NextHome announces new Boston brokerage

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Delores & Leighton Facey

Pleasanton, CA — February 5, 2020 — NextHome is proud to announce our newest addition to the franchise, NextHome Unlimited Realty Solutions, based in Boston, Massachusetts. The brokerage represents the eighth office location opened in Massachusetts for the NextHome franchise.

NextHome Unlimited Realty Solutions is owned by the husband and wife team Delores and Leighton Facey. Delores is the broker in charge and will oversee most of the business operations. The brokerage will serve the Boston area, South Shore, North Shore, parts of Cape Cod, and the remainder of Western Massachusetts. Delores is also licensed in Rhode Island and New York and aims to serve clients in those areas as well. 

With seven agents already working under the NextHome Unlimited Realty Solutions banner, the brokerage is ready to help with all types of residential transactions – from investment properties to first-time home buying and everything in between. 

Both Delores and Leighton have built their professional and personal lives on a foundation of service. As long-time members of the Boston Police Department, they have a unique love for and knowledge of their hometown. 

Delores and Leighton first met at Quincy College while both were studying criminal justice. Months later, they crossed paths again when Delores was promoted to Detective and transferred to Leighton’s station in Hyde Park. The couple was married in 2001 and both continued to serve and protect the greater Boston area as law enforcement officers. 

Eventually, Delores wanted to expand her professional abilities and challenge herself in a new way. 

“I always had an interest in real estate, and I have a passion for helping people,” Delores said.

So in 2013, she became a licensed agent in Massachusetts and began working part-time with a talented independent broker, Delfredia Dancy.

“I did well working under Delfredia because I wanted to learn and she had a wealth of information,” Delores said. “She knew the real estate business in our area inside and out, and her ability to mentor me with kindness as I shadowed her made a big difference in my career.”

In 2016, Delores made the jump to full-time real estate sales and opened her own brokerage – Unlimited Realty Solutions Boston. Three months after opening that brokerage, Delores also opened a real estate school by the same name. At Unlimited Realty Solutions Boston, Delores could continue to serve others searching for their own start in the real estate industry. 

Leighton truly admired his wife’s work ethic and was impressed as he watched her open her own brokerage. 

“I’ve seen her grow,” Leighton said of his wife. “She’s very dedicated to what she’s doing and has the drive to move forward.”

To support her, he studied for and obtained his own real estate license. All the while, he remained an active leader in the Boston Police Department. Today, Captain Leighton Facey oversees district B2 – one of twelve districts in the Boston PD.   

While overseeing his district as Captain, Leighton also helps Delores with business development, lead-generating, and open houses. 

One day, as Delores pondered how she could grow her business, she casually searched online for the “Best Real Estate Franchises.”

NextHome immediately caught her eye. However, the experienced detective spent about two months investigating NextHome’s value before reaching out to the company. 

“I was looking at other franchises too, but something about NextHome kept me coming back,” Delores said. “It was something different. The company’s focus was squarely on the customers and agents. I didn’t see anyone there boasting about sprawling 1,000-agent offices.”

As she looked deeper, Delores found that NextHome provided the tools she needed.  

“When I looked at all the resources that are available through the franchise, I knew this was a great way to attract high-quality agents,” said Delores. “With NextHome, I can offer our agents resources so they can thrive and have opportunities they can’t get anywhere else. As an independent, I relied on a lot of trial and error and spent a lot of money trying to build my own company. With NextHome everything was already there – I didn’t need to reinvent the wheel because someone already got it exactly right.”

Today, NextHome Unlimited Realty Solutions is attracting quality agent talent from across Boston. As her career comes full circle, Delores is thrilled that her one-time mentor, Delfredia Dancy, has now joined the team

“I have something unique to offer people now,” Delores said. “I have a way that agents can generate businesses and work with these resources to succeed.”

When they aren’t selling real estate or building their business, the Facey’s enjoy spending time with their family. They are the parents of 15-year-old triplets: Leighanna, DeVaun, and Derell. Leighton is also the father of two grown children Jenee and Brinston. 

Please join us in congratulating Delores and Leighton on the opening of NextHome Unlimited Realty Solutions in Boston, Massachusetts!


Interested in being a part of the NextHome Real Estate Franchise? Contact VP of Sales Charis Moreno at


Each office is an independently owned and operated business.

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