NextHome Azule Realty opens in Massachusetts

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Donald Donnalson and Caroline DeJesus
Donald Donnalson and Caroline DeJesus

Pleasanton, CA — July 12, 2018 — NextHome is proud to announce our newest addition to the franchise, NextHome Azule Realty. The brokerage represents the fifth location opened in the state of Massachusetts for the NextHome franchise.

The office will be owned and operated by top-producing broker Donald Donnalson. He will be joined on the leadership team by Caroline DeJesus who serves as the real estate manager for the company.

Based out of Brockton, NextHome Azule Realty will provide real estate services to buyers and sellers such as single-family residential sales, first-time home buyers, investment, multi-family properties, land deals, condominiums, and new construction homes for the areas of Brockton, Avon, Randolph, Stoughton, Holbrook, and the remainder of the Boston Metropolitan Area.

A suburb 15 miles south of Boston, Brockton is home to approximately 100,000 residents. Boston is the largest city in the state of Massachusetts, with more than 4.5 million residents than live within the Boston Metropolitan Area.

Before starting his real estate sales career, Donald was an attorney specializing in criminal defense, business litigation, and real estate. Even though he was in law, he always had a passion for real estate.

His familiarity with properties and real estate started at the age of nine when he worked with his stepfather’s roofing and construction company. Helping his stepfather as a young boy, Donald realized the rewarding feeling he had working with properties.

When he went to Northeastern Law for law school, Donald recalls what one of his professors said during a class.

“I remember her saying ‘The way to wealth in the world is through real estate,’” he said. “That always stuck me.”

After graduation, he started working as a lawyer for several years before stepping away and working in sales and finance at a local Boston Audi dealership. Donald credits his interest and love for selling to his three years at the car dealership.

Donald knew he had a passion for selling – just not with cars.

In 2013, he went full time into real estate working with a small independent brokerage while running his own construction company he used to rehab properties, Beantown Builders. He purchased a multi-family home, completely rehabbed the property and resold it for a significant profit. With this being his first property flip, Donald was hooked. Not only was he able to buy, fix and sell his own properties, but began helping other investors do the same by representing them through the purchase and sale of their investment homes.

Caroline met Donald at the end of 2014 and left her retail job to assist him with his real estate business. With the increase in personal and client representation, Donald decided to go out on his own and open his own brokerage in 2014 – Azule Realty.

“We had a really streamlined way of acquisition, rehab, and resale,” said Donald. “We would analyze the potential property using our holding company and Caroline would assist in the purchase of that home, have Beantown Builders complete the rehab, and finish by having Caroline sell the finished product through Azule Realty.”

Currently, Beantown Builders has eight employees and NextHome Azule Realty has several agents who assist in selling homes.

Donald knew he wanted to have a new and fresh look and was drawn to what NextHome could offer his brokerage.

“Not only was the fresh look so appealing to me, but the company allowed us to stay as a boutique brokerage,” said Donald.

“As I learned more about the company and how the branding and systems were already in place, I felt great about the affiliation with the franchise,” said Caroline.

Not only are Donald and Caroline focused on investing in properties in the Brockton community, but they believe in giving back to the area they live in.

“We are proud to work hand in hand with organizations that help unprivileged families,” said Donald. “We look at our brokerage as a community resource to help people of all backgrounds and financial demographics to come and learn about affordable housing options for them or their families.”

“We are looking to positively impact our community – not just sell homes in the area,” he added.

Please join us in congratulating Donald, Caroline, and the rest of the team at NextHome Azule Realty on the opening of their new NextHome office in Brockton, MA!


Interested in being a part of the NextHome Real Estate Franchise? Contact VP of Sales Charis Moreno at


Each office is an independently owned and operated business.

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