4 Pieces of Advice for NEW Real Estate Agents

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Starting out in real estate can be tough. It’s likely you’re wearing a lot of hats: scheduling, marketing, research, prospecting, negotiating, and more. For new real estate agents just starting out, consider these four no-brainer pieces of advice we’ve collected from some of our seasoned real estate partners.

#1. Pick the Right Place to Call Home

Getting off to a good start is easier when you’re in the right place. When choosing a brokerage, get a good idea of their values and vision —they should line up with yours. If these are a match, you’re much more likely to be engaged, supported, and productive.

Here are a few other logistical things to consider when selecting a brokerage:
• Commission splits and plans
• Physical location and foot traffic
• Company market share
• Use of technology
• Amount of training provided
• Marketing support

#2. Seek to Learn

Getting started as a new agent means you have a lot to learn, and in truth the learning doesn’t stop when you pass the real estate exam —it never ends. Here are some ways to dive in and get the knowledge you need:

Find a mentor — Finding another agent or broker that you can shadow is a great way to get to know the business. Even if you’re just meeting them for coffee once a month to chat, their experiences can be invaluable.

Partner with vendors — As soon as possible, begin to build relationships with vendors. These partnerships can help you learn about the business from all angles. You’ll gain valuable know-how on a range of topics that will benefit you and your clients.

Take advantage of training — Learn as quickly as possible how to best use the enterprise software at the firm. Attend training as often as possible as you’re getting started. The time you invest will pay off.

#3. Develop Your Marketing Plan

Part of every new agent’s to-do list is developing a marketing plan that will build brand awareness and drive new business. This requires a solid plan, a commitment to execution, and stellar follow-up skills.

Set weekly and monthly prospecting goals for yourself and stick with them. Update all of your social media accounts frequently, and let everyone in your sphere know you’re a licensed real estate professional now. Start building content —blogs, newsletters, video— and use it to drive attention to your new business.

At Sindeo, we provide our real estate partners with a wealth of downloadable content that can be used as part of any content marketing strategy to help educate clients and drive your brand awareness.

#4. Run with the Big Dogs

Networking is essential, and a great way to get to know other agents and industry partners is to become involved in local and national organizations. They offer educational opportunities and a chance to work with leaders in the field. The National Association of REALTORS® offers information and support to members through webinars, conferences, and online courses. They can also put you in touch with associations at the city, county, or state level.

At Sindeo, we provide valuable insights into the lending market and can help you and your clients navigate the mortgage road. To learn more about our products and services, connect with a Sindeo team member today.

Want these tips to-go? Click here to download the graphic cheat sheet.

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