NextHome announces new Denver-area office

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Alfonso, Maggie, Cecilia, and Steve Montalvo

Pleasanton, CA — October 9, 2020 — NextHome is pleased to announce the newest addition to the franchise, NextHome Infinity, based in Centennial, Colorado. The brokerage represents the 15th office location opened in Colorado for the NextHome franchise and the 516th NextHome office opened nationally.

NextHome Infinity will serve clients across the Denver metro area, including Aurora, Centennial, Parker, Lakewood, Westminster, Arvada, Highland Ranch, and Littleton. 

Under the leadership of the Montalvo family, NextHome Infinity is poised to help all types of residential clients. The husband and wife team of Steve and Cecilia Montalvo lead the brokerage with extensive sales and homebuilding experience. Steve’s father and mother Alfonso and Maggie Montalvo bring to the venture an entrepreneurial spirit and extensive experience in small business ownership. Each is fluent in Spanish, offering expertise for bilingual clients. 

Steve has been in the homebuilding business for more than 20 years and, together with Cecilia, has been flipping homes in the Denver area for the same amount of time. 

Cecilia obtained her real estate license in 2017 after leaving a career in the telecommunications industry. Her introduction to real estate began with a chance encounter while working the sales floor at Verizon. The customer approached Cecilia, asking if she spoke Spanish. When Cecilia said that she did, the woman identified herself as the broker/owner of a high achieving real estate firm. She then said that Cecilia’s exceptional customer service skills and her grasp of the Spanish language would make her an excellent REALTOR®. 

“She convinced me to go to real estate school and we remain very good friends,” Cecilia recalled. 

After completing real estate school, Cecilia soaked up as much experience and knowledge as she could working for two nationally franchised brands. However, her goal was always to own her own business. 

“I learned exactly what worked and what didn’t, what I loved and what I didn’t,” Cecilia said. 

As it turned out, 2020 presented the perfect opportunity. Prior to March, Cecilia found herself busier than ever before. Then a global pandemic forced her to shift her time and attention to reinvesting in her business and her education. 

As Steve and Cecilia considered how to best grow their business, Steve stumbled across an article in REALTOR® Magazine. 

“I was intrigued that NextHome was one of the fastest growing real estate franchises in the nation – and by the incredible value,” Steve said. “Then when I spoke with Charis (Moreno, NextHome’s VP of Sales), I was blown away. I began to think, maybe we can actually do this the right away instead of piecing together our own independent and just hoping it worked.”

As Cecilia and Steve delved deeper into NextHome’s business philosophy and company culture, they discovered a perfect match. 

“As we understood the vision and heart of the leaders at NextHome, we knew that it was a match with the heart and vision that we have for our people,” Steve said. “What drives NextHome isn’t about hitting a certain number but remembering the actual people you are serving and why you are in the business to begin with. NextHome’s Humans over Houses approach was huge for us when deciding where we want to invest for the future of our careers.”

Today, the Montalvo family is running a brokerage built on the values of hard work, empathy, and providing opportunity for others. 

Al inspired this legacy when he came to the United States as a 16-year old boy. 

“Both he and my mother were very poor,” Steve recalled. “They immediately became entrepreneurs and business owners and worked hard to improve their lives and the lives of their children.”

The family real estate story is partially built on a time when Alfonso and Maggie aspired to homeownership as a young couple in 1987.

“They needed $5,000 for a down payment,” Steve said. “So, for three months they would wake up a three in the morning and make burritos and sell them to make that earnest money. We want our children, our clients and our agents to understand both the value of hard work, but also the impact they can have on others around them. At NextHome Infinity, we are built on values that inspire and encourage people to provide for their families and build their own legacy.”

“At NextHome Infinity the agents that are here are truly here to look after the best interests of our clients and not only find them a home but the perfect home for them,” Cecilia added. “That’s what we strive for and work on every day.”

The Montalvo family not only knows how to work hard, but also how to have fun. The Montalvos are avowed foodies who enjoy designing family trips around discovering the world’s best food. 

Steve and Cecilia are together raising a beautiful blended family of five daughters and one son: Ebony (20), Alexia (18), Zamaria (17), Yurivia (15), Ezteban (13), and Izabella (12). 

Please join us in congratulating the Montalvos on the opening of NextHome Infinity in Centennial, Colorado!


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