Consumers & Signage: A Fresh Look

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Real estate signage is as old as the business itself. Placing a listing sign in the yard is a beacon of opportunity for a buyer looking to plant roots in that community. The Internet and mobile apps may be the first stop for home buyers and sellers, but up next buyers drive around neighborhoods and visit open houses. The property sign is an invitation, and a key element in a comprehensive marketing plan. It represents the client and the home, as well as the brand, style and service every client receives from the agent and brokerage they associate with. Despite the significant impact and importance property signage has in marketing a home, most companies today have not redesigned or reimagined them to focus on the consumer’s interests.

The new NextHome sign was created through a process of research, understanding consumer trends, considering the marketing impact of property signs and creating a fresh, innovative look. It is representative of our brand, our real estate profession and is designed to relate to consumers. Like the NextHome logo, the signs are both iconic and directional. They not only speak to today’s consumer but also point to the agent as the source for their NextHome. Our signs create instant recognition and understanding for every consumer with its unique design. Every element including our new, playful bed/bath/parking sign riders, is focused on engaging buyers, providing the immediate information they desire and reaching a successful sale for the sellers.

And, we kind of love them!


Christine Dwiggins
VP of Marketing & Events

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