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NextHome announces new Costa Mesa brokerage

NextHome announces new Costa Mesa brokerage

David Kline Lovett

Pleasanton, CA — February 12, 2021 — NextHome is pleased to announce the newest addition to the franchise, NextHome First Choice Realty, based in Costa Mesa, California. The brokerage represents the 81st office location opened in California for the NextHome franchise and the 545th NextHome office opened nationally.

NextHome First Choice Realty offers residential real estate services to clients across Costa Mesa, Newport Beach, Irvine, Huntington Beach, and the remainder of Orange County. 

The brokerage is owned by David Kline Lovett – a goal-oriented real estate professional with a passion for providing his clients compassionate, loving, and ethical service. 

David first obtained his real estate license in 1979 after graduating from Cal Poly with a degree in Business Administration. His passion for marketing and sales pushed him towards a career in real estate. 

“I’m a creative person, so choosing a job that involved innovative marketing really filled my cup,” David said.  

His early years were filled with both struggle and success. During his first few months as a licensed REALTOR®, David had to work hard to overcome a natural shyness. 

“I eventually broke through that tendency and had the opportunity to work with phenomenal clients who helped me feel truly comfortable as a REALTOR®,” David recalled. 

His early success also harnessed the law of attraction – a business philosophy that David has studied extensively. 

Throughout his first four years in the business, David hit each sales target he set for himself. For two years in a row, David was recognized as the No. 1 agent in a 41-member office. He also became the Agent of the Month for his 515-member real estate board. 

“Using the law of attraction, I was able to achieve the things I wanted,” David said. 

That perseverance would serve David later as he encountered a major life setback. 

In 1989, David was involved in a serious car accident that left him with a wide range of physical impairments. Despite the challenges, he pursued growth personally, professionally, and spiritually. David is now finishing his fifth book, titled “Public Speaking Made Easy: 365 Tips Tricks and Techniques for Public Speaking.” He has also authored books on real estate, business development, and comedy. He is an accomplished Toastmaster and is a student of Landmark Worldwide – a personal and professional development company. 

David’s setbacks also spurred him towards spirituality. He now holds several credentials in the practice of non-religious spirituality. He is licensed in guided imagery and is a prayer counselor at The Agape International Spiritual Center. In addition, he is an accomplished Native American flautist, whose performances are used as the backdrop for guided meditations around the world.  

David believed the next chapter in his success story would include opening his own real estate brokerage. 

“NextHome offers phenomenal plug-and-play marketing and technology tools that will help me serve clients across the Orange County area,” David said. 

With his background, David now hopes to offer clients a unique home buying and selling experience that they can’t get anywhere else. 

“I want to connect with my clients spiritually,” David says. “I bring something that is rare: love, compassion, and understanding on a truly deep level.”

As NextHome First Choice Realty grows, David hopes to offer that level of love and understanding service to clients working their way through divorce or probate. 

Please join us in congratulating David on the opening of NextHome First Choice Realty in Costa Mesa, California!


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Each office is an independently owned and operated business.

NextHome Estates Realty Group opens in Orange County

NextHome Estates Realty Group opens in Orange County

Tom McKenzie

Pleasanton, CA — July 7, 2020 — NextHome is pleased to announce the newest addition to the franchise, NextHome Estates Realty Group, based in Los Alamitos, California. The brokerage represents the 74th office location opened in California for the NextHome franchise and the 489th NextHome office opened nationally.

NextHome Estates Realty Group will serve clients across Orange County and Los Angeles County including Los Alamitos, Rossmoor, Seal Beach, Cypress, Long Beach, Buena Park, Anaheim, Lakewood, and Huntington Beach. 

NextHome Estates Realty Group is owned by local attorney Tom McKenzie, who brings extensive experience to the new brokerage. Tom has been a practicing attorney and licensed broker for more than 20 years, specializing in estate planning, probate, trust administration, asset protection, and elder law. In addition, Tom has been a licensed financial advisor since 1995 and holds 10 different real estate certifications and designations.

Tom’s remarkable life included an early stint as a singer/songwriter. His talents helped him pay his way through law school – working as a full-time entertainer at night and excelling in his legal studies as a full-time student during the day. While attending Western State University College of Law in Fullerton, Tom was the only member of his class to receive the “American Jurisprudence Award” for real estate law. During these years, Tom was extended an invitation to serve as the associate editor of his school’s prestigious law review publication, and his article on Historically Black Colleges has been cited in a number of books and legal journals, including the book “Unearthing Promise and Potential: Our Nation’s Historically Black Colleges and Universities,” by Marybeth Gasman. 

Tom obtained his broker’s license in 1998 and, after graduating among the top of his law school class, opened McKenzie Legal and Financial. 

Throughout his career, Tom often worked with legal and financial planning clients who needed real estate services. Their needs prompted Tom to think about opening his own brokerage. To gain a better understanding of the industry in the area, Tom first began selling with a nationally franchised brokerage. He quickly learned what he did, and what he did not want to do, to best serve his clients. 

“I saw the opportunity to offer true, ethical representation for buyers and sellers that currently weren’t being well represented,” Tom said. “I wanted to be able to provide agents who embrace the highest levels of integrity and put the clients first.”

As a dedicated professional for both his legal and real estate clients, Tom knew he would have to partner with a robust and supportive franchise in order to not spread himself too thin. That’s when he discovered NextHome in REALTOR® Magazine. 

“When I read the article, NextHome was exactly what I was looking for so that I could truly help my clients,” Tom said. “Throughout the process of being affiliated with NextHome, I have not been disappointed. I have been very happy with the corporate staff, the support they give, and the educational assistance.”

Now, as a brokerage owner and attorney, Tom is uniquely qualified to help clients with a broad range of needs. 

“I can offer perspectives and advice that can only be given by a licensed attorney, helping clients avoid pitfalls and seize opportunities they might not have even known existed,” Tom said. 

From putting properties straight into trusts, to helping investors with LLCs, to legal review and notary services, Tom can help with it all. 

“I want to provide convenient, low-pressure options for my clients and help them know that they are in safe hands from the beginning of their transaction to closing and beyond,” Tom said. 

Tom’s wife Natalie will be joining him at NextHome Estates Realty Group as the brokerage’s office manager. She is also a paralegal and notary public. 

Tom and Natalie recently celebrated 19 years of wedded bliss and together they are the proud parents of four children. 

Macy (18) recently graduated from Los Alamitos High School. For most of her academic career, Macy performed with the school’s prestigious Sound FX advanced mixed choir group. The choir is recognized as one of the nation’s best and members have performed at The Hollywood Bowl with Kristen Bell, Nick Jonas and John Stamos, and at the Greek Theater with Barry Manilow. Last year, they hosted the world’s largest assembly with the “Mean Stink’s” anti-bullying campaign and were featured performers on the Today Show.

Ryan (17) is both academically and mechanically talented and, according to his dad, has the biggest heart in his family.

Cody (12) is a high achiever in math and Noah (10) is a standout football player. 

“My family is truly my greatest joy,” Tom said. 

Please join us in congratulating Tom on the opening of NextHome Estates Realty Group in Los Alamitos, California!


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Each office is an independently owned and operated business.

NextHome Inclusive Realty brings home the American Dream

NextHome Inclusive Realty brings home the American Dream

Charles Olaleye

Pleasanton, CA — October 8, 2019 — NextHome is proud to announce the latest addition to the franchise, NextHome Inclusive Realty in Ventura, California. The brokerage will represent the 70th NextHome franchised location opened in the state of California. NextHome Inclusive Realty will serve clients across Ventura County, including the cities of Oxnard, Ventura, and Camarillo. 

The NextHome Inclusive Realty team will be led by Charles Olaleye, who approaches his business with a passion for helping all types of home buyers. 

“There are a lot of agents who are only interested in working with homebuyers who have a pre-approval in hand and the leg work is already done,” Charles said. “I want to take an interest in the whole process and help people through all phases of homeownership.”

Charles was born and raised in Nigeria and, after some time in London, settled in Maryland in 2002. Charles began a career as a credit counselor, then became a banker. 

“I’ve always loved helping people learn how they can financially achieve homeownership and what’s possible for them,” Charles said.

Coming from a country where buying or renting a home was usually a cash transaction, Charles learned through experience the necessity of good, long-standing credit as a U.S. homebuyer and the roadblocks that immigrants, especially, can run into. 

“I lived that experience first-hand,” Charles said. “A lot of the help with coaching and credit and education that I provide my clients wasn’t available for me. Agents wanted to only work with ready buyers and I was once that guy who wasn’t ready.”

Eventually, Charles found himself working as a licensed home inspector in Lanham, Maryland. One of the broker/agents Charles worked with was so impressed with the way he interacted with new homebuyers that he asked if Charles would consider getting his real estate license and coming to work for the brokerage.  

“The broker approached me one day and said he loved the way I help the homeowners and asked if I might consider helping people with the preparing and purchasing of their home versus just making sure their investment was sound,” Charles said. 

In 2006, Charles began working as a real estate agent for Homeland Real Estate. He remained with that company until 2013 when he moved to Home Resource Realty in Laurel, Maryland.  

Then, in 2017, Charles learned that the unique educational program that his kids were attending in Maryland was phasing out. 

“My wife is from the bay area and went to high school in Oxnard, so we had always planned on moving to Ventura County for retirement,” Charles said. “When we learned that a similar education program existed in Ventura for our kids, we moved up our plans by a few years.”

Charles spent the past year working through all of California’s real estate and brokerage licensing processes in anticipation of joining a large brokerage. However, earlier this year, his mentor and former broker in Maryland called and told Charles he needed to look into a fantastic company he heard about called NextHome.

“There are little things that larger brokerages do that I’ve always questioned,” Charles said. “NextHome recognizes those pain-points that need innovation in the real estate industry, and they do things differently. From there, it was a no-brainer. I placed a call and that was it.”

Charles is now providing Ventura homebuyers with an option they might not get with other agents – a real estate team that is willing to help anyone, including the complete novice. 

“I don’t mind helping others get ready for smart home buying,” Charles said. “The biggest part of the American dream is owning your own home. It’s a great achievement for many and an opportunity to leave a legacy for their kids. I want to serve everyone. The Fair Housing Act says that, but I truly live by that. I want to be able to help others who want that – not just as a one-touch thing.”

That continued relationship through all phases of homeownership is important to Charles, and NextHome’s CRM system gave him the tools he needs to maintain those relationships. 

“I’m that guy who is totally inclusive and I want to be with you from start to finish,” Charles said. “I don’t want to be that touch and go person and NextHome gives me the tools to accomplish that goal.”

Outside of work, Charles is a self-proclaimed homebody who enjoys spending time with his family. He has been married to his wife Adria for 14 years and together they are the proud parents of five kids and a teacup Yorkie.

The family enjoys a weekly tradition of Friday pizza and movie nights as well as walks around the neighborhood with a playful group of kids on skateboards and strollers.  

Please join us in congratulating Charles on the opening of NextHome Inclusive Realty in Ventura, California!


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Each office is an independently owned and operated business.

NextHome kicks off the New Year with new office in California

NextHome kicks off the New Year with new office in California

Zach McReynolds & Cherrie Brown
Zach McReynolds & Cherrie Brown

Pleasanton, CA — January 1, 2018  NextHome is proud to announce our newest addition to the franchise, NextHome Real Estate Rockstars. The brokerage represents the 51st location opened in California for the NextHome franchise.

Based in Valencia-Santa Clarita, the company will be owned and operated by the high-powered real estate team of Cherrie Brown and Zach McReynolds. They will be joined on the leadership team by Office Manager and Broker of Record, RoxAnne Webber.

NextHome Real Estate Rockstars will provide real estate services such as single family residential sales, first-time home buyers, multi-family properties, probate sales, distressed and short sale properties, move-up buyers and downsizing sellers, and investment sales to the communities of Valencia, Santa Clarita, Newhall, Saugus, Canyon Country, Stevenson Ranch, Castaic, and the remainder of Ventura County.

With a population of 60,000 residents, the city of Valencia-Santa Clarita is located about one hour north of Downtown Los Angeles. Valencia-Santa Clarita is home to the famous Six Flags Magic Mountain amusement park, which sees more than 3.3 million visitors annually.

Brown and McReynolds each started their real estate careers under very different circumstances.

Brown began her career at 18 years old. When she started in 2004, she didn’t even have a car for transportation.

“I was known as the REALTOR® who rode her bike,” said Brown with a laugh. “I actually got my California Driver’s License after I got my real estate license.”

Even at a young age, Brown worked hard and sold an amazing 15 homes in her first year. She credits her success to holding a lot of open houses and investing her real estate profits back into her business.

Steadily building her business, Brown’s sales grew to average more than $10 million in volume annually.

In 2011, Brown needed help with developing her online presence and online lead generation. After moving her license to Keller Williams Realty, she met McReynolds who was just starting with the company.

McReynolds came from a background of computer programming and retail. As a successful online clothing retailer, his knowledge of technology and sales were a huge advantage coming into real estate.

Seeing the benefit of hiring McReynolds to help her with technology, the pair not only found working together to be enjoyable, but very productive. They formalized their business partnership in 2013 and then moved to work at HomeSmart NRG.

Taking the moniker Real Estate Rockstars, Brown and McReynolds got their team name by a very innocent observation from their friends and clients.

“We both work a lot and tend to drink a lot of energy drinks,” said McReynolds. “With all the Rockstar energy drink cans laying around the office, our friends started calling us the Real Estate Rockstars. The name stuck and here we are.”

In their first year working together, they sold 26 homes. In 2014, they doubled their business by selling 52 homes. In 2017, Brown and McReynolds sold exactly 100 homes.

Running their real estate team like a brokerage, Brown and McReynolds thought 2018 to be the perfect time to open their own company. They were looking to pair with a franchise and after finding NextHome, they knew it was the right fit.

“We Googled and looked for a tech-savvy franchise that would work well with our style,” said McReynolds. “No one stood out except NextHome. After seeing what the company could do for us, it was a no-brainer.”

When not selling real estate, both Brown and McReynolds focus on being great parents. Brown has two children – daughter Charlotte (age 9) and son Stevie (age 5). McReynolds has two boys – Kaden (age 16) and Karson (age 4).

Please join us in congratulating Cherrie, Zach, RoxAnne and the rest of the team at NextHome Real Estate Rockstars on the opening of their brand new NextHome office in Valencia-Santa Clarita, CA!

Interested in being a part of the NextHome Real Estate Franchise? Contact VP of Sales Charis Moreno at

Each office is an independently owned and operated business.

The NextHome franchise opens new office in Woodland Hills, CA

The NextHome franchise opens new office in Woodland Hills, CA

Dong "Don" Nguyen
Dong “Don” Nguyen

Pleasanton, CA— September 19, 2017  NextHome is proud to announce our newest addition to the franchise, NextHome First Choice Realty. The brokerage is the 46th NextHome franchised location in the state of California. The company will be owned and operated by broker and 30-year real estate veteran, Dong Nguyen.

Based in Woodland Hills, NextHome First Choice Realty will provide real estate services such as single family residential sales, investment properties, and property management to all cities in the San Fernando Valley. The brokerage specializes in working with Vietnamese and Spanish speaking clients.

The city of Woodland Hills is a Los Angeles suburb approximately 25 miles west of Downtown LA. Located in the southwestern-most part of San Fernando Valley, Woodland Hills is home to just over 65,000 residents.

Nguyen started his real estate career in 1987, as a mortgage lender who specialized in working with the Vietnamese community. He focused on helping those in that community qualify for home loans. He opened his first real estate mortgage company in 1987, Royal Home Realty & Loan which later was renamed to Realty & More.

By 1990, Nguyen grew the mortgage brokerage to more than 150 loan agents and took pride in being the first brokerage in the San Fernando Valley to focus on working with the Vietnamese community. Soon after, he added real estate sales agents to assist with servicing these loan-approved clients.

In 1994, the real estate market changed after the Northridge earthquake. The 6.7 magnitude earthquake left many homes and buildings damaged and for nearly a year after the quake, little to no real estate sales happened. Over the course of the next two years, Nguyen saw his brokerage shrink in size to less than 20 loan/real estate agents.

This adjustment caused Nguyen to rethink his strategy and he focused on having a smaller brokerage with more transactions per agent. This change in business model allowed him to spend more time working with individual loan/real estate agents.

With the mortgage side of the company taking more time, effort and resources, Nguyen chose to temporarily close the real estate side of his brokerage. To complete the changeover, he changed the name of the company to Bankers Xpress.

After four years of only doing loans, Nguyen felt 2017 was the right time to re-open the real estate side of his company. He wanted to partner with a real estate franchise that would best support his vision of agents with a high level of both service and technology.

“I felt now would be a perfect time to expand,” said Nguyen. “After doing research about NextHome and all the company has to offer, I knew this would be a great fit for me and my agents.”

NextHome First Choice Realty will operate as the stand alone real estate company, while Bankers Xpress will continue to operate as a mortgage company.

Known locally as “The Loan Doctor”, Nguyen has participated and brokered thousands of loans in his career. With all his experience, he is ready for not only opening a successful NextHome brokerage, but several more in the future.

“We want to provide Woodland Hills with first-class service in both loans and real estate,” said Nguyen. “The growth of our company will happen when the time is right. As a NextHome brokerage, we are excited about the possibilities.”

When Nguyen isn’t working, he is all about family. His wife, Chi, is a Certified Professional Accountant for more than 20 years. The couple has three children and two grandchildren.

Please join us in congratulating Dong and the rest of the team at NextHome First Choice Realty on the opening of their brand new NextHome office!

Interested in being a part of the NextHome Real Estate Franchise? Contact VP of Sales Charis Moreno at

Each office is an independently owned and operated business.

The NextHome Franchise announces 200th Franchised Location

The NextHome Franchise announces 200th Franchised Location

Pleasanton, CA— August 9, 2017—Real estate franchisor NextHome proudly announces the opening of their 200th office location – Palm Harbor, Florida.

The company’s growth has been unlike anything seen in the real estate industry. NextHome began franchising in January of 2015 and since launching, the company has expanded nationally into 41 states.

“To be able to grow our company from zero to 200 offices in less than 30 months has been an incredible ride,” said NextHome’s Chief Executive Officer, James Dwiggins. “It has been a humbling journey and still having the family feel while building a national network of NextHome agents and brokers has been inspiring.”

“We are looking forward to what the next 30 months has in store for our company,” added Dwiggins.

Key to the expansion has been the work of the sales team, led by NextHome’s Vice President of Sales, Charis Moreno.

“I’m excited about our company’s expansion and how quickly we have grown,” said Moreno. “But what truly impresses me is the quality of the NextHome agents and brokers that have become a part of our company. The best companies are driven by the quality of the people in it.”

Based in Pleasanton, California, NextHome’s headquarters features nearly 20 staff members dedicated to serving more than 1,600 NextHome members nationally. The team, led by NextHome’s Chief Operating Officer, Tei Baishiki, handles more than 8,500 member services inquiries per month.

With NextHome’s highly automated Intranet system, the Member Services team can focus on highly personalized, first-class interactivity with members who are in need of real estate assistance.

New additions to NextHome’s technology platform has substantially increased broker interest in franchising with the company. NextHome’s Chief Strategy Officer, Keith Robinson, focuses on identifying and implementing new products to the NextHome suite of tools. These tools include the integration and connectivity of real estate technology products such as: SmartZip, Ylopo, BombBomb, RealScout, Homespotter, and Spacio.

Once these programs have been added to the franchise’s platform, members are shown the benefits of NextHome services through various live in-person trainings, as well as online webinars. These courses, taught by NextHome’s Franchise Development Director, Mackenzie Baishiki, allow a flexible, yet interactive experience that caters to today’s REALTOR®.

With NextHome’s goal of having offices in all 50 states by mid-2018, the company looks to grow not only in total offices, but also in agent count.

“Our company has seen a pretty significant increase in agent count over the past year,” said NextHome’s Vice President of Business Development, Imran Poladi. “As our brokers get more comfortable and confident in what their NextHome brokerage has to offer, their ability to add talented agents has been exceptional.”

“I remember being in a room just three years ago with a dedicated corporate team who wanted to change the industry. And here we are, just 30 months into our journey and I’m so proud to see our company growing with productive, career-oriented REALTORS®,” added Poladi.


Interested in being a part of the NextHome Real Estate Franchise? Contact VP of Sales Charis Moreno at


Each office is an independently owned and operated business.

NextHome expands in Southern California with NextHome Element Realty

NextHome expands in Southern California with NextHome Element Realty

John Jackson
John Jackson

Pleasanton, CA— July 5, 2017 NextHome is proud to announce our latest addition to the franchise, NextHome Element Realty. The Simi Valley-based brokerage will be owned and operated by John Jackson.

NextHome Element Realty will provide residential real estate sales services to all areas of Ventura County including Simi Valley, Moorpark, and Thousand Oaks.

The City of Simi Valley is located 30 minutes northwest of downtown Los Angeles. Home to 125,000 residents, Simi Valley sits in the southeast corner of Ventura County and is known for being home to the Ronald Reagan Presidential Library. The Reagan Library has hosted numerous high-profile political events, including the 2012 and 2016 Republican Presidential primary debates.

Prior to real estate, Jackson inherited his family’s aviation service business, where he learned how to pilot planes. Forced to drop out of college in 1987 to run the business, Jackson earned numerous certifications in the aviation industry and piloted many trips across the globe. Although he was the owner/operator for the company, he wasn’t passionate about the industry and eventually moved on to a different career.

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NextHome opens office in Los Angeles County with NextHome Luxe Group

NextHome opens office in Los Angeles County with NextHome Luxe Group

Sevan "Sean" Baroni
Sevan “Sean” Baroni

Pleasanton, CA— February 3, 2017 NextHome is proud to announce our newest addition to the NextHome franchise – NextHome Luxe Group. This represents the 35th office location in the state of California.

Based out of Glendale, the brokerage will be owned and operated by real estate broker, Sevan “Sean” Baroni. He will be joined by his business partner, Art Hovsepian, who will help run the company.

NextHome Luxe Group will serve the needs of residents in Los Angeles County including the cities of Glendale, Flintridge, La Crescenta-Montrose, Burbank, Eagle Rock, Pasadena, Los Feliz, North Hollywood, Studio City, La Cañada Flintridge, and Sylmar.

The company provides services such as residential sales, luxury home sales, investment property sales, commercial leasing, foreclosure properties, short sales, and multi-family residential sales.

The City of Glendale is home to just over 200,000 residents, making it the third largest city in Los Angeles County.

In 2006, Baroni was introduced to real estate sales by a friend while he was still a financial planner and mortgage consultant. As a graduate of California State University – Northridge, Baroni became very interested in real estate during his time in college.

“I was in school and had a focus on Environmental Analysis in Real Estate,” said Baroni. “I learned about sustainable energy and what we can do as consumers of green energy. I was fascinated about how we could better our efforts towards using clean energy to power our homes.”

Just six months later, Baroni attained his real estate license and within two weeks, had his first home sale.

As a former financial planner, Baroni saw firsthand the many choices homeowners made during the housing boom of 2004-2006. These choices were a big factor in the collapse of the housing industry.

“I started my real estate sales career in one of the worst financial recessions in the history of the United States,” recalls Baroni. “I did whatever I could to help people keep their homes, or help them through a short sale if they were unable to make their mortgage payment.”

After several years working at an independent brokerage, Baroni moved to Dilbeck Real Estate in Glendale. It was during his five years under Dilbeck Real Estate where he built a very successful business focusing mainly on referrals and partnerships with local service providers such as doctors and attorneys.

“I created a unique business where I was either working with first-time entry level buyers or high end luxury homeowners,” said Baroni. “I really didn’t have any clients in-between.”

Baroni also began flipping homes as a secondary form of revenue. He attributes his ability to knowledgeably evaluate client purchases and renovations to his personal experience as a house flipper and investor.

After leaving his role as Assistant Vice President of Foreclosure Litigation with Bank of America, Hovsepian joined Baroni in the house flipping business in 2015. They flipped dozens of higher end properties, with many of these properties needing full rebuilds from the foundation up.

The childhood friends joined forces on the real estate sales side in 2016, and Baroni began looking for options on how he could open his own brokerage.

“I’ve known (NextHome Chief Executive Officer) James Dwiggins for many years when we both served as volunteers for the California Association of REALTORS®,” said Baroni. “James was the C.A.R. Young Professionals Network Chair in 2010 and was a key factor in helping me launch the YPN for our local Association.”

“I kept an eye on NextHome when James and his team started the company in late 2014,” added Baroni. “After seeing how quickly the company grew and how much the franchise offered their brokers, it made sense to open my own brokerage under the NextHome brand.”

In addition to real estate sales and running his brokerage, Baroni gives back to his real estate community.

He currently serves as the Vice President of the Glendale Association of REALTORS®, as well as a Director for the California Association of REALTORS®. In 2017, he will once again serve as the Chair for the Young Professionals Network for his Association.

When not selling real estate, Baroni is all about spending time with his family. He loves going camping and fishing his wife, Anasheh, and their two daughters, Colette (3) and Renelle (18 months).

Please join us in welcoming Sean, Art and their entire team at NextHome Luxe Group for the opening of their brand new NextHome brokerage!


Interested in being a part of the NextHome Real Estate Franchise? Contact VP of Sales Charis Moreno at


Each office is an independently owned and operated business.

NextHome expands in Southern California with NextHome Pacific Coast Realty

NextHome expands in Southern California with NextHome Pacific Coast Realty

Jeri Becker
Jeri Becker

Pleasanton, CA— November 15, 2016 NextHome is proud to announce our newest office, NextHome Pacific Coast Realty. The brokerage represents the 28th NextHome franchisee in the state of California.

The Ojai-based brokerage will be owned and operated by real estate veteran broker, Jeri Becker. The office will provide residential real estate sales, commercial sales, property management, and ranch sales services to the cities of Ojai, Oak View, Oxnard, Ventura, Camarillo and the rest of Ventura County.

The coastal city of Ojai sits 90 miles northwest of Los Angeles and is home to just over 8,000 residents. The city is a destination for tourists to enjoy the many outdoor recreational activities and beautiful views of the Topatopa Mountains.

Before going into the real estate profession, Becker was a successful attorney with her own practice. She opened Jeri Becker Professional Law Corporation in 1995 with a focus on residential property research, such as disrupted land and lot lines.

Becker and her husband, Troy, began flipping homes in the late 1990’s. Becker found that she was incredibly passionate about buying and selling real estate. Interestingly enough, around the same time, her law clients began asking questions about real estate sales and what they should do regarding listing their property or purchasing a home.

Seeing an opportunity, Becker got her real estate brokers license in 2006 and opened Jeri Becker Realty. Spending the next eight years building her brokerage, Becker saw incredible gains – particularly in her property management business, where she currently manages over 100 properties.

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NextHome continues Southern California growth with NextHome Lofty Properties

NextHome continues Southern California growth with NextHome Lofty Properties

Shannon Kujawa
Shannon Kujawa

Pleasanton, CA— August 30, 2016—NextHome is proud to announce our newest addition to the franchise, NextHome Lofty Properties. The company represents the 24th franchise location in the state of California.

Owned and operated by broker, Shannon Kujawa, the Anaheim-based brokerage will serve the communities of Anaheim, Anaheim Hills, Orange, Brea and the surrounding areas.

Originally from Miami, Florida, Kujawa attained her real estate license in 2001 after graduating from Florida Atlantic University with a degree in Finance & Management. While working for a financial advisory firm, her supervisor’s wife happened to be a real estate agent.

Kujawa had her assist in buying her first home in St. Petersburg, Florida. During the process, Kujawa found the real estate sales process fascinating and this influenced her to get her real estate license.

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