The Beginning of NextHome’s Expansion

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It’s been just over a month now since NextHome, Inc. acquired the Realty World franchise network and we have been very busy working on new and exciting things for you as well as the growth of the Realty World brand. There has already been much speculation as to our future plans and how we will grow the company nationally, all of which will be shared with you by the end of summer.

However, today we’re excited to share one of these directions. We have officially signed a 3 year software licensing deal with Realty World – The Carolinas to supply them the same technology and marketing already provided to our Realty World Family, in order to help them grow the franchise network in North and South Carolina. I’ve had the opportunity to get to know the President, Maurice Johnson, over the past few months and he is someone we’re looking forward to collaborating with. Together, we believe we can grow his region from 31 offices and 250+ agents to 60+ offices and 500+ agents within the next 24 months. We are truly excited to help him achieve that goal.

What does this mean for our region? Well… as we continue to rollout our plans for national expansion, our focus is to create a national referral network our members can use to exchange business. You would be surprised how often I hear from Realtor friends all over the U.S. who have clients relocating to California. This new affiliation is just one way we’re going to help drive business by working more closely with companies in other markets. In addition, all the innovation and ideas we develop from these markets will be shared with all our members using our technology, marketing and services.

If you’d like to view the full press release, you can download it here.

Finally, in the next couple of weeks, we’ll be making the announcement about our new Vice President of Sales who will be coming on to lead our national expansion. Very exciting times are ahead!

James Dwiggins
Chief Executive Officer

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