Technology vs Service

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There have been a lot of discussions recently on the topic of technology versus service. In my opinion, there is a piece that is being overlooked or at least not talked about enough. Before we get into it, let’s quickly set up the conversation.

Technology is screaming at us faster and faster. There are more (and more and more…) tech tools designed to either connect the agent with the client or to assist the agent in providing a high level of service to the client.

In this tech-caveman’s opinion, technology is a tool. To continue with my caveman analogy, technology is like fire. Fire is a tool. It can keep you warm, it can cook your food, or it can be used in the distillery process of Jack Daniels (one of my favorite uses of the tool). But it can also burn you. When used wisely, fire can bring you a lot of joy and make your life better. When not used wisely, it can go bad for you… fast.

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And finally… Here is the piece I believe is missing from the conversation. Maybe, just maybe, it isn’t about tech tools. Perhaps service is important, but it’s not the only thing. Because the tech tools are usually the precursor to the step we’re about to talk about and service is the post script of what we are about to talk about. And that’s the sales step. The actual “ask for the order” step. The part where you ask the person to work with you as their real estate professional.

Service matters. It really does. But sometimes we lose track of the fact that this is and will always be a sales job. A few months back, I heard Larry Winget speak and he had the best observation on sales. Amazon has over 50,000 books on sales. Fifty. Thousand. Here is Larry’s book on sales. Page one: ask. Page two: ask again. Page three: ask one more time. And damn it… I love it.

Let’s not over complicate it. The more we ask, the more we get. The more people who say yes, the more people we get to serve.

Technology can help us ask more. It can also help us serve our clients. So don’t be afraid of technology. It’s a tool. Never lose sight of service, because it’s what keeps you relevant with the consumer. But let’s also remember that we are in sales and that the ones who ask more get more. Go get your unfair share!

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