echoes that.”

On behalf of Luke, thank you to the NextHomies using his orange powers for good. You already serve the people in your communities by helping them find their next home. Thank you for spending Luke Day to further drive the #HumansOverHouses movement forward!

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