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NextHome announces new Boston brokerage

NextHome announces new Boston brokerage

Delores & Leighton Facey

Pleasanton, CA — February 5, 2020 — NextHome is proud to announce our newest addition to the franchise, NextHome Unlimited Realty Solutions, based in Boston, Massachusetts. The brokerage represents the eighth office location opened in Massachusetts for the NextHome franchise.

NextHome Unlimited Realty Solutions is owned by the husband and wife team Delores and Leighton Facey. Delores is the broker in charge and will oversee most of the business operations. The brokerage will serve the Boston area, South Shore, North Shore, parts of Cape Cod, and the remainder of Western Massachusetts. Delores is also licensed in Rhode Island and New York and aims to serve clients in those areas as well. 

With seven agents already working under the NextHome Unlimited Realty Solutions banner, the brokerage is ready to help with all types of residential transactions – from investment properties to first-time home buying and everything in between. 

Both Delores and Leighton have built their professional and personal lives on a foundation of service. As long-time members of the Boston Police Department, they have a unique love for and knowledge of their hometown. 

Delores and Leighton first met at Quincy College while both were studying criminal justice. Months later, they crossed paths again when Delores was promoted to Detective and transferred to Leighton’s station in Hyde Park. The couple was married in 2001 and both continued to serve and protect the greater Boston area as law enforcement officers. 

Eventually, Delores wanted to expand her professional abilities and challenge herself in a new way. 

“I always had an interest in real estate, and I have a passion for helping people,” Delores said.

So in 2013, she became a licensed agent in Massachusetts and began working part-time with a talented independent broker, Delfredia Dancy.

“I did well working under Delfredia because I wanted to learn and she had a wealth of information,” Delores said. “She knew the real estate business in our area inside and out, and her ability to mentor me with kindness as I shadowed her made a big difference in my career.”

In 2016, Delores made the jump to full-time real estate sales and opened her own brokerage – Unlimited Realty Solutions Boston. Three months after opening that brokerage, Delores also opened a real estate school by the same name. At Unlimited Realty Solutions Boston, Delores could continue to serve others searching for their own start in the real estate industry. 

Leighton truly admired his wife’s work ethic and was impressed as he watched her open her own brokerage. 

“I’ve seen her grow,” Leighton said of his wife. “She’s very dedicated to what she’s doing and has the drive to move forward.”

To support her, he studied for and obtained his own real estate license. All the while, he remained an active leader in the Boston Police Department. Today, Captain Leighton Facey oversees district B2 – one of twelve districts in the Boston PD.   

While overseeing his district as Captain, Leighton also helps Delores with business development, lead-generating, and open houses. 

One day, as Delores pondered how she could grow her business, she casually searched online for the “Best Real Estate Franchises.”

NextHome immediately caught her eye. However, the experienced detective spent about two months investigating NextHome’s value before reaching out to the company. 

“I was looking at other franchises too, but something about NextHome kept me coming back,” Delores said. “It was something different. The company’s focus was squarely on the customers and agents. I didn’t see anyone there boasting about sprawling 1,000-agent offices.”

As she looked deeper, Delores found that NextHome provided the tools she needed.  

“When I looked at all the resources that are available through the franchise, I knew this was a great way to attract high-quality agents,” said Delores. “With NextHome, I can offer our agents resources so they can thrive and have opportunities they can’t get anywhere else. As an independent, I relied on a lot of trial and error and spent a lot of money trying to build my own company. With NextHome everything was already there – I didn’t need to reinvent the wheel because someone already got it exactly right.”

Today, NextHome Unlimited Realty Solutions is attracting quality agent talent from across Boston. As her career comes full circle, Delores is thrilled that her one-time mentor, Delfredia Dancy, has now joined the team

“I have something unique to offer people now,” Delores said. “I have a way that agents can generate businesses and work with these resources to succeed.”

When they aren’t selling real estate or building their business, the Facey’s enjoy spending time with their family. They are the parents of 15-year-old triplets: Leighanna, DeVaun, and Derell. Leighton is also the father of two grown children Jenee and Brinston. 

Please join us in congratulating Delores and Leighton on the opening of NextHome Unlimited Realty Solutions in Boston, Massachusetts!


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Each office is an independently owned and operated business.

NextHome Big Rock Realty opens in Colorado Springs

NextHome Big Rock Realty opens in Colorado Springs

Rick Hanby

Pleasanton, CA — February 4, 2020 — NextHome is proud to announce our newest addition to the franchise, NextHome Big Rock Realty, based in Colorado Springs, Colorado. The brokerage represents the 14th office location opened in Colorado for the NextHome franchise.

The brokerage also represents the third NextHome office opened by Rick Hanby. His third brokerage builds on the success Rick has created at NextHome Legends in San Angelo and Amarillo, Texas. 

Much like the clients he serves, Rick and his family were attracted to Colorado Springs by its majestic outdoors and the beauty of its four seasons. The area remains one of the National Association of Realtors’ Top 10 markets in America, providing an appealing option for those seeking both affordable housing and an active lifestyle. 

“There is so much diversity here – from arts to outdoor activities, there’s just a lot to do here,” Rick said. 

NextHome Big Rock Realty agents are happy to help with all types of residential sales including first-time home buying, relocations, investments, and vacation homes.

“‘Humans Over Houses’ is a big part of my philosophy,” Rick said. “I really want to take care of our clients like family and make them feel a part of the outstanding NextHome culture.”

Rick’s real estate career began in 2012 when he opened Hanby Realty in San Angelo, Texas. After many years of building a portfolio of satisfied clients, Rick opened his first NextHome Brokerage in San Angelo in October 2017 – NextHome Legends. 

Rick also recently opened his second brokerage in Amarillo, Texas. One day, Rick dreams of serving buyers and sellers in underserved areas up and down Interstate 25.

Each location is built on the same business philosophy that has guided Rick through his successful real estate career. 

“It is very important to me to ensure that each client feels that they are a part of our NextHome family,” Rick said. “We go above and beyond to welcome new homeowners into their houses and that standard of excellence is consistent whomever we help, wherever they are.”

Today, NextHome Big Rock Realty clients can expect a consistent standard of excellence that is truly embraced by all of the brokerage’s agents. Rick aims to structure his business and how it contracts with agents around that standard of excellence. 

“When clients work with NextHome Big Rock Realty, they know exactly what to expect and it will be a better experience than they can get anywhere else,” Rick said. 

When he isn’t growing his business, Rick enjoys everything about living in Colorado Springs – including building snowmen in his front yard, frequenting the local trampoline park with his kids, and exploring the area’s stunning beauty. In addition to a love of the outdoors, Rick’s hobbies include playing poker and rehabbing houses. 

Rick has been married to Michelle Hanby for eight years, and are the loving parents to three kids, Catherine (25), Christina (23), and Scarlett (5).

Please join us in congratulating Rick on his continued success and the opening of NextHome Big Rock Realty in Colorado Springs, Colorado!


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Each office is an independently owned and operated business.

NextHome South Sound opens in Western Washington

NextHome South Sound opens in Western Washington

Sue Larsen & Kevin Burke

Pleasanton, CA — January 31, 2020 — NextHome is proud to announce our newest addition to the franchise, NextHome South Sound, based in DuPont, Washington. The brokerage represents the ninth office location opened in Washington for the NextHome franchise.

The brokerage is owned by real estate and property management experts Sue Larsen and Kevin Burke. The husband and wife team have already attracted top-tier talent to the brokerage. Each agent brings expertise in residential sales as well as property management. Local professionals Jana Ross, Patty Campbell, Kristin Schafer, Carolyn Demaree, and Brittany Ulrich are ready to help with all types of residential transactions. 

Each of these highly-trained agents are military spouses, positioning the brokerage especially well to serve the needs of families at nearby Joint Base Lewis-McChord. 

“As military spouses, each agent has become very adaptable in their professional skills,” Sue said. “They are very familiar with relocation and rental properties. From helping a military client with purchasing or renting, navigating VA loans, to managing a property and picking the right time to sell – everyone is very knowledgeable about the entire picture.”

Located about nine miles south of Tacoma, Joint Base Lewis-McChord is home to more than 45,000 military members from both the Army and Air Force. NextHome South Sound will serve clients across the JBLM area, including both Pierce and Thurston counties. 

After 20 years of service in the Army, Kevin knows the unique needs that military families have when it comes to relocation. 

The couple’s real estate careers began shortly after 9/11 when Kevin was deployed from Fort Benning in Georgia. Before leaving, he bought a home. The process was so seamless that Sue bought another property down the street. The couple’s portfolio of homes grew and their property management career bloomed. As military life goes, Kevin was eventually reassigned to Joint Base Lewis-McChord where Sue’s new-found love of real estate led her to get her Broker’s license.

After moving to DuPont, Sue began working as a marketing coordinator for a real estate company. She soon transitioned into property management and sales, eventually taking these skills to an independent brokerage. 

In 2014, Sue branched out on her own and, as sole owner, opened Better Properties DuPont. For the next five years, the company would experience phenomenal growth. The property management side of the business now has 115 doors in its portfolio. In 2019, the brokerage closed 127 transactions with four selling agents.

The workload prompted Kevin to join the real estate business and help with accounting, bookkeeping, and back-end support.  

However, Sue knew to continually grow, she needed the support of a franchised brand. 

One of her agents knew a NextHome broker in North Carolina and brought the brand to Sue’s attention. That connection and the positive reviews she heard about NextHome prompted Sue to give the franchise a closer look.

“We were so busy, we needed a partner that could give us the tools and back-end support to take our business to the next level,” Sue said. “We had been looking at numerous franchises and NextHome appealed to me for a lot of different reasons. The company has many offices near military bases, and a lot of military-affiliated agents in their network. With our main clientele being so mobile, the ability to provide that family-like connection wherever they went was a huge attraction. NextHome also provides all the tools and support we were looking for.”

Today, Sue and Kevin have used NextHome’s tools and branding to build a portfolio of satisfied clients and they are creating a tight-knit family of agents who put service first. 

“We have a great team environment here,” Sue said. “We all work to grow together, to help each other become better agents. What I love about our office is that our agents call each other, they help each other, and we learn a lot from each other. That’s one of our greatest strengths.”

The couple also enjoys the ability to fold property management into their suite of services. 

“By the time the property owner is ready to sell, they have already come to know us well,” Sue said. “We are thrilled to be able to build long-term relationships with those we serve and that ability sets our brokerage apart in our area.”

When Sue and Kevin aren’t helping clients and building their business, they enjoy working with the local non-profit Patriot Baseball League. The group provides an opportunity for about 350 kids to play baseball every spring and operates entirely through volunteers. As a founder of the league, Kevin loves bringing the joy of the game to local youth. 

Please join us in congratulating Sue and Kevin on the opening of NextHome South Sound in DuPont, Washington!


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Meet your January 2020 NextHomie of the Month!

Meet your January 2020 NextHomie of the Month!

Please join us in congratulating our NextHomie of the Month for January 2020, Annie Fleeting of NextHome Beach Time Realty in Saint Pete Beach, FL. Congratulations, Annie!

Annie’s initial draw to NextHome was that the franchise model was refreshing and different, unlike the models she was familiar with. 

“My initial contact with Charis (NextHome’s Vice President of Sales) was incredibly positive,” said Annie. “And when I met James, I immediately knew it was the right match. It felt genuine and honest.”

Since joining NextHome in 2015, Annie has dived head-first into the culture, marketing, and events. She has since opened a second office in Redington Beach and is looking to continually expand.  

Annie is a native to St. Petersburg, Florida and is the proud wife to her Scotland-born husband Bobby. She is the proud mother of four; two boys Mark and James and two girls Victoria and Amanda, and the grandmother of five. When she’s not enjoying time with her grandchildren, Annie loves to travel every chance she gets. Her and Bobby recently traveled for 29 days in Europe for their 29th anniversary. Annie also enjoys writing and dreams of publishing the fantasy novel she has been working on and the books she has written for her grandchildren.

Annie began her career in Real Estate at the tender age of 11 when she started showing apartments for her father’s property management business, and first became a licensed real estate agent 21. She left the business for a while to raise her family abroad in Scotland for ten years with her husband where he was a property developer. 

When asked what she loved most about being a NextHomie, Annie attributed it to the NextHome family. 

“It’s the people and the culture that make the NextHome difference,” said Annie. “Cultivating those values in my offices has made all the difference.”

Annie’s success and representation of the NextHome brand rightfully earned her the January 2020 NextHomie of the Month recognition. Congratulations, Annie!  

Amanda Mills

NextHome Culture Committee Chair

NextHome Leaders opens in Baltimore area

NextHome Leaders opens in Baltimore area

Tabitha Richardson

Pleasanton, CA — January 30, 2020 — NextHome is proud to announce our newest addition to the franchise, NextHome Leaders, based in Pikesville, Maryland. The brokerage represents the seventh office location opened in Maryland for the NextHome franchise.

NextHome Leaders is owned by Tabitha Richardson, a Maryland resident for the last 18 years and a real estate professional for almost 15 years.

Located just northwest of the Baltimore City limits, Pikesville is a suburb of Maryland’s largest city. 

Tabitha and her tight-knit team of friendly associates are happy to help with all types of commercial and residential real estate needs. They enjoy working with sellers to get their homes sold, first-time home buyers, and investors looking to expand their portfolios. NextHome Leaders serves clients across Maryland and Washington D.C. The brokerage is also in the process of obtaining all the proper licenses to serve Pennsylvania clients. 

Tabitha got her start in real estate after a long career in sales and customer service. In the early 2000s, she relocated from New York to the Baltimore area to explore better career opportunities. Shortly after she relocated, Tabitha was fortunate enough to purchase a house as a single mother. Her experience with relocating and buying was so seamless that friends began asking her to give them home-buying advice. 

“I realized if I became a licensed Realtor, I could help other people like myself also realize their dreams of homeownership,” Tabitha recalled.

In 2005 she obtained her Maryland real estate license and began working for a small independent brokerage where she remained for the first two years of her career. 

After America’s housing bubble burst, the slow housing market made it difficult to remain a full-time Realtor. However, Tabitha never gave up on her real estate career and continued as a part-time associate. 

As the market started to show positive signs of recovery and growth, Tabitha returned to a full-time real estate career in 2012 and obtained her Broker’s license. As a newly licensed Broker, she decided to leave the large, nationally franchised firm to start her own brokerage – Premier Homes Realty. 

“When I started my company, I never thought about bringing on other agents to join my brokerage,” Tabitha said. 

Her ability to foster a culture where agents thrive attracted an avalanche of area talent. Premier Homes Realty eventually had 44 agents working under its banner. 

“What I think attracted people was just the culture that we had created,” Tabitha said. “It was a family-oriented company of people who shared their expertise. Many were newer agents who were growing and looking for a place where they could feel connected. That was important to me – to make people feel they were connected to something bigger.”

As agent talent evolved, Tabitha began reassessing her roster and thinking critically about how to reshape Premier Homes Realty to face the challenges of an ever-changing industry. 

Although several national brands reached out to her, Tabitha never felt franchising was the right decision for her. That is until she saw an article about NextHome in Realtor Magazine. 

Tabitha recognized many of the best practices she already used to build a great workplace culture. After more research, she was also intrigued by NextHome’s fresh approach to real estate and the company’s treatment of franchisees. 

“I liked that NextHome still allowed the broker to maintain a level of control over their own office,” Tabitha said. “It really felt like NextHome was there to support me, not the other way around.”

Today, Tabitha leads an office of tight-knit agents who operate more like friends than competitors.

“We have an atmosphere of sharing, caring, and helping and I really admire that about my agents,” Tabitha said. “If someone is going to be out of town and they need help with their clients, another agent will step in – they just want to see each other succeed. We are here to collaborate and grow together.”

That spirit of teamwork and collaboration makes a difference for clients. In addition to providing well-trained agents, NextHome Leaders associates have unparalleled support systems behind them. 

“NextHome has equipped us with everything we need to market our client’s property in the best light and make it stand out from the crowd,” Tabitha said. “Our agents also go through a first-class training program, so they are able to handle any situation. In addition, there’s always someone who has that agent’s back; our people are never at a loss for an answer. With the wealth of experience in the entire office, NextHome Leaders clients are not just relying on the expertise of one agent – they have the backing of the whole brokerage.”

When she isn’t helping agents, Tabitha is working on her plans to create a non-profit organization to help with Baltimore’s affordable, sustainable housing problems. The non-profit aims to bring a holistic approach to rebuilding communities in Baltimore’s City’s low-income impoverished areas. 

“My goal is to help be a part of the solution to uplift forgotten communities in Baltimore,” Tabitha said.

Tabitha has been married to her sweetheart, Gerald, for five years. She is also the proud mother of three children; Shane (25) who plays professional basketball internationally, Chase (19) a pre-med student at Howard University, and Taylor (18) who recently started her first semester of college. 

Please join us in congratulating Tabitha on the opening of NextHome Leaders in Pikesville, Maryland!


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NextHome announces Jeff Messer as newest South Carolina franchisee

NextHome announces Jeff Messer as newest South Carolina franchisee

Jeff & Matt Messer

Pleasanton, CA — January 29, 2020 — NextHome is proud to announce our newest addition to the franchise, NextHome On The Beach, based in Myrtle Beach, South Carolina. The brokerage represents the 11th office location opened in South Carolina for the NextHome franchise.

NextHome On The Beach is owned by veteran real estate trainer and motivational business speaker Jeff Messer and his son Matt Messer. 

The office serves buyers and sellers across the Myrtle Beach area in both North and South Carolina. Service areas include Calabash, Carolina Shores, Sunset Beach, Ocean Isle Beach, Holden Beach, Shallotte, Southport, Oak Island, Little River, Garden City, Murrells Inlet, Conway, Pawleys Island, Myrtle Beach, North Myrtle Beach, and the remainder of Horry and Brunswick County. 

The Messer Team has the expertise to serve a wide variety of residential clients including luxury buyers and retirees seeking the perfect home. Jeff Messer holds certifications from the National Association of Realtors as a Senior Real Estate Specialist, Certified Residential Specialist, and a Resort and Second-Home Property Specialist. In addition, Jeff is a National Association of Realtors e-PRO certified broker, giving the seasoned professional an inside track on the industry’s latest technology tools and how to effectively leverage them to serve clients. 

The Messer’s expertise has been earned throughout a combined 42 phenomenal years in real estate. 

Jeff Messer began his real estate career in 1983 after finishing graduate school in the Dallas/Fort Worth area. As a Texas agent, Jeff built a thriving and nationally noteworthy career. Over the course of 23 years, Jeff worked with various companies including national brands, and he has opened his own independent brokerages. Jeff also took his expertise to the stage, speaking at numerous real estate conferences across the nation alongside Zig Ziglar and Paul J. Meyer. Through speaking engagements with the University of Success, he inspired thousands. 

In addition, Jeff is the owner of Texas Real Estate Educational Systems and taught the trade as a full-time adjunct faculty member at the University of North Texas. He also taught for the Dallas Community College District, Vista College and was a certified instructor with the Texas Real Estate Commission. Throughout his career, he has nurtured the careers of more than 10,000 students. While in Texas, he also started Great Western Auction and Appraisal Services. The company provides real estate auction services to clients across the United States.

In 2007, Jeff felt the pull toward the Carolinas. He was born and raised in the Tar Heel State and in 2007 he moved to Asheville, North Carolina. Here, he rebuilt a successful real estate business through determination, networking, and tenacity.

Jeff eventually moved to the Carolina coast in 2011 settling in Calabash where he has been selling real estate ever since.  

Matt Messer began his career in management and sales with Penske Corporation in Kansas City, Missouri. However, in 2014, he followed his father’s lead and left management for a career in Kansas City real estate. The switch provided Matt with the creative opportunities and lifestyle he had been looking for. In 2018, Jeff convinced Matt to join him in the Myrtle Beach area and the two began successfully selling together with a national franchise. 

“It has been great working with him,” Jeff said. 

Together Jeff and Matt through Team Messer, despite hurricane Dorian’s interference, sold about 60 homes achieving $10 million in sales volume in 2019. 

Although the father and son pair were successful working with a nationally franchised brokerage, they wanted to partner with a company that could offer cutting-edge technology and superior leadership. They started looking at partnering with a franchise for their own brokerage. 

“One day my friend Rudy asked me to take a look at this company called NextHome that he was interested in and give him my opinion,” Jeff recalled. “I was impressed and began looking deeper into what it had to offer.”

Today, Rudy Martinez is the owner of NextHome Real Estate Advisors in Southlake, Texas, and now Jeff and Matt have also joined the NextHome family of brokerages. 

“The difference with NextHome is that their leadership team has actually sold real estate,” Jeff said. “With that first-person experience and knowledge, NextHome has packaged together what I think is the best of the best as far as tools, leadership, and support. Usually in leadership you will find one or two people who are outstanding, but with NextHome every single person is a diamond. It’s a totally different experience.” 

When he isn’t selling real estate or building his business, Jeff enjoys playing golf, taking in Myrtle Beach’s many live music venues and traveling with his wife of 15 years, Pam. Jeff is the proud father of three children: Matt, Brittany, and Andrew. 

Please join us in congratulating Jeff and Matt on the opening of NextHome On The Beach in Myrtle Beach, South Carolina!


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Each office is an independently owned and operated business.

NextHome expands in Amarillo

NextHome expands in Amarillo

Rick Hanby

Pleasanton, CA — January 28, 2020 — NextHome is proud to announce our newest addition to the franchise, NextHome Legends Realty based in Amarillo, Texas. The brokerage represents the 32nd office location opened in Texas for the NextHome franchise and it is the second NextHome brokerage opened and owned by Rick Hanby.

Rick recently opened a storefront on the growing south side of Amarillo, where his team is poised to serve clients across Bishop Hills, Canyon, Palisades, and the remainder of Potter and Randall counties. 

With a population of about 200,000, Amarillo is the largest city in the Texas panhandle. The metro area attracts all walks of life, from petroleum industry executives to healthcare workers to employees at one of America’s meat-packing epicenters. Economic forecasters expect the Amarillo metro area to surpass 310,000 residents this year. 

As people flock to Amarillo, Rick and his team are poised to provide superior real estate service for single-family residential sales, first-time home buyers, multi-family properties, land and ranch sales, military and veteran relocation, and investment sales.

Rick opened his flagship NextHome Legends Realty office in San Angelo, Texas in October 2017. Following the success of the NextHome brand in San Angelo, Rick was ready to expand. 

In addition to a track record of success, Rick is bringing unparalleled leadership and team-building skills to Amarillo. 

Rick began his real estate career in 2012 when he opened Hanby Realty in San Angelo. Although he owned his own brokerage, Rick remained close to the changes and challenges that his agents faced. As a top-producing broker/agent himself, Rick sells more than $6 million in real estate annually.

In 2017, he closed Hanby Realty and launched his partnership with NextHome by opening NextHome Legends Realty in San Angelo. 

“I was so thrilled to find a brokerage that provided real value to agents,” Rick said. “After doing countless research, only NextHome fit what I had been looking for.”

Since opening, the San Angelo brokerage has built a tight-knit family of two administrative employees and five agents.

“It is so fun to work with them,” Rick said. “We do everything together and I enjoy the family-like dynamic we have in our office.”

Rick aims to bring that same culture to the Amarillo office.

“What’s really unique about NextHome Legends Realty is that we are a wonderfully cohesive group with a shared culture and philosophy that guides how we treat every client,” Rick said. “I think associates and employees appreciate that I am just a real manager and a real person – I won’t feed them a line, but I will provide great leadership.”

Just as a client’s needs are unique, Rick recognizes that an agent’s needs are also unique and he aims to tailor work responsibilities to what agents need most to achieve success. 

Lindsey Irelbeck is the Amarillo office’s transaction manager and, as Rick said, the glue that holds the team together. 

“We have an incredible group of people in Amarillo who are ready to provide unparalleled service,” Rick said. 

When he isn’t building his business and supporting top-tier agents, Rick enjoys all things outdoors as well as playing poker and rehabbing properties. Rick has been married to his wife Michelle for eight years. The couple has three children between the two of them – daughters Catherine (25), Christina (23), and Scarlett (5).

Please join us in congratulating Rick as he expands NextHome Legends Realty into Amarillo, Texas!

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Each office is an independently owned and operated business.

Looking for the Housing Markets Most Likely to Outperform in 2020? Look South

Looking for the Housing Markets Most Likely to Outperform in 2020? Look South

A collection of relatively affordable, sun-belt markets are among those in which home value growth in 2020 is most expected to outperform the national average, according to a panel of experts recently surveyed by Zillow.

As part of the Q4 2019 Zillow Home Price Expectations Survey, sponsored by Zillow and administered by Pulsenomics, a panel of more than 100 U.S. economists and real estate experts was asked to rate their 2020 expectations for home value growth compared to the nation in 25 large markets nationwide. On average, panelists said they expected U.S. home values to grow by 2.8% in 2020. In order to create a score for each of the 25 markets analyzed, the share of panelists saying they expected a market to outperform that average was weighed against the share saying they expected it to underperform.

Austin, Atlanta and Charlotte, scored highest among the panelists, with scores of 76, 59 and 51, respectively. A whopping 83% of respondents said they expected Austin to outperform, undercut slightly by the 7% that said they expected the Texas state capital to underperform. And even though Charlotte received a lower overall score than Austin, it was the only market among the 25 analyzed in which none of the panelists said they expected it to underperform.

Of the 14 markets that received a positive score (a higher share of panelists said they expected the market to outperform than underperform), 11 were in Texas or elsewhere in the Southwest or Southeast. Portland, Minneapolis and Denver were the only non-Southern markets to make the list of those expected to outperform.

Seattle was the only market to receive a neutral score, with an even 40% of panelists each saying they expected it to underperform and overperform, and the balance saying they expected Seattle’s housing market in 2020 to perform about on par with the national average.

A group of pricey California markets topped the list of those most expected to underperform, with the worst scores tallied in San Francisco (-40), San Jose (-38) and Los Angeles (-35). Of the 10 markets that received negative scores, six were in California (the three mentioned above, plus Riverside, Sacramento and San Diego). Cincinnati, Columbus, Miami and Oklahoma City rounded out the list of 10 markets most expected to underperform.

And panelists didn’t just expect those large California markets to underperform, but maybe still grow slightly – in many cases, they said they expected the typical home values in those places to outright fall, ending 2020 lower than where they began the year. Panelists, 42 total, who thought at least one major metro would see falling home values in 2020 generally agreed that California markets would make that list. A majority (57%) of these panelists expect home values to fall in San Francisco, and half said they expected the same in San Jose. More than a third (38%) said they expected home values in L.A. to fall in 2020, followed by 29% in both San Diego and Riverside, and 24% in Sacramento.

Nashville was the only market analyzed in which no panelists said they expected home values to fall in 2020.

markets expected to fall

NextHome continues Colorado expansion with new office

NextHome continues Colorado expansion with new office

Tyler Scott

Pleasanton, CA — January 24, 2020 — NextHome is proud to announce our newest addition to the franchise, NextHome Elevate, based in Castle Rock, Colorado. The brokerage represents the 13th office location opened in Colorado for the NextHome franchise.

The brokerage is owned by Tyler Scott, who brings 12 years of commercial and residential expertise to the business. Tyler and his team at NextHome Elevate look forward to helping buyers and sellers across Castle Rock, Highlands Ranch, Lone Creek, Parker, Centennial, Cherry Creek, and the remainder of the South Denver area. 

Tyler began his real estate career in 2008 with the Staubach Company in Houston, Texas. Tyler’s foundational experiences in real estate as an intern with the football legend’s commercial representation firm gave him unique insights into creating value for commercial clients. 

Tyler soon transitioned his skills to commercial firm Jackson & Cooksey in Dallas, and then continued his career in commercial tenant representation by taking a job with Denver-based Equis (now Cushman & Wakefield).

Soon, Tyler was recruited to a Denver-based company to be their in-house director of real estate. 

“As a broker, licensed agent, and an investment portfolio manager, I have sat on various sides of the table and I understand the needs of different clientele,” Tyler said. “I managed the company’s real estate interests better than any external person could.”

For seven years Tyler worked in-house with organizations managing their real estate portfolios. He also set himself apart by earning two degrees in real estate and finance from Baylor University. 

However, residential real estate sales and investing soon became an enjoyable side job. 

“I had a couple opportunities to invest in residential real estate,” Tyler recalled. “Soon, friends and contacts started asking me to help them buy and sell homes so I started doing that on my own on the side.”

As Tyler became more involved in residential real estate, he saw ways to add value for Denver area buyers and sellers. 

“The more I thought about it, the more opportunity I saw,” Tyler said. “All I’ve done my whole career is to find concrete ways to give value to clients. I learned so much in commercial real estate that I can uniquely apply to residential sales. For example, when you do a commercial lease you are paid for the entire term of that lease. When you work with my brokerage, I want clients to experience a higher level of service during the transaction, but also have someone who is there as a resource for as long as they are in that house.” 

Tyler believes that the real estate relationship should be far more valuable to the client than a one-and-done sales transaction. 

“I wanted to run a brokerage where clients can expect a uniquely higher level of service,” Tyler said. “So often it seems like agents show up, go through the motions, the deal is done and they disappear, and maybe once a month you get a generic, impersonal email from them. I wanted to offer something different, something better.”

So Tyler began researching franchises. 

“I knew that in order to recruit and train agents effectively I needed a rather robust platform,” Tyler said of his search for the perfect franchise opportunity.  “I didn’t feel like reinventing the wheel when something was already out there, but I also didn’t want something that was stale.”

When he stumbled across NextHome, Tyler was impressed by how fresh and cutting-edge the brand seemed.

“I saw a company that shared many of the same ideas and passions that I already resonated with,” Tyler said. “When I reached out, the level of engagement that I got from all levels of NextHome management was something that just doesn’t exist anywhere else – not even close. The more I learned and engaged with the company, well it wasn’t even a question anymore about whether this was the right fit.” 

Today, Tyler is setting NextHome Elevate apart through superior customer service that lasts throughout the transaction and beyond.

When he isn’t building his business, Tyler enjoys spending time in Colorado’s beautiful outdoors. He has been married to his wife Morgan for 10 years and together they are the proud parents of Ava (5) and Duke (3). 

Please join us in congratulating Tyler on the opening of NextHome Elevate in Castle Rock, Colorado!


Interested in being a part of the NextHome Real Estate Franchise? Contact VP of Sales Charis Moreno at


Each office is an independently owned and operated business.

NextHome announces new Ocala office

NextHome announces new Ocala office

Tim Collins

Pleasanton, CA — January 23, 2020 — NextHome is proud to announce our newest addition to the franchise, NextHome Vision Realty, based in Ocala, Florida. The brokerage represents the 65th office location opened in Florida for the NextHome franchise.

The brokerage is owned by Tim Collins, a real estate coach, residential builder and developer, and sales professional. NextHome Vision Realty is also pleased to welcome Paola Alarcon to the office’s leadership team as its marketing and training manager. Paola will also continue to sell real estate alongside Ocala experts Josh Gahr and Olga Cepeda.

The brokerage provides knowledgeable service for farm and land purchases, ranches, luxury homes, senior communities, and all types of residential buyers and sellers. 

Tim and his team of highly-trained agents are looking forward to serving clients across Ocala, Summerfield, Dunnellon, and cities south of the Gainesville, Florida area.  

Located just 30 minutes south of Gainesville, Ocala is known for its stunning ranch land and its surrounding farms are famous for their thoroughbred horses. Tim was attracted to the area after a long career in real estate development and entrepreneurship. 

He began his real estate career in 2003 in Columbus, Ohio where he was born and raised. At that time, Tim was interested in commercial real estate and began taking classes. His thirst for knowledge prompted him to contact the area’s leaders in the industry for insights and advice. After reaching out to a top-producing friend in residential real estate, Tim was recruited to help launch her new franchised brokerage and team. 

Tim spent the next three years selling residential real estate in Columbus. Then, he moved to South Carolina where he was the developer and residential builder of a 170 homesites community in the Myrtle Beach area. 

In the following years, Tim’s career flourished. Notable achievements include working as a Sales and Marketing Representative for the developer of The Villages in Florida. Currently, Tim is completing the construction, sales, and marketing of 60 homes at the Cottages at Pryse Farms in Farragut, Tennessee. 

However, Tim really began to hit his stride as a real estate coach. In 2016 he had the opportunity to train 45 real estate professionals for a nationally franchised brokerage in Ocala. 

“I did it for fun,” Tim recalled. “I really liked helping people who were willing to do the work – agents who had this desire and a big ‘why’ for what they were pursuing. It was incredibly gratifying watching them grow, sharing my knowledge, and watching people change their lives.”

That real estate training course and coaching program introduced Tim to Paola, Josh, and Olga. Together, the group recognized that they had a drive and camaraderie that would build a successful business. 

“We wanted to find a way to work together and we came around to a conversation about how we can do things on our own,” Tim recalled. “We wanted to increase our level of service and give agents at our office a little more control over the day-to-day. We were also interested in creating a great workplace culture.” 

Tim began the process of building his own independent brokerage from the ground up, but then he saw an article in Realtor Magazine about NextHome and his business trajectory shifted. 

“I started reading and thought ‘My goodness, this is what we are trying to create!’,” Tim said. “I wanted to run a real estate business that was more concerned with the quality of service over quantity of agents. NextHome also embraced the mindset that the customer experience is paramount. I picked up the phone and called Charis Moreno (NextHome VP of Sales), and the rest was history.”

Today, Tim is setting NextHome Vision Realty apart through superior agent training and a focus on customer service. 

“With NextHome Vision you are going to get extremely well-trained and experienced agents who act with a client-first mentality,” Tim said. “Our agents are also proactive, giving homebuyers and sellers the knowledge and foresight to avoid common pitfalls. We will acknowledge and take care of any hiccups before they become an issue, giving clients a Grade-A experience.” 

Please join us in congratulating Tim and his entire team on the opening of NextHome Vision Realty in Ocala, Florida!


Interested in being a part of the NextHome Real Estate Franchise? Contact VP of Sales Charis Moreno at


Each office is an independently owned and operated business.