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Busy home buyers and real estate agents alike need smart on-the-go solutions to help calm the commotion. NextHome agents can provide a branded consumer experience through three technology solutions from HomeSpotter – Boost, Spacio, and Connect – that work together to make the buyer and agent relationship strong and life a bit easier.

Boost: Automated Ad Campaigns

On top of the normal to-do’s, busy real estate agents who want to stay competitive have to stay on top of technology and streamlined workflows. Boost by HomeSpotter eases some of the burden by making it easy, convenient, and significantly less manual for agents to launch targeted ad campaigns for new listings, open houses, and more that will be seen on Facebook, Instagram and across the web by thousands of potential buyers. 

Let’s say an agent has a new property and needs to advertise the upcoming open house online to drive foot traffic with the obvious goal of selling the home. Using that agent’s MLS information, Boost will automatically build the ad with a cropped image, smart copy, and tagged with valuable geographic and other data to target the perfect audience of potential buyers. 

With just a few taps on his or her mobile device, the agent will launch an automated ad campaign through Boost and wait for the qualified leads to roll in! Boost sets itself apart with fine-tuned targeting technology and smart presets that make advertising homes a cinch for agents. Thousands of potential buyers in the area stand a great chance of seeing and clicking on the agent’s Boost ad as they check out the latest on Facebook. And they’re more apt to visit the open house and meet the listing agent in person.

Spacio: Seamless Open House Follow Up

Thanks to Boost for launching the open house listing campaign online, our real estate agent will prep for the open house knowing that a wide audience has seen the ad. The painstaking and clunky process of collecting open house visitors’ info leaves much to be desired. 

Enter Spacio. Gone are the days of taking down open house visitors’ contact information with pen and paper. Our agent will turn to Spacio to create a branded open house sign-in experience that’s customized with specific check-in questions he or she can use to build ongoing relationships afterward. The tech-savvy Spacio tool works on all mobile devices, and automates the process of integrating open house visitor info directly into the agent’s CRM. No more manual entry!

It’s no surprise that most people attending an open house are not interested in buying the property, but some may still prove to be great buyer leads. It’s what Spacio does with that compiled visitor information that makes client follow-up a breeze for agents. Spacio uses the collected data to automate email campaigns that enable agents to target and follow up with qualified buyers. For instance, if a visitor didn’t prefer the specific open house property or didn’t already have an agent, the door opens for the agent to work with them to find a property that fits the bill.

Connect: Build Agent and Client Relationships

Following the ad campaign and open house, it’s time for the agent to connect with qualified and interested buyers. Through following up (thanks to Spacio) after the open house, potential buyers are armed with a beautiful, branded home search app created with Connect by HomeSpotter.

Connect isn’t just any normal home search app! It stands out from other home search tools with its superior data coverage and speedy collaborative features. The app’s text message-style interface enables clients to directly contact their agent with questions or even schedule showings in real time. Not only that, but it empowers clients to have direct control over their home search experience while positioning the agent as the hero for their advice and expertise. It’s a win-win! 

In today’s market, consumers are fast becoming focused on technology, modern features, and convenience as they research and make big purchases. Buying a home definitely tops that list. With Boost, Spacio, and Connect in play, NextHome agents will shine as they and their clients enjoy a seamless home-buying journey from start to finish.

For more information about our partners at HomeSpotter, click HERE.

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