Getting More Listings is Easier Than You Think

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There is an old real estate adage that goes something like “Listers last.” And to some degree, it is true. Listing properties gets you more now business. You attract buyer opportunities, but you can also attract listings from the area. While it may not be super nice (or even that clever), it’s sort of true – listers do in fact last.

How do you break into that segment of the business? Or if you are already getting some listings, how do you get more?

There are people charging hundreds of dollars a month teaching this topic. It’s not possible to write one pithy blog post that clears it all up. One step would be to watch the recording from our latest webinar. (Shameless plug and I love it!)

Here is the one tidbit I have told literally thousands of real estate professionals in my career that has worked EVERY time they acted on it. Are you ready? (Insert drumroll here!)

Go on more listing presentations. Before you stop reading to drive over here and punch me in the face for being so obvious – keep reading. You’re probably sitting there thinking, “Dude, if I had more listing appointments, I wouldn’t be reading your blog right now!”

But check THIS part out: I didn’t say they had to be real listing presentations. It’s simple – when we do something a lot, we get good at it. Period. If you want to get better at your listing presentation, then go on one a week for 50 weeks. If you can’t get a real one, get a fake one. Go list your parents, best friend, worst enemy, ex-wife, whatever… just go and do it like it is real. Pull comps. Dress the part. Practice price conversation. Do it JUST like it is real.

Trust me, after you do 50 you will become damn good. Most people I have worked with never make it to 50… they get it down a lot faster than that.

One a week. Like vitamins. And you will become a master by the end of 2017. This and a lot more was covered during our latest webinar. Check out the full recording below.

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