Looking Ahead…But Not Forgetting the Past

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If you’re like many people, never again hearing words like “coronavirus”, “new normal” and “sheltered in place” would be just fine. Yet these terms have become, and will remain, a part of our existence. As much as we might like to, we cannot opt-out of what has happened, but we can choose how it might shape our future.

Every business has been forced to make changes, some to survival mode and others to “something like normal”. Fortunately, in most locations, the real estate industry has been deemed essential and able to provide services to the public as well as maintain some degree of financial viability. What adaptations to “business as usual” will be temporary and which more permanent?

Virtual showings may streamline the buying process, creating new positions in your brokerage for techies to manage the process. They may also increase your liability disclosure or create avenues for privacy violations. Appraisal standards are changing, potentially streamlining processes while causing some lenders to restrict loan availability.

With these and many other issues, the only constants are change and the desire for some stability. It is said that few businesses will fully return to business as practiced B.C. (Before COVID).  Does that have to be all negative? What new or modified methods put in use during this restrictive period are worth keeping as business opens up? It could be a greater reliance on virtual showings or valuations. Demographic and economic shifts are possible, changing who might buy, sell or rent. It may be advisable for all of us to evaluate what we are doing differently these days, see what is working and what is not; what provides your business with strength, stability and capacity for growth. Maybe even what makes us better at being neighbors, friends and family members.

Stability and change. When change comes from a position of strength, it is more likely to have value and staying power. That’s where the Landy Agency excels and remains there for you. In over 70 years of providing insurance programs, we have “seen it all”. Change was always necessary, but only if it enhanced our ability to provide the strength, stability and protection demanded by our clients. At the Landy Agency, we will continue to protect your business regardless of change, as we have done for decades. As a NextHomie partner, we are there for all of you, whether you are our client or not. Let us know how we can help, and as the song says, “We Will Survive!”.

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John L. Torvi

Vice President of Marketing & Sales, The Landy Insurance Agency

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