A NextHome Case Study in Luxury Marketing

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Livia Freitas Monteforte is from Cape Cod, MA and like many brokers, she refuses to settle or compromise her vision of what real estate services should be. Livia has always been committed to maintaining a luxury boutique brand in the marketplace. It was 16 years ago Livia received her REALTOR® license and her passion for real estate has increased over each passing year. In 2005, Livia started Freitas Realty Group with the intention of taking real estate to the next level. Her focus was to offer the most cutting edge tools, technology, and elite marketing to truly elevate her above the competition and to compete with the long standing, established national franchise brands currently in her market. Livia stayed true to her vision when she considered joining a franchise. She knew it could come at a great expense and worried about losing some of her identity she had worked so hard to build.

Several large firms had previously made offers to purchase Freitas Realty Group, including three national brands. They made offers to buy her out or pay her to join their brand. Livia narrowed in on one brand, but something was holding her back. Each time she came close to signing she questioned the decision, to the point that it prompted her to search one more time. Like many opportunities in life, some times it is just about timing. In her last search before making a final decision, one more look for “luxury franchise technology boutique” resulted in NextHome.

A few conversations and lots of questions later, Livia felt a ‘click’ between both companies and the culture of NextHome. She still had doubts, but this time her doubt was not whether NextHome had the cutting edge tools, support, vision, training and fresh new look. Instead she had some concerns about a new, almost “unknown brand,” and whether NextHome would attract the luxury buyer and seller to propel her company’s business beyond those who already captured the luxury market. Livia wondered if this brand would compliment her company, enhance her vision and carry it to the next level? And most importantly, would NextHome help increase her bottom line?

The proof is in the numbers and in the success of Livia’s team. NextHome does not just state we can make a difference; we help make it happen right alongside you. We support, train and encourage each franchisee as much or as little as they need to reach their goals. Livia embraced the NextHome model, and implemented all of the recommended technology, marketing and systems into her business. In doing so, she has seen the results. Here they are in her own words:

“In our third month as NextHome Freitas Realty Group, I was able to secure a $2.25M listing. The seller said it was ‘because of the fresh twist on real estate your company offers. Your marketing is cutting edge, your look is exactly what I want representing my property, and your 3D tours are where real estate is going.’ Now, in our fourth month of franchising, we secured a $5.53M listing, and this week I’m going to sign up another $5M+ listing. We were competing against two companies on each of these listings who pride themselves on dominating the high-end market, and each time we’ve won the listings. We have also secured high-end buyers and are about to close on a $2.75M deal the middle of this month. Those buyers gave us their $1.1M listing to sell and we are representing both sides because of the 3D marketing NextHome recommended we do!”


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