Meet your August 2019 NextHomie of the Month!

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Sarah DaSilva

Please join us in congratulating our NextHomie of the Month for August 2019, Sarah DaSilva, a rockstar agent at NextHome Freitas Realty Group in Mashpee, MA. Congratulations, Sarah!

In November 2015, Sarah became a NextHomie when her broker Livia Freitas Monteforte opened a NextHome office in Mashpee, MA. With 15 years of experience in the real estate industry, Sarah has seen it all and loves it all. Her passion for helping people find their next home is undeniable and makes her a wonderful representation of a NextHomie.

When asked what’s the NextHome difference, Sarah referenced the #HumansOverHouses hashtag because it’s truly a great indicator of how NextHome is unique. 

“Everyone talks about their technology, tools, and training. NextHome talks about the humans, the people, because they’re the ones that really matter in this industry, and nobody else is talking about them,” said Sarah.

Shortly after joining NextHome, Sarah experienced the power of the NextHome family firsthand when she was affected by an unforeseen life event that took place a week before the annual NextHome conference. She lost all hope in being able to attend the event, but the overflowing kindness she received from her NextHomies was nothing short of “family.” Everyone worked together to make sure she didn’t miss it. 

“When I joined NextHome, I felt the arms of that big family hug engulf me. I knew from that moment that I was home,” said Sarah. 

Outside of real estate, Sarah loves spending time with her eight-year-old daughter, Kennadie. Sarah accompanies her to ballet and hip hop classes, and their favorite thing to do is get creative in the kitchen. They love working together to create beautiful and delicious meals to share with family and friends any chance they get. 

We’re thrilled that Sarah’s passion for real estate, NextHome, and the people she helps is recognized and earned her the August 2019 NextHomie of the Month recognition. Congratulations, Sarah!

Amanda Mills 

NextHome Culture Committee Chair

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