Happy New Year from NextHome!

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We at NextHome want to wish you a very Happy and safe New Years! Check out our team’s goals for 2015:


1779937_10154764508055587_6686240868640050033_nChristine Dwiggins: VP of Marketing and Events – “I’m grateful for perseverance and dedication of our NextHome team, and being a part of building a fresh, new real estate franchise model for the industry. A supportive and patient family. And especially my husband, one of the smartest, hardest-working, driven and loving people in the world! And I’m grateful for the opportunity to live my life to the fullest everyday.

My goals in 2015 are to continue to dig deep and push myself to the next level and live healthy everyday. To consistently bring innovation, ideas and new marketing to our members. Finally, to help push our industry to change, grow and put the consumer first.”


taylor_cannonTaylor Cannon: Member Services Manager – “2014 has been a fantastic year. I had my one year anniversary with the company and was promoted to Member Services Manager. Working out of our new office in Pleasanton has probably been one of the highlights of the latter half of the year. I think the layout and openness of the new space has really helped us to come together as a new (and old) team.

A couple of my goals for 2015 are to travel more and hit the gym a bit harder. My husband graduates medical school in June so that will probably be the highlight of the year (it’s been a LONG 4 years). I’m also looking forward to help the on-boarding of all of our new NextHome offices and begin to grow the NextHome family!”


heather_mcleanHeather McLean: Member Services – “This year has been a year of progress both professionally and personally.  I’m particularly thankful to friends and family who have supported me through a difficult move at the beginning of the year, and encouraged me to keep reaching higher when it came to personal and career ambitions.  I’m thankful to work in a collaborative environment alongside a team committed to fostering passion, innovation, and service at the highest level.

In the coming year, I’m excited to see where we go with NextHome!  Being still relatively new to the team has afforded me a unique opportunity to grow and flourish as this project progresses.  I can’t wait to see what we can accomplish!”


1551777_10152459129344003_2131925362538153220_nJames Dwiggins: CEO – “My personal goals for 2015 are to be more healthy and balanced in my life. I want learn more about ‘Mindfulness’ and spend more time living in the now instead of always looking towards the future. Less technology, less material possessions, and appreciating more of what I already have.

My professional goals are to grow the Realty World franchise regionally and the NextHome franchise nationally, but more importantly spend more time in the field with our members getting to know them better and hearing what they need to grow their local businesses. If they are successful locally, the franchise will be successful nationally. We can’t achieve that without hearing from each and every one of them.”


aaron_favingerAaron Favinger: Software Project Manager – “What I’m grateful for this year is the same thing as the last 7 years – my lovely wife. I’m also grateful for the opportunity to work with such an exciting and dynamic team.

One of my goals for 2015 is to kick my peanut butter M&M addiction. A more achievable goal is to make our technology offerings the best in the nation”



mackenzie_baishikiMackenzie Baishiki: Franchise Development Director – “I’m thankful for every positive person in my life. One of my goals for 2015 is to allocate more personal time to enjoy life, my husband and this planet.”





10592862_10203257766818751_2504040589610748741_nImran Poladi: Vice President – “This year, we at NextHome took this ambitious idea of launching a national real estate franchise and made it a reality on October 6th. It’s such an incredible feeling to be part of something that will change the real estate industry. I have been in real estate now for 12 years. The excitement I feel as we turn the page of 2014 to 2015 is like nothing I have ever felt before in my real estate career.

In 2015, I have several goals. One is continue good healthy living. I beat cancer last year for the second time. So being even more healthy is important. James is always on me to eat better, so that is a focus… even if it just gets him off my case! Secondly, I’d like to be more organized. We all have 24 hours in our day. I’ve been fortunate to be around some of the most productive people I have ever seen (I’m not kidding!). Watching our team be so efficient in all that they do inspires me to be better at time management.

Finally, I have a goal to be a better friend. There are times in our lives when we work and we work and we work… and we forget about the people who mean the most to us. I made a promise to myself to be a better friend to those important to me. It’s important for them to know how important they are to me.”


10552610_10203732622169797_927701688366199967_nCharis Moreno: VP of Sales – “I have four personal goals for 2015:

1) I want to focus more on appreciating the time I have with my husband and daughters by incorporating a bi-weekly board game night  and designate the kitchen and family room as TECH FREE zones

2) Run 2 marathons and 4 half marathons by years end

3) Get more involved in a local foundation called Forever Found to raise awareness regarding the human sex trafficking and child-  slavery problem we have in the US

4) As the PTF (PTA) President of my daughters’ school my goal is to host a monthly “Taming Technology” seminar for parents to teach and educate parents on the benefits & dangers that technology has on our children.  There are tremendous benefits, but ignoring the fact that these mini-computers open the door for serious consequences is simply not OK. It is my goal to teach parents how to prepare themselves and their children to be safe online

And I have two lofty professionals goals:

  • Make NextHome the fastest growing and most dominate franchise model in the US.
  • Focusing on improving my time-management and communication skills”



Tei Baishiki: COO – “New Year’s Eve is rapidly approaching. For some it is a time for party, resolutions, champagne, and laughs. I know some who get very sentimental with the ending of a year and reflecting back as to the resolutions set from the New Year’s prior. I know some who see it as a time to party and drink away their mistakes from the year.

My approach this year will be very simple. I am lucky to have such a wonderful and caring wife and I am grateful to be a part of an incredible team comprised of dedicated and skilled individuals. I will look to make the most out of each and every day.”

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