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As we head into a new decade, members of our NextHome team wanted to share some of their thoughts for the New Year and what it means to them personally and professionally.



In 2012, I suffered an injury to my right ACL that dramatically altered the direction my life was going to take.  At the time, I spent about 60 hours a week in dance classes and show rehearsals, and suddenly I was unable to do any of it.  After a year of physical therapy, I didn’t return to that life for fear that I could never be what I once was.

Everything about my life changed.  In some ways, I am thankful for what happened because it led to my marriage and the connections that I have now with my friends, but in many ways I have felt for a long time like I lacked any sense of identity or purpose.  Like I lost myself. I went from being someone who was confident to being afraid of virtually everything around me.

This year, I broke from the seven years that I took off from performing.  I did 42nd Street and took on a large role with my own songs and dances All while I took on some of the most difficult tap dancing pieces I have ever performed.  

I felt like I got a piece of myself back.

This is what I hope for in 2020.  Not just to perform more, but to fight to be myself again.  To feel like I can be confident and unafraid and unashamedly myself.  I’m not sure yet how I will get there, but knowing what you want is a great first step.


Matthew Stein – Member Services


2019 has been a great year thanks to joining the NextHome Corporate team and the nationwide NextHome family as a Marketing Coordinator. Right off the bat, I got the opportunity to attend the NextHome Conference in Las Vegas. Being able to feel the “orange energy” in-person solidified the NextHome difference.

With the New Year, I look forward to working towards achieving the following in 2020:

  • Dedicate time to have non-disruptive quality time with friends, family, and my significant other, Nathan
  • Continually strive to learn new skills and general knowledge from podcasts, articles, books, and video
  • Move every day… whether it be a walk, going to the gym, or attending a class
  • Provide NextHomies with valuable marketing assistance across the board

I look forward to achieving these goals alongside the industry-changing objectives our franchise will accomplish in the New Year!


Raechel Jackson – Marketing Coordinator


Man…. 2019 was a beautiful mess!

At the beginning of the year, I was living in Houston, Texas and I was absolutely miserable. I had no family out there and felt entirely alone. All I wanted to do was move back to California.

On May 13th, after months of saving, I did just that. Shortly after arriving back home, I started working at NextHome – the first job I’ve ever had that I genuinely enjoy. All of my friends and family are here in the Bay Area. I’m so grateful to be able to spend time with them and new memories. I’ve also made so many new friendships and met so many awesome people since moving back.

If 2020 turns out even half as good as 2019, I’ll be perfectly content.

Here’s to another great year!

Scott Babcock – Member Services


“Adults are just outdated children” 

– Dr. Seuss

It’s New Years’ resolution time and mine is so simple this year.  I want to strive to be more like my amazing seven-year-old daughter, Reese Robinson. She saw her presents under the Christmas tree and felt like she had so much when others have so little she was inspired to fill to the brim a bag for donation to a local women’s shelter so children who didn’t have presents on Christmas would have something.

When I asked her, “What made you want to do that Reese?” She simply said, “I have so much it felt wrong not to give back something.” Wisdom from the mouth of babes.  

So 2020 for me is about giving back. Sure I like to play hard and win in business. Yes, I will always strive to push our company forward.  

But Reese helped me remember that I have so much and it would be “wrong to not give back something”. 


Keith Robinson – Chief Strategy Officer


Instead of writing resolutions, I like to set goals for a few specific categories; financial, travel, professional, and health goal setting helps me keep my life balanced.

  • My financial goal is to be out of debt by June 2020
  • My travel goal is to take a vacation that involves beaches and drinks with little umbrellas
  • My professional goal is to learn more about statistics and data analysis
  • My health goal is to cook homemade meals at least three times a week

Here’s to a healthy and happy 2020!

Summer Sandlin – Member Services


2020 not only marks a New Year, but also a new decade. Looking back on the past ten years it’s amazing to see how much change has occurred for me both personally and professionally. 

Fortunately, all for the better. I’m not a huge resolutions person, but in the New Year, I’m excited to master more Disney princess song lyrics with my 2½-year-old daughter, Remi, continue to eat the delicious food that my husband cooks, and travel more as a family (and maybe even squeeze in trip with just my husband). I’d also like to spend more time outdoors. That’s a somewhat attainable new year’s resolution…. so if I had to pick one, I’d go with that. 

Oh, and stocking the wine fridge my dad got us for Christmas. We mustn’t forget about that. 

Cheers to 2020!


Taylor Cannon – Operations Manager


As I step into 2020, I’m realizing that this past year has been filled with lots of highs… and even a few lows. It’s been quite the year.

My work ethic has always been the same. I’ve really loved what I do, but that has its downsides too. My true focus for 2020 is being healthy both physically and mentally. 

People already know my health history, but 2019 has been one of the most challenging for me to stay healthy. And it didn’t help that I wasn’t taking time for myself to do things that I enjoy that would allow me to lessen my stress. 

I’m overall incredibly happy… and love what I do. But 2020 is a year where I have every intention to:

  • Spend more time and take more trips with Jessica
  • Do more with some of my philanthropic work and organizations that I enjoy
  • Play more sports this year
  • Lose some of this weight I found during the Holidays
  • Care about myself and my health as much as I care about others
  • Spend more time with the people I care about and less time with the toxic ones

“2020 Vision” is a real thing. And I see this upcoming year being my best one yet 🙂


Imran Poladi – Vice President

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