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February Economic Update

February Economic Update

For this month’s Economic Update, we’re addressing a slightly different topic than the usual happenings in the residential real estate world. A recent report by the federal government on the current state and future of commercial real estate is something worth noting and paying attention to.

There is a lot in the report but the highlights are this: commercial real estate could be in for a pretty significant one-two punch, most of which has been brought on by the pandemic. 

The Jab: As people started locking themselves in their homes, they started buying online at unprecedented levels. For example, in 2020 Amazon saw a 37% increase in sales compared to 2019. While this is really good for Amazon, it is really bad for the brick-and-mortar retailers across the country. Many of them have had to shut their doors, never to open again. This sector was already slowing with 9,500 stores closing their doors in 2019, which seemed big until you saw the 2020 numbers at as many as 25,000. If you happen to be scoring at home, that’s over a 263% increase. 

The Right Cross: The whole world just got a one-year experiment in working from home, and a lot of companies discovered they could reduce one of the biggest expenses on their balance sheet – rent. Some have even realized they could eliminate it altogether. Here are just a few of those names: Google, Uber, American Express, and Apple. Additionally, more than half of Americans want to continue to work remotely, and two-thirds of the companies may renew their current work from home policies as permanent. No matter how you slice the numbers, a LOT of companies are going to be reducing their need for office space – or at a minimum not needing to add more as they grow. 

Said simply: It is going to be a very bumpy ride in commercial real estate for a while. Now, if someone could just start a several billion-dollar fund to convert all that commercial real estate to residential real estate to ease the massive inventory shortage we have on that side of the equation, that would be amazing. If anyone reading this is starting that fund… call me, I’ve got some ideas. 

NextHome Diamond Properties opens in Seminole County, FL

NextHome Diamond Properties opens in Seminole County, FL

Christine Gerardi

Pleasanton, CA — February 22, 2021 — NextHome is pleased to announce the newest addition to the franchise, NextHome Diamond Properties, based in Lake Mary, Florida. The brokerage represents the 81st office location opened in Florida for the NextHome franchise and the 547th NextHome office opened nationally.

NextHome Diamond Properties is poised to provide exceptional service to the growing area of Seminole County, specifically Sanford, Florida. 

Brokerage owner Christine Gerardi has lived in the area for more than 27 years and is excited about Sanford’s growth. 

“I’ve watched this city grow from a low population area to one of the fastest-growing areas in Seminole County,” Christine said. “I am excited to help buyers and sellers as they discover Sanford’s strong small business support, great infrastructure, and stunning amenities.”

In addition to Sanford, Christine offers world-class knowledge and service for clients in Longwood, Heathrow, Lake Mary, Oviedo, Altamonte Springs, and the remainder of Seminole and Volusia counties. 

Christine spent many years as a custom high-end jeweler before becoming a REALTOR®. She started her career with a nationally franchised brand in 2015, but quickly realized that corporate culture wasn’t for her. 

“A friend who knew that I was looking for a change said that I should check out NextHome,” Christine recalled. “But I was hesitant because I didn’t want another franchise – I wanted something with a local emphasis and small-town feel.”

The friend insisted that NextHome provided everything Christine wanted. Still hesitant, she spent several months interviewing with local brokerages. However, none were the right fit. Then, Christine took a closer look at NextHome. 

“I discovered that ‘Humans Over Houses’ isn’t something that this franchise just talks about – they live it,” Christine said. “I see it in agents, I see it in the people I meet at conferences. Everyone I come in contact with from corporate to local agent has that same core belief in the importance of putting people first.”

Christine became a NextHome agent in 2016 and, four years later, she is ready to fulfill her dream of owning her own brokerage – all with the backing of NextHome’s industry-leading technology and support. 

The name for her brokerage came from her bespoke jewelry designing experience. 

“Every piece I created for clients was tailored to their hand, to their style, and I wanted to bring that same level of dedication to my clients unique needs into my brokerage,” Christine said. 

Christine’s vision for NextHome Diamond Properties includes welcoming quality agents who have a passion for helping people. She is also looking forward to opening a brick-and-mortar office where community members can enjoy pressure-free education and real estate support. 

“I realized that what I love the most about real estate is helping people,” Christine said. “I love finding solutions for them, training, branding, marketing. I am really looking forward to stepping into the role of broker and business owner.”

Christine is also passionate about serving in her community, especially supporting foster kids who have aged out of the system. Christine is on the board of The Village House, division of IMPOWER, a non-profit that provides housing and support for foster children ages 18-24 that have aged out of the system. 

Please join us in congratulating Christine on the opening of NextHome Diamond Properties in Lake Mary, Florida!


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Each office is an independently owned and operated business.

NextHome opens new Gulf Coast office

NextHome opens new Gulf Coast office

Jim Mulvey

Pleasanton, CA — February 18, 2021 — NextHome is pleased to announce the newest addition to the franchise, NextHome Reverie, based in Venice, Florida. The brokerage represents the 80th office location opened in Florida for the NextHome franchise and the 546th NextHome office opened nationally.

The brokerage will serve clients across Florida’s Gulf Coast, including Venice, North Port, Englewood, Sarasota, Bradenton, and the remainder of Sarasota and Manatee counties. 

The brokerage is owned by Venice local James Mulvey and, under his leadership, will skillfully serve all local residential real estate needs, including luxury, investment, and relocation. 

James came into the real estate profession after a long career in logistics with McDonald’s.

“I was the guy who helped get the Happy Meals to the restaurants,” James said with a smile. 

For 20 years, he traveled the country, collaborating on logistics and supply chain management projects. After McDonald’s, James had the opportunity to open the first Noodles & Company location in Florida and fell in love with the area.

 James’ eventual goal was to stop traveling and settle in Florida. So, in 2014 he obtained his real estate license and began serving homeowners in the Venice area. In addition to his real estate license, James also holds a title license. 

He quickly moved into a management role with his brokerage at the time, managing multiple offices and 80 agents. 

“The piece of management that I love is helping agents be more successful,” James said. “I love having the ability to help people to grow, develop and allow them to find the path that is going to make them the most successful.”

With that dedication to agent success in mind, James knew he wanted to own his own brokerage. James discovered NextHome through an industry friend.

“Once I dug into it, I firmly believed NextHome was the right place to be,” James said. 

Today, NextHome Reverie is a real estate home for self-driven agents who are passionate about what they do. 

“I would love to welcome agents who truly care about the people they are working with,” James said.  

NextHome Reverie offers homebuyers an experience that is laser-focused on them and their unique needs. 

“We are here to help people fill that sense of Reverie – a daydream for their perfect home here on the Gulf Coast of Florida,” James said. 

When James is not working, he enjoys taking in nightly sunsets on one of the Gulf Coast’s many stunning beaches. He is the proud father of three grown children and granddad to two granddaughters. 

Please join us in congratulating James on the opening of NextHome Reverie in Venice, Florida!


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Each office is an independently owned and operated business.

Homeownership Expenses That Your Clients May Overlook

Homeownership Expenses That Your Clients May Overlook

By the time buyers contact you for help in making a real estate purchase, they’ve likely considered their budget and determined how much they can afford to spend on a new home. They’ve probably considered a down payment, mortgage payments, closing costs, taxes, and insurance. Your buyers even may have obtained pre-approval from a lender. Even when they’ve been very thorough, buyers may overlook or underestimate some of these common homeownership expenses:

Lawn care

Caring for turf, gardens, shrubbery, and trees can add up, even for do-it-yourself homeowners and for those with smaller yards. Buyers will likely have expenses for gardening equipment, fertilizer, weed killer, mulch, plants, lawn and garden products, plus any professional care. If there are trees on the property, buyers will need to budget for regular trimming, fertilization, and removal of hanging tree limbs that can fall and damage roofs, windows, and other trees, shrubbery, and plants.

Snow removal

In some climates, homeowners will need to contract for snow removal from driveways, walkways, and the roof or budget for snow removal equipment to do the job themselves.

Chimney cleaning

If the home has a wood-burning fireplace, regular chimney maintenance is necessary for fire safety. According to the Chimney Safety Institute of America (CSIA), the National Fire Protection Association (NFPA) Standard 211 says, “Chimneys, fireplaces, and vents shall be inspected at least once a year for soundness, freedom from deposits, and correct clearances. Cleaning, maintenance, and repairs shall be done if necessary.” The Chimney Safety Institute of America also recommends that open masonry fireplaces should be swept at 1/8″ of sooty buildup and sooner if there is any glaze present in the system.

General maintenance

Depending on the size and condition of the property, there can be a variety of seasonal and annual expenses associated with filter changes, roof repair, caulking, sealing, and other upkeep.

Termite and pest control

Protecting a home from termite and other pest infestations can vary according to region. Still most homes need some level of protection from termites as well as other common household nuisances, including rodents, ants, flies, roaches, bed bugs, and others.

Swimming pool/spa maintenance

If the property has a swimming pool and/or spa, there will be costs associated with cleaning, chemicals, filters, pump maintenance and repairs, and possibly winterization in some climates.

Automatic irrigation maintenance

Lawn sprinkler systems can be convenient but will require expenses for system inspections, winterization, replacement of sprinkler heads and lines as needed, plus water utility costs.

Repair or replacement costs

Home system and appliance component failures due to normal wear and tear are an inevitable part of homeownership. Per-trade estimated repair or replacement costs* that homeowners without home warranty coverage could experience include:

  • Plumbing up to $1,200
  • Appliances up to $1,500
  • Heating up to $3,625
  • Cooling up to $3,800
  • Pool and spa up to $600

An American Home Shield® home warranty offers your clients budget protection for covered home system component breakdowns at special Real Estate Edition prices. In addition to industry-leading home warranty coverage, your clients can choose from customizable plans specifically designed for the needs of home buyers and sellers.

Helping your clients consider basic home maintenance costs can help them with more than budgeting. When your clients have an accurate understanding of the expenses required in homeownership, they’re more likely to enjoy their new home and be happy with their real estate purchase.

*Based on the 2019 ClearVantage report “A Study of Homeowners’ Appliance and Home System Service Experiences.” The “up to” costs listed above are in the 80th percentile of repair or replacement of high cost items in each category.

To learn more about our partners at American Home Shield, check out their blog.

NextHome announces new Costa Mesa brokerage

NextHome announces new Costa Mesa brokerage

David Kline Lovett

Pleasanton, CA — February 12, 2021 — NextHome is pleased to announce the newest addition to the franchise, NextHome First Choice Realty, based in Costa Mesa, California. The brokerage represents the 81st office location opened in California for the NextHome franchise and the 545th NextHome office opened nationally.

NextHome First Choice Realty offers residential real estate services to clients across Costa Mesa, Newport Beach, Irvine, Huntington Beach, and the remainder of Orange County. 

The brokerage is owned by David Kline Lovett – a goal-oriented real estate professional with a passion for providing his clients compassionate, loving, and ethical service. 

David first obtained his real estate license in 1979 after graduating from Cal Poly with a degree in Business Administration. His passion for marketing and sales pushed him towards a career in real estate. 

“I’m a creative person, so choosing a job that involved innovative marketing really filled my cup,” David said.  

His early years were filled with both struggle and success. During his first few months as a licensed REALTOR®, David had to work hard to overcome a natural shyness. 

“I eventually broke through that tendency and had the opportunity to work with phenomenal clients who helped me feel truly comfortable as a REALTOR®,” David recalled. 

His early success also harnessed the law of attraction – a business philosophy that David has studied extensively. 

Throughout his first four years in the business, David hit each sales target he set for himself. For two years in a row, David was recognized as the No. 1 agent in a 41-member office. He also became the Agent of the Month for his 515-member real estate board. 

“Using the law of attraction, I was able to achieve the things I wanted,” David said. 

That perseverance would serve David later as he encountered a major life setback. 

In 1989, David was involved in a serious car accident that left him with a wide range of physical impairments. Despite the challenges, he pursued growth personally, professionally, and spiritually. David is now finishing his fifth book, titled “Public Speaking Made Easy: 365 Tips Tricks and Techniques for Public Speaking.” He has also authored books on real estate, business development, and comedy. He is an accomplished Toastmaster and is a student of Landmark Worldwide – a personal and professional development company. 

David’s setbacks also spurred him towards spirituality. He now holds several credentials in the practice of non-religious spirituality. He is licensed in guided imagery and is a prayer counselor at The Agape International Spiritual Center. In addition, he is an accomplished Native American flautist, whose performances are used as the backdrop for guided meditations around the world.  

David believed the next chapter in his success story would include opening his own real estate brokerage. 

“NextHome offers phenomenal plug-and-play marketing and technology tools that will help me serve clients across the Orange County area,” David said. 

With his background, David now hopes to offer clients a unique home buying and selling experience that they can’t get anywhere else. 

“I want to connect with my clients spiritually,” David says. “I bring something that is rare: love, compassion, and understanding on a truly deep level.”

As NextHome First Choice Realty grows, David hopes to offer that level of love and understanding service to clients working their way through divorce or probate. 

Please join us in congratulating David on the opening of NextHome First Choice Realty in Costa Mesa, California!


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NextHome Ranked the No. 1 Franchise in the Country

NextHome Ranked the No. 1 Franchise in the Country

Pleasanton, CA — February 11, 2021 — NextHome was recently named No. 1 on Franchise Business Review’s list of the Top Franchises for 2021. This is the 16th annual ranking of the 200 best franchise opportunities as rated by franchise business owners. 

NextHome, Inc. is an independently owned national franchisor with a focus on changing the way consumers work with local agents and shop for real estate online. The NextHome franchise, founded in 2014, has 480+ offices and 4,400+ members across 48 states. The company closes over 29,000 transactions annually worth over $8.2B in volume.

Franchise Business Review, a franchise market research firm that performs independent surveys of franchisee satisfaction, provides the only rankings and awards for franchise companies based solely on actual franchisee satisfaction and performance. Franchise Business Review publishes its rankings of the top 200 franchises in its annual Guide to Today’s Top Franchises

NextHome was among over 300 franchise brands, representing more than 28,000 franchise owners, that participated in Franchise Business Review’s research. NextHome’s franchisees were surveyed on 33 benchmark questions about their experience and satisfaction regarding critical areas of their franchise systems, including training and support, operations, franchisor/franchisee relations, and financial opportunity. 

“There are thousands of successful franchise companies operating in North America, but many of those companies do not offer a solid investment opportunity for the actual franchise owners,” said Eric Stites, CEO of Franchise Business Review. “As an independent research firm, we rate the franchise companies in the marketplace today and identify those that have the highest levels of satisfaction and performance among their franchisees in order to educate potential buyers and help them choose which franchise to invest in. This year’s Franchisee Satisfaction Award winners truly are the best-of-the-best.”

NextHome’s 2021 No. 1 overall ranking follows receiving the No. 3 overall ranking and No. 1 ranking in the real estate category in 2020. 

“Being ranked the No. 1 franchise overall by Franchise Business Review is an incredible achievement, and it’s all thanks to our members and amazing corporate staff,” said James Dwiggins, Chief Executive Officer of NextHome, Inc. “Without their hard work and passion for making a difference in the real estate industry, NextHome wouldn’t be where it is today. Our Humans Over Houses philosophy is fostered in every decision we make as a franchise. Receiving this award confirms we are leading in the right direction for our members and is the reason we love what we do every day.”


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Each office is an independently owned and operated business.

NextHome’s Leadership Team Recognized as RISMedia 2021 Real Estate Newsmakers

NextHome’s Leadership Team Recognized as RISMedia 2021 Real Estate Newsmakers

Pleasanton, CA — February 5, 2021 — NextHome is thrilled to announce that their entire leadership team has been selected as RISMedia 2021 Real Estate Newsmakers — a dynamic group of key influencers making headlines as a result of their newsworthy contributions to the real estate industry, and their efforts to positively affect the consumers and communities they serve.

RISMedia, the leader in U.S. real estate news and information services, announced its nearly 300, 2021 Real Estate Newsmakers on Feb. 1, in both an online directory on and in the February issue of its flagship publication, Real Estate magazine. 

RISMedia’s 2021 Real Estate Newsmakers were nominated in 2020 by RISMedia readers and editors and are showcased in the following categories: Influencers, Trailblazers, Futurists, Achievers, Crusaders, Inspirations, Luminaries, and Trendsetters. NextHome’s entire senior management team has been recognized in five of the different categories. 

Chief Executive Officer James Dwiggins was named a Trailblazer, a category described as “The Agents of Change.” James leads the innovative and forward-focused vision of the franchise. With a passion for understanding the areas where the industry is lacking, and a dedication to closing those gaps, he has elevated the luxury real estate experience that NextHome offers.

Chief Operating Officer Tei Baishiki was named a Trendsetter, a category for “The Creative Thinkers.” In his position, Tei plays a large role in interacting with each and every department in the company. Because of his commitment to a high standard of thoroughly vetting and testing their products and services, there is an over 70 percent adoption rate of the NextHome toolkit by members — staggeringly high above other franchises in the industry. 

Vice President of Sales Charis Moreno was named a Futurist, dubbed as “The Forward Thinkers.” Her role focuses on growing the brand across the United States, and eventually internationally. In 2020, under Moreno’s leadership, NextHome opened its 500th office and added more new franchises during the COVID-19 pandemic than it did during the same period in 2019. 

Vice President Imran Poladi was named as an Inspiration, known as “The Big-Hearted and Brave.” Imran oversees all training and business development for the company’s more than 500 franchised offices nationwide. He has educated thousands of agents and brokers across the globe, sharing his experiences to inspire business success. 

Chief Strategy Officer Keith Robinson was named an Influencer, a group for “The Thought Leaders.” Keith is responsible for developing and overseeing the implementation of key strategic business relationships, further adding to the growth of the company’s national expansion. 

“Every year, we’re amazed by the incredible ingenuity and success of members in the real estate community, ranging from the glass ceilings being shattered by industry leaders, to the creativity and innovation being implemented at a record pace, and all the way to the wonderful charitable work being accomplished across the nation,” said John Featherston, CEO, president and publisher of RISMedia. “This year, more than ever, we are proud to recognize the hard work, dedication and determination of real estate’s finest professionals — the 2021 Real Estate Newsmakers — who went above and beyond in 2020 even amid a turbulent time for the industry, and the world, facing the challenges head-on and without fear. Help us in celebrating their hard-earned recognition.”

RISMedia’s Real Estate Newsmakers were chosen based on nominations received through an online nomination process on, and by nominations from RISMedia’s in-house editorial team and other industry sources. Nominations for RISMedia’s Real Estate Newsmakers are collected on an ongoing basis throughout the course of the year. 

NextHome would like to thank the entire NextHome membership for their ongoing support, and dedication to making a difference in the real estate industry and in the lives of those in their local communities. 


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Each office is an independently owned and operated business.

NextHome announces new Norfolk, Virginia office

NextHome announces new Norfolk, Virginia office

Alisia Minott

Pleasanton, CA — February 4, 2021 — NextHome is pleased to announce the newest addition to the franchise, NextHome Crawford & Nelson, based in Norfolk, Virginia. The brokerage represents the 15th office location opened in Virginia for the NextHome franchise and the 544th NextHome office opened nationally.

NextHome Crawford & Nelson will serve residential clients across southern Virginia and some parts of North Carolina. The brokerage provides expertise in the regions of Chesapeake, Virginia Beach, Suffolk, Norfolk, Portsmouth, and Newport News. In North Carolina, NextHome Crawford & Nelson serves clients in Moyock, Elizabeth City, and the surrounding areas. 

Today, Alisia is offering client-centered service and growing her business across the area. 

Please join us in congratulating Alisia on the opening of NextHome Crawford & Nelson in Norfolk, Virginia!


Interested in being a part of the NextHome Real Estate Franchise? Contact VP of Sales Charis Moreno at


Each office is an independently owned and operated business.

NextHome Hometown Realty Group opens in Maui

NextHome Hometown Realty Group opens in Maui

Pleasanton, CA — January 29, 2021 — NextHome is pleased to announce the newest addition to the franchise, NextHome Hometown Realty Group, based in Kahului, Hawaii. The brokerage represents the seventh office location opened in Hawaii for the NextHome franchise and the 543rd NextHome office opened nationally.

The brokerage will serve clients across the island of Maui, specifically in Wailea, Kihei, North Shore, Central Maui and the upcountry areas. Under the leadership of owners Joe and Jodi Hogin, NextHome Hometown Realty Group will focus on providing community-centered service. 

“As business owners and also being born and raised on Maui, we are excited for the opportunity to give back to our community and help the people of our island achieve their goal in home ownership,” Joe said. 

Both Joe and Jodi have been selling real estate in Hawaii since 1999 and Joe is a second-generation REALTOR®. 

Throughout the years, they have achieved remarkable sales numbers while working together as a team. Since 2009, Joe and Jodi have consistently been high-producing agents. In 2012, they were recognized in the top 100 highest-producing REALTORS® in the state – amongst more than 8,000 agents. 

“We have always been one of the top agents on the island,” Joe said. 

With that drive and expertise, Joe then became a Broker in Charge at a Maui NextHome office. Six years later, he had the opportunity to own his own NextHome brokerage. 

“I wanted to continue with NextHome because of the way they take care of everybody,” Joe said.

Today, Joe and Jodi are building their own brokerage on NextHome’s foundation of friendship and client-centered service.

“I love that when agents join us, they can step into an entirely new company and yet feel like they have been with us forever,” Joe said. 

That sense of belonging permeates the culture of NextHome Hometown Realty Group. 

“A lot of the agents we have hired, their families have been here for generations,” Joe said. 

With all of that institutional knowledge, and NextHome’s industry-leading tools, NextHome Hometown Realty Group will offer clients a real estate experience unlike any other.  

“It’s not just a transaction in our mind,” Joe said. “Our clients become our friends and family. After closing, they are still part of our lives. It’s never been about the money. These friendships are worth more.”

Joe and Jodi are the parents of three grown children, and the grandparents of three, with another grandchild on the way. 

Please join us in congratulating Joe and Jodi on the opening of NextHome Hometown Realty Group in Kahului, Hawaii!


Interested in being a part of the NextHome Real Estate Franchise? Contact VP of Sales Charis Moreno at

Each office is an independently owned and operated business.

Real estate tech solutions for a great consumer experience

Real estate tech solutions for a great consumer experience

Busy home buyers and real estate agents alike need smart on-the-go solutions to help calm the commotion. NextHome agents can provide a branded consumer experience through three technology solutions from HomeSpotter – Boost, Spacio, and Connect – that work together to make the buyer and agent relationship strong and life a bit easier.

Boost: Automated Ad Campaigns

On top of the normal to-do’s, busy real estate agents who want to stay competitive have to stay on top of technology and streamlined workflows. Boost by HomeSpotter eases some of the burden by making it easy, convenient, and significantly less manual for agents to launch targeted ad campaigns for new listings, open houses, and more that will be seen on Facebook, Instagram and across the web by thousands of potential buyers. 

Let’s say an agent has a new property and needs to advertise the upcoming open house online to drive foot traffic with the obvious goal of selling the home. Using that agent’s MLS information, Boost will automatically build the ad with a cropped image, smart copy, and tagged with valuable geographic and other data to target the perfect audience of potential buyers. 

With just a few taps on his or her mobile device, the agent will launch an automated ad campaign through Boost and wait for the qualified leads to roll in! Boost sets itself apart with fine-tuned targeting technology and smart presets that make advertising homes a cinch for agents. Thousands of potential buyers in the area stand a great chance of seeing and clicking on the agent’s Boost ad as they check out the latest on Facebook. And they’re more apt to visit the open house and meet the listing agent in person.

Spacio: Seamless Open House Follow Up

Thanks to Boost for launching the open house listing campaign online, our real estate agent will prep for the open house knowing that a wide audience has seen the ad. The painstaking and clunky process of collecting open house visitors’ info leaves much to be desired. 

Enter Spacio. Gone are the days of taking down open house visitors’ contact information with pen and paper. Our agent will turn to Spacio to create a branded open house sign-in experience that’s customized with specific check-in questions he or she can use to build ongoing relationships afterward. The tech-savvy Spacio tool works on all mobile devices, and automates the process of integrating open house visitor info directly into the agent’s CRM. No more manual entry!

It’s no surprise that most people attending an open house are not interested in buying the property, but some may still prove to be great buyer leads. It’s what Spacio does with that compiled visitor information that makes client follow-up a breeze for agents. Spacio uses the collected data to automate email campaigns that enable agents to target and follow up with qualified buyers. For instance, if a visitor didn’t prefer the specific open house property or didn’t already have an agent, the door opens for the agent to work with them to find a property that fits the bill.

Connect: Build Agent and Client Relationships

Following the ad campaign and open house, it’s time for the agent to connect with qualified and interested buyers. Through following up (thanks to Spacio) after the open house, potential buyers are armed with a beautiful, branded home search app created with Connect by HomeSpotter.

Connect isn’t just any normal home search app! It stands out from other home search tools with its superior data coverage and speedy collaborative features. The app’s text message-style interface enables clients to directly contact their agent with questions or even schedule showings in real time. Not only that, but it empowers clients to have direct control over their home search experience while positioning the agent as the hero for their advice and expertise. It’s a win-win! 

In today’s market, consumers are fast becoming focused on technology, modern features, and convenience as they research and make big purchases. Buying a home definitely tops that list. With Boost, Spacio, and Connect in play, NextHome agents will shine as they and their clients enjoy a seamless home-buying journey from start to finish.

For more information about our partners at HomeSpotter, click HERE.