Meet Your June 2019 NextHomie of the Month

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Jenny Entsminger

Please join us as we celebrate our NextHomie of the Month for June 2019, Jenny Entsminger, an agent at NextHome TwoFourFive in Forest, Virginia! Jenny exemplifies all qualities that make an exceptional NextHomie, making her an easy choice for our NextHomie of the Month nomination.

Jenny was first introduced to real estate at the age of 19 when she entered the property management side of the business. With a brother who oversees new construction, he encouraged her to get licensed and that’s exactly what she did. A woman on a mission, she completed her licensing course in just two weeks. Jenny went on to work for two different franchises before landing happily with Franchise Owner Wanda Ott of NextHome TwoFourFive and that’s where she’s been since 2016. 

“I have learned so much just by knowing Wanda. She keeps me grounded and we have such great talks. There is nowhere else I rather be,” said Jenny.    

When asked what attracted her to NextHome, she couldn’t have said it any better. “The hardbound books, at first. More importantly, NextHome reminds us to focus on our clients and their vision is all about teamwork. I love that NextHome Corporate is always looking forward for us and keeping us on the right track. They keep us grounded in terms of what our priorities should be and raise the bar as to what is acceptable in our industry. Together we push the boundaries to be better. I adore every single NextHomie for their endless support and positive attitude. I know I can always turn to them when I have an issue and that doesn’t exist anywhere else in this industry.” 

Jenny is passionate about raising the bar in real estate and strives to be a leading example of a REALTOR®. She thoroughly enjoys helping her buyers through the emotional process of buying a home and enjoys celebrating with them when they pull it off. From the day she begins working with a client, she starts thinking about what she can do for them to celebrate their closing when it comes. She personalizes each celebration to each client and makes sure it’s one of the best and most memorable days of their life.

When Jenny isn’t working, she looks forward to traveling and spending time with her family. Along with her husband of 16 years, her son (10), and daughter (8), Jenny and her family have successfully visited every state on the east coast so far. Hockey, baseball, lacrosse, ice skating, acting, soccer, dance, and singing are all a vital part of the Entsminger’s lifestyle and it’s important to Jenny that she be present for all family activities. 

When Jenny was asked what characteristics make up a NextHomie, she answered with “it’s somebody who is fun, uplifting, has a servant heart, and is a true real estate rockstar!” Jenny lives this definition every single day and we are ecstatic to award her our NextHomie of the Month for June 2019 recognition. Congratulations, Jenny! 

Amanda Mills

Culture Committee Chair 2019 

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