NextHome continues expansion in California with NextHome Community Realty

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Amy Tomczak
Amy Tomczak

Pleasanton, CA— July 14, 2015 NextHome is proud to announce our newest addition to the franchise, NextHome Community Realty.

Owned and operated by Amy Tomczak, this Durham, CA based brokerage, will provide residential real estate services to the cities of Durham, Paradise, Magalia, Chico and the remainder of Butte County.

Tomczak’s career started in 2004 as an agent with a local independent real estate brokerage in Butte County. During this time, Tomczak focused on top-notch client services and making sure the client was protected during their purchase.

“I heard horror stories of homeowners who had bought beyond their means,” said Tomczak. “I knew their agent had every opportunity to make sure that the buyer was making a sensible purchase, but for one reason or another, they ended up buying above their realistic budget.”

“I didn’t want to put people in that position,” adds Tomczak. “These are my neighbors.”

When the real estate market began to turn in 2007, the residents of Butte County felt the brunt of the mortgage meltdown. Values for homes began to drop sharply with some areas finding values dropping as much as 50% from just a few years prior.

Tomczak’s due diligence in helping her clients make smart purchases was exactly what was needed to help those homeowners, while other homeowners were less fortunate.

“Our area saw a lot of owners lose their homes,” Tomczak explained. “I’m happy to say that of all my clients who purchased a home with me over those four years, not one of them lost their home. I had tough conversations with them about buying within their means. While they might not have been happy about buying a smaller home than they originally qualified for, they were able to keep their home when the market turned.”

While her clients were able to keep their homes, Tomczak needed to change her business model to adapt to the new market. This led her to working with investors and builders, in addition to her base business of working with first time homebuyers and local sellers.

Over the course of the next six years, Tomczak built a business that saw her become one of the top agents in her area. But even that accomplishment didn’t fulfill her desire of owning her own brokerage.

Tomczak was an early adopter of technology in her business. As far back as 2005, she began using tools such as Red Tablet (a stylus enabled computer tablet introduced in the mid-2000’s), is just one example of how she valued technology and its ability to work efficiently with her clients.

After seeing what NextHome had to offer, it made perfect sense for her to make the jump to open her own NextHome brokerage.

“When I did research finding out about the direction NextHome was going regarding the shift of the real estate market, I knew that the franchise’s thought process aligned perfectly with what I believe clients need today,” said Tomczak. “I couldn’t imagine a better fit than NextHome for my own brokerage.”

“I’ve had the chance to get to know Amy over the past year,” said NextHome’s Vice President of Business Development Imran Poladi. “Her tenacity and how she works with her clients says so much about her character. In an industry where having the REALTOR make the best fiduciary decision on behalf of the client, Amy represents this to a tee. She represents what we want in a NextHome brokerage owner. We are happy to be aligned with Amy and can’t wait to see her launch NextHome Community Realty.”

When Tomczak is not selling real estate, she enjoys spending time with her husband, Brian, her three children and three grandchildren.

We are proud to have Amy and the rest of the team at NextHome Community Realty as part of the NextHome family!


Interested in being a part of the NextHome Real Estate Franchise? Contact VP of Sales Charis Moreno at


Each office is an independently owned and operated business.

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