Tips for picking a brokerage for the long haul

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The NextHome leadership team took over Inman Connect this week. On Tuesday, Vice President Imran Poladi shared tips on how agents should do some self-analysis and pay attention to the details when picking the right brokerage for the long haul, making sure they’re getting the solutions they need to grow their business. 

As a noted International Speaker and Trainer, Imran has taught tens of thousands of real estate professionals throughout the world. He understands the importance of connecting with a versatile brokerage that will support personal and professional growth long into the future.

Imran encouraged agents to seek a brokerage that has strong branding because it goes much further than just building a culture within their business.

“Cultures come and go. When you truly have what is more like DNA, it is the fabric of who you are and who your company is. That means that we ensure our franchise brokerages and agents hold true to NextHome’s high expectations about branding,” explained Imran.

All brokers make promises about what they will offer agents and seeing beyond that veneer can be challenging. When looking at a new brokerage, Imran advised agents to pay careful attention to the details. Notice how a brokerage executes their branding, especially across different dimensions. If they aren’t delivering on branding, perhaps there are other areas that lack follow-through as well.  

Since branding starts from the top-down, Imran’s Luke socks were the perfect fit for the #ICLV session!

Imran knocked the audience’s socks off at this week’s Inman Connect

But noticing the details is only the beginning. Having profound expertise in training all the new NextHome brokers, Imran suggested seeking a broker who has a plan and examples of other agents who have been in similar scenarios. Those cases can help agents see where they are able to grow their business. Sometimes agents don’t know what they don’t know and finding a broker who wants to help new agents beyond just getting them on board is invaluable. 

“Find a broker who won’t just open the door to let you in but also opens your door every day to make sure that you are doing it right,” urged Imran.

Imran recommended agents take the time for a bit of self-analysis to avoid many of the common pitfalls of seeking a new brokerage. Agents should want a brokerage that is with them for the long haul.

“Not understanding where you are at in your business and where you are looking to go won’t help you ask the right questions so that your needs and values line up with what a broker will offer to you,” he added. 

As an industry expert, Imran knows that finding a brokerage isn’t an easy process but with a little self-reflection and recognizing how little details can showcase a company’s motivation for follow-through, agents can find a place that will knock their socks off as well as grow their business. 

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