NextHome Your Way Opens in West Des Moines, Iowa

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Pleasanton, CA — November 3, 2022 — NextHome is proud to announce our newest addition to the franchise, NextHome Your Way, located in West Des Moines, Iowa. The brokerage joins the growing NextHome franchise that currently has 611 active office locations across the country.

NextHome Your Way offers client-centered real estate experiences with caring industry professionals. The brokerage specializes in all types of residential real estate services. 

Located in Iowa’s largest population center, NextHome Your Way serves clients throughout the Des Moines metro area and its surrounding suburbs. 

NextHome Your Way is owned by the husband-and-wife team of Liz and Chris Lashier. 

Liz started her real estate career in 2017 after 30 years in information technology. She spent a fast-paced corporate career in programming, project management, team building, and eventually, became her company’s Vice President of Process Management. 

After reaching a burn out point, Liz knew that she needed to return to her first love: real estate. 

“I actually got my real estate license when I graduated from college,” Liz recalled. “I have always been fascinated with real estate. When I walk into a property, I have a talent for envisioning its potential. I love imagining how a house can become someone’s home. However, right out of college I got a job as a programmer. It seems I was always meant to be a real estate associate, and I’m glad I ended up in this job that I love.”

After flipping homes for several years, the transition to real estate was a natural progression for both Liz and Chris. 

While Liz was growing her real estate sales career, Chris was hard at work as a contractor. His expertise in home construction paired perfectly with Liz’s vision and sales expertise. 

With Chris’s solid support, Liz knew she wanted to open her own brokerage one day. 

“One of the reasons I am successful is that I love people,” Liz said. “I love meeting people and connecting with them. When I meet someone, I right away try to get to know who they are and how I can help them. I really feel like building relationships is the foundation of everything we do in real estate. Being able to do your business with a feeling of trust is so important.”

As she researched opening her own brokerage, Liz was searching for a franchise that aligned with her values. 

“When I saw that NextHome’s tagline is ‘Humans over Houses,’ I was intrigued,” Liz said. “ I started researching and discovered that these are my people! I did not have that kind of reaction reading about any other franchise out there. NextHome is completely aligned with me in what they believe in and what their core values are.”

“If we were going to build a brand from the ground up, NextHome is what it would look like,” Chris added. 

After connecting with another NextHome broker/owner, Liz discovered that NextHome’s people-first promise was far more than a tagline – it was a philosophy that extended throughout hundreds of offices across the nation. 

“When I was considering NextHome, I set up a meeting with Kelli Excell with NextHome Journey,” Liz said. “She was encouraging, kind, friendly and I have been selling with Kelli while I get my own brokerage up and running. She recognized that there is plenty of business to go around and that people are important. I am so thankful for her people-first approach to business.”

Now, as Liz and Chris launch NextHome Your Way, they are thrilled to offer that same level of exceptional real estate service to an ever-growing list of clients. 

“I am so excited to expand the listing side of my business by offering clients NextHome’s great marketing and tools,” Liz said. “All of these marketing pieces that I’ve had to create on my own are now at my fingertips. NextHome’s marketing is second-to-none.”

As Liz and Chris look to the future, they hope to grow NextHome Your Way with client-centered associates who recognize that real estate is more about the people than the numbers. 

“NextHome Your Way will be a home for high-quality associates who embrace NextHome’s core values,” Liz said. “If you are looking for a team atmosphere where associates support each other, NextHome Your Way is the right fit for you. We are a brokerage that is like a family, where everyone is working together and proud of each other.”

Outside the office, Liz and Chris love serving the people around them in quiet, personal ways. Liz is a breast cancer survivor who has helped others navigate cancer’s stressful and scary journey. 

Chris stays busy outside the office with his construction expertise, often helping both clients and friends with their home repair needs. 

Liz and Chris have been married for four years and love spending time with their families. 

Please join us in congratulating Liz and Chris on the opening of NextHome Your Way in West Des Moines, Iowa!

Interested in being a part of the NextHome Real Estate Franchise? Contact VP of Sales Charis Moreno at

Each office is an independently owned and operated business.

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