NextHome Premier Realty Group: Six Month Update

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Q: How have things changed for you since you have become a NextHome franchisee?

Stacy: In previous years, Jason and I spent numerous hours trying to find the right mix of technology and branding. It was frustrating trying to find a company that had everything packaged together. NextHome had that for us. With everything completely done for us, we could focus on what we do best – helping buyers and sellers with real estate.


Q: How are you tracking for 2015?

Jason: Thus far (through June 5th, 2015), we have closed over $21,000,000 in total sales volume for 2015. We are on pace for over $45,000,000 in closed sales volume. This would represent more than a 30% increase year-over-year in volume. Considering that we have been in the business for approximately a decade each, it was certainly a pleasant surprise to see how much we have grown our business. With our launch as a NextHome franchisee, we feel more confident than ever about bringing high-level technology and merging it with beautiful print and online marketing. We can concentrate on selling real estate instead of trying to find the latest tools. NextHome does that for us.

Q: What tools have you been using to help you build your business?

Jason: Although we have been in business for some time, the landscape of consumers is changing. They expect more from their agents. These are educated buyers and sellers and they want to be represented by agents who know their stuff and work for a brokerage that has the tools necessary to help their listing standout amongst the competition.

Stacy: We have recently been using Corefact as we work our local neighborhoods. The opportunity for homeowners to find out what their home is worth, without feeling like they have to talk to a pushy salesperson really builds trust in our marketplace. We’ve also incorporated a monthly newsletter and getting a great response from that too.


Q: You have also put an emphasis on recruiting talented agents. How has the NextHome affiliation affected your brokerage?

Jason: What Stacy and I really like about NextHome is the flexible franchise model and fee structure. It allows us to confidently recruit without feeling like we have to push a “one-size-fits-all” model. Different agents require different needs. It’s great to have all the end-to-end technology that today’s agent needs without the high cost that other franchises charge their agents.

Stacy: We have created a slogan that really describes what we feel is a unique value proposition in our marketplace – “Real Estate Made Modern”. NextHome Premier Property Group is a brokerage unlike any other in the Danville, CA area. Our branding, tools, services, and support allow us to continue growing our business and serving the needs of our clients more efficiently. We feel that our NextHome affiliation really does bring our brokerage the modern feel of what today’s consumers expect from their agents.

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