NextHome Centurion Realty Opens in Houston, Texas

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George and Debra Kawaja

Pleasanton, CA — December 28, 2022 — NextHome is proud to announce our newest addition to the franchise, NextHome Centurion Realty, located in Houston, Texas. The brokerage joins the growing NextHome franchise that currently has 609 active office locations across the country.

Located in Texas’ largest population center, NextHome Centurion Realty serves clients throughout Houston and Montgomery counties. 

NextHome Centurion Realty is owned by the husband-and-wife team of George and Debra Kawaja. Together, George and Debra have built a thriving career through their expertise in new home construction and development. 

A Houston native, George has been a licensed real estate associate since 1979. He obtained his broker’s license in 1988 and went on to work with new home and commercial real estate developers. For more than 40 years, George has overseen his own construction and development ventures. George bought and sold lots, helped grow many of the region’s most well-known housing developments, and built a thriving referral-based business. 

“We are pretty sharp with the new home business, investment property, and raw land for development,” George said. “As an experienced consultant, there are very few things that I haven’t seen or walked clients through. With that construction foundation, my goal is to help clients navigate new builds, or educate them on the important things to know about an older home.”

Debra joined George in the real estate industry in 2006 after a long career in corporate accounting and payroll administration. 

“For years, I was helping out George with the accounting portion of whatever project he was working on,” Debra said. “I was so involved in the business already, it just made sense for me to get my real estate license. Since then, we’ve always worked together on investment properties and flips for clients, in addition to new and used home sales.”

“Debra managed a lot of properties and helped a lot of people flip and do it profitably,” George added. “She has a talent for helping people properly fix up a home and make a return on their investment.”

Debra also used her talents to mentor other associates, often giving presentations to developer’s sales teams and creating frameworks for their success. 

As time went on George and Debra realized that although they were experts in their local industry, they were in a professional holding pattern.

“I came to George and said, ‘We could do so much more with the skills and experience we have,’” Debra recalled. “We started looking at franchises, and I realized that I had found the perfect fit with NextHome.”

Debra discovered the franchise when an orange sign appeared in her neighborhood. 

“Those signs are unique and they stand out,” Debra said. “The Frenchie Dog mascot Luke was also really memorable as we also have two Frenchies. I looked more into the financials, the technology and tools this company offered, and everything looked great.”

Debra and George were especially attracted to NextHome’s extensive suite of tools that were packaged in an easy to use way. 

“This was an extensive setup that we wouldn’t have to go out and build on our own,” Debra said. “There was no need to reinvent the wheel with NextHome. Everything was already there.”

Today, NextHome Centurion Realty is combining George and Debra’s extensive expertise with NextHome’s exceptional technology and support to create unparalleled client experiences. 

As the brokerage grows, NextHome Centurion Realty will be a supportive home for agents who are seeking to elevate their careers to the next level. 

“Our agents will be coming into a brokerage that has an amount of support through NextHome that just can’t be compared,” George said. 

Clients who chose to list or buy through NextHome Centurion Realty can expect the brokerage to fully deliver on NextHome’s Humans Over Houses promise. 

“All I can do is promise to work harder than anyone else and do the right thing,” George said. “We answer the phone no matter where we are, and we are always available for our clients and associates. With its Humans Over Houses focus, we know that NextHome understands the right way to do real estate, and we are here to be part of that team and that vision.”

George and Debra are committed to their faith and family. They have been married since 1998 and are the parents of three children: Kimberly, Courtney, and Joseph. They are also the grandparents of three with one more on the way. 

Two little Frenchie dogs (Lilly and Landry) and one German Shepherd (Kandor) round out the Kawaja family. 

Please join us in congratulating George and Debra on the opening of NextHome Centurion Realty in Houston, Texas! 

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Each office is an independently owned and operated business.

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