8 Ways to Attract New Clients

8 Ways to Attract New Clients

For real estate professionals, building business usually means attracting new clients. With long hours and busy days, it can be difficult for agents to find the time and energy target prospects and market to them. If you feel like you’ve plateaued recently in your prospecting efforts, here are some ideas that may help:

1) Include testimonials in your promotional materials.

Testimonials are a highly effective marketing technique, especially in service-oriented businesses. Ask former clients if they’d be willing to write a few sentences describing the service you provided to them, and then ask for permission to publish their statements and their names on your website, social media accounts, and printed materials. These testimonials could tip the scale in your favor when prospective clients read them.

2) Target your advertising.

Instead of taking a blanket approach to marketing your services, think about the segment of real estate clients you want to attract, and then narrow your efforts to avenues that would reach those demographics. For example, you might want to send mailings to certain zip codes or place door hangers in specific neighborhoods. If you specialize in relocations, contact companies in your area that transfer personnel into the area.

3) Personalize your social media.

More than most avenues, your social media accounts enable you to let your personality shine through, which can attract people to you. In addition to advertising listings, use your social media pages to post recent pictures, share videos, and to give a glimpse into what you do as an agent and who you are as a person. Interacting with other accounts can help increase your online profile and express your individuality as well.

4) Ask for referrals.

​​​​​​​It may not occur to people that your business can benefit from referrals, so don’t be afraid to let them know. Tell former clients, friends, and family that you’d appreciate them sharing your name and experience with others, especially those who are actively looking for real estate assistance. Supply them with business cards and other printed marketing materials to pass along. Periodically share on your social media accounts that you welcome referrals and include information about how you can be contacted. When someone does refer a client to you, don’t forget to thank them promptly with a phone call, card, or small gift to let them know that you’re grateful for their trust and their effort.

5) Be social.

​​​​​​​Networking doesn’t just happen at industry events. In fact, you can meet new clients at just about any social occasion. Accept invitations, attend events, be active in your community, and volunteer for charity work. While you’re participating, talk to people about what you do, work your experience and knowledge into the conversation, and share your contact information.

6) Be an excellent communicator.

Check all your message portals frequently, and return calls, texts, emails, and direct messages as soon as possible. You don’t want to miss a message from a prospective new client, and you want to make a good first impression by getting back to them promptly.

7) Ask for the business.

​​​​​​​When you hear that someone is about to sell their house, wants to find another, or maybe just wants to look around at real estate and kick some tires, don’t be afraid to offer your services. A personal phone call or visit from you at an opportune time may be all it takes to land a new client.

8) Go the extra mile for your clients.

​​​​​​​Satisfied clients will be more likely to tell others about you and the service you provide. One way to provide personal service and to let clients know that you care about them even after deals close is to add an American Home Shield® Home Warranty to every transaction. American Home Shield offers valuable protection for home buyers and sellers alike for many of a home’s most critical home system components and appliances, as well as a reliable resource to call for help with covered malfunctions. When clients feel that you care enough about them to go the extra mile, they may be more willing to refer you and to return in the future as repeat customers.

As important as it is to attract new clients your business, don’t forget to stay in touch with previous clients, too. In addition to being a great source of referrals to you, building long-term relationships with people can be one of the biggest joys of having a real estate career.

For more helpful tips from our partners at American Home Shield, check out their blog!

NextHome BHB Property Advisors opens in Arkansas

NextHome BHB Property Advisors opens in Arkansas

Tommy Hendrix-Brown, Remington Hendrix-Brown, Ashley Bowie and Tammie Brown

Pleasanton, CA — June 11, 2020 — NextHome is pleased to announce the newest addition to the franchise, NextHome BHB Property Advisors, based in Jonesboro, Arkansas. The brokerage represents the third office location opened in Arkansas for the NextHome franchise and the 481st NextHome office opened nationally.

The brokerage will serve clients throughout the Jonesboro area and its surrounding counties in Arkansas.

The brokerage is owned by four long-time members of the Jonesboro community who have a deep love for the clients they will serve: Tommy Hendrix-Brown, Remington Hendrix-Brown, Tammie Brown, and Ashley Bowie. NextHome BHB Property Advisor’s Broker of Record will be Shana Pierce.

Tommy started his real estate career in 2017 with a nationally franchised brand based in Jonesboro. Although he has been a licensed REALTOR® since 2017, Tommy has also led large teams as a district manager for Home Goods. Throughout the years, he has fostered outstanding customer service at stores across Arkansas, Tennessee, and Alabama. That dedication to customer service left Tommy feeling disconnected at his brokerage, and he soon began thinking that opening his own franchise could be the right move. His foundation in customer service and creating retail experiences prompted Tommy to think about how he could reimagine real estate in his hometown. 

He began conversations with his husband, Remington, Remington’s mother, Tammie, and their close friend Ashley. 

“We wanted to bring something to our market that was really missing,” Remington said. “Really and truly we wanted to do something that would spark our passion and give back to our community.”

Tommy began looking into franchise options and NextHome caught his eye. 

“The Humans Over Houses philosophy was exactly what we were searching for,” Tommy said. “I remember watching the webinars while Remington and I were in the car and actually making Remington pull over and watch them with me. I was so excited that we had found the perfect franchise.”

Today, NextHome BHB Property Advisors is focusing on quality service and creating first-class experiences for clients. 

“NextHome BHB Property Advisors clients can expect the most personalized experience they will ever have in a real estate transaction,” Tommy said. “Our customers are more than an address and a number. We are business owners and agents who you’ll see at your school, kids ball games, and walking dogs at the humane society. We are not seated behind a wall that you will never see, we are in this with you.”

In addition to its focus on experience-based real estate, NextHome BHB Property Advisors welcomes agents who fully embrace the Humans Over Houses approach to business. 

“When we interview potential associates, I look for people who have consistent repeat business instead of astronomical sales numbers,” Tommy said. “Because we are an experience-based brokerage we want people who value a great reputation and who have strong relationships with their clients.”

That values-based approach to business extends into NextHome BHB Property Advisors’ leadership in the community. 

Tammie and Ashley are both interventionists with the local school district and Remington is a school counselor. For the past several years, Remington has enjoyed leading his local school’s Backpack Food Program. Working together with the First United Methodist Church, Remington’s dedicated work has benefited the Food Bank of Northeast Arkansas.

Tammie is deeply involved in volunteering with the local chapter of the Special Olympics and often travels to conferences to support the program. 

Tammie has been married to her husband, Bill, for 30 years and together they have two sons, Remington and Colton, and five grandchildren. 

Ashley has been married to her husband, Brent, for 23 years. They are the parents of MaryMac and both enjoy serving in various community organizations. 

Tommy and Remington will celebrate six years of marriage this December and together they are the proud parents of Greyson, Adaleigh, and Caroline.

Please join us in congratulating Tommy, Remington, Tammie, and Ashley on the opening of NextHome BHB Property Advisors in Jonesboro, Arkansas!


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Each office is an independently owned and operated business.

NextHome opens two offices in Southern Wisconsin

NextHome opens two offices in Southern Wisconsin

Carolyn Fox & Amy Fox

Pleasanton, CA — June 10, 2020 — NextHome is pleased to announce the newest addition to the franchise, NextHome Success, which will serve clients in southern Wisconsin. The brokerage will offer two convenient office locations in Fort Atkinson and Whitewater. NextHome Success represents the 12th and 13th office locations opened in Wisconsin for the NextHome franchise and the 479th and 480th NextHome offices opened nationally.

Fort Atkinson is just more than five square miles brimming with small-town charm. Centrally located between Milwaukee and Madison, NextHome Success’s Fort Atkinson offices will serve clients across Jefferson County. 

Whitewater is a small university town located just 15 miles south of Fort Atkinson. The community offers access to the beautiful Whitewater Lake and Kettle Moraine State Forest. Agents at the Whitewater office will serve clients across both Walworth and Jefferson Counties – including clients searching for the perfect lake property. 

NextHome Success is owned by Carolyn Fox and Amy Fox – a mother/daughter duo with decades of experience in Wisconsin real estate. Under their leadership, NextHome Success already has more than a dozen agents offering clients a broad range of expertise. NextHome Success is well-positioned to help with all types of residential real estate including investment properties, flip properties, foreclosures, vacation homes, and lake properties. 

“Among the agents and ourselves, we have a tremendous amount of experience,” Carolyn said. “We are able to skillfully tackle things that others wouldn’t be able to tackle.”

Carolyn has been a REALTOR® since 1992. After three years with Century 21, she opened her own Better Homes and Gardens franchise in 1995. Carolyn skillfully served Wisconsin clients for the next 13 years as both a business owner and active agent before returning to Century 21 as an office manager. 

Meanwhile, Amy was working toward her university degree in chemistry. However, after graduating, Amy decided that following in her mother’s footsteps was a better professional fit. Amy began her real estate career in 2002 as an office manager. Eventually, she was working 40 hours per week just entering listings. In 2015, Amy finally decided it was time to get her real estate license. 

“After so many years spending so much time helping agents, I felt that I was pretty good at real estate,” Amy said. 

Within a year she also had her broker’s license. 

Amy and Carolyn began working together in 2015. For the next several years, they created a fantastic reputation for customer service. 

However, as the business evolved Carolyn and Amy knew it was time for a change. 

Carolyn had been curious about NextHome for several years, so when it was time to change franchises, she knew which direction she wanted to go. 

“Our impression of NextHome had stayed with us,” Carolyn said, “So when it was time to make a change, our decision was pretty well already made.”

Today, NextHome Success is combining the Fox’s years of experience with NextHome’s suite of unparalleled marketing tools. The result is outstanding value for Walworth and Jefferson county clients.

“Our clients come first, and that’s something that really resonated with us about NextHome,” Amy said. “The franchise culture is all about humans over houses. NextHome recognizes that nurturing your relationship with your clients is more important than that ‘one deal’. That perspective is why we have endured as REALTORS® through economic downturns or shifts in the market, and that’s why NextHome was such a great fit for us.”

Carolyn adds that the NextHome corporate philosophy combined with their years of experience also creates an opportunity to nurture successful agents. 

“We have the experience to not only cater to whatever our clientele needs, but also the ability to leverage that experience to help agents be better versions of themselves in all the different aspects of our profession.”

When they aren’t supporting agents or building their brokerage, Carolyn and Amy enjoy serving in their community. Through NextHome Success, the Fox’s support the local Humane Society. 

“We are animal lovers and many of our agents are animal lovers,” Amy said, adding that the brokerage plans to donate a portion of all sales to The Humane Society of Jefferson County.

Carolyn is the proud mother of three grown daughters: Amy, Carrie, and Sarah. Amy is the proud mother of Connor (10), who loves board games. 

Together, the family enjoys hosting cookouts, visiting museums, playing games, and simply spending time together. 

Please join us in congratulating Carolyn and Amy on the opening of NextHome Success in Fort Atkinson and Whitewater, Wisconsin!


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Each office is an independently owned and operated business.

Looking Ahead…But Not Forgetting the Past

Looking Ahead…But Not Forgetting the Past

If you’re like many people, never again hearing words like “coronavirus”, “new normal” and “sheltered in place” would be just fine. Yet these terms have become, and will remain, a part of our existence. As much as we might like to, we cannot opt-out of what has happened, but we can choose how it might shape our future.

Every business has been forced to make changes, some to survival mode and others to “something like normal”. Fortunately, in most locations, the real estate industry has been deemed essential and able to provide services to the public as well as maintain some degree of financial viability. What adaptations to “business as usual” will be temporary and which more permanent?

Virtual showings may streamline the buying process, creating new positions in your brokerage for techies to manage the process. They may also increase your liability disclosure or create avenues for privacy violations. Appraisal standards are changing, potentially streamlining processes while causing some lenders to restrict loan availability.

With these and many other issues, the only constants are change and the desire for some stability. It is said that few businesses will fully return to business as practiced B.C. (Before COVID).  Does that have to be all negative? What new or modified methods put in use during this restrictive period are worth keeping as business opens up? It could be a greater reliance on virtual showings or valuations. Demographic and economic shifts are possible, changing who might buy, sell or rent. It may be advisable for all of us to evaluate what we are doing differently these days, see what is working and what is not; what provides your business with strength, stability and capacity for growth. Maybe even what makes us better at being neighbors, friends and family members.

Stability and change. When change comes from a position of strength, it is more likely to have value and staying power. That’s where the Landy Agency excels and remains there for you. In over 70 years of providing insurance programs, we have “seen it all”. Change was always necessary, but only if it enhanced our ability to provide the strength, stability and protection demanded by our clients. At the Landy Agency, we will continue to protect your business regardless of change, as we have done for decades. As a NextHomie partner, we are there for all of you, whether you are our client or not. Let us know how we can help, and as the song says, “We Will Survive!”.

Help Us Help You – Please take a moment to confidentially answer these questions, so that we might better serve you –

Watch Our Exclusive Video – Learn More About E&O Insurance for Real Estate Professionals –


John L. Torvi

Vice President of Marketing & Sales, The Landy Insurance Agency

NextHome expands in Gainesville, Florida

NextHome expands in Gainesville, Florida

Kent Rodahaver

Pleasanton, CA — May 29, 2020 — NextHome is pleased to announce the expansion of NextHome South Pointe in Gainesville, Florida. Located in the vibrant Haile Village Center, NextHome South Pointe (Gainesville) builds on the success of owner Kent Rodahaver’s first NextHome brokerage in Saint Petersburg, Florida.

NextHome South Pointe (Gainesville) represents the 72nd office location opened in Florida for the NextHome franchise and the 478th NextHome office opened nationally. 

NextHome South Pointe (Gainesville) serves customers across Alachua County and the remainder of North-Central Florida. The brokerage’s array of knowledgeable associates are happy to serve all types of residential clients, and they are especially well-positioned to serve the needs of Gainesville’s homebuyers, sellers, and investors. 

NextHome South Pointe is located in the heart of Gainesville’s Haile Village, where farmer’s markets and festivals animate summer evenings, and Oktoberfest and fall gatherings bring the community together later in the year. 

“Even though it is a university town, Gainesville has that hometown feeling and there are a lot of great opportunities for getting involved in the community,” Kent said. “With several NextHome South Pointe agents already very active in the area, and with our drive to be involved in community events, Gainesville was just the perfect fit for expansion.”

Kent has a wealth of Florida real estate experience that benefits NextHome South Pointe clients and associates. In 1998, Kent entered real estate by renovating and flipping properties throughout the St. Petersburg and Tampa Bay areas. 

In 2005, the general contractor started a residential/commercial investment and development firm – Water Oak Development Group. Obtaining his real estate license then was a natural career progression for Kent. 

“As a buyer, seller, remodeler, and developer, I was very involved in every transaction,” Kent said. “I appreciated that side of the business and recognized how much I liked it. Once I realized how much I genuinely enjoyed the sales and transactional perspective of our business, I made it my full-time career.”

Kent started his sales career with a Florida boutique luxury brokerage. After several years working with that office, Kent transitioned to a 100 percent commission-based brokerage where he continued to excel – selling about 30 properties per year. Soon, the time came for Kent to branch out on his own. The real estate professional obtained his broker’s license and started conceptualizing his own business-owning aspirations. 

“Partnering with a customer-centric organization that had a great culture was mandatory for me,” Kent said of his decision to open a NextHome brokerage. “The more I researched, the more I knew that NextHome was going to be an amazing fit for me as a business owner.”

Since opening his first brokerage in late 2019, Kent has seen the difference that a NextHome partnership can make. 

“Every expectation that I’ve had has not just been met, but exceeded,” Kent said. “I get great support from the corporate and executive teams. The marketing is amazing, and NextHome gives me all the freedom and ability to do my job as a broker so that I can grow. The associates love what NextHome offers them and I am thrilled to be able to expand.”

As he looks to the future in Gainesville, Kent plans to add additional area talent to his office of already accomplished associates.  

The ability to help others achieve incredible success is part of Kent’s personal and professional DNA. As an IronMan athlete and performance coach, Kent has a knack for helping people realize their full athletic potential. 

“It is an amazing feeling to be able to positively impact lives,” Kent said. “I have had the honor of helping aspiring athletes change their lives and lifestyles and I like to think I have that same positive impact on my agents, my office, and especially my customers.”

Please join us in congratulating Kent on the expansion of NextHome South Pointe in Gainesville, Florida!


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Each office is an independently owned and operated business.

NextHome Reach opens in Northern Virginia

NextHome Reach opens in Northern Virginia

Rob Wittman

Pleasanton, CA — May 28, 2020 — NextHome is pleased to announce the newest addition to the franchise, NextHome Reach, based in Reston, Virginia. The brokerage represents the 12th office location opened in Virginia for the NextHome franchise and the 477th NextHome office opened nationally.

The brokerage will serve clients across Northern Virginia, including Fairfax, Loudoun, Arlington, and Alexandria counties. NextHome Reach is also licensed in Maryland and can serve clients in Montgomery and Prince George counties. 

NextHome Reach is owned by DC-native Rob Wittman. His industry expertise has helped hundreds of clients throughout his 16-year career, all with a record of superb customer service. Rob’s expertise includes military relocations, first-time home buying, corporate relocations, and small business partnerships. He is especially happy when he can serve clients who believe homeownership might be out of their reach. 

Rob began his career in 2003 in Fairfax, working with a small independent brokerage that was pioneering new technology in online real estate. 

After two years, Rob joined the Fairfax Long & Foster offices. He spent the next six years on their high-producing teams. In 2010, Rob joined Redfin where he again excelled as a top producer. Most recently, Rob worked with a local Keller Williams brokerage. 

Throughout his career, Rob has consistently achieved remarkable sales success. While at Redfin, Rob was the No. 1 salesperson for the entire company. While at Long & Foster, he was the second-highest producer on his team. While working with Keller Williams, Rob managed to sell 15 houses all while directing a team. Throughout his career, he has brokered more than 8,000 transactions with $3.2 billion in volume. 

“While I am proud of the sales numbers, what I am most proud of is the fact that I was able to achieve such a high volume with a spotless customer service record,” Rob said. “The great customer service ratings that I consistently get are my proudest achievement.”

In 2019, his drive to continue delivering excellence to his clients caused Rob to think about opening his own brokerage. 

While mulling over his options, Rob attended an industry conference where he chatted with Karen Parnes, owner of NextHome Your Way in Maryland. 

“We went to lunch and I was grumbling about some of my frustrations with traditional real estate,” Rob recalled. “After listening, she said that I absolutely needed to look at NextHome.”

NextHome seemed to have an answer for all of Rob’s most pressing industry concerns. 

“I had finally found a solution that took care of the parts of the business that would needlessly distract me while enabling me to creatively and innovatively do business the way I think is correct,” Rob said.

Rob was also attracted to NextHome’s growth philosophy. 

“I love the idea of partnering with a company that says, if you want to run a 500-person brokerage, we are all for that, and if you want to run a one-person brokerage, we are all for that too,” Rob said. “It was the perfect blend of having tools available for me to use and allowing me to have the flexibility I need.”

Today, Rob is using NextHome’s tools to deliver added value to his clients.

“When buyers and sellers work with me, they are getting the advantage of someone who is very well informed on the technology side of the market as well as someone who understands all the hidden factors clients can’t generally see online,” Rob said. 

Rob is an active leader in the Northern Virginia real estate industry including a term on the Board of Directors for the Northern Virginia Association of REALTORS®. The association is the 13th largest in the United States. 

“I love being in the room with some of the smartest people in the industry,” Rob said. “We take the time to understand new issues, the law, and we work to see issues before they catch us off guard. I really enjoy volunteering and sharing knowledge with the best practitioners in the business.”

Rob is also an accomplished beer league hockey player, who learned the sport as an adult that didn’t know how to skate. 

“It took a lot of grit and determination,” Rob said. “But that is who I am and that drive to learn and excel at things is pretty representative of how I operate as a REALTOR® and business owner.” 

Rob has been married to his wife Shansel for seven years and together they have two sons, Alton (4) and Shaun (2). Rob and Shansel were both raised in the DC-Metro area and they enjoy making memories in their hometown with their extensive extended family. 

Please join us in congratulating Rob on the opening of NextHome Reach in Reston, Virginia!


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Each office is an independently owned and operated business.

NextHome Elite Realty opens in Mesa, Arizona

NextHome Elite Realty opens in Mesa, Arizona

Sandra Hershey & Stacy Mills

Pleasanton, CA — May 27, 2020 — NextHome is pleased to announce the newest addition to the franchise, NextHome Elite Realty, based in Mesa, Arizona. The brokerage represents the ninth office location opened in Arizona for the NextHome franchise and the 476th NextHome office opened nationally.

NextHome Elite Realty will serve clients across Gilbert, Tempe, Mesa, Chandler, Cave Creek, Scottsdale, Queen Creek, Glendale, Phoenix, and the remainder of Maricopa and Pinal counties.  

NextHome Elite Realty is owned by veteran Arizona REALTORS® Stacy Mills and Sandra Hershey. Together, they lead an office of professional agents with a broad range of expertise. NextHome Elite Realty is well-positioned to help with all types of residential real estate including retirement homes, custom home construction, horse properties, investment properties, and guidance for VA buyers. NextHome Elite Realty’s dedicated office of agents also includes several certified negotiation experts in addition to agents with probate and home inspection backgrounds. 

“We have a fantastic group of people already and look forward to putting our expertise to work for clients across the Phoenix Metropolitan area,” Sandra said. 

An icon in Arizona real estate, Sandra has been immersed in the industry since 1983. Over the years, she has worked with nationally known franchises and small independent brokerages. In 1992, she started Mesa Realty Group, which eventually became ERA The Realty Group. The business flourished for the next decade and Sandra’s reputation for excellence grew. 

In 2005, Sandra joined Red Brick Realty as that office’s designated broker. 

Under her leadership, the brokerage grew from 30 agents to 100. 

“Even with that many agents, it had a small company feel,” Sandra recalled. “The culture was so family-oriented. I watched my associates’ children grow up and they watched mine.”

Recruited by Sandra, Stacy joined that group of tight-knit associates in 2005. 

Stacy began her professional career in nursing. Then, as a busy mother of two, she began managing a Mesa area country club. Stacy and Sandra had the opportunity to work closely together while organizing a charity golf tournament for Sandra’s brokerage. 

“She is an incredibly smart woman and she has unlimited energy,” Sandra said, recalling her first impressions of Stacy. “She ran a very large country club and that takes a certain set of skills. There was a friendship first, then a recognition that she could be doing very, very well in real estate.”

With a little prodding from Sandra, Stacy obtained her real estate license and joined Red Brick. 

After many successful years, the brokerage eventually sold to a larger franchise. Stacy and Sandra took their excellent working relationship to another area independent. But within a year, that brokerage was also bought out. 

“That’s when I said no more,” Stacy recalled. “I wanted my clients to feel like they were with an agent who is not bouncing around. I wanted to offer stability, and the best way to do that was by doing our own thing.”

Stacy and Sandra looked at many options, including opening their own independent brokerage, but after extensive research and many meetings, NextHome became the clear choice. 

“NextHome offered so many things that as an independent we could not give our agents,” Stacy said. “We now have access to these incredible marketing tools that enable us to focus on leading our team and helping our agents succeed. Creating marketing fliers, personal branding, and staying present on social media is extremely important in today’s market. As an agent, I’ve done all of that and realize how time-consuming it is. The business-in-a-box NextHome offers is very attractive to professional agents.”

NextHome Elite Realty launched on May 1st, 2020, and already has 10 full-time agents working under its banner with a wide array of skills and experience. 

“At NextHome Elite Realty, we can offer a level of service that is beyond our client’s expectations,” Stacy said. “Our main focus is building a reputation for integrity and excellence by recruiting agents who fully embrace that level of service we want to provide our clients.”

Sandra also has a passion for real estate education. She is a certified continuing education instructor in Arizona and looks forward to offering engaging, in-house courses. Sandra is also active with her local real estate board, serving on the MLS Appeals Committee. 

Sandra and her husband Bob are the proud parents of three sons. Bob Hershey Jr. is a licensed real estate agent and has joined NextHome Elite Realty, David Hershey is a medical representative in San Diego, and Pat Hershey is a high school math teacher in Phoenix. 

Stacy and her husband Mark are the proud parents of four boys. Their two oldest boys are finance majors and their two youngest sons are both Active Duty military, giving Stacy a passion for serving the real estate needs of local Veteran and military families.  

In the rare times when she is not working, Stacy enjoys traveling, playing golf, and pickleball. 

Please join us in congratulating Stacy and Sandra on the opening of NextHome Elite Realty in Mesa, Arizona!


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Each office is an independently owned and operated business.

NextHome announces new Knoxville brokerage

NextHome announces new Knoxville brokerage

Michele & Marty Bass

Pleasanton, CA — May 22, 2020 — NextHome is pleased to announce the newest addition to the franchise, NextHome Premier Properties, based in Knoxville, Tennessee. The brokerage represents the 10th office location opened in Tennessee for the NextHome franchise and the 475th NextHome office opened nationally.

NextHome Premier Properties offers quality service for first-time home buyers, military relocations, and retirees. In addition, the brokerage can provide expert insights into lake property or condominium purchases. 

NextHome Premier Properties will serve the needs of clients across Maryville, Lewisville, Alcoa, Farragut, Lenoir City, and the greater Knoxville area.

The brokerage is owned by Knoxville real estate veterans Marty and Michele Bass. Together, they offer clients a combined 65 years’ worth of experience in real estate and small business ownership. 

Marty obtained his real estate license in 1978 and became a broker just two years later. In the early days of his career, Marty saw some of the highest rates of inflation in United States history with interest rates rising to nearly 20 percent. 

Eventually, Marty diversified his career and took ownership of Brothers Bedding Company in Knoxville. He maintained ownership of the local mattress factory for almost 20 years. 

However, Marty remained drawn to real estate. In 2001, he opened Assist 2 Sell Marty Bass Realty in Knoxville. Michele joined the brokerage as an agent in 2002. 

Michele’s own real estate journey began in 1997. She started her career at a small independent company before joining RE/MAX and working as an assistant to one of the top agents in the office.

After joining Marty at his brokerage in 2002, Michele learned all she could about franchise ownership and building excellent customer service.

In 2005, Michele opened her own brokerage: Assist 2 Sell Smart Choice Realty. She continued to build that business for the next six years. Meanwhile, Marty sold his real estate franchise and returned to running his mattress production company full-time. 

From 2011 to 2014, Michele and Marty weathered the fallout from The Great Recession as best they could – Marty at his mattress company and Michele opening a mobile dog grooming business. 

However, the pair remained close to both each other and to real estate, and in September 2014 Marty and Michele were married. 

Michele returned to real estate full-time in 2014, eventually opening her own brokerage – Assist 2 Sell Bass Real Estate. Marty sold the mattress company and, again, delved into real estate full-time alongside Michele.  

“Everything was going really well,” Michele recalled.

As business improved, Marty and Michele began to think critically about their branding and how they wanted to position their business in the Knoxville market. 

“We wanted to build a brokerage that focused on five-star, high-quality service,” Marty said. “To accomplish that, we knew we needed to partner with the right franchise.”

As Michele searched for the right fit, NextHome caught her attention. 

“When we saw that the Knoxville area was available to franchise through NextHome, we were absolutely thrilled,” Michele said. 

Today, NextHome Premier Properties offers clients classy, streamlined marketing that connects the right buyers and sellers. NextHome Premier Properties also offers agents unparalleled support, technology, and training. 

“We have so much to offer now,” Michele said. “Everything is seamless and digital, we have virtual tours, we have streamlined marketing, we have the cute little dog mascot, we have it all.”

Both Marty and Michele are active in their community. Marty works with the Knoxville Volunteer Ministry Center, where he helps the homeless with access to basic necessities. 

Michele is passionate about helping animals and volunteers with rescue groups around town. 

In their downtime, Marty and Michele enjoy watching movies together and working in their yard. 

Please join us in congratulating Marty and Michele on the opening of NextHome Premier Properties in Knoxville, Tennessee!


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Each office is an independently owned and operated business.

NextHome opens newest brokerage in Northern Virginia

NextHome opens newest brokerage in Northern Virginia

Michelle Hale

Pleasanton, CA — May 21, 2020 — NextHome is pleased to announce the newest addition to the franchise, NextHome NOVA Realty, based in Warrenton, Virginia. The brokerage represents the 11th office location opened in Virginia for the NextHome franchise and the 474th NextHome office opened nationally.

The brokerage will offer cutting-edge real estate marketing and technology to 13 counties across Northern Virginia. NextHome NOVA Realty provides buying and selling service to clients in Fauquier, Culpeper, Prince William, Fairfax, Loudoun, Stafford, Spotsylvania, Orange, Madison, Rappahannock, Warren, Clarke, and Frederick counties. 

Located just 45 miles west of Washington D.C., Warrenton is four-square miles brimming with small-town charm. The area attracts residential investors, retirees, and professionals relocating for work with Government contractors or one of the many military facilities, like the Marine Corps Base in Quantico. Warrenton is also attractive for buyers seeking prime equestrian properties. Under the leadership of owner Michelle Hale, NextHome NOVA Realty offers expertise in all these types of real estate transactions – and more. 

Michelle will be NextHome NOVA Realty’s broker of record and owns the franchise alongside her husband, Mark Hale.

Michelle delved into real estate in 2002. Prior to becoming a full-time REALTOR®, Michelle worked in information technology, specializing in databases and end-user applications. 

After obtaining her license, Michelle built a reputation for compassionate client care and service that went above and beyond expectations. Michelle studied architecture and interior design in college and has been the general contractor for two of her own personal residences.

“When I’m looking at new construction, I’m able to clarify anything clients may have questions about,” Michelle said. “When it comes to home inspections, I can also explain things that the average agent might not catch.”

Michelle started her real estate career with Long & Foster, but spent most of the past decade in the business with Century 21 New Millennium in Gainesville.

Eventually, Michelle recognized that in order to continue exceeding her client’s expectations, she needed to take her technology offerings to the next level. 

“As I looked around at my options, other firms didn’t seem to have the tools or eye-catching marketing that is so important to me,” Michelle said. “So, when I stumbled across NextHome, the marketing and technology really caught my attention; the colors, Luke, it all just spoke to me.”

Today, Michelle is building a brokerage where high-quality agents can feel truly supported, can have access to plug-and-play marketing, and receive ethical compensation. 

“I wanted to run a brokerage where agents could see the value of being a NextHome agent,” Michelle said. 

As a top-producing agent, Michelle understood the pain point of getting beautiful marketing produced quickly. That’s why NextHome’s ability to build almost-immediate marketing packages was so attractive. 

In addition to its cutting-edge technology offerings, NextHome NOVA Realty is making a difference for area clients through Michelle’s compassionate leadership and approach to sales. 

“Once clients work with me, they find I am very easy to talk to,” Michelle said. “I think a big part of how I operate is that I can absorb the stress of buying or selling a home so that my clients don’t have as much to worry about. I have a way of creating calm in an otherwise stressful situation.”

Outside of real estate, Michelle enjoys serving in her community. Michelle serves on the Board of Directors for the Fauquier Habitat for Humanity – a position she has held since 2013 minus a one year pause. Her passion for Habitat for Humanity’s work extends into how she runs her business – a portion of every transaction her firm closes goes directly to the organization. 

In addition, Michelle enjoys working with local animal rescues to find forever homes for abandoned dogs, two of which are now members of their family.  

Michelle and Mark have been married since 1992 and together they have two adult daughters. Mark recently retired from commercial construction management and served as an Aviator in the US Army.  

Together, Michelle and Mark enjoy traveling, hiking, and playing golf. 

Please join us in congratulating Michelle and Mark on the opening of NextHome NOVA Realty in Warrenton, Virginia!


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Each office is an independently owned and operated business.

Web Visits to For-Sale Listings Rebounding as Spring Unfolds

Web Visits to For-Sale Listings Rebounding as Spring Unfolds

  • Page views on for-sale listings on Zillow fell as much as 19% year-over-year in mid-March, but have rebounded sharply since then.
  • Traffic on listings in some metros have recovered more quickly, including Los Angeles, Houston, Dallas and Atlanta.

Web traffic to for-sale home listings on Zillow fell off dramatically in mid-March as the U.S. coronavirus outbreak began in earnest and stay-at-home orders were expanded, effectively shuttering large parts of the economy. But by mid-April, overall visits to for-sale homes had rebounded to levels — perhaps surprisingly — that are actually slightly higher than a year ago.

In early March, the market was still looking forward to the impending busy spring home shopping season. Market fundamentals were largely strong, and traffic to for-sale listings was higher than it was at the same time a year ago. But starting March 11, web traffic began to slide. Even in a month jam-packed with bad news, that date stands out. On March 11, the World Health Organization officially classified the coronavirus outbreak as a global pandemic; President Trump announced a travel ban from Europe as part of a televised national address; and the National Basketball Association cancelled the rest of its season. Over the next week and a half, culminating on March 22, traffic to homes listed for sale on Zillow dropped by almost a fifth compared to the comparable week in 2019.

But not every market dropped in tandem. In Seattle, home to Zillow headquarters and site of some of the first known U.S. cases of community transmission of the novel coronavirus, traffic was below-normal as early as February.

The New York metro area, now home to the nation’s biggest outbreak, has experienced some of the biggest daily traffic declines: It fell more than 30% for the 7-day period ending March 22, and remained down about 24% in the first week of April. The most recent available data, for the 7 days ended April 13, show New York still down about 8%. Late-March/early-April traffic to listings in the Boston area, also currently grappling with one of the nation’s largest outbreaks, fell more than 20% by the week ending March 20 and remained below that depressed level through April 8, when it began to recover toward normal levels.

San Francisco experienced a more acute drop than Boston, down about 28% for the week ending March 22 and subsequent 7-day windows through March 26. But it recovered steadily soon after that, and in the week ending April 13 verage traffic was higher than the same week in 2019.

The traffic dropoff was less severe in Los Angeles, with a nadir 20% lower than 2019 for the week beginning March 16, the same day the LA Department of Public health issued an order prohibiting gatherings of 50 or more. But traffic to Los Angeles-area listings on Zillow subsequently rebounded quickly, and has actually been substantially higher year-over-year through the first two weeks of April.

It’s a similar story in Minneapolis, which was experiencing strong year-over-year growth in traffic in the days prior to March 11, before dropping off sharply. Minneapolis’ biggest one-week drop in traffic also came on the week starting March 16, the day Minnesota Governor Tim Walz ordered restaurants, bars and other public gathering areas closed. But by mid-April, Zillow traffic was up by double-digits in the twin cities.

While traffic to listings in some markets still remains down from a year ago, the national total has rebounded significantly, up 13% year-over-year for the week ending April 13. In fact, in 30 of the 35 largest metro areas, web traffic to for-sale listings was up year-over-year during the second week of April. Of those large markets, only the Pittsburgh, Detroit, Philadelphia, Boston, and New York City metro areas continue to show depressed traffic.

It’s impossible to know precisely what’s driving this recent spike in traffic: It could be coming from optimistic buyers hoping to get an early jump on their plans as soon as restrictions are lifted, or simply from aspirational viewers stuck at home and seeking an escape through real estate. Early data on home sales show significant drops in mortgage purchase applications in March, so one simple explanation could be that many of the home shoppers who would have bought in March are still on the sidelines, keeping tabs on the market alongside everyone who began eyeing Zillow listings in April.

We do know this April turnaround does not reflect positive economic news. In the four weeks from March 15 through April 11, roughly 22 million Americans filed claims for unemployment assistance, or almost 15% of all workers who were otherwise employed as recently as the middle of March. The total scale of the economic slowdown is not yet clear, but it is almost certain that more people will soon be out of work for an indeterminate period of time.


All page view events of for-sale homes on and the Zillow app are tabulated by day and the listing’s ZIP code, and then aggregated to day and MSA. Figures are presented as rolling 7-day trailing averages to smooth out daily noise. Page views exclude real estate agents and other professional users on Zillow. Year-over-year comparisons are done after offsetting 2019 data by 2 days, in order to compare the same days of the week, e.g. we compare Sunday, March 29, 2020 with Sunday, March 31, 2019.


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