Save Your Real Estate Deals Like a Superhero!

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One of my passions is helping REALTORS® make more money. I was thinking about different ways to accomplish this goal when it hit me – save more deals. Be a deal-saving superhero. Yes, with the cape and everything. It’s not as cool as flying or being able to teleport, but you have the power to save your real estate deals!

Imagine you just got blasted with gamma radiation, while being bitten by a radioactive spider. Here are a few helpful tips for using your new super power:

Communicate. It sounds simple, but it isn’t. And many of us need to do a better job at it, especially when there is a bigger problem at hand. Get proactive and solve it with your superhero communication skills.

For example, on inspection you find that the foundation needs $100,000 in repairs. How you attack the problem and how you communicate it to all parties can make or break the deal. You will have to walk your buyer through their different options, negotiate with the seller’s agent, and by proxy, work with the seller. Remember, you’re a superhero. Charge at these hard conversations and don’t let them linger – they won’t get easier the longer you wait.

Communicate even when there isn’t an update. Most agents appreciate a quick email that says, “Everything is going great. Just wanted to confirm that we are on timeline for everything.” Your goal is to send regular updates (even if the update is that there is no update) so the other side is not wondering what is going on.

Keep your calm. Sellers are going to be emotional. Buyers are going to be emotional. Often your co-op agent is going to be emotional. Your job is to stay calm and keep your head, while everybody around you is losing theirs.

Let’s be honest… As REALTORS®, it’s not the end of the world when we’re having a bad day. Escrow might close late, but that’s about it. Therefore, there is no reason to be reactionary. Focus on the deal and not the emotions around it. Remain calm and solutions oriented.

Have a team. Even Superman has the Justice League. You worked so hard to get into escrow, but your job is just getting started. You need a team of natural born killers that are ravenous about service and responsive to your needs. Spend some time growing your team, developing primary and secondary relationships with key service providers.

For example, a home inspector who can “squeeze you in” when you get that tight timeline contract. A lender who has your back when things get wobbly in your transaction. They can jump in and save the deal for you. Contractors at various levels who have a good bedside manner and do great work.

Put together a vendor relationship plan to build your team. You could take them to lunch once a quarter, go to baseball games together, invite them to your family’s BBQ every summer. You decide how far it goes, but have a plan in place. If they like you, they will help you. And if they help you, you will close more deals. Period.

You can start today! Contact a Sindeo Mortgage Advisor and invite them to lunch.

We are going to cover all of these tips (and so much more!) in our upcoming Sindeo Mastermind Digital webinar. Click below to register and let’s save some real estate deals!


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