Meet your February 2020 NextHomie of the Month!

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Please join us in congratulating our NextHomie of the Month for February 2020, Denise Outlaw Adams of NextHome 2Buy-R-Sell in St. Louis, MO. Congratulations, Denise!

My first question to Denise was “Why Outlaw? Where did it come from?” Her answer left me with chills.

“My Great, Great Grandfather lived in the South and was a slave. He was caught at the gate of the property he worked on with one of the owner’s horses. They said he was a thief and they lynched him. In those days as an indentured servant, the slave took the last name of the people that owned them. Before his lynching, he proclaimed that he would never take his owner’s name and that he would die an Outlaw, and to this day his name carries on,” said Denise.

I was speechless… what followed was a glorious and wonderful conversation of all things Denise Outlaw Adams.

Denise was licensed in real estate in 1998. Prior to working in real estate, she worked in Human Resources for Anheuser Busch and McDonald’s. During that time, she lived in all corners of the nation. She moved around from Detroit to Dallas, Houston, Washington DC, Fairfax, VA to Pasadena, CA, and purchased 18 houses in the process!

“By the time I got back to headquarters at Anheuser Bush in St. Louis, I was ready to put some roots down,” said Denise.

Buying and selling houses and the business of relocation had become quite familiar to her by this time. In St. Louis she has purchased eight additional houses. It was easy to realize real estate was a natural next step.

After working for big-box franchises for many years, Denise decided to spread her wings and fly on her own. One day she happened upon a NextHome ad in REALTOR Magazine. However, it was immediately AFTER she had just established her own brand 2Buy-R-Sell. Yep, she had just completed trademarking her new logo, bought the office, and even had the ribbon cutting with the local chamber of commerce. However, she was still curious and investigated NextHome a bit more.

After meeting with Charis and receiving an invitation to attend the first NextHome conference in Nashville, Denise proclaimed “I. AM. HOME. When you’re home, you’re home, and you just know it.”

She rebranded everything and move forward in orange and hasn’t looked back since. NextHome 2Buy-R-Sell was established within the first one hundred offices in the company.

In has not been without grit and determination that Denise has remained an inspiration to all those she has helped in real estate, and continues to help.

“In the last three years, I have buried seven people that are very very close to my heart. Hardest three years I’ve had in my life. It is the

love and caring from my NextHome family and clients that have kept me going. 2020 is my year, look out!” said Denise.

When not busy with promoting NextHome 2Buy-R-Sell, Denise loves to travel, entertain, hang with her new pup Mitzi, and occasionally partake in a little Casino therapy.

“I am old school,” said Denise. “As long as I put God first, have truth in my heart, and live and do right the blessings will come. I always put people first. We think we are fighting things by ourselves, as humans we should share from the heart. Allowing ourselves to open up and not judge helps us find we have more in common with people when we are open and vulnerable. We are all just people”

Rapid Fire Questions!

AM: Describe yourself in three words

DOA: Honest, empathetic, leader. I am direct and have an over the top sense of humor. I jump right in there and take over. My worst trait is patience, I have quick wit so I get it, I have to learn to slow my roll.

AM: Do you have a favorite quote?

DOA: “You can’t fix what you don’t acknowledge”

AM: How do you define success?

DOA: Health, peace of mind, and clarity

AM: What describes a NextHomie?

DOA: Character, people first, fire

AM: Any words of wisdom for NextHomies?

DOA: At the end of the day if you have love and peace in your heart, you win. Every day I wake up grateful. Don’t let adversity get you down!

It’s easy to see why Denise earned the February 2020 NextHomie of the Month recognition. NextHomies, be sure to take a minute and get to know Denise when you see her at the 2020 NextHome Conference. That smile will shine from across the room 🙂 Congratulations, Denise!

Thanks for the wonderful year of interviews NextHomies!

Amanda Mills

NextHome Culture Committee Chair

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