NextHome’s Journey Through 2023 and the Thriving Future Ahead

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Navigating the real estate landscape has been a wild, beautiful ride over the past few years. I am thankful every day that I get to face challenges side-by-side with our NextHome corporate team and nearly 6,000 members across the country. 

Reflecting on the year that’s passed, we’ve successfully faced a lot together and grown stronger. We are connected, collaborative, and driven to support each other through coaching and camaraderie. 

This hasn’t been easy. Economic conditions, interest rates, inventory, NAR lawsuits, and more make this generation of real estate professionals a tough bunch. When uncertainty or fear looms large, we learn what we are made of.

Throughout 2023, we’ve learned that NextHome is solid to the core and our NextHomies are the ones you want in the trenches with you. 

Because of what we have successfully navigated together, I am excited about 2024 and beyond. Whatever comes our way, we face it as one connected team – boldly leading real estate into the future.  

What’s giving me the confidence to say this? Here are just a few of the ways that NextHome has become more supportive, collaborative, and connected throughout 2023, and how we will continue to emphasize those attributes as we move forward. 

One of the challenges real estate professionals face is uncertainty due to the ongoing National Association of REALTORS® (NAR) lawsuits. The outcomes of this litigation will impact how real estate associates connect with clients, build their businesses, and keep the lights on. 

This was scary stuff, but we took it head on. As coaches and collaborators, NextHome’s CEO James Dwiggins and our Chief Strategic Officer Keith Robinson launched level-headed guidance early that was available to anyone – not just NextHome brokers, owners, and agents. 

This is an industry challenge, not just a NextHome challenge, and we as an industry need to collectively come together and face it. 

NextHome became a leading voice at the table earlier than any other real estate franchise.

Through the Real Estate Insiders Unfiltered podcast, James and Keith unmasked the legal boogeyman. They offered a sensible analysis of the issues and what we can all do to build a solid future.  

Internally, NextHome acted with early resolve – positioning all of our offices for potential changes, updating our marketing material, and launching training from the top to the bottom.

The experiences we’ve had together as real estate professionals define the NextHome difference. We all bring our diverse talents to the table, and we evolve together. 

I love thinking of any great organization like an orchestra. Each contribution is different. But when we work effectively together, the music is magical. 

This approach to collaboration, coaching, and support was apparent in our quarterly Town Halls. 

Brokers and owners from across NextHome came together to share creative marketing and recruiting strategies. Led by our corporate team, these conversations became a resource guide for all our members. 

These Town Halls continued to connect great people with great ideas, and some attendees created their own regional events to keep the energy flowing. 

“The value in attending Town Halls truly lies in the collaboration between the broker/owners,” said Alecia Alvarez, Franchise Development Account Manager. “What other franchise gets together consistently to pick each other’s brains on what is and is not working – all in the name of helping each other be better and more successful?”

Attending members shared that they “got more out of this type of meeting versus one-on-one meetings” and how the collaboration among the regions was incredibly helpful. 

When people looking to franchise approach us, they frequently mention our company culture as something that attracted them to NextHome. Culture is not something that can be bottled and recreated. That’s because it’s led by our connections with each other. It’s the people who make NextHome’s company culture so amazing – the people who are riding the waves of real estate. And as a company, we are right there alongside them. 

This is how NextHome’s exceptional culture thrives – through collaboration, camaraderie, and coaching. 

Throughout 2023, NextHome took our coaching to a new level. As NextHome’s Vice President of Learning and Development, the remarkable Jim Fischetti launched group coaching programs, met with offices from coast to coast, and helped NextHome brokers recruit top agents in their markets. 

With his 40-year track record of achievements in sales, coaching, and large brokerage leadership, Jim empowers people to achieve their highest potential. 

Looking back on 2023, we also renewed our determination to leverage emerging technology in a way that centers on human relationships. 

With the powerful kvCORE platform at their fingertips, available as an included member benefit, NextHome brokers, owners, and associates have been able to deepen their connections with clients and connect with new buyers and sellers. 

Even the best technology and tools are only useful if you feel confident enough to use them. So we unleashed Kristen Hernandez, NextHome’s dedicated Product Trainer, and offered NextHomies her exceptional support and training.  

“When it comes to kvCORE, there is only one name that comes to mind: Kristen Hernandez,” said Jon Cota, broker/owner of NextHome Experience in Bangor, Maine. “We pursued several different avenues for kvCORE training before connecting with Kristen, and nothing comes close to what Kristen delivered for us. A day of excitement and training instilled a desire in our agents to use this system. Kristen took our agents through every step of the program and did not stop until every agent’s questions and concerns were answered!” 

“She didn’t just deliver the information,” Jon added. “She truly believed in its ability to transform our operation capabilities and deliver a more seamless process for our client transactions and overall real estate experience. I would recommend Kristen to every NextHomie across the nation, even if they feel they are proficient with the system.”

Looking forward, we know that success for everyone isn’t going to be easy. Success in real estate requires standing up again after every setback and putting in hard work every day. Crossing your fingers and hoping the market shifts isn’t going to cut it. 

As we move into 2024, our strategy continues to be centered around the people who buy and sell houses. 

Because we are approaching 2024 with this perspective, I know that NextHome is solid to the core. 

Hope isn’t a strategy, but a strategy gives you hope. No matter what comes in 2024, we aren’t worried because NextHomies are connected, collaborative, and supportive. Together we will continue to achieve more.

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