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Meet your September 2019 NextHomie of the Month!

Meet your September 2019 NextHomie of the Month!

Kacy Wallis

Please join us in congratulating our NextHomie of the Month for September 2019, Kacy Wallis, an agent with NextHome Signature Properties in Granite Bay, CA. Congratulations, Kacy!

Kacy’s journey into real estate began just 10 short months ago when Debbie Mitchell, Franchise Owner of NextHome Signature Properties, invited her to discuss all things real estate. Kacy had no real estate experience at the time, but she spent the last 20 years in the lobbying industry and was ready to make a career change. Debbie was Kacy’s personal real estate agent for many years, so when Kacy wanted an inside look into what real estate had to offer, Debbie was the first person she called.

After meeting with Debbie, Kacy knew right away that real estate was where she belonged. Kacy signed up for her real estate courses, passed her tests, and got straight to work with NextHome Signature Properties. So far this year Kacy has closed over 3.9 million in volume and is working towards being a Premier Sales Award winner at our next conference. Way to go, Kacy!

So, what’s her secret? Kacy has submerged herself in all things NextHome. She is an avid user of the NextHome tools and is committed to raising the minimum standards in all aspects of her marketing. She attended our annual conference in Las Vegas earlier this year and enjoyed making connections with hundreds of NextHomies from all around the country. Kacy is passionate about helping educate people on the buying and selling process, and her past clients appreciate the level of transparency and integrity she brings to the table.

Outside of work, Kacy enjoys spending time with family. Her husband of 22 years, Chris, and their 10-year-old daughter Karly enjoy camping, cooking, and spending time with their two dogs, Tater and Nellie.

We are so excited to have Kacy as our NextHomie of the Month for September 2019. Congratulations again, Kacy!

Meet your August 2019 NextHomie of the Month!

Meet your August 2019 NextHomie of the Month!

Sarah DaSilva

Please join us in congratulating our NextHomie of the Month for August 2019, Sarah DaSilva, a rockstar agent at NextHome Freitas Realty Group in Mashpee, MA. Congratulations, Sarah!

In November 2015, Sarah became a NextHomie when her broker Livia Freitas Monteforte opened a NextHome office in Mashpee, MA. With 15 years of experience in the real estate industry, Sarah has seen it all and loves it all. Her passion for helping people find their next home is undeniable and makes her a wonderful representation of a NextHomie.

When asked what’s the NextHome difference, Sarah referenced the #HumansOverHouses hashtag because it’s truly a great indicator of how NextHome is unique. 

“Everyone talks about their technology, tools, and training. NextHome talks about the humans, the people, because they’re the ones that really matter in this industry, and nobody else is talking about them,” said Sarah.

Shortly after joining NextHome, Sarah experienced the power of the NextHome family firsthand when she was affected by an unforeseen life event that took place a week before the annual NextHome conference. She lost all hope in being able to attend the event, but the overflowing kindness she received from her NextHomies was nothing short of “family.” Everyone worked together to make sure she didn’t miss it. 

“When I joined NextHome, I felt the arms of that big family hug engulf me. I knew from that moment that I was home,” said Sarah. 

Outside of real estate, Sarah loves spending time with her eight-year-old daughter, Kennadie. Sarah accompanies her to ballet and hip hop classes, and their favorite thing to do is get creative in the kitchen. They love working together to create beautiful and delicious meals to share with family and friends any chance they get. 

We’re thrilled that Sarah’s passion for real estate, NextHome, and the people she helps is recognized and earned her the August 2019 NextHomie of the Month recognition. Congratulations, Sarah!

Amanda Mills 

NextHome Culture Committee Chair

Meet your May 2019 NextHomie of the Month

Meet your May 2019 NextHomie of the Month

Please join us as we celebrate our NextHomie of the Month for May 2019, Alex Krumm of NextHome Excellence in Sarasota, Florida! Alex and his wife Stevie opened NextHome Excellence in October 2017, and their office name couldn’t be more fitting. Alex spreads excellence everywhere he goes, making him a perfect fit for the NextHomie of the Month nomination. Congratulations, Alex!

Alex is a second generation REALTOR® and has been passionately involved in real estate for over 13 years. When asked why he decided to get into real estate, his answer came easily, “It’s the people. I love the customers, I love my colleagues. This is a profession built on optimism and energy and it excites me every single day. Plus, we get to do something that really matters to people, and that’s truly special.”

So, why NextHome? Alex started following NextHome from the moment the first office launched in January of 2015. He knew right away he had found his tribe. When asked what it was about NextHome that stood out to him the most, he proudly answered, “NextHomies share common values with me, family, leadership, and proficient care. It also doesn’t hurt that they’re so much fun!” He defines a NextHomie as someone who wants to do the right thing, and has a pretty good idea of how to do it, all while being fun and empathetic in the process. There’s no doubt that Alex is a prime example of a NextHomie!

Alex believes he was nominated for this recognition because of his “frequent social media posts,” but what truly made him stand out is his relentless commitment to excellence.

His excellence shines through in his definition of success: “Success is advancing in proficiency, acting with integrity, being a lighthouse for people in the dark, being a servant leader. It’s putting others first while making sure you’re taken care of, too. It’s being smart and charismatic and caring. It’s having a set of values and living up to your own expectations of yourself.”

Although we all define success differently, I think Alex nailed it. Congratulations to Alex on being the NextHomie of the Month for May 2019!

Amanda Mills

2019 Culture Committee Chair

Meet your April 2019 NextHomie of the Month!

Meet your April 2019 NextHomie of the Month!

Please join us as we celebrate our NextHomie of the Month for April 2019, Heath Van Patten of NextHome Treasure Valley and NextHome VIP Realty! Heath opened NextHome Treasure Valley in Meridian, Idaho in August of 2016, then soon after opened NextHome VIP Realty in Coeur d’Alene, Idaho in September of 2018. In Heath’s three years with NextHome, he’s served as a team player spreading his knowledge and ideas to members across the country. His willingness to share and his passion for collaboration make Heath the perfect candidate for the NextHomie of the Month nomination.

Heath first became interested in real estate in 2006 while living in Phoenix, Arizona. However, it wasn’t until 2013 that he entered the industry full-time after moving to Meridian, Idaho. When asked why he decided to dive into real estate, leaving the health and fitness industry behind, he said, “I could see the explosive growth happening and I wanted to be a part of it.”

He is now the owner of two NextHome offices, managing over 40 agents. Heath is involved with his local association by serving on the PR and Communication Committees, while also serving as the 2019 NextHome Growth Committee Vice-Chair.

Heath is a hands-on leader that makes himself available to help other NextHomies whenever needed. He recently helped host a pre-conference mastermind with over 30 franchise owners in attendance where they gathered to share strategies that are working in their markets. He’s also known to host workout sessions in the early morning hours to help get the NextHomies together.

Heath’s greatest inspiration is his daughter Addison, “Addy” for short. Addy turned 5 on April 6th and Heath loves “watching Addy grow and become her own person.” Spoken like a true parent! On May 6th, Heath and his wife Kristen will be celebrating eight years of marriage together. Her family is what moved them to Meridian, and they couldn’t be any happier to call it home.

When we asked Heath to describe our NextHomies, he gave us this, “One word – love. It beams from everyone. It’s an ‘I’ve got your back’ kind of feeling.” We couldn’t agree more. His passion for NextHome shines through in his collaboration efforts and the constant drive to be involved and help others.

We’d like to thank Heath for always leading by example and congratulate him on being named our April 2019 NextHomie of the Month!

NextHome Announces New Charity Partnership with Canine Companions for Independence

NextHome Announces New Charity Partnership with Canine Companions for Independence

Pleasanton, California — April 5th, 2019 – NextHome proudly announces its new national charity partner, Canine Companions for Independence®, a nonprofit with the primary purpose to enhance the lives of people with disabilities by providing highly trained assistance dogs. The partnership will drive national donation efforts from its local offices to generate additional funds that will provide Canine Companions assistance dogs to children, adults and veterans with disabilities free of charge.

The partnership with Canine Companions was revealed during the fourth annual NextHome conference. The three-day event in Las Vegas brought together hundreds of NextHome franchisees, brokers and agents from across the country to take a first peek on trending industry insights and introduce new programs, such as this partnership.

“As a firm believer in investing in your own team and giving back to local communities, it made perfect sense to associate NextHome with an organization that is equally dedicated to society by delivering the greatest resources to individuals in need,” stated Chief Executive Officer James Dwiggins. “Our hope is that our matchmade partnership with Canine Companions for Independence will enrich the lives of those people through the support of our offices, agents, followers, friends and families.”

Canine Companions introduced the concept of assistance dogs for people with physical disabilities in 1975. With professional instructors who possess hundreds of years of cumulative experience in both training assistance dogs and being able to instruct people with over 60 different types of disabilities, Canine Companions is now known as the largest provider of assistance dogs in the world.

“We’re excited about this new partnership with NextHome and appreciate that they share our belief in the value of collaboration and community,” added Paige Mazzoni, Chief Executive Officer of Canine Companions for Independence. “With the support from NextHome and their franchise with hundreds of offices across the nation, we’ll be able to unite more people with dogs in a powerful program that opens up new opportunities and new possibilities and allows us to expand the work that we do that improves the quality of life for so many people.”

NextHome is encouraging its members, friends, families and supporters to help raise funds to support the mission of Canine Companions for Independence. Donations will allow Canine Companions to continue to provide expertly trained assistance dogs and follow-up services free of charge to adults, children and veterans.

To learn more about the new partnership and ways to support Canine Companions for Independence, please visit

Meet your March 2019 NextHomie of the Month!

Meet your March 2019 NextHomie of the Month!

Please join us as we celebrate our NextHomie of the Month for March 2019, Scott Louser of NextHome Legendary Properties! With offices in Minot and Bismarck, North Dakota, Scott serves his community in more ways than one making him the perfect fit for the Culture Committee’s NextHomie of the Month title.

For Scott, real estate and public service are a part of his DNA. His father owned a real estate franchise when Scott was growing up, and at the same time, his mother served on the state’s real estate regulatory board. While he started in a retail career, it wasn’t long before Scott realized his calling was in real estate, and that is exactly where he went.

In 1997, Scott obtained his real estate license in North Dakota and got straight to work. In 2001, Scott served as the President of the Minot Board of REALTORS® Association. In 2005, he served as the North Dakota State Real Estate President. In 2006, he was recognized as REALTOR® of the Year. In 2007, he purchased his first franchise. Oh, and in 2012, he went on to serve as the Vice President of a little group called the National Association of REALTORS®, you may have heard of them.

Scott Louser is a true servant leader and to him, that’s what life is all about. “It’s not a dirty little secret, it’s a clean big secret,” said Scott. “I get back way more than I give by tenfold. If you give back and pay it forward, you’ll always get back more than you give.”

Even after all of that, he still wanted more. In 2010, he decided to run for public office and he was selected to serve as Minot District 5’s State Representative. Since then, he has won two additional elections and continues to serve as the Assistant Majority Leader of the House today.

“I’ve always had a passion for politics,” said Scott, “I was tired of sitting back and just complaining.”

Scott first found NextHome in 2015, where he had a unique start. “I was involved in putting together the Danger Report for NAR,” said Scott, referring to the report first released in 2015 that targets the dangers and risks that impact the residential real estate market. “I talked to James Dwiggins [the CEO of NextHome] about the report twice, then we hired him to present that report to the National Association of REALTORS®.”

While working on the Danger Report together, Scott and James began working on a project of their own. Shortly after, in December of 2015, Scott announced his move to NextHome and he opened his first NextHome Legendary Properties office in Minot, North Dakota.

So, why NextHome?

“I stole this quote from (NextHome Vice President of Sales) Charis Moreno,” Scott said with a laugh, “but I wanted to be a part of something bigger. Culture is everything. They (NextHome Corporate) feel it and they work it. You can’t just say you have it, you have to work it. There’s a feel in this brand that doesn’t exist anywhere else. I was nervous, but I knew together I couldn’t fail.”

So, what’s next for Scott?

He and his wife, Alexa, have three beautiful children together. For now, serving as a father, a husband, a legislator, and a NextHome Franchise Owner of two office locations is more than enough to keep him busy.

“If I’m fortunate enough to get reelected, I’ll continue with the legislature. I’d like to expand and open other NextHome offices, but we’ll just have to see how things go.” Whatever Scott’s future may hold, we are certain it will be filled with passion and the same desire to serve that has filled his life in both real estate and politics.

“Being a REALTOR® means making a lasting difference in a client’s life, and being a Broker means making a lasting difference in a REALTOR®’s life,” said Scott.

“And being Scott Louser means making a lasting difference for what you believe in,” added Randy Lenz, Culture Committee Chair.

Congratulations, Scott Louser!

Three NextHome Franchises Make The 2019 REAL Trends Five Hundred Up-and-Comers List

Three NextHome Franchises Make The 2019 REAL Trends Five Hundred Up-and-Comers List

Three NextHome franchises were recently recognized in the 2019 REAL Trends Five Hundred Up-and-Comers list – a supplemental list to the top 500 firms representing the industry’s rising firms that closed a minimum of 500 transaction sides in 2018. The featured franchises included NextHome Experience (Worthington, Ohio), NextHome Experience (Bangor, Maine) and NextHome Realty Center (Cypress, Texas).

For 31 years, REAL Trends has been the leader in ranking the top-performing residential real estate brokerages firms. This year, over 1,250 firms qualified for the Up-and-Comers list by closing a minimum of 500 transaction sides. The 2018 Up-and-Comers list included three NextHome franchisees:

  • NextHome Experience – Worthington, Ohio closing 837 transactions
  • NextHome Realty Center – Cypress, Texas closing 634 transactions
  • NextHome Experience – Bangor, Maine closing 508 transactions

“Having three of our NextHome franchisees highlighted by the REAL Trends Up-and-Comers list is a remarkable recognition,” stated James Dwiggins, CEO of NextHome. “This accomplishment places our real estate brokerages among the industry’s elite. We are not only honored to be named, but we are beyond grateful for the hard work and dedication our NextHome franchisees are putting forth in this highly competitive industry.”

Congratulations to our NextHome offices who made this year’s list! We are honored to be in business with you today and in the future, supporting your goals any way we can!


NextHomie of the Month for February 2019: Jenny Walton

NextHomie of the Month for February 2019: Jenny Walton

Our February NextHomie of the Month has brought to us a sea of enthusiasm, a field of passion, a cloud of positivity, and a giant ball of energy. These characteristics belong to the one and only Jenny Walton of NextHome Kel Mitchell in Huntsville, Alabama!

There’s nothing Jenny can’t tackle once she sets her mind to it. “She is selfless, enthusiastic, a dreamer, and a cheerleader,” said Kelvin Mitchell, Jenny’s broker. “Jenny is the ultimate example of a servant leader. I am amazed at her work ethic and ability to juggle multiple tasks and transactions so effortlessly,” added Kelvin.

For Jenny, that’s just who she is. “I’m a single mom and I’ve raised my daughter in real estate and I want to be a role model for my daughter, for women and for other people who think they can’t do it all as a single parent and still be successful,” said Jenny.

Jenny’s daughter, Ella Rose (6), taught her early on that she had to focus when it comes to the real estate business. “You can get distracted and let this business consume you,” said Jenny. “It’s a balance.”

That balance is also how Jenny found her success. “To me, success is happiness. It’s being able to help others, it’s being mindful and enjoying your life and enjoying the people you love.”

Jenny’s real estate journey started while working at several marketing companies and led to working at an attorney’s office. In 2010 she began her journey into real estate as she found a home builder who offered her the opportunity to sit at his model homes on the weekends. Jenny eventually found a full-time position sitting on-site for some of Huntsville’s top builders.

Ella Rose came along in 2012, and although Jenny’s passion lies in new construction, she realized that lifestyle would not allow her the flexibility she needed to raise her daughter, so she reached out to high school classmate Kelvin Mitchell. Jenny left her other positions behind and joined Kelvin’s NextHome office in 2015.

Today, Jenny is both a working REALTOR® and NextHome Kel Mitchell’s Marketing Director where her and Kelvin have been thrilled to work together.

“Jenny consistently goes above and beyond for her clients as well as her fellow NextHome agents,” said Kelvin. “Jenny recently organized an event to feed the homeless. We put together care boxes that included food, hand warmers, socks, toothpaste, and essentials. We were able to bless 80 homeless people because of her vision.”

To Jenny Walton, that’s all in a day’s work.

“Always persevere,” said Jenny. “Always do the thing you fear most because on the other side of fear is success.”

Bent on focusing her life on her two main passions – Ella Rose and Real Estate – Jenny started a networking group called “Coffee is for Closers” which meets Wednesday mornings, right after she drops off Ella Rose at school.

Whether it be her networking group, her daughter, or her real estate clients, Jenny understands what every person wants out of life. “Life is about connections, about connecting with people. For me, being a REALTOR® means I’m able to be a part of one of the most important times of my clients’ lives, and I get their trust to help me navigate them through it.”

That sense of trust, passion, and positivity is what drew Jenny to NextHome.

“To be a NextHomie means putting people first, helping others and reaching out when others need you,” said Jenny. “It means being an ambassador for your company.”

Even today, Jenny still marvels at what she sees unfolding in front of her. “For NextHome, it’s the people, the culture, the tools, and technology,” she added. “No matter how big we’ve grown, we still have that sense of family and community.”

If there is anyone who understands real estate and family, it’s Jenny Walton. We’re thrilled to recognize her as our NextHomie of the Month.

NextHome Named No. 4 Franchise in the Country for 2019

NextHome Named No. 4 Franchise in the Country for 2019

Pleasanton, California — Feb. 27, 2019 — NextHome was recently named the No. 4 top franchise in 2019 by Franchise Business Review, out of 310 of the country’s top franchise brands. It is the latest accomplishment for the progressive real estate franchise, which is known for consumer-focused branding, technology and marketing that empower its brokers and agents to provide superior service without compromise.

“Our 2019 Franchisee Satisfaction Award winners are among the best in franchising,” said Eric Stites, CEO of Franchise Business Review. “For NextHome to be ranked in the Top 5 by Franchise Business Review places them in very elite company. This award speaks volumes of the quality of the company, the team, and the franchise opportunity they have built.”

Franchise Business Review, a franchise market research firm that performs independent surveys of franchisee satisfaction, provides the only rankings and awards based solely on actual franchisee satisfaction and performance. Franchise Business Review announced the new rankings during the International Franchise Association’s Annual Convention where NextHome’s official position, ranking fourth in the country, was revealed.

Founded in 2014, NextHome has been committed to changing the way consumers work with local agents and adapting to the modern real estate landscape to meet the everchanging needs of agents and clients altogether.

The company is among 310 franchise brands, representing over 30,000 owners, that participated in Franchise Business Review’s research. Franchisees of each brand were surveyed on 33 benchmark questions about their experience and satisfaction regarding critical areas of their franchise systems, including training and support, operations, franchisor/franchisee relations, and financial opportunity.

“Our leadership team is deeply moved by the exceptionally positive findings of this survey. Our franchisees’ transparent acknowledgments emphasize that we are truly doing our part in meeting the needs and expectations of our members,” said NextHome CEO, James Dwiggins. “Being recognized as one of the top 4 franchise brands in the country when we launched less than 5 years ago is a great milestone for NextHome. This acknowledgment inspires us to continue investing in our members and seeing where we can take this incredible culture.”

For additional information about NextHome, visit:


NextHomie of the Month for January 2019: Joe Montoya

NextHomie of the Month for January 2019: Joe Montoya

Sometimes all it takes is a “regular Joe” to have a profound impact on the lives of hundreds of people. Such is the case with Joe Montoya of the Sacramento area’s NextHome Select and our January 2019 NextHomie of the Month.

When people are in need, Joe gets rolling. “Never go to help empty handed,” Joe said in a recent interview.

“Joe’s inspiring,” said Tiffany Lewis, broker/owner of NextHome Select along with her husband, Jason. “He’d give you the shirt off his back. I was at a party at Joe’s home recently and past clients of his told me they could have lived anywhere, but they picked a house near Joe so they could be closer to him.”

Joe’s story is about one man deciding to step up.

Joe and his wife, Julie, had taken some time off and were vacationing in the Paradise, CA area when her brother showed up in his truck and said the authorities wouldn’t let him go back to his house. They didn’t know it at the moment, but Julie’s brother’s house had been destroyed and his dog killed in the wildfires that recently raged through the Paradise area. By that time, thousands of people had been displaced and many were living in a makeshift campground in a Wal-Mart parking lot.

That was all Joe needed to hear. He headed home where Joe and Julie cut up meat and vegetables and made pounds and pounds of hot posole stew. He loaded it into his burner stove on his truck and took off for Paradise.

“It was getting colder and colder up there,” Joe said. “We just had to do something.”

When he arrived, Joe was amazed at the scene –  the parking lot was already packed with people, tents, and vehicles.

“But just as we arrived, one car just happened to pull out and we pulled right into that spot,” Joe said. And when the word got out, there was almost immediately a long line behind Joe’s truck.

“One guy told me the people there hadn’t had a hot meal in over a week,” Joe said. Most of the donated food items were non-perishable items such as jerky, canned goods, or snacks. With the declining temperatures, they needed a hot and heavy meal.

That afternoon, Joe and Julie served over 300 people – until all the posole was gone.

“I can still see all those faces in need and how cold they looked and …,” Joe said, his voice cracking and going silent for a moment as he recalled that day.

But according to Tiffany, this selfless act is just who Joe Montoya is – and why the Culture Committee easily selected Joe as our NextHomie of the Month.

“Joe’s language of love is food,” Tiffany said. “I haven’t known him for a long time, but what I do know is he is our kind of people – personable, fun-loving, passionate for what he does, and completely dedicated to his clients.”    

Joe has been licensed since 1993. For a few years he worked for Realty World Northern California & Nevada where he met two “geeky, tech guys” by the names of James Dwiggins (NextHome’s CEO) and Tei Baishiki (NextHome’s Chief Operating Officer).

“They were just the guys who fixed my computer when I had a problem,” Joe said with a laugh.

Fast forward, Joe was treading water in his real estate career. He had married Julie and they moved from Tracy, CA to Roseville, CA.

“I was in this room and sitting at this conference table and I remember just thumbing through this white book and I was stunned,” Joe said, remembering the first time he flipped through a NextHome presentation book. “As I flipped through that book, I saw the two guys who used to fix my computer. I knew I needed to be branded and what James and Tei were offering was clean and looked like the perfect way to go to me.”

And today, Joe is home at NextHome Select.

“I feel at home,” Joe said. “This place is tailor-made for me. I list a home and I get an email with all my marketing materials done for me. I am a servant of others and so is this company. They operate from a servant mentality and they always have my needs in mind.”

Just like Joe had in mind the needs of hundreds of people in Paradise, CA who hadn’t met him or enjoyed a hot meal in over a week – until Joe Montoya and his truck pulled in.