What Buyers Want from Their Agent

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As a real estate professional, you know that buying a house is serious business for most people. In addition to making a significant financial investment, buyers often make an emotional investment when they find a home and begin new chapters in their lives. A home purchase also represents substantial investments in time, energy, and research, not to mention the relocation and moving process. What can you do to help your clients make this many-faceted investment? Here are some of the things buyers likely want from you:


While buyers can certainly search properties online. They need other important information that you can best access and help analyze for them. Buyers may look to you for comparable home values, resale values, property tax information, sales history, utility rate projections, HOA dues, upkeep expenses, and other critical financial data. They may also ask questions about school districts, neighborhoods, and nearby amenities. Doing your homework for each property and being prepared to answer these questions will go a long way in building client confidence and helping them make informed decisions.


Buyers want to leverage your expertise to help them make the right choices. They may want to know your analysis of the current real estate market and inventory. They may also have questions about how you’ve seen neighborhoods change and want your opinions on the best areas to live. They also count on your experience to help them navigate the many steps of a deal from offer through closing, keeping them on schedule along the way.


When buyers tell you things like their budget, how many bedrooms they need, what types of architectural styles they prefer, and whether they are willing to renovate, they want you to respect those parameters in their housing search. Even if you can’t find a home that meets all their requirements, your clients will want to know that you tried to honor their preferences. Make sure you have honest conversations with buyers so you can understand their priorities and they can understand what to realistically expect.


Buyers need to hear from their agent consistently and often. They want you to respond to questions and concerns quickly and thoroughly. If you’re in a sellers’ market where deals move fast, responsive communication is even more important. If you’ve hit a lull in the home search with no new properties on the market, get in touch with them anyway just to let them know that their home search is still a top priority for you, and you’re keeping an eye out for their perfect home.


When it’s time to make an offer on a property, buyers want to know that you’ll represent them in the deal to the best of your ability, using your professional negotiation skills on their behalf. While you are there to advise and guide them, they also need to know that the final decisions are up to them, which you will honor and represent to the seller’s agent. Often the most stressful part of the home buying process, buyers may lean on you more than ever during this step and look to you for reassurance.


When you’ve helped buyers through such important decisions as well as such a significant investment, you’ve laid the groundwork for a relationship with them going forward. One of the best ways to nurture that relationship is to show them that you care about them beyond the closing table. Adding an American Home Shield® home warranty helps protect your clients’ budgets from covered components of home system and appliance repairs or replacements due to normal wear and tear. A renewable one-year contract, American Home Shield home warranties can be long-term reminders of the care and concern you showed buyers during the real estate transaction. With flexible plans and pricing, your buyers can choose the coverage they need.

When you first meet with buyers, it’s often helpful to ask them what they want and expect from you and your service. You’ll find out what’s important to them, which can help you respond to their individual needs. Every buyer and every client is different, which helps make real estate such a diverse and interesting career.

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